The Change


Even in the open air of the warehouse we're not cold and the concrete floor doesn't bother my feet. I stop for a moment and look at the bottom of my right foot. The skin is thicker under the ball of the foot, the joints of the toes and the toes themselves. It doesn't look like normal skin (it's slightly darker) but it's not black padding like a dog. I can still feel what I'm walking on but it's neither cold nor does it hurt my feet. They skin on those parts are almost like a callus. No wonder my hands felt rougher against Sarah afterwards -- they're almost they same as my feet.

Outside feels no colder to me. It's February and we should be freezing but I'm not. Is it the sex? No, that was too long ago. I'm amazed that I don't feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about being naked outside. I don't have the sudden urge to run to the woods, jump over streams and murder a deer but I do feel better being in the open. I can see more and it's more open -- better chances to move in case of something happening and easier to see anything before it gets too close. Huh. Why would I think of it like that?

I walk to my car, feeling the crunch of gravel under the new padding of my feet. It's almost like when you have your mouth numbed for dental work -- you can feel the pushing and pulling but it doesn't actually hurt. I know I'm stepping on some sharp rocks but I only feel them as something I'm stepping on. My toes curl around the larger stones and dig slightly into the ground.

Sarah follows me automatically. She doesn't walk to her car and she doesn't ask me if she should come with me. I barely notice how different that is. Just this morning we were coworkers. Now we're... something different. If she walked off to her own car and told me she'd see me in the morning I would be angry and tell her no, she's coming with me. That actually bothers me. She's her own woman; she should be able to do what she wants. But, there's this new part of me that's growling loudly. That's what's driving the possessive and aggressive feelings. She's mine! She needs to stay near me! I watch her back and she watches mine! How can we hunt and protect each other if we're not together? It's almost impossible to push those feelings down. They're primal.

"You smell funny." Sarah says. "What are you doing? Whatever it is, can you turn it off? I feel like I need to bite something hard. Look, I have goose bumps from it. What is that smell?" The hair on her arms and the rest of her body is standing at attention. I'm fighting with myself and she's picking it up from me. I put my anger aside and Sarah stops rubbing her arms. In any case, she's not thinking of going to her own car or going off by herself. Does she even notice that she's just following me without asking?

I unlock the doors and we throw our ruined clothes in the back seat. There's a pause as I close the door. It should be awkward - we're standing in the middle of a dimly light company parking lot, naked with dried cum on us. But it's not awkward and it's not bothering me.

She's her. I look at Sarah. Not her tits, not her crotch but her eyes. She's looking back at me with a small look of apprehension. Her eyes are beautiful - gold tinged with green. I was pretty sure they were brown before. "Are you..." she begins. I put my finger on her mouth and tell her, "Wait."

Time slows as my awareness kicks in. I hear her heartbeat, strong and steady. If I focus I can hear a small suuush-zuu, suuush-zuu which I can only assume to be the blood moving through her body. I hear a much, much fainter heartbeat somewhere else. Is it my own? Why would it be fainter? I smell things - different kinds of car smells. I can tell they're different but I don't know how or what it means. I smell myself and I smell me on her. There are other scents around both of us but I can't tell what they are except that they're there.

Suddenly, light flares and I look at the streetlamp on the other side of the street. The lamp hasn't brightened but I can see as if it was a cloudy day at 2 in the afternoon. I hear bushes rustling and probably about 50 feet away I see a rabbit's eye hidden behind branches. The faint heartbeat gets stronger. I can hear a rabbit's heartbeat from 50 feet away. So that's what that other heartbeat was...

I close my eyes and take a deep breath of the cold night air. The crazy rush of smells and sounds calms down. I open my eyes again. Sarah is watching me with a half-smile on her face. "You, too?" she asks.

"Yeah." I say. "Everything's different. I didn't answer you back in the warehouse. You said you were mine and I didn't answer." I step forward, settle my forehead against hers and close my eyes.

I talk to her with my eyes closed. "I don't know what happened up there. I don't know what made that happen or if it'll happen again. I didn't even have the balls to ask you out before today. I love you. I couldn't live without you now. I will be by your side forever. I don't own you but you're mine." I lean back and tip her head up with my fingers. "And I'm yours." We kiss.

I pull her close to me. Her tits press against my chest and I feel the hard nipples. I don't care if it's because she's excited or because of the cold air. My dick is hard and presses between us into the bottom of her stomach. My left hand goes to the small of her back and I pull her tight against me. My right hand goes between her shoulder blades and holds her tighter still. Our tongues twine and move rapidly against each other as we kiss. I feel her canine teeth and prick myself on them. We both taste the blood and she growls low in her throat. I feel small hairs stand up at the back of her neck.

Finally, we stand apart. She looks at me again. "I... I was worried. I mean, I could smell ... something that made me feel safe and warm, but... Is that crazy? Just a bit ago I could actually smell something that made me know you loved me. Well... I didn't know that it meant that but I felt safe and happy and it felt like love somehow. I... I was still worried."

She puts her hand on my chest, near my heart. "Whatever happened up there... Whatever..." She lays her head next to her hand. Suddenly, she clenches her hand and I can feel her fingernails cut into me a little bit. The pain is remote. She looks up at me and her eyes are hungry. I smell something. Fire. Like a raging firestorm. Strong and hot. It consumes me.

"You are mine." She says. She reaches out, grabs the back of my head and pulls me down for another kiss.

"Mine." she whispers.

Sarah grabs my dick with one hand and pumps it slowly. I can feel her smiling through the kiss. She pulls back and leans over to kiss the head of my cock. I feel her sudden surprise. "Wait... weren't you cut before? Well, fuck it. This is better, anyway." She pulls back the skin and brings the head slowly into her mouth. With her other hand she shoves me against the car and I hear the car creak and move on its springs. She's strong - so strong. If I had fought her off I could stand my ground but I'm beginning to believe I'm not the only one that could dent metal with my bare hands.

She goes down to one knee and takes more of me into her mouth. I grab her hair with both hands and close my eyes. She's pumping me with one hand while pulling her head up and down the length of my cock. Her tongue licks and wraps around me. Her teeth lightly brush against the head of my dick and almost cut. Up and down... I dig my toes into the ground and feel my toenails grip, digging lightly into the asphalt. Her tongue feels rough against me.

Up and down, up and down. Her mouth is so wet and her tongue seems too long to fit in her mouth. We're rocking the car. I can hear the springs creaking rhythmically with Sarah's head. I'm close to an orgasm and she knows it. My hand tightens on her hair and she goes faster. Suddenly I'm over the edge and I cum. She stops moving her head but keeps pumping with her hand. I grit my teeth and my throat rumbles. Sarah swallows each jet of semen greedily.

Finally, she pulls her head off. She looks directly at me and smiles, showing her teeth. They're perfectly straight and her canines ARE sharp. "Mine." she says again. She puts her head down and cleans me off with her tongue, slowly, one part at a time. She looks up at me every time she licks up and she's making a very loud "Mmmmmmm..." noise. She could reach her nose with her tongue if she wanted to do it.

When she's finished, she stands up and dusts her knees off. She stares at me with those hungry eyes and it smells like the world should be burning around me. "All mine." I just look at her and say, simply: "Yes."

She gets in the passenger seat and I notice I've left a dent in the side of the car where I was leaning. I guess we'd have to relearn our limits.

I look forward to it.


I can honestly say I've never been in a car while naked - I haven't even had the pleasure of having sex in a car. I'm thankful I have cloth seats because leather would just stick and rub wrong.

Do I put the seatbelt on? Why is that even a question when I'm naked but not when I'm clothed? Sarah is trying to figure out how to get her seatbelt to work with her new tits. The chest strap is annoying her and rubbing on her wrong. I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing but then I actually do bite it and I choke off a curse from the quick pain. She glares at me. Finally she fits the belt between her cleavage and leaves it alone.

I have to adjust the seat and move it back for more leg room. I also pump my feet on the brakes and accelerator to get an idea of how my new body works in the car. The padding on the bottom of my foot grips the peddles more so that's a bonus. I almost break the shifter putting the car in reverse. The steering wheel shakes when I accidentally grip a little too hard.

My house (rented) is not too far away from work - maybe 10 miles. We're both lost in thought on the drive there. She stares out of the window and is feeling around her body lightly. I'm having a hard time controlling my dick simply because of Sarah sitting there naked. That and I can see her tracing her breasts, hip and thigh with her finger. She smells like hot sex and... something else that tightens around my heart. Her own innate scent, I think. It's like a fingerprint - unique to her. I'll never forget that smell for as long as I live.

Even the way I drive is different now. Clouds hide the stars and the moon is a sliver but I still see clearly. Sarah has to remind me to turn my headlights on to keep up appearances. When I focus hard enough, time seems to slow down a little. I tried it while a bird flew in front of the car and I could see its wings flapping. Sounds are taking me longer to control - everything is too loud to my ears. The car tires roar against the road.

Just as I think I'm handling the sounds better, Sarah looks at me. "Could you stop whatever it is you're doing?" She dips her fingers into her pussy and comes out with a clear string between her fingers. "I've been wet since the warehouse. I'm not totally complaining but, Jesus Christ. Is it always going to be like this near you?" She contemplates the pussy juice for a moment. I wonder how much of my sperm is in it - I came a lot tonight.

Sarah shifts and I smell something subtly different about her. My mind conjures an image of summer days where a friend is spraying themselves with a water hose, only they decide to spray you for the hell of it and you both chase each other around. Is this what some smells are doing now? Like with the fire scent making me think of possession, jealousy and passion? She's still smiling. Her fingers dip to her mouth and it widens into a full-toothed smile. "Mmmmmmmmmm..." she says with that husky voice she can apparently do on command now. She's sucking her fingers while pulling them in and out of her mouth slowly.

She pulls the hand down to her pussy again and spreads her legs a bit. My head is pounding but not from a headache. The smell is incredibly strong. Her. Her smell. Some of me is mixed in there but her scent overpowers everything else. Her fingers slip inside her pussy. "Oh man... Incredible." she moans. She teases me like that for the two minutes it takes before I finally pull up to the house.

I'd fuck her right then and there but we'd literally break the car and I think we're both too big to fit in one seat anyway. She watches me get out of the car with lazy eyes and her lazy smile. I open her door and almost take it off the hinges. She's undone her seatbelt so I snatch her out of the car. She must weigh 200 pounds of nearly pure muscle now but I do it effortlessly.

We make it into the house before fucking. Missionary, this time. Old school. On the floor. Our orgasms are fast and hard. She kept trying to turn over so I could take her behind but I held her in place. Images cycle through my head of dogs mounting and rutting but I'm still human, dammit.

"Was it your favorite position? Doggy-style, I mean." I ask her when we're done and holding each other. I'm half-hard and my dick lies between her legs, against her pussy.

"Huh. No, actually not. I like...liked to be on top. I felt like I was in control and I could get in a good angle to make it hotter." She chuckles. "Now, though... Now all I can think when we're fucking is that I want you on top of me, fucking me like a dog. Ahhhhh, damn. I shouldn't say things like that. Seriously. Me even thinking of doggy-style makes me want you more. I never even really liked it like that before. Fuckin' thing..." Her voice trails off. She's massaging her cunt, playing with her pussy lips and I wonder if I'll be able to go again soon.

Hunger saves me this time. I'm starved and I feel like I haven't had food in weeks. I'm not even embarrassed by the fact that we end up with leftover pizza, sandwiches and nearly half of everything else in the fridge. I should feel sick eating as much as we did but I just feel full and even more energetic. Sarah eats almost as much as me. She starts slow but after the first bite she realizes she's starving too. We barely even talk.

Sarah's nibbling on string cheese while looking around the house. We're both still nude. "Not a bad place," she says. "It just needs a lady's touch."

I grin at her. "Well, you're no lady but my place is yours - as you already know." She grins back at me and then punches me hard in the short ribs. She's way faster than I expected so her fist connects. I think she doesn't know how fast and strong she is, either. There's a sharp 'crack!' as she connects and a sudden pain. The pain is remote and all I do is notice it and grunt from the impact. The skin where she punched me is a bright angry red. I think she almost broke a rib.

"Jesus. That'll leave a bru..." but the mark fades back to normal while we watch. We look at the spot where the bruise was starting and then back at each other.

"Fuck." she mutters. She traces her hand on the spot but it's just skin; healthy healed skin. "Un-fucking-believable."

We shower together and I'm finally out of steam. My dick is trying to get hard but only making it half-way. I think if I waited longer it'd be ready but we're both exhausted. Before all of this I think the most I could get a full hard-on was twice, maybe three times a day. I don't think that's as much a problem now. More testosterone or something else?

But the problem is, she's naked and the way the water runs down the new curves of her body is making me horny. I turn her around to face me. She knows what I'm about to do. She leans her hard body back against the shower walls while I kneel down and suck on her cunt. I definitely get hair in my mouth but maybe my body thinks and reacts different because I barely notice.

My right hand grabs her ass and I look up at her. I move my finger towards her asshole and touch it but then pause. I look at her again. She braces her right forearm against the wall and looks back at me intensely. "Do it." she says. Her voice is rough.

Her ass is slick from the shower and I've got my tongue deep into the folds of her pussy. I take the middle finger of my right hand and play with the rim of her ass. She gasps and then growls low in her throat. She roars when I plunge my finger into her without warning. I don't know how she does it as a human but she roars and her ass pushes back against my finger, driving it deeper.

I rub my index finger against her ass before pushing it into her, too. She's gasping, growling and saying "Yes, yes, yes" over and over again. My tongue is definitely not as long as when I'm changed but I still try to tongue-fuck her.

She can't control her legs very well. I pound my fingers hard and fast into her ass and it's only minutes before she screams and shakes from her orgasm. I don't stop. Sarah's repeating "Fuhhh... fuhhhh... fuhhhhh!" while her legs twitch from the multiple orgasms. I just dig my mouth into her crotch harder and suck her lips in and out of my mouth while licking inside her.

I finally pull back and she sits in the tub with her head down. "B... bastard. Fu..fucking bastard. I love you." She's laughing and still twitchy.

We rub each other down in the hot shower water. "You should see yourself." she says. "You've got muscles on top of muscles. And, it's weird. I always liked clean shaven men before but seeing you with a hairy chest and cock... It's fucking hot. So, I guess whatever that was tonight changed more than just our bodies. Like wanting you to mount me..."

She's rubbing and massaging my back off as she says this, her hands working the soap over my body. She sprays the soap off and I feel her hands tracing the hardness of my back. "It definitely did something to us." I hear her voice rumbling "Rrrrrrrrrrr" and her fingernails dig into my sides and back. I suddenly feel her rough tongue on my back and it feels really fucking good. She's still growling but in-between she's licking up and down back as if she's cleaning me off herself.

When she finishes I look back at her. She almost looks embarrassed but she's also licking her lips. "See? Why the hell did I just do that?" She asks me. "I just... I just wanted you to be clean and you smelled so damn good and... I just wanted you to be clean so that's what I thought of doing." She's not scared. She's not in shock. She's not about to cry. She's just talking aloud to herself and working through why she just licked the water off of my back. I hold her face in my hand and kiss her. Her tongue is still rough but not as rough as it was. Do our bodies change a little bit without us noticing?

Finally, we crawl into bed. We don't, contrary to popular opinion, screw again.

I tell her, "We need to talk in the morning. We need to work out whatever this means for us." She nods, sleepily and we pass out, spooning each other.


When the alarm goes off at 6 am it hits my ears like a jackhammer. I'm standing in the corner, scanning the room before I realize I'm not in bed anymore. The only thoughts going through my mind when the alarm went off was "Noise! Loud! Attack!" I think it took only a second for me to go from bed to corner of the room and I wasn't even awake. I'm crouched and I've got my arms held out and low to my sides with fingers and fingernails out to grab or rip. I'm snarling and my teeth are bared. I don't remember doing any of that.

Sarah is at the other side of the room and it looks like the change hit her the same way. She's crouched on the ground with her arms wide and fingernails dug into the carpet in front of her. Her left leg is half-stretched behind her and her right leg is held close under her -- pressing into her breasts. She looks like a great cat ready to pounce on something. We're both breathing hard.

The clock is crushed and a tangy, disgusting smelling smoke rises from it. I must've broken it on the way to the corner. The mattress is ripped on both sides and the simple metal bed frame has collapsed. I try to remember exactly what happened but I can't grasp it. I look at my fingernails and I see how sharp they are still. We both must've clawed the mattress grabbing for purchase and then broke the frame as we leapt.

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