The Change


I pull her hard against me and her ass slams into my crotch. My left hand grabs her left shoulder to keep her in place. I push her down with it but I can feel her strength and she only moves because she wants to move. She moans and shudders a little more. I lean into that beautiful neck and allow her to stand upright a little. "Don't... what?" I say through clenched teeth. I want to bite something. Her. Her neck. My heart is racing and I feel... not angry... agitated. On edge.

This isn't me but I don't care. It just feels right, right now. Sarah squirms but not to get away. Her pants have fallen down a little further and now it's just her panties between me and her cunt. She's wearing black panties but the bottoms of them are stained a darker color.

The bulge in my pants settles in-between her ass cheeks and her breath catches a little. She rubs herself on me and I hear her panties rasping against her skin. I somehow notice that the tail ... her tail... I'm holding is longer and thicker now. The hair growing out of it is long and bushy. I can feel the muscles of her shoulder and neck moving under my left hand. It feels like she's broken out in a cold sweat. I feel tiny pinpricks on my hand and her shoulder turns a slight shade of brown, like her hair.

My mouth is right by the corner of her neck. That sweet, sweet spot. I lean in further and bite ever so gently. She moans louder and rubs against me harder. Her panties catch on my pants and they pull down a little. Her hair seems thicker. I bury my face in it and find her ear to nibble on. The tips of the ears are pointed but I don't notice.

"You want me to stop?" I breathe in her ear. I know the answer. I just know it.

"Noooo..." she moans as she rubs her ass up and down against my dick.

That's all I need. I grab the bottom of her tight fitting shirt and pull up. She puts her arms up to help. The shirt is tight and I have to pull hard. That thick line of hair runs all the way from her ass up to her shoulders now and I watch for a moment as it creeps up even more. I break her bra strap getting it off. My fingernails leave light red tracks down her back briefly before they fade away. Her breasts bounce as they're released. They're bigger now and I see the lines from where the edge of the bra was cutting into them.

She grips the shelves near her. They creak and vibrate under her grip. I grab her right tit with my right hand and she's larger than I thought. My fingertips brush coarse hair as I reach for it. I tweak the nipple and she cries out wordlessly. My left hand dips down to the bottom of her stomach and she brings her hand down on mine to push me down and into her. She wants me in there. The hair around her crotch is so thick. I almost pull pubic hairs when I reach my fingers in.

Her pants fall down to her ankles. I feel thick hair through my fingers. She's hairy. Really fucking hairy and already really fucking wet. It's not sweat but her pussy juice wetting down the hair around her crotch. I find her clit and start rubbing. Her juice has made her slippery and my hand glides smoothly around in circles even through all of that hair. I move the tips of my fingers down to her pussy lips and the base of my hand rests her clit. I push against her and rub my hand up and down.

The shelf creaks some more as she moans and her fingers dig into the wood like it was cold butter. Her nails have lengthened and blackened and the trail of hair on her back has reached the top of her neck. I don't even care. Her tail is ... wriggling... against my stomach. I don't know why none of this bothers me. It just doesn't seem important. The fingers on my left hand dive into her wet cunt and she screams out, "Christ!" It's guttural but I can still understand her. Her teeth are different. Sharper? Longer? Her lips look darker. She was wearing light red lipstick earlier but now they look more like the color of blood.

I'm working my fingers in and out of her and she can't stand still. She's so wet. "F..." she tries again. "Fuck me! I want your cock in me! Fuuuuuck!" Her voice is thick like her tongue is swollen. She can't decide between pushing her ass against my crotch or shoving my hand deeper into her. I don't care. Right now I call the shots. I'm not the aggressive type but right now I'm doing what I damn well please.

I kneel down and pull her panties down to her ankles. Her legs are corded with muscle and turning brown as thick hair grows out of her. She keeps trying to stand on her toes. I can't get her pants off with her shoes on so I yank them off and throw everything behind me. Her pussy juice is slowly making its way down her legs. I lick one of the trails from her thigh up to her ass. Normally I'd be slightly disgusted at the thought of getting hair in my mouth and between my teeth but I want her so bad and she tastes incredible. I feel the muscles in her leg as I dig my fingers into them. They're rock solid and, like her shoulder muscles, I can feel them shifting around.

Her pussy is right there in front of me but I can barely see her pussy lips through the hair. Hair? It's too thick for that. Her ass (which is definitely larger than it should be) has a fine growth of brown hair and the inside of her thighs are black from thick hair already wet from her juice. I grab her ass with both hands and dig my face in-between her cheeks. She's hot and wet and hairy and I love it. I can barely control what I'm doing - licking and sucking and biting and she's screaming for more.

She tastes salty and she's slick with her own juice. My tongue slides around her pussy lips and dips into her. I can feel the muscles in her vagina tense and relax over and over. My nose, mouth and part of my chin are wet from her. I bite her pussy lips and she pushes hard into me - almost knocking me down. She's strong but my fingers are curled around the front of her hips and I hold on.

My cock is bursting out of my pants. I feel the top pressing hard against my belly button as I'm crouched down. It wants release but I'm not ready yet. It doesn't occur to me that my dick is longer it should be.

The hair on her ass is getting thicker. I can feel it growing through my fingers. I hear popping noises and look up to see the skin on her back is moving. Rows of muscle around her spine and shoulders are growing. The hair has spread across her entire back now.

Her legs are longer and her toenails are growing. She pushes herself up onto her toes and I have to adjust myself to her new height. The pinky toes on each foot are moving back and to the side -- her feet are rearranging themselves.

She's not moaning anymore - she's growling low in her throat. I spread her ass cheeks and push my tongue into her pussy. I can't tell if my tongue is longer or the position is different but my tongue is deeper in her now. My teeth ache and the need to bite something grows. My hands are hot and itching as I'm squeezing her ass. The hair on her body is thick but luxurious. I pull some of it between my knuckles as I knead her ass.

Finally, I can't take it anymore and I pull my face out. She's got her own face turned to look at me and it's different. Longer. Her teeth are sharper and she's breathing in ragged deep breaths. I can see the muscles on her arms bulging - muscles she never had before. They're corded but not too bulky. I stop fooling myself about the hair on her body. It's fur covering her now. She does this whine and growl at the same time and I can barely hear the words "more", "please" and "now."

I look down at a sudden pain in my own hands. They've changed. Like her. The hair on my arms is getting thicker as my own fur sprouts out. My hands are lengthening slightly while the nails turn black. It doesn't hurt anymore. I'm not in shock but something is coursing through my body and it feels good. I feel confident. Powerful. I'm still me at the core but I feel like I'm at the top of the world. My shirt is tight and moving against my body. I try to pull it off but end up simply ripping it in half without even trying. I'm covered in dark brown fur the same color as my hair. My own muscles are hardening and growing. I can feel movement at the base of my spine and I know what's happening.

My pants rip off easier than my shirt and my body adjusts. Calf muscles bulge and my fur is nearly exploding from my body.

My cock draws my attention. I used to be about seven inches and decently thick when I'm hard. This is twelve or over and fat. Wait, what they hell? It's attached to my body by a line of skin? My dick seems slightly more red but otherwise basically the same. Pre-cum dots the tip of my dick and it bobs in time to my heartbeat. I watch brown fur creep up the thick skin covering my cock and a part of me thinks, 'sheath.'

Sarah whines again to get my attention. She's beautiful. Her tail is an arch of fur and it curves halfway to her shoulders. I think she's holding it in that position on purpose. She's tall now and I'd guess at least seven feet. Her body is thick and strong but slightly padded in some parts - her ass looks soft enough to jiggle a little but her arms look sculpted - at least what I can tell through the thick coat of fur. The tips of her ears show through her hair and she's standing up on the front of her feet. I can see thick black padding on the bottom of her feet and the joints of her toes are long enough for her to stand comfortably on now.

I can only assume I look about the same but I'm distracted and not focusing on myself.

She bends over and puts her hands on the ground with her legs wide. She's spreading herself for me. She turns her head and looks directly at me. Her face is now a muzzle with a black nose and black lips. Her eyes are pleading with me.

A growl bubbles up from deep inside me. I grab her neck and push her head down to the ground. She automatically raises her beautiful furry ass higher in offering. The hair around her crotch is nearly black from her own juice. My left hand holds her down at the neck and I step around to stand behind her. I let her go and bend over, supporting myself with my left hand on the ground.

My right hand guides my dick into her. It glides in and I growl with teeth bared. I can see my nose pushing out and turning black. It burns a little but is nothing to me. Sarah is all. I push all the way into her and she yells something that could be "YES!" but it comes out as some excited barking sound. She pushes back into me and I hit her cervix. Her claws dig into the floor and they cut furrows from the wood.

I drop my right hand to the floor and mount her properly. She's mine. My legs and feet are longer and the position feels good; natural. My own muzzle is complete. I bite hard into her neck. She almost purrs in satisfaction. I think she's moaning and growling at the same time and that's how it comes out.

There's no gentleness or slowness to what I do next. There's no asking if it's okay or if it hurts. I fuck her. Her head is down on the ground submissively and she pushes into me every time I thrust. I slam into her and the floor groans. Our claws are carving grooves into the wood. I go fast. The animal in me demands it. Later there will be time to explore. For now our blood is up and we just rut.

Her pussy makes wet slapping noises every time I slam into her. My sheath rubs against her wet pussy lips in interesting ways. I feel her pussy tight around me. My claws have cut hand and foot holds into the floor for me and I'm able to push harder. I feel the wood splintering but the bottom of my feet are thick with padding now and I feel no pain.

I lick her ear and the side of her neck as I'm fucking her. Sometimes I bite her and sometimes it's hard enough to draw blood. When I do, it's hot and salty and makes us both push harder and growl. She tries to pick her head up to look at me and I growl at her. I'm able to hold myself completely up with just my left hand so I push her head down with my right. I try to say "stay down" but it comes out as a deep growl. She actually gets more wet and pushes herself harder into me.

I stand and, in the same motion, put my hands around her waist to pick her up. She's surprisingly heavy but I'm so strong. I'm still inside her. I shove her against the wall and it shakes. Her sweat soaked furry breasts flatten against the wall and I start pounding up and into her again. My dick rubs against the slightly ribbed, small g-spot near the front of her pelvis in this position. She's panting and whining and moves herself slightly for me to be in a better position.

Sarah reaches around to the back of my head with her right hand and grabs onto me. We're both grunting with the effort and I'm near to orgasm. I shake her hand off of me and grab the hair (fur?) on her head with my right hand and yank her back from the wall a little. She puts her hands on the concrete wall in front of her to brace herself. My left hand reaches across her furry chest to grab her right tit as my rhythm speeds up.

We're both so close. She's whining and gasping and grunting and I'm trying to hold back as long as I can but I'm too close.

Suddenly, she orgasms. It hits her hard and she breaks a hole in the concrete wall as her body shakes. The claws on her feet nearly break through the floor. I follow shortly after and everything goes white. I think I yelled or... something but I'm not sure.

I feel my cum jetting into her and she buries my cock deeper inside her. She tries to kiss me. It... doesn't really work but we try. Mostly we lick each others muzzle and bite each other a little.

We collapse. I'm still in her and still hard but I feel like I ran five marathons nonstop. Her legs are jumping every now and again and we're trying to catch our breath. She licks me and I bite her ear somewhat gently.

Her smell fills me: the fur, the sweat, her juice, her musk and just her. This is her. It almost overwhelms me. We don't try to talk. We just lay together, in the dark, now that it's late. The small windows above us show the dark sky and faint light from a nearby streetlamp.

After some time I can feel something changing. The feeling is like someone tugging hard on my body in all directions. The fur is going and my muzzle is shortening. Hers, too. It works by degrees. I weakly try to move and end up just shifting positions against her. She pushes back into me and I stop moving. "Don't." She says. "Don't move. Just stay there." I can hear her. Her face is nearly back and the fur is almost gone -- it tickles my body as it pulls back into her.

Her back is against my chest. I reach my arm around and cup her left tit possessively. She sighs and presses back into me. My head rests on her shoulder. She's so warm against me. Her breasts are large and I can't help but squeeze them. They're soft against my rough hands. Sarah moans quietly as I tease her.

In this position I can see my own arm and it's huge. I look like I've been lifting serious weights my entire life. I didn't even know some of the muscles existed. As I knead Sarah's breast, muscles ripple along my forearms like waves on the ocean. I feel like I could snap a steel bar if I tried hard enough.

I bring my hand down to Sarah's stomach and I feel her abs. She's ripped and I guarantee she wasn't like this before. She looks like an Olympic level athlete. The sex made things a little hazy but I'm pretty sure her breasts have shrunk a little now that she's human again. Regardless, she's way bigger than before this all happened. D-cup or more. Probably more. Her whole body is bigger than she was before she changed which probably means I am too. It's hard to tell right now.

I run my tongue around my teeth but they're mostly back to normal. My canine teeth are sharper than I remember and they feel more prominent. The teeth next to them feel slightly more sharp as well. All of them are straighter. I had a chip on a back tooth before but it's fixed now. Amazing.

Its quiet out and we're both still naked but we're not cold. I don't know if it's the sex but my body temperature feels higher and I feel the heat of her body as well. Whispers of steam roll off of our bodies and into the air.

My leg is starting to go numb on the hard wood floor so I go sit in the corner to change positions. Sarah comes over and sits on my lap, against me. I automatically cross my arms around her. "I'm yours." she says, simply. I don't know what to say to that but some of the wolf stayed - I feel like I would die protecting her and kill anyone that hurt her. I lean my head into her neck and kiss her gently in response.

The whole time I never lost who I was but the other feelings are still there. I feel like I could do anything. Face anything. I'm me but... enhanced. I could walk on my hands on the edge of a skyscraper without fear. My arm muscles flex in response and anticipation.

I grew more conscious of Sarah's naked body against mine and I grow hard again. With her sitting on me, my cock goes straight out and rubs against her still dripping pussy. I bark out a started curse when I see myself. I was circumcised as a baby but I'm uncircumcised now and much thicker and larger. I never saw what size it made it up to when I changed but I'm guessing it didn't stop at twelve. The sheath is gone. I wonder if the sheath and being uncircumcised are related?

Sarah draws a deep breath and smiles lazily. Her voice is sultry. "I think," she says, turning to face me. "I think I'm ready for another round. Let's see if you still howl when you cum."

She turns around to face me, wraps her hand around my cock (did it double in thickness?) and closes her eyes. She guides me deep into her and I grab her waist. She starts out slow and brings herself up on her knees and then down again around me. Her ass settles softly against my thighs. She's leaning into me and pushing herself back every time she goes down. She covers my mouth with hers and we kiss while she fucks me. She moans into my mouth as I squeeze her ass with my hands.

We take our time this time. I don't howl when we're done but I've seemed to pick up the habit of growling.


It's nearly midnight by the time Sarah and I are finished exploring each other. Most of our clothes are ruined. Her jacket, shoes, pants and panties are still in one piece but everything else is gone. Oh, my shoes are fine except they don't fit anymore. Nothing fits us anymore.

I'd have to be measured to be sure but I'm definitely taller. It's a completely strange feeling. For years and years I was just under six feet tall and now everything is stretched out. I work my arms in various positions just to get the feel of them.

"Goddamn shoes!" Sarah growls. "I paid $150 for these fucking things!" I laugh and she throws them at me. I would think that having my body suddenly lengthened would take some getting used to but I grab the shoes out of the air without thinking. She's not impressed. "Don't laugh, fucker. You owe me a new bra and a new shirt."

She crosses her arms under her tits and scowls at me. It looks more like a pout and I smirk at her. "You keep standing like that and we're going to be here for another couple hours." I tell her. She smiles and tilts her head, slightly confused before she realizes what she's making her breasts do.

"Fucking men. All the same." But she laughs a little while she says it. I haven't heard her curse this much before. I don't know whether it was the change or if I just never got to know her personality outside of work. I watch her turn to gather up her clothes and I get hard again. It's the bending over and seeing her ass up that does it. I clear my throat (that comes out as a small growl) and turn to get my things. My overeager cock eventually calms down.

With my clothes under one arm I slap Sarah's ass (it does jiggle slightly) with the other and we make our way downstairs and out. Thankfully our company is too cheap for security cameras except for the dock and that's not the way we go out. Sarah's breasts sway and bounce as she walks and I thank whatever gods are listening for everything that's happened this night.

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