tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Champion's Companion Ch. 18

The Champion's Companion Ch. 18


By mid morning, the group was closing on Mavvus. They were satiated, the squirmy women were mostly curious of their new surroundings. Mara and Rinis watched them still but they were letting the women near the back edge where they could look at the taller buildings that started to crowd the banks around them.

The Warrioresses were quiet and satisfied. Janis sat among them, and laid back appearing to rest. Saucrem and Ein giggled in the pygmy's gibberish. Marcos and Kaarthen sat with Metacari. Of the people on the boat, they were the most alert as they lay back.

Kaarthen spoke up. Her unbraided white hair was pooled over Marcos and Metacari as she reclined over them. She was starting to get the 'glow of pregnancy' and seemed luminescent. "Where are the women going to stay?"

"In Mavvus of course." Marcos leaned over to the side and tapped a lounging boatman. "Municipal docks first right?"

He barely stirred turning to look. "Ah, yes sir."

Marcos rolled back to the women. "The Warrioresses and Janis may want to find an inn. The Crown has several inns for its guests, who for whatever reason don't stay in the Palace apartments."

Janis nodded slowly. "That'll work."

After another hour of lying back floating along through the city, the crewmen got up and poled the boat over to the wide low municipal docks.

Marcos stood as they closed in. "Alright, four blocks up we get the women in the door of the house. Three blocks slightly to the right on the embassy row and we'll find one of the foreign lodging houses. That will then take us directly to the Palace." He looked around expectantly. "The women have priority. Nothing will happen, but they can still wander off. We'll move slowly and try to stay out of the crowds."

The boat touched up against dock after a few minutes and they hopped out. They made an odd procession. Marcos led well in front as a vanguard, Kaarthen and Metacari headed the group. The women were herded by the Warrioresses and Janis on the sides. Mara, Rinis, and Ein pushed them up from the rear.

They passed through the warehouse area near the docks into the commercial district. They were able to skirt the crowds of bustling preoccupied shoppers. On the outside of the markets and stores, they came to the edge of the residential districts.

One house stood wider than most and had a black and gold iron fence along the street. It was subtle in its security but it was very secure looking nonetheless. Marcos led the group to the black lacquered double doors and knocked quickly.

A slat opened at the side and Marcos turned showing his gauntlet. With a rush, several locks were thrown and the door pulled open. Marcos led them in to an empty parlor that reeked of incense. Kaarthen couldn't see who opened the door since it pulled back into the corner. Before them, Marcos parted a curtain and they walked into an empty white paneled room with crème colored furniture. A bar on the left and slot in the wall like a restaurant's serving counter were unattended and left dark.

The pale women sat down subdued. After a moment, two women came down. One was a fairly tall red head with lively green eyes. She was well curved with a black dress and a red shawl. The other was short slim dark haired woman. She seemed nervous like a bodyguard. She wore dark pants and a blouse. She seemed to hide behind the other woman and was distinctly plain looking.

The red head spoke first. "Hello, Master Panthi, and greetings, Lady Vixtorixx." She said with a gracious curtsy.

Kaarthen noticed her accent compared to the other citizens in the city. She was from the tower.

"Hello, Lauren." Marcos nodded. "I come today in hopes that you may have room for Sisters we brought out from the cold."

The redhead 'Lauren' cocked her head curiously. "Oh?"

Marcos gestured to the fidgety group as they squirmed among themselves. "These women were captured in Sellis and used harshly though they have no scars."

"Oh?" Lauren looked mollified at the fourteen women.

They seemed unconcerned with being discussed and in their usual way, they seemed to move constantly without leaving the couch.

Marcos nodded and added quietly. "They have cravings. They are compliant, and if anything you will find they are overly accepting."

"Oh." Lauren took out a fan, fluttered herself, and seemed to think about what she could do.

"They are quiet and won't trouble you. I believe they have various experiences already. They are very well trained submissives."

"Oh." She said with understanding.

The dark haired short woman rudely pushed her. "Say something to him."

The redhead paused. "Fourteen women. You are allowing me use. You are not authorizing training. They are likely best used as fluffers, fuckdolls, or in the orgy rooms."

"That will be all." Marcos turned and stopped, and snuck a look at Janis. "I'll authorize training on whatever they can do." He quickly turned and left.

"What can they do?" Lauren asked Janis now.

"Listen most likely. Marcos likely meant them as gift to a foreign court. He'll send a few with a spy to augment them. They are simply quiet dolls who like cum." Janis tapped one of the quieter women on the head, she just stayed still looking down. One of the others looked over at her expectantly with bright eyes.

"I will train them." Lauren bowed.

Kaarthen noted the difference in manner as they left. Lauren was docile and obedient with Marcos, and almost militantly obedient with Janis.

Mara was disturbed for some reason by the thought and felt it was some how a troublesome contradiction to Marcos as the 'Master'.

She pondered this as she came out onto street where Marcos waited. The smaller group was able to travel more casually without the women.

They came back into the markets. Kaarthen was amazed at the plethora of food and goods. At the edges of the market, men in carts and stands sold cooked food for people. The smell reminded them all they had not eaten.

Marcos turned to them cheerily. "Never fear, we are near the embassy row. Nobles from around the world have houses here. We also have some of the best restaurants to choose from."

Good as his word he guided them to open air restaurant. They sat in an enclosed courtyard off the street as the winter sun started to get up overhead. Around the walled section, potted plants created an environment to help them forget about their travels.

Their table had an open bowl and after they sat, a quiet servant in white came up with a can and dumped coals into the bowl. She backed away and came back with a grill already loaded with vegetables and meats. She placed it in quickly over the hot coals, and left them to watch the food cook in front of them.

The group drooled over the display. Janis commented quietly. "This is how they cook in Dar Delis. They use lava to cook huge sticks of sheep and fish."

"Yes. The Red Temple administers the restaurant." Marcos said flipping over a celery stalk.

"It smells very good." Vieona admitted.

"They added seasonings from the wild islands. This restaurant is famous here in the city. It commands a high price only diplomats or nobles can eat here. Oddly enough it's a spy house for the Sisterhood."

Janis leaned in. "You know this?"

"Yes." Marcos said openly. "They don't spy on Menthino. Mavvus has a majority of diplomatic missions from City-states, much more than Dar Delis for obvious reasons. I allow the Sisters to do it here."

"I see, so they are in your debt for the information they glean." Janis said looking mildly disgusted.

"Yes, in fact Lauren and Augussi have a few girls here to help their operation, or incase they need a string cut." Marcos continued.

"And the Sisters don't know about all the girls you have among them I'm guessing." Janis shrugged.

"Not hardly." Marcos grinned obviously pleased. "It helps to keep tabs on what people are doing." Unfortunately, life intruded.

"Lord Panthi? Lord Panthi it is you." A small fat black man came over. He was a short pygmy only a few feet tall. With him, two other white skinny pygmies similar to Saucrem came over. All were richly dressed, barefoot, and wore odd knee length robes with baggy pants that also stopped at the knees.

"Ah how wonderful this morning is." The richly dressed fat pygmy noted. "Much better than the rain of the last few days, yes?"

Marcos ignored the ruse. "Noble Diedlier. It is a pleasure."

He nodded quickly his jowls shaking. "Indeed, indeed. Will you be able to join me in my negotiations? I have audience with the Queen but I would value your esteemed opinion you see..."

Kaarthen picked up that it was a minor agreement on things like what wood to use for standard barrel making, and particulars of standardized barrel construction. Marcos was transparently uninterested in the conversation but the noble continued heartily pressing for a commitment from him. The women ate as Marcos was sucked into the conversation. He looked on helplessly as a second then a third grill plate were switched out as the ravenous women ate.

Finally, the women were satiated. Mara, Rinis, Ein, and Saucrem sat back content with greasy mouths rubbing their new stomach bulges. The Warrioresses were similarly relaxed and Darkenma snored lightly. Marcos had given in and ate quietly as the noble pressed him on the fine ins and outs of the barrels he wanted Menthino to start using.

Janis leaned in over to Kaarthen as they watched the men. "This is a majority of what he does. Nobles love to try and use him as leverage over the Queen. They do the same in Pessilberg. I left because this place is a rat warren. The Queen was raised on it. Marcos made it. They can keep it." Janis spat. "Soon, you'll be stuck in it, whether you want to or not. Even if you smile and never say anything, they'll notice you one day at Marcos' side. They'll send gifts and ask for audience. Then ask your thoughts, and ask if you can pass a message." She shrugged. "It is best not to be noticed if you ever have to be... direct with them. In fact, I have learned being unnoticed is best." She stood.

Only Mara and Rinis stayed as Marcos turned and watch Janis, Kaarthen, Ein and the Warrioresses depart. Janis led the women up the wide tree lined boulevard that had a garden down the center. Kaarthen was pleased the road led toward the north tower on the corner of the Citadel. She could see the upper tower and the tops of the three large oaks that grew atop the tower. In the cold of the end of fall, they were losing the last of their leaves.

Janis brought them up to a residence hall with a prominent coat of arms above the door. It was all done in the colors of Menthino and had the sigil of the 'Enthroned Crown'. Janis didn't have to knock before the door was opened by a somber grey servant. He brought them to the head butler who quickly set the Warrioresses up with rooms.

Janis was surprised when Metacari demurred. Kaarthen just told her that Metacari would be in the tower with them.

They left the two women who felt they needed to rest. Kaarthen then led the remaining three to the palace where they walked around to the entrance and came into the interior of the massive structure.

Janis looked at the voluminous interior. "It has always amazed me the size of the Palace. I will leave you now, I have apartments here. I'm sure we will see each other soon for dinner, or before the Queen. In fact there's Marcos now." She pointed out Marcos with Rinis and Mara, being led by the short noble who continued to gab about his needs and hopes.

Kaarthen couldn't suppress a giggle as she walked down to the tower with Ein and Metacari. They were received warmly by the tower women. However, it was obvious from the anxious expectant looks past her at the door it was subjective.

After finding out Marcos was in the palace, the women went out searching for him. She brought the remaining group up to the women's chamber. Metacari was introduced and warmly received before she sat among them. She was quiet as the woman looked her over. After their inspection they leaned against the sturdy Warrioress and she was quickly used as piece of furniture. As the smaller women lay on, or against her, Kaarthen told them the long quirky story of the Sellisian debacle.

They were marveling at the quick ejaculation with the Queen when Marcos came in. Trailing him was his loyal crowd and Augussi.

"Well, where are you with the story?" He asked walking over to sit down at a couch behind Kaarthen.

Kaarthen noted the puzzled look he gave Metacari who by now was under a fluffy pile of women.

Remy spoke first. "The story of your quick offering to the Queen, was she really so satisfying?"

"It wasn't just her." Marcos sighed. "I was...There was a woman earlier who was unsatisfying. I... was still... On edge..." Marcos struggled with his words and looked up in the air trying to find a proper word for the delicate mood he had for the feeling the scag left him with.

Mara came over and helped ease his mind. Rinis followed her over to release his pants and suckle him, she had gotten better lately.

With a huff, Marcos just blurted what he thought. "I was ambushed by a king's scag whore who fucked me until she got off. I couldn't even fit in the bitch but once I did, the scag's pussy was useless. I blew off in the Queen because I was already wound so tight I would have burnt down the city to get back here." Marcos took a breath and sighed already feeling better. "It worked out. Mara got a hair, the king was further pushed towards a mental imbalance, and I cemented a lasting peace between the young country and our own. Mara can show you..."

Mara stood and stripped up and off her robe and leathers. Imperceptibly at first, she changed into 'Asmine' becoming taller, darker, and slimmer. The women were mollified by this spectacle.

"This was that bitch." Marcos stood and slung her over the couch arm. "She was useless. I had to wet her..."

He crouched in behind her and lifted up her hips to his face. His rough grip picked up Mara's feet as his face pushed up into her hips. Under him, Rinis continued to suck him as he dived into Mara.

"Gahhahhhaaa!" Mara cried as her climax quickly hit. Her wet pussy oozed before the crowd.

"She just wanted to nut. But I..." Marcos stood, grabbed her elbows, and unceremoniously rammed Mara as she slumped over the couch arm. Her tightness was evident. The pussy she wore seemed to refuse him yet again.

"That useless scag..." Marcos pulled back on her hair and slapped her ass raw. "That bitch's nasty mane caught on my gauntlet this way..." Marcos pushed relentlessly and popped through into her.

Mara came the instant he took her. "Garrgggg."

Marcos kept his hands around Mara's neck and gripped her tightly. "Useless ass, and her useless legs. I should've killed her, I should've killed her..." He roared over Mara as he rammed harder shaking her to pieces.

If Kaarthen closed her eyes, she would think the slaps and fleshy impacts were from a brutal beating. The sound of the couch grinding over stone, the growls, grunts of a struggle, frightened sounding moans of distress, and the pair's hard breathing told the story of struggle of a different sort.

Mara choked and went into seizure with another climax as he rammed into the end of her tunnel. Behind her, Marcos pistoned her limp body mercilessly caring little of her pleasure. Kaarthen could feel the build up like a ball of lightening in Mara's mind. Already Kaarthen was trying to protect herself as the tide of pleasure rose. Metacari slumped over and her pussy gushed as she let her mind marvel at their connection and slid too close to the pleasure.

The women lying on, and around her looked mystified to how she could crumple in an obvious orgasm from being a voyeur. As she twitched, they started to play with her body experimenting on whether she was 'here'. Mara at this point was quite lost in her pleasure. She had retreated into the other women's linked minds, but was dislodged by Metacari's sympathetic orgasm. The effects were magnified by the double mirror effect as Mara, and Metacari watched and felt each other watching and feeling each other.

With no place to hide the climaxes had come into their own and now their orgasms were feeding off each other in a vicious cycle as the curious women and Marcos kept them floating. Now even in their collective minds everything was submerged in white hot pleasure.

Like locks on a dam, the pressure built and burst into the connected women's minds. Ein's mind fell next. Her body was too hungry for sex. The seductive feelings pulled her into the maw the instant her curiosity was piqued. She stayed on her feet gazing blindly but was no longer aware of the room around her. Her pussy gushed down her leg and made noises like a growling empty stomach as it feverishly consumed itself.

Rinis stilled her mind, and like a statue cleverly placed under a gap in a waterfall, she was surrounded but not touched by the streaming force around her.

Marcos finally pushed Mara down and away. He was still hard and very needy. "This was good. It was not as good last time." Marcos breathed. He looked over at the audience and his eyes fell on a woman nearby.

The woman had straight dark green hair and gold eyes, and she was leaning in towards him further and further. She seemed more hypnotized than most by the two. She was very skinny like Remy and had a deep olive tan. She wore a white shirt tied off to show her flat stomach and a wide hip wrap that was as modest as a belt. Her naked pussy was on full display the way she sat back to the side. Marcos grabbed for her harshly. He pulled her up, turned her around making her face the room. Grabbing the backs of her elbows and bending her forward, he lunged into the woman.

"This is what..." Marcos and the woman came together just as he entered her and slid as deep as he could.

The woman straightened as Marcos pulled her back onto his cock by the shoulders and pushed in his hips. They froze like that, no sound came from either until a wet gargling between the woman's legs started, and a mix of their fluids started splattering the ground in pulses.

Finally, their union was dissolved and Marcos' cock fell out. He cradled her and fell back to sit on the couch. Next to him, Rinis pulled him down to her breast and stroked his head as she had seen Kaarthen do. There were obvious differences in style. Rinis was smaller chested and had a tiny frame compared to the Amazon. She also kept an oddly blank face as she tried to emulate warmth and affection. Nevertheless, Marcos fell into her and rested as he held the other woman tenderly as well.


I hope people enjoy this. People who post these stories are looking for many things. I just enjoy comments, and knowing people enjoy the story.

I would like to know, if you do Jack/Jill off that the stories help. If, as you are enjoying yourself, you peal another layer of the dark onion of desire in the back of your mind, and think to yourself "wow, if only they did this, or that....".

Leave a comment, you're likely not alone. Honestly, know you're not alone even if you are one percent, there are millions of us. So just know even the comments are free. if you want to PM ideas, questions, or random non related stuff.

The idea may not be in every segment, but you will certainly be more likely see your fetish if you request it. I write because I haven't seen enough stories the way I like.

I hope we can share.

So please enjoy and comment freely whether you like it or not. I got a thick skin, but I prefer to work with constructive criticism.

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