tagLoving WivesThe Change in Melissa Ch. 01

The Change in Melissa Ch. 01


I am a normal married happy woman in my early 40s. I was lucky enough to find a great and loving man to marry. I have two wonderful daughters and I live in a nice community on Long Island. I have been lucky so far -- until I noticed a change in me about seven or so years ago. And this change led me to get naked with many men over the last six years. I can hardly explain it myself. But this change in me has made me into a slut for many men.

I remember the first time that this happened to me. This started innocently and it eventually my husband walked into our bedroom and found me with another man on top of me. The man, Jim, was one of our neighbors. He was a nice guy and pretty friendly with my husband. I would have never guessed that this man -- or any other man, would be on top of me and moving his cock in and out of my excited pussy. But that is nearly the end of my story.

Reflecting back on my life -- I always come back to memories when I was a girl. When I was about nine years old, I noticed a change in my mom. Like me (and both of my older sisters) my mom was about 5'3", 120 lbs, long shiny black hair, round butt (in better shape than any of her friends who had three kids) and a sexy smile. The main similarity that mom and daughters share is the large boobs. My sisters and I are all D cups. My mom was a 34DD. I remember when my older sister, Robin, showed me mommy's bra and explained that this was really big.

When I was about nine years old, I noticed that a lot of the neighborhood men paid a lot of attention to my mom. The first time I noticed this was at a block bar-b-que. These were frequent events in the summers on Long Island, but in previous years, I never really noticed men paying as much attention to her. Maybe it is my childhood memory or I was growing up.

Anyway, the men were always talking to her, my mom would always laugh and put a hand on their shoulders. Many of the men would put a hand on her hip and my mom would smile. At the time, I never gave it another thought. I just hung out with my friends and had chicken and potato salad.

Thinking back, I also noticed that my mom often would disappear for an hour or so and when she returned, she would tell my dad that she went to the store with one of the neighbors or was helping with one of the neighborhood kids. I also began to notice that quite often, when I came home from school over the next few years, there would often be one of the dads at our house having coffee with my mom. I knew all of the dads, they were all nice to me. They would leave shortly after my sisters and I came home from school and I noticed my mom would walk them to the door and they would whisper something in each other's ears. When my mom came back in the kitchen, she was always in such a good mood. She was always happy and smiling. As I said before, I never noticed anything unusual about this. That is until about seven years ago when I noticed a change in me.

As I said, my sisters and I inherited large boobs from out mom's side of the family. Because of this, since I developed in high school, men have always paid attention to me and my sisters. We use to laugh about it if we were out together. We never had to buy drinks, we never had to wait for tables, and men let us cut in line at the movies. One by one we got married, all to nice men, and started families of our own.

Men continued to pay attention to me, but as a married woman with a loving husband, I deflected all of the attention. I have always been flirty and I still used my femininity to my advantage, but as a married woman, I respected my vows and I loved my husband. Construction workers on the train would whistle and some would even proposition me, but I never even gave them a second thought.

My husband is a loving man and a terrific lover. Although I have been having sex since I was in high school, my husband knows my body so well. He knows every place to touch, to kiss, to work me into a frenzy. Our passion brought us two beautiful daughters in the next four years.

When my girls were old enough for school -- I had extra time on my hands. That's when I first started having coffee with Jim, a nice man that lived a couple of houses down from us. He was older than me -- in his late 40s at the time. He was divorced and a sweet man.

We started having coffee a few times a week. Eventually -- I set him up with my friend Amy -- a divorced friend from high school. They went out a few times -- and parted. Amy told me about the sex -- and I was really turned on. I knew Jim -- but not in that way -- I was curious and turned on. But -- a married woman.

After a few weeks, we started talking about why it did not work out with Amy and eventually, we talked about sex in general. I asked him about sex with Amy and he got a little embarrassed at first but I explained is a teasing way -- that had Amy already told me. So he told me what he liked and did not like. He told me that Amy was fun and adventurous. But Jim told me that Amy was a little too wild for him and that was why it did not work out. He found chatting to be exciting foreplay. Amy did not have much to talk about.

Jim asked me what I liked. Since he already told me (and I was feeling turned on) I shared. I told Jim I really liked simple things. Soft touching on my shoulders and on my back. I love the feeling of a man's lips on my neck and my ear lobe. I was getting a little carried away and I saw that Jim was flushed. I also noticed that Jim had a hard on that was making a tent out of his gym shorts. Jim was a little embarrassed but I told him not to worry. This was normal -- I mean -- what man would not get excited about talking about sex with a woman?

I kind of felt bad that I was the one who gave him a hard on. Should I get up and leave? I am a married woman. Something kept me there that was not there inside me six months ago. I don't know -- but I felt like I had to make sure Jim had an orgasm. I told Jim that I knew he stared at my boobs a lot -- it was OK. I asked Jim if he wanted to masturbate while I showed him my boobs. Jim moaned yes and I slipped off my top. Jim pulled his gym shorts down and slowly started stroking his hard cock. It was about the same size as my husbands. I almost felt like we were communicating somehow. The change inside me and Jim's erect cock. After a few minutes -- I was getting very excited. I moved next to Jim on the couch and I asked him if he would like for me to stroke his cock. He leaned back and I touched his hardness. It felt so warm and hard in my hand. I slowly stroked him and I could see Jim close his eyes. His breathing became faster and he was moaning my name. "oooh Melissa -- so nice -- yesss Melissa" I started to pick up the pace a little and Jim moaned "ooooh yessssss nowwww yessssss" and I watched Jim cum. It was almost in slow motion. It looked like I was operating a water fountain where a steady stream was coming out and it went higher and higher. I thought his cum was going to hit the ceiling. I watched the cum go all over his couch and some on my hand. I was nervous but so excited. I could not believe what I just did. I'm a married woman and here I am with my hand around another man's cock. And I am not letting go. What is wrong with me?

Jim got up and cleaned up. We said good bye and I left. I knew that I could not have coffee with Jim anymore. I could not continue this friendship. I am a married woman. I could not help thinking about Jim cumming though. As I was having sex with my husband, I kept thinking about Jim and his cock.

To get it out of my mind, I felt I had to tell Jim that it was a mistake and we could still get along. We just had to keep this a hot memory and go on with our lives. I went to see Jim the next morning. I tried to explain how I felt. Jim was nice and listened. He did not want to lose out friendship. I remember we were looking at each other. I don't exactly remember what happened next. I do know that about ½ hour later, I was naked and in Jim's bed with Jim about to mount me. I remember looking up at Jim, his green eyes and feeling his cock poking my wet pussy. He slowly entered me and proceeded to fuck me just as I was imagining. I did not care that I was a married woman. Jim needed to fuck me and I was happy to oblige. As Jim's cock was moving in and out of me, he told me how long he thought about fucking me. Jim told me that for three years he tried to think of a way to get his hands on my boobs. He told me that he often left parties at our house to go home and masturbate. Something I said to him or something I was wearing. Now -- here he is -- with his cock going deep inside me. He kept looking into my eyes and I kept staring at him. It felt so warm and so nice. Just as I was feeling good, Jim picks up his pace and arches his back. He moaned, "oh Melissa, your pussy is so ... ... oh Melissa ....oh my" and he tensed up. I could feel his warm sperm shooting into my pussy. The same cum I was thinking about all week was shooting deep into me. I wrapped my legs around Jim and held him in. This was so amazing. This was not my way. What got into me? Why did I wind up in Jim's bed instead of telling him it was a mistake?

This continued a couple of times a week for the next two months. I tried not to go over, but I could not help it. This is when I started to think about my mom. I was feeling so good and happy. I was also about the same age as my mom when I noticed that she was changing. Could this sexuality be a genetic problem? I tried not to think about it too much. I just kept letting Jim fuck me a couple of times a week and was a loving wife to my husband and a mom to my girls.

Then the day came that I got in really big trouble. Jim never came to my house -- at least not for sex. One September morning Jim came by to borrow one of my husband's tools. It was not a big deal --Jim did this all the time. My husband worked in the City and got home at 6. Jim came into the kitchen and started to gently massage my boobs from behind. I giggled and moaned and told him to get his "tool" home and maybe I would come by. But he lifted my skirt up and gave my ass a playful slap. I squealed I was so excited. I took Jim's hand and took him to my bedroom. I hurriedly took his pants off and started to stroke his cock. I looked up at Jim and told him that I needed to fuck him, but this can never happen in my house again. Jim moaned how much he loved my touch. I kissed my way up and down his cock. As I was kissing his cock -- I could see his balls moving. Twitching and moving. I knew Jim pretty well by now and I knew he had to fuck me.

Jim pulled my panties down and pulled my tee off as he picked me up and laid me on my back on my bed. As he had done many times before, Jim pushed his beautiful hard cock into me. I took it and moaned with pleasure. Jim felt so nice in me. It was getting better each time we fucked. We were learning each other's pleasures. I was used to Jim inside me and I knew it took him about 20 minutes to 30 minutes before he sent his sperm into me. Each time we had sex, I noticed Jim relaxing and he was getting louder with his pleasure. He loved to moan and yell my name when he was close to cumming.

On this particular day, Jim was so loud, that I did not notice that my husband came home and was in the house. An accident closed down the Long Island Expressway and he had to turn around. He decided to stay home. My husband obviously heard the noises coming from our bedroom. When I first saw him, I was shocked looking over Jim's shoulder. Jim could not see or hear my husband, so he kept fucking me. In fact, as I said, I know Jim well, to know when he was about to cum. From my husband's perspective, he could only see a naked man on top of his wife moving his ass up and down. We never had a blanket on us so my husband probably saw Jim's cock going in and out of me and Jim's soft balls hitting my ass.

Just as my husband came up to us and started screaming at me, " Mel, what the fuck is this. I cant' believe this". My husband is angry and shocked. Less than a second after he is yelling at me, Jim started to moan, "Yesssss Melissa -- oooh yesssssssss" and I feel his cum shooting into me. My husband goes silent. Here he sees his wife fucking another man in his bed and to make things worse -- the man starts to cum in his wife right in front of him.

My husband left the bedroom and he must of left the house. After about five minutes, Jim is dressed and out the back door. I threw on some sweats and could not find my husband. He was not in the house. I looked in the driveway. His car was gone. What have I done? I kept thinking. But I was also thinking about Jim's cum that was still inside of me.

My husband did come home later that evening. I threw myself at his mercy and begged him not to leave me. I promised to be a good and faithful wife. It would not happen again. I convinced him and he stayed. That was the last time I was with Jim. I did see Jim from time to time, but never for coffee and never alone. Jim moved about two months later.

Unfortunately, the change in me is still there. It would not be long until there were others -- many others. The stories continue . . .

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by Regrets03/20/18

Reprehensible but so well told

You feel like you are listening to one of those girls who had a reputation...and here she is opening up on the subject of LIFE. Can’t be long before the bible thumpers are out after this. Hellfire andmore...

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