tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Champion's Companion Ch. 19

The Champion's Companion Ch. 19


Over the next few days, Janis was in the tower mostly to check on things. Kaarthen knew her to be making another move in the drawn out game of favor and dominance the Goddess' Priestess and Champion played. Marcos seemed to be especially busy in the Citadel briefing and reporting changes with Sellis and arranging for new statuses, diplomatic officers, emissaries, and trade terms. While Kaarthen was treated for the most part as another woman of the tower since she resided there with them, Janis seemed to be the grand matron for the tower's attention seeking women. When Marcos came into the women's room, he noticed the different shades of yellow the woman all wore. Coming upstairs to the roof, Marcos was astounded to see Janis teaching magic to several women as they sat around mimicking her closely.

Dinner was especially strained when the Priestess was visiting but eventually Janis left to return to Pessilberg, and the Warrioresses left to find their adventure west.

Kaarthen spent her winter days in the tower slowly growing larger though not yet showing her pregnancy. Her large frame did much to hold in the growing life within her.

Being cooped up in the Tower was mind numbing after a while, and she ran out of distractions. She turned to anything she could to find some stimulation. She even started going to meetings in the Citadel with Marcos, but it was like being in a bird cage, and it also resulted in unsavory attentions from the nobles being cast on her.

Walking with Marcos back from another strategy meeting in the map room a flushed maid with a few grey hairs, ran up to them.

"Milady? Lady...Panthi?" She blurted in a rush.

Kaarthen grinned at the name. Amazon's didn't have last names, nor did most Sisters except those born outside the culture's ways. She could use the name of her enclave but she never had a need for a surname.

Kaarthen turned to the panting girl. "Sister Kaarthen is fine."

"An audience with Milady Sepremset is requested for this evening."

Marcos turned at the name. "Oh? What is her audience for?"

"Milady wishes to meet the wife of our esteemed high advisor." The maid said giving a deep curtsy.

Marcos seemed to think it over then turned to her wordlessly. Kaarthen knew that he wasn't concerned anymore with what people thought of them. Other women in the tower had as much if not more time with him, but Kaarthen had time on her side. Titles were unimportant compared to that, and though most women coveted being a wife or a companion to a man so powerful, right now she would rather be out in the forest.

"I have time now." Kaarthen sighed.

Winding around to through the halls into the apartments of the Citadel's long term guests, Kaarthen was brought to the suites of Lady Sepremset. Kaarthen was allowed to wait in a small shadowed parlor area next to the long narrow windows that looked over a balcony. Outside the day was overcast and the snow made everything a clean bright white. The wood paneled room was stifling with a small fireplace roaring with a crackling fire.

Kaarthen found the Noblewoman to be a tall pale dark haired woman of sultry beauty. Her slender frame was cloaked in a long dark robe drawn tight. She silently moved around the room and fixed tea for them before sitting.

"It is a pleasure to meet you." She said sitting after placing a cup before Kaarthen. "I am disappointed we haven't met earlier."

Kaarthen nodded silently wondering what she wanted.

"Hmmm." The dark-eyed Noble regarded her closer and grinned trying to appear friendly. "How is the tea? Are you not familiar with our customs?"

Feeling anxious and trapped for some reason, Kaarthen looked around but the Goddess stopped her fidgeting and kept her from touching the offered cup. Looking up, she read the woman before her. Her mind was methodical and straightforward in its desire to find a weakness in the savage she though Kaarthen to be. Simply put, she was a conniving bitch who wanted to blackmail, or subjugate her. Kaarthen's tea cup was drugged, and even the sugar was laced. If this woman had leverage by getting something out of Kaarthen, she figured she would have control over Marcos as well.

Hearing enough of her thoughts to understand no good could come out of talking, Kaarthen shot the conversation. "This is disgusting tea." Kaarthen said without even touching it. "It would have been better if you had let a servant prepare it." She stood and moved out to the door.

"Wait! You can't just!" Lady Sepremset reached out and snatched at a hand but only scratched her.

Kaarthen spun and regarded her closer with narrowed eyes. "Do not touch me."

"I'm not done with you!" Lady Sepremset shouted at the towering Amazon. "And that's 'Milady' to you! Don't act as if you are even close to my title. Walking around like you're a titled Noble...Disgusting... You would be nothing if you weren't by that man's golden hand."

Kaarthen spun on a heel to the door. "Now get out and whore yourself for meal!" The irate Noblewoman called to her retreating back.

Kaarthen's trip back to the Tower was a blur. Seeking a quiet place, she found an area in the library to pull herself together before something bad happened. Something Apocalyptic happened anyway, Mara's mind had gone quiet. Somewhere she was focused on something.

Dulia walked in from the maproom holding a stack of research papers. "Was that you slamming doors?"

"Yes," Kaarthen muttered.

"Be at ease." She said stopping in front of Kaarthen as she sulked. "Has your audience spiked a nerve? Since you are unaffiliated with all but this Tower, nothing untoward with the Lady Sepremset should have happened."

"How do you..." Kaarthen regarded her closer. "That bitch insulted me."

They spoke for a moment together and Kaarthen understood that unprepared, she was sucked into the Noblewoman's prepared territory with no plan.

"So when you left you did the simple thing, and the right thing. But, that was the last thing she wanted to happen. Since you weren't formal, you got to see what she was like informally also." Dulia rolled her shoulders.

"How can I get back at her?" Kaarthen said nodding.

"Well she is a widow of a general honored by all, so we don't move directly against her. However..." Dulia set down her stack of papers on a table nearby and came to stand infront of her. "She was his second wife and is childless. Her title is really only half-noble. A half title just means it won't be passed to children if she had any, or be kept if she married again. The children from the first wife kept the General's title, I believe, but they left the woman here when they came of age. It was a sad piece of drama a few years ago."

Kaarthen nodded. "So..."

"So, if you got a full title you could do what you wanted to her, unless you found some kind of leverage over her."

"That's what she was trying to do to me." Kaarthen spat.

"That's why Master hates stagnate nobles, their behavior devolves until they're all just trying to blackmail each other in an endless cycle."

"Well I just want to get to her." Kaarthen said looking up.

"Well you could kill her but Master would not be pleased with the questions. You could confront her privately, or you could get a title so she had to always respect you."

"What's best?" Kaarthen asked already feeling better.

"You could buy a title, but it is necessarily expensive. You would need to have a trade to make yourself legitimate, and appear independent of what our Master does. As a Noble, they will assign responsibilities to you from time to time, and you get a few privileges. You will have to pay for it with an annual title tax so most nobles have property, or a business to pay for it. Several Sisters have products they'd love to sell here. If you were a reliable partner you could get your title in no time."


Lady Sepremset tried to get some sleep on the carpet hoping she couldn't be found in the small but well furnished parlor that had become her prison. It was hard knowing that once the sun went down the nightmare would start all over again.

Trying to calm herself, she repeated what her maid and fiancée had told her, "I'm just a girl, just doing what I'm told so everything will be fine."

Several days ago, perhaps a week or so, everything had been fine. It seemed so long ago, and it started with her chambermaid suddenly freaking out.


"Take this back." Sepremset said noting the untouched tea. "I'll have some regular tea for now Dulcianne, and have our supper prepared for after Sir Binley's arrival."

The clatter of a dropped tray made her look up from her reading and sit up in her couch.

"Dulcianne, are you—" She spun in time to catch sight of her maid charging. "Let me go! What are you doing? Dulcianne—"

Tumbling down on the floor, they wrestled between the coffee table and the comfortable couch she had been reading in. Unsure of what was happening, she struggled to get the crazed maid off her. Instead, she was tangled in her own dress struggling uselessly as she was straddled by her servant.

Once she pinned down her arms, the middle-aged maid Dulcianne, licked her thick lips and grinned down evilly as she pulled up the hem of her own dress and exposed her un-manicured thatch.

"Oh no you don't! Get off! You are fired, do you hear me? You are—"

Dulcianne her maid of eleven good years sat up and dropped her hairy cunt right on her face. For a moment, she could only twist her head in protest, then the thick thighs of the domestic clamped down on her head pinning her face in the swampy crotch of her socially inferior servant.

Dulcianne dropped her skirts over the kicking Noble and began to grind herself on her nose, lips, and chin. She moaned lustily on her hands and knees as she rubbed herself to a climax. Several times the wriggling Noble screamed curses into her pussy as her face was painted in the maid's cum.

After the shuddering stopped, Dulcianne rose up and leaned back so she could pull up her skirts and see the face of her chair slave.

Not wasting a moment, Sepremset launched into her attempts at chastening her and taking back control. "You have gone too far. This is improper and I will have you out of this castle before you can even-- How dare you laugh at me! If you don't move this instant it will only get much worse for you!"

Dulcianne just relaxed and raised her hips even higher, and tilted her pelvis taking aim at the babbling Noble. The tingling urge arrived, and maid let herself relax and release.

With a loud birdlike squawk, Sepremset foolishly opened her mouth in the stream of hot shame the maid shot her with. Once it got in her mouth, she went into frantic seizures both trying to get the taste out, and to get herself out the line of fire. Dulcianne watched all this with thinly veiled amusement as she turned her hips to follow the wriggling nobles head with her yellow stream.

Greatly satiated, Dulcianne hauled herself up and stood over the Noble with her feet on the slender woman's wrists. Weak from the struggle and greatly demoralized from feeling of smelly wetness splattering her face, the Noble seemed withdrawn. Sepremset sobbed quietly at the injustice done to her.

Silently the maid pulled her dress up and off and stood in her small clothes looking at the crying Noble with a gleam in her eye. The domestic only wore stockings for the cold and a camisole under her wool and linen dress. Looking down at her benefactor, her blue eyes were filled with mirth.

Bending down, Dulcianne got off the prone woman and started roughly stripping her. Turning her body this way and that to get her expensive dress off of her, Sepremset tried to kick her ravisher away only to get beaten with hard slaps and several well aimed punches.

"Why are you doing this to me? Why?" The Noblewoman whined.

The strong woman bent and picked up the slender brunette. Holding her like she weighed nothing, Dulcianne lifted Sepremset high into the air making the Noble blush as she curled up like a worm on a hook to cover her nudity. She chuckled at he impotent woman and brought her over to a chair. Using strips of her own ruined dress, the maid tied her up.

"What are you going to do to me?" Sepremset asked tiredly.

Hoisted to sit backwards with her head on the chairback, she was tied down by her legs, and shoulders with her arms behind her back. With her naked ass out and exposed over the seat edge, she felt herself moisten.

"Oh please, what are you doing?" She begged with her eyes clenched hearing Dulcianne moving about the room.

A knock at the door shocked her. "Sir Binley is here," She muttered as her mind came around to understanding. "SIR BINLEY IN HERE! I'm in here!"

After a moments pause, she heard talking in the apartment's entryway. "Binley!" She screamed louder over and over.

Pausing again to listen for her rescuer, she was puzzled by the silence. "Nooo..." She whimpered losing hope.

The sound of shuffling steps roused her and she turned to see. After a moment, the average looking light brown haired man stepped out into the room. He was usually a boring man but now he had a feral look in his blue eyes and seemed off kilter.

"Well, look at you," He said walking forward lazily.

"Let me out it's the maid, she's gone crazy!" Sepremset urged. Suddenly the slender brunette noticed his clothes were rumpled and disheveled. "What happened to you Binley?"

She watched him move over to her and circle her appraisingly.

"A girl has a nice body for me I see." He said menacingly.

"What?" Lady Sepremset sputtered. "Let me free! It was the maid, Dulcianne, she—"

"Shut up!" He snapped.

He walked around to face her and pulled out his cock in one move. Already hard it was an impressive size. Sepremset had never actually seen it. She preferred to have intimacies only in the darkest rooms under the blankets. Seizing her by the back of the neck, he moved forward with obvious intent.

Watching the swollen purple head unsheathe and get closer, Sepremset stared at it hypnotized. "Wait, Binley wai—"She whimpered as he shoved his cock up into her mouth and gagged her.

At his angle, he couldn't use her throat but he still lunged his impressive cock into her mouth nonetheless. Sepremset made various loud wet noises as she learned quickly how to work with a cock in her mouth. Holding her chair, he rocked her back and forth. He only paused when his cock fell out despite her muffled squeals.

Finally, he crammed into her yet again, and held tight to unload into her mouth. His cum and her drool dripped out the corners of her mouth as he stayed locked onto her head. Unable to do anything more, she swallowed his cum with her eyes shut, and gasped in the sweet air when he fell back.

"Always wanted to do that." He muttered.

"You'll let me go now?" She whispered.

"What are you stupid?" He shouted at her. "You're mine now. Your ass is mine!" He walked behind her and toppled the chair so she landed hard on her face in the carpet.

With her ass in the air, he rained down blows on her naked rear. "Are you wet for it?" He inquired pushing in his dry thumb. It seemed to burn its way into her unprepared pussy.

"That's no good." He gave her naked sex a harsh slap that made her see stars. Her pussy pulsed from the pain.

He speared her pussy again with his thumb and came up dry. "Still no good?"

He repeated his slaps and probes as the distraught noble woman sobbed into the floor. Her body gave him what he wanted but he continued until she was very wet and wriggled in anticipation.

He tossed off his pants. "What now hmm?" He said moving over the chair legs to squat over her.

"Please." She sobbed on the floor. "Please let me go. Just... I'm sorry."

"She says she's sorry?" He chuckled.

"You're mine." He stood over her ass and squatted bring their parts together. "All of you." He said as he sank into her slowly reveling in his power over her. "And this is the hole where I take apologies from."

He pulled her face off the floor and rocked the chair on its two back legs as he fucked her from behind. Lady Sepremset could only wheeze, sob, and sniffle quietly as he used her. Holding up the chair back, he rocked her. She kept cringing in fear of being dropped as he fucked her. As his cock began to swell with a pending eruption, he stood up the chair and came around to use her mouth again.

"Suck it good," He breathed as he ruthlessly jammed the fat purple head of his cock into her mouth. "Or you'll be more then just the sorest whore in the Palace come sunup."

She complied crying anew and used her mouth as best as she could with her limited experience. The smell of their mixed sweat made her want to avoid touching his cock with her tongue but he wised up quickly.

"What are you doing whore?" He asked as he pulled his cock out from her mouth and smacking her with it across her eyes, lips, and cheeks. "I said suck it!"

"Please, I'm not a whore." She pleaded. "Binley, please don't treat me like this."

His expression got stony, his blue eyes looked at her with no warmth or emotion. Weren't his eyes darker? Perhaps brown? "Suck it, girl."

"Please Binley don't make me—"

Quickly, he slapped her with a hand of steel that would have sent her sprawling. Tied to the chair, her head could only spin so far and her eyes bounced around in their sockets.

As she was reeling from his blow, he pulled her off the chair overpowering the shredded strips of her former dress, and pulling her through them. The ties burned her and chaffed as he tugged her free. Pulling her to her feet, he took care to make sure she was coming around again before he gave her another swat that crumpled her across a nearby coffee table.

"You are no one now! Just 'a girl'." He shouted as she fought to stay awake. "SAY IT!"

Too rattled to follow his command, Sepremset tried to acquiesce. "I... Mercy?" She sputtered quizzically. It was obvious she would say anything to end this even though they had just begun.

"Stupid girl! Say it!"

"I'm not a--" In a flash, Binley dropped and gave her a punch that took her breath away.

Holding her abdomen, Sepremset wheezed pitifully as she tried to curl into a fetal position. "Oh I can't—"

Binley rocked her face with another slap. "If you can talk, you can breath! Now say your name girl."

Sepremset's eyes widened as she heard him. "You can't--" Another harsh slap rocked the already rattled brunette and rolled her along the ground.

"I'm no slave!" She shouted curling up as best she could.

Binley dropped pretenses and pummeled her as she scratched and clawed. Choking her, he banged her head against the floor as they struggled, and she passed out.

Hours later, after the fire had gone out in the room and the cold winter air crept in, Sepremset opened her eyes in the darkened parlor. Still nude, she looked for clothing as her slender frame shivered. In the darkened room, she was unaware of a thing moving in the dark with her.

Strong heavy hands grabbed her from behind as she fumbled around, and heaved her down on to the floor. The person put most of their weight on her head and pinned her with her hips in the air. Again, she was glad for the plush rugs of the Palace, as she smelled the smoky rug. The weight behind her seemed to enclose her whole body as the seemingly giant person crouched behind her.

The weight pulled back and suddenly she was left cold. A heavy hand returned to her back while another roughly groped her pussy. The warm touch became softer as it felt her out. Sliding between her lips, it kept from penetrating her as it slide achingly slowly along her bud. Her breathe caught and before long she was gasping and simpering wantonly from the mystery lover's touch.

Writhing under the molestation, her body burned even as she shivered in the cold dark room. Her moaning turned to strained grunts and mewling as the hands expertly worked her over.

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