The Champion's Companion Ch. 19


Her lover muscled her across the couch onto the cushions so that her hips were on the couch arm high in the air, as she laid on the couch with her shoulders on the seat. It must have been a sex monster. Its tongue slipped deep into her with a succubus' carnal awareness. Like a beast, its whole mouth fell over her pussy and bit her bud, instantly it made her scream in release.

Sepremset was made to climax again and again. After the first five intense set of orgasms, she was drained and huffed as she was held up for more. After the next five, she couldn't take anymore, and pleaded release. Five more saw her struggling like a weak kitten desperate for escape. Another five, and she only cried as it continued, she would never want sex again. Another five and her grasp of how long she had been punished, and by how many people, was a confused notion to her. Another five, and she was no longer using her brain for higher reasoning. Like a lost animal, she was yearning to leave the thing that gripped her and held her upside down as her body burned and her pussy throbbed.

"Good girl." The voice whispered as her lover stopped.

The dark haired noble woman was unaware her slender body was no longer restrained as she was made to climax. She heard it stand over her. Flopping over, she tried to crawl away off the couch into a dark corner on the floor. Some part of her mind noted in panic that she was still being followed by the shadowy figure.

Before she could tuck herself away underneath a table, she was snatched up again by a strong hand. Hoisted by the neck and held high so her feet couldn't touch the floor she was unsure of what held her. It seemed as dark as the room's deep shadows.

"You're my girl aren't you?" It whispered. "Just a good girl for me?"

The noble woman panicked unsure. Sepremset ventured a guess. "Yes?"

A thick cock came up against her sex as she dangled. She moaned at the warmth that burned her oversensitive pussy.

"No..." She whined.

The hands dropped her to stand on the ground and shifted to hold her from behind by the elbows.

Its cock again met her hole and slid in between her lips slowly. As the huge heavy head slid along her bud and nuzzled her hole, Sepremset was shocked by the feel of it tingling within her. Her pulsing pussy lit up as the cock made contact and her mind was focused on where their bodies met. She could feel herself swelling and opening for the inevitable.

"A girl wants this?" A voice no more than a whisper asked from behind her.

"Ahhh.." The noble woman whimpered cringing.

"Take this girl." It hissed from just behind her ear as it reared back.

The cock came forward and speared her bottom picking her up slightly from the impact.

"Aahh!" The surprised brunette shrieked. Under the assault, the slender brunette fell back onto her rapist as the huge demanding cock continued to push deep into her. It claimed her body inche by inche as she was ravished. Her body stretched in new ways as the hot meat's pumped into her. Her pussy slid over every vein, and bump as more and more of the cock was made to enter her.

A comforting gentle warmth fell on Sepremset as she was penetrated and fucked. The gentle softness she lay back on felt like huge breasts but she didn't think too much on it as she strived to hold in the massive girth.

Like before, she climaxed continuously as the she was spit. Unlike before it was unintentional, and she came several times before the whole of the cock slid into her. As it met the end of her tube and battered into her womb, its massive girth swelled within her even more. Finally, their hips met after an impossible amount of stretching. The heavy hairless balls grazed her bud and she took a breath as she realized the cock wouldn't kill her at the very least.

The lover paused also as she held it weighty cock within her, and arced up to burrow into her still deeper. An intense warmth issued forth from the giant hose. Like a wild snake, it seemed to wobble within her as it jetted out spurts in a continuous stream filling her with a sweat inducing warmth. For hours, she was held close as the gushing cock loaded her up until her belly swelled. Once done, it kissed her cheek and pulled away leaving her again shivering on the ground looking bewildered.

"Just a cold girl on the floor aren't you?"

Too stunned to move, she could only roll towards the warmth giving voice. "Yess?"

"My girl." It seemed amused by her and reached a hand up to stop her as she moved closer. "You are my girl." It patted her with a heavy hand. "Sleep girl."

For what felt like only a few minutes she did.


Sepremset shot her eyes open to find Dulcianne over her. Her pale blue eyes hardened with hate. She noticed the smell of cooked breakfast meats next as she blinked in tired confusion.

Dulcianne's face broke into a sneer. "Hungry girl?"

Sepremset flinched at the title.

"Well are you?" Screeched Dulcianne, as she grabbed her former Mistress's chin with a coarse hand. Oddly, Sepremset noticed the feeling of roughness seemed to find its way to her loins. "Must be cold too, aren't you, girl? Did you find a way to get the warmth you needed?"

Sepremset blushed, and tried to slap away the hand but couldn't break her grip. She could only look away as the cruel eye's of her servant confronted her.

"Calm down slut." The maid snickered standing over the ruined woman hiking up her dress. "You'll have to be nicer than that to get your food. In fact you gotta work extra hard to get any of it now." Dulcianne bent her over the couch again so her face was up on the cushioned seat and squatted over her face. "Here, let's see just how hungry a little bitch like you is."


"Where's Mara?" Marcos wondered aloud looking over the practice room.

"She's with her girl, Master." Ein replied quietly from behind him. "She's helping the Mistress."

"What about your Mistress?" Marcos asked, "Will she come out of the library and share the day?"

Ein lifted a brow. "Mistress is busy. She is pleased with your concern nonetheless, and sends you her compliments." Ein added and walked off to practice with a bow.

Marcos wondered what all that meant but was distracted as usual by his harem.


Dulcianne sat smiling warmly at the wet noble woman at her feet.

"Can I eat now?" The naked brunette pleaded from the floor.

After licking her former chamber maid to a loud climax twice, she had been doused in piss for taking too long to do it. Now her food was cold, but she didn't care she needed to eat.

"A girl wants to eat?" Dulcianne asked coyly opening her legs again.

"Please..." Sepremset pleaded looking away ashamed at what she had been made to do.

"Please?" Dulcianne almost laughed. Her blue eye twinkled as she grinned. "What does a girl want?"

"Please... I want to--" Dulcianne jumped forward and slapped her.

"How do you know what I want girl?" She snarled, then sat back. "A girl should just say what she wants."

Holding her cheek, Sepremset looked at her wide-eyed. "You want me to--?"

"Say 'This girl wants food ma'am' and maybe a girl will get fed." Dulcianne urged.

"T-t-this girl wants food." Sepremset stuttered slowly. "Ma'am." She added after Dulcianne tensed, and narrowed her eyes.

"Good, good. Know your place and you'll get treated better." Dulcianne cooed suddenly happy. She dropped a plate at her feet and kicked it over to the Noblewoman. "Eat well, I believe Sir Binley will be arriving shortly." She stood, and walked into the front area of the apartment leaving Sepremset to eat like an animal on the floor.

Walking past the body of the maid, Mara came to the pile of Binley's clothes and redressed before going back out in his form. It had been her plan to stay silent in Dulcianne's form, but, Sepremset was making progress that need to be continually reinforced.

"Hello girl, did you miss me?" He boomed walking into the room.

Sepremset looked up at him in shock as she sat eating with her hands from the plate on the floor.

"Don't stop on my account girl. You look absolutely famished." He said walking over to the sofa.

Waiting for her to finish, Binley called her to him. "Today a girl will show me her body to get me excited. Start by spreading your cheeks and rubbing your bud. I want you to enjoy this too."

Slowly she complied. Standing with her legs in a wide stance, she faced away from him and reached back to dig between her cheeks. Rubbing herself from behind, she was surprised at how easy it was to at least appear aroused when he couldn't see her face.

"Good, good. Now I don't want you getting loud. I believe Dulcianne is resting." He stood and came up behind her. "Let's see what we can get up to while you stay quiet."

He reached up and grabbed a breast roughly. "I don't care what the other people in the Palace say about their small size, I like this girl's pitiful breasts sometimes."

Sepremset blushed and fought a moan as he tugged her breast. He brought his other hand behind her to her ass as she played with her pussy.

Digging his thumb into her asshole as he spoke to her, "The girl is going to have to open up this last hole here." He snarled.

Stepping back with a sneer he barked at her. "Don't look at me like that whore."

"Bend over girl. Give me your ass." He growled, but Sepremset balked. "Bend. Over." He repeated menacingly.

Slowly she moved. "The girl should also grab her ankles and bend her knees."

Moving to comply, she watched helplessly from between her own legs as he dropped his pants. His hard cock seemed huge and over shadowed his balls. The bulbous head peeked out from its foreskin and wept pre-cum that dripped in long globs. She watched it twitch and continue to lengthen.

"Don't move girl and don't make a sound. You'll like this, maybe not at first though." With that, he pushed in his cock.

Sepremset flushed as he pushed into her. His cock slid in remarkably easily though it was quite painful. Once he had it in, Binley thrust into her brutally with hard strokes that went in deep. For a long time the only pleasure she got was the infrequent slaps of his balls.

Once the noble woman got into it, her first anal encounter was still a nightmare. Binley got her body to climax once as he rubbed her bud, and came with her the second time as her ass clenched on his burning cock. After shooting a heavy load into her bowels that seemed to burn her even more, he backed away and let her enjoy the fading warmth and curl up in a ball as her ass dripped blood and cum.

"Quite enjoyable girl." Binley remarked moving back to the couch. "Come clean my cock. I don't want girl shit on it."

Sepremset hesitantly moved over to him. She could only crawl since the pain was blocking out her lower body. Still sobbing, she held herself over his cock. But at the moment of truth, she backed away.

"Girl, what is wrong? My cock that pleased a girl will be used again." Binley noted. "Since this girl enjoyed it, why not clean it and put it away?"

Sepremset looked up at him pleading. "Please don't... This...girl doesn't want..."

"I see." He said nodding to her. "I will do it for the girl since she can't." Binley stood making her shiver despite herself.

"I will mercifully push it around in her mouth so the girl can just close her eyes and relax." He added nodding faster. "The girl doesn't need to do anything this way."

"I want to help the girl..." Sepremset froze as he tilted her head and brought her up to his cock.

The wide purple head of his cock met her lips and pushed in as she looked up him wide eyed. "...I'll do all the work for the girl..." Her face was a perfect picture of helpless submission as he slid into her mouth and angled down deep into her throat. She only whimpered as he slid in all the way until his balls hit her chin. Working slowly and timing her breathes, he bobbed her neck back and forth as Sepremset closed her eyes. When he eased back, she looked up at him almost blankly as he pointed his cock at her face and started shooting ropes of sticky cum across her face and hair.


Marcos looked over the new company charter Kaarthen seemed so proud of. "So you own a winery, a vineyard, and have a ship now? Are you sure people will want your wine, or those grapes for that matter?"

Kaarthen smiled. "That's the risk I'm willing to take as an 'entrepreneur'. The chartering office wasn't so skeptical of the plan. They barely asked a question, I was surprised to get everything done in a day."

"We'll they'll be getting paid regardless," Marcos shrugged. "Besides, they usually deal with couriers, or the bulk from satellite offices."

"Can I ask why you did this?"

"Certainly. I wanted to do something my self." Kaarthen mused taking back her charter and looking at it again. "To be honest the grapes are very healthy. When I made them, I was able to pack them with lots of extra things to make them so good you could eat them by themselves. They're good for pregnant women, and will cure several fertility issues..."

Kaarthen said building up steam. "I wouldn't be surprised if every ship bought the raisins to serve to keep the crew healthy. Already a few restaurants have asked for a reserved section of the vineyard for my wine, and next season I'll be getting the wine and a few grapes on every plate in Mavvus, then Menthino, then the world!"

"Interesting." Marcos grinned and popped a grape in his mouth. The taste wasn't at all what one could expect. As Rinis leaned over him to grab one her tiny hand accidentally on purpose went onto his cock. It reminded him of something...

"By the way, have you seen Mara?"


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