The Change Pt. 06


Jerry and Lita got home, and Jerry had one thing on his mind: the big game. Game 7 of the World Series... it all comes down to this. As an Indians fan, Jerry was a little disappointed with the rousing comeback that the Cubs had made, but he still believed they could pull the win. Lita sat down with Jerry for the first part of the game while she ate. Lita was so well spent from their trip to the bookstore that day that she hadn't gotten another erection since, even though she spent the whole trip recounting in her head Sammy the redhead, and the thought of fucking Jerry in the ass.

Lita decided that it was time to enact her plan. "Jerry honey," Lita chimed, overly sweetly, "It's not our usual sort of game to bet on, but do you want to make a wager?" Lita tried her best to give Jerry a big eyed, innocent look as she asked.

Jerry turned to her, and said, "You want to bet on the World Series? I thought we just did the bets for video games."

"Well, normally... but I have a bet I want to bet on, and the game is just starting." Lita smiled as she said it.

"You wanna bet to do me in the ass, don't you?" Jerry asked, a little exasperated.

Lita smiled, "Well, now you said it, so it's your idea."

"So, if my Indians lose, I'm literally going to have to take it in the ass?" Jerry continued to sound stern, but he knew that this was going to be coming, and he was pretty confident in his team, as all fans are.

Lita silently nodded, giving big puppy dog eyes to Jerry, as she was still unsure if he was going to take the bait.

"Well, the Indians aren't going to lose, and I'll take the wager. But, if you lose, you have to let me pick dinner out for the next month... with NO arguing." Jerry felt smug about his wager, as Lita always had some reason to disagree with Jerry's food ideas whenever he suggested things.

Lita shouted, "Deal!" Almost too quickly. Her eagerness was showing, but she has at least a chance now of getting Jerry to willingly give her his ass. Lita thought to herself afterwards that she would probably still be able to get whatever food she wanted, because if today was any indication of things to come, Jerry would be on a steady diet of cum anyways. Lita was beginning to notice that it was helping Jerry's complexion too. His skin was looking very soft. He normally had a fully grown-in 5-O'clock shadow at this point in the day, but it was only beginning to come in. "Well, while the game plays out, I'm going to go take a shower quick." Lita said.

"That's fine. I'll let you know how much the Cubs are losing by when you get out." Jerry smiled. His competitive nature kicking in.

In the shower, Lita thought more on the events of the day. She had been intimate with another woman. Technically, she cheated on her husband, but he was okay with it. Were they just mindlessly giving in to urges, or was it really okay? Lita found that the thought of Sammy's body made her feel a little naughty, which aroused her a bit. Lita's cock began to grow, but as it did, she could feel that it felt almost sore, and her balls felt numb, like she would assume getting kicked in the balls would feel like. Lita stroked lightly on her cock, but it was too sensitive for typical masturbation. Even if Lita won her bet, there would be no sex tonight. Lita found that the soft stream of the shower was just right for what her cock could handle at the moment, and she let the water splash against the bulbous head of her oversized cock/clit for a couple minutes before washing up and getting out of the shower.

After drying off, Lita slipped into her open robe, letting her breasts push the robe open so she was giving a full frontal to Jerry while walking through the house, her cock swinging limply between her legs. As Lita entered the living room, Jerry took a double take, aware of her presence the first time, and taking a moment to admire her perfect body the second time. Jerry began rubbing and squeezing his cock, which had firmed up down one of his pant legs at the sight of his wife. Lita smiled and said, "I'm glad that I can still get that reaction out of you."

Jerry snapped out of his trance as Lita spoke, and realized he was rubbing his now very hard cock. "Yeah, been known to happen." Jerry chuckled.

"So who's winning?" Lita asked.

"Tie game." Jerry responded.

"What happens if they end in a tie?" Lita inquired.

"They will play until someone wins, unless there's rain, then it might be delayed until tomorrow."

"I hope it doesn't come to a multi-day thing." Lita responded.

And as history tells, there was a rain delay, the game resumed, it went into extra innings, and the Cubs pulled out their first World Series win in 108 years.

In the bottom of the final inning, tension was high in Jerry and Lita's house. And as the final out was called, Lita jumped up in victory, as Jerry slumped back in disappointment. A couple seconds later, it hit Jerry that beyond just having the Indians lose the game, he had lost his bet. Looking up at Lita to see her jumping and whooping, her breasts and cock bouncing as she celebrated. Jerry again felt that mix of lust and dread as he had felt that morning, watching Lita's delicious cock bounce around.

Jerry wasn't one to go back on a bet, and came right out and asked, "Okay, how do you want to do this?"

Lita, snapped back into reality by Jerry's question, stopped jumping, and said, "Well, not tonight at least. I'm still pretty wore out from today. We will have to see how tomorrow morning looks."

Jerry breathed a sigh of relief. "So, not tonight, but it is still happening?"

"You bet your ass it is!" and as Lita said it, in all of the tension, and disappointment, and excitement, Jerry and Lita cracked up laughing. "You better shower up tonight, because you're mine all day tomorrow." Lita demanded.

Jerry couldn't disagree with the need for a shower, as he still smelled like the cum that sprayed his face and mouth earlier that day. Jerry showered, and the couple laid down for the night.

As Lita and Jerry laid there, Lita noticed that Jerry looked concerned, and his face was full of worry. Lita leaned in and kissed him. "Honey, don't worry. I talked big tonight, but when we do this, we will be careful."

Jerry seemed a little more at ease. And the couple went to sleep.

- The Next Morning -

Lita woke up a little before Jerry that morning, and as expected, two very pitched tents erected themselves from the couple's blanket. Lita reached down, and felt that her cock was not nearly as sensitive and sore as it was the previous day, and her balls were not aching the way they had. She reached behind to find that her pussy was also swollen, and well lubricated. Lita reached over and very delicately caressed Jerry's throbbing cock, causing him to elicit little moans in his sleep. After a couple minutes of this, Jerry peeked his eyes open, saw that Lita was reaching his direction, and smiled. "Morning honey."

Lita continued to gently stroke Jerry's cock and replied, "Morning. Did you sleep well?"

"As well as can be expected." Jerry retorted. Lita slid closer and gave her husband a passionate kiss. As the two lashed their tongues together, Jerry could feel Lita's cock throb and bulge as it grew rock-solid against his leg. As they parted from their kiss, Jerry asked, "Is this happening now?"

Lita, looking back at her husband, smiled faintly, and said, "Yeah, I think so."

Jerry proceeded to take off his boxers, which were the only clothing he was wearing. Lita slid her robe off her shoulders, fully exposing her naked body. Jerry slowly spread his legs, his cock still hard from his morning wood, but seeming uneasy about the situation. Lita got to her knees, and positioned herself between Jerry's legs, staring intently at his balls, which were sagging to try and cover his ass hole. Her cock throbbed harder than usual in anticipation of her first penetration. Jerry asked Lita, "Do we have any lube for this? I don't think you're going to get very far without it."

Lita smiled, and fingered her pussy for a few seconds, and then wiped her wetness over her cock, stroking it as her pussy juices lubricated it slick. "Yeah." Lita replied, "We have some all-natural lube to use." Lita rubbed her pussy again, soaking her fingers, and softly rubbed them around Jerry's anus. After getting the outside wet, Lita took a finger, and slid it into Jerry's ass. Lita could feel Jerry's ass clench tight around her finger as it wriggled in to the knuckle. Jerry winced at the feeling, and attempted to relax his muscles and stop the clenching.

Lita pulled her finger out, and inched forward. The head of her cock was now pressed against Jerry's ass hole. She gave some small circles, and pushed. Jerry's ass opened up enough to slide the head of Lita's cock in, and Jerry winced and clenched again. "Hold on." Jerry said with some urgency. "Please be slow. It stings a little."

Lita gave Jerry the time he needed to acclimate to the engorged piece of meat being stuck into him. While she was waiting, Lita grabbed Jerry's foot long cock, which was starting to go a little soft, and gave it some loving sucks. After she brought it back to full length, Jerry said, "Okay, a little more now."

Lita pushed, and her cock slid in another inch. Now, with Jerry's tight asshole squeezing against the shaft of her cock, Lita began to feel the pleasure of her penetration. A little precum oozed out of her cock into Jerry's anal cavity. Jerry let out a gasp as the precum touched his insides. He clenched again as his wife slid another inch of her cock into him. "That felt like an electric shock." Jerry replied, giving his wife live-updates of the situation inside of him.

"Does it hurt?" Lita asked, concerned with the explanation.

"It did, a little. But it's feeling better." Jerry replied. "Go a little deeper."

Lita, trying not to over-eagerly plunge balls-deep into her husband, fed another couple inches of her cock into him. Another clench, another blob of precum, another jolt. This time, instead of being a gasp, it came out as more of a groan. "You can go a little more honey." Jerry encouraged.

"She's almost all the way in already." Lita replied, looking down to see only an inch or two of her cock not inside her husband. Lita, slowly and controlled, slid the rest of her cock into her husband. She could feel the tip of her cock expanding as she oozed another blob of precum into Jerry.

Jerry was holding his breath at this point. His vision was starting to pop with little lights from the extreme overstimulation and lack of oxygen. Jerry's face was starting to turn red as well. "Honey, you have to breathe." Lita said, concerned.

"Keep... going..." Jerry forced out, his face turning scarlet.

Lita, thrust in to the hilt, pulled back outward, as she did, Jerry's clenched ass squeezed Lita's urethra such that it released the line of precum that had been filling it. Leaving a line like a bead of caulk inside of Jerry's bowels. As Lita retracted and the precum hit Jerry's insides, he exhaled hard and let out a moan. Not a pained moan, however, but a lustful one. As he released the air in his lungs, his cock twitched hard, and his ass loosened up. "Okay... again. A little quicker this time." Jerry responded.

Lita, happy to oblige, slid the full length of her shaft into Jerry with one slow but continuous thrust. Jerry grunted and moaned again, breathing heavily as she filled his cavity. Jerry opened his eyes, and the pin-pricks of light were gone. The pain was subsiding. Jerry was having to actively think about keeping his ass hole loose, but he was doing it. Lita, feeling this against her cock took the opportunity to pull back and give a couple more thrusts. Jerry grunted softly from the air being pushed out of him with Lita's thrusts, but his cock remained rock-hard, and even had a little precum building up on the tip. Lita felt her balls swell a little as she thrust a little quicker into Jerry. Her cock secreted more precum into Jerry's ass as she pumped. "How is it feeling? Are you doing okay?" Lita asked her husband.

Jerry was taking the dick without pain now. His body was rocking with the rhythm of Lita's thrusts. "I'm good now. Keep going." And after saying it, Jerry leaned forward and licked the blob of his own salty precum off of his cock. He then fed the head of his cock into his mouth and stated sucking.

Seeing this, Lita's pace quickened some more, being even more aroused by the situation. Her pace had quickened enough now that her still swelling balls were slapping against Jerry's pelvis and her pussy juices dripped down her sack. Lita felt the familiar tingle that indicated her balls were ready to empty. "Honey, I think my little girl is about to coat your insides..." Lita grunted out between thrusts.

Jerry took his cock out of his mouth, "Do it honey, let her fill me up!" Jerry returned to the throbbing cock he was shoving into his mouth, his own balls beginning to swell for release.

Lita pumped furiously at this point, giving her husband a full-on ass fucking. As Lita felt the flow of cum start, she thrust her cock as deep and hard as she could into Jerry's ass, grinding their hips together in passionate lust.

As the cum rushed out of Lita and into Jerry, he also began to cum. But as he gasped when Lita's cum hit his bowels, his cock jerked free of his mouth and plastered his face, neck, and chest with cum. Every spurt of Lita's cock gave Jerry another electric-like jolt, which caused his eyes to widen and his cock to orgasm in rhythm with his wife's.

After about a minute of spasming pumps, Lita gave a shudder with one last hard shot of cum into her husband's bowels. "Oh my god! That felt amazing!" Lita gasped as she collapsed onto Jerry's chest, her heavy breasts slapping against Jerry.

Jerry, staying aware of Lita's positioning, told her, "Don't uncork me yet, I don't want to get cum all over the bed."

"We have gotten cum on the bed all week!" Lita said, surprised.

"Yeah, well that was my loads. You shot probably three times that amount into me." Jerry informed.

"Yeah, but you liked it." Lita said in a teasing and seductive tone.

"Sure, once the pain subsided. We'd just have a big mess to clean up if all of this fell out of me." Jerry motioned to his abdomen as he made a swirling motion over his bowels.

Lita gave Jerry a smile and kissed him on the cheek, "You liked it!" she said.

"We could do it again. I'd be okay with that." Jerry admitted. Lita had begun to start going flaccid, and the admission by Jerry aroused her, and her cock started getting hard again. However, she had gotten soft enough that when her cock started to re-firm, it pushed itself the rest of the way out of Jerry's ass, and throbbed to life on the bed next to Jerry's ass. Jerry clenched nervously anticipating the flood of cum rushing out of his ass, except that it didn't happen. "Huh? That's strange." Jerry replied.

"I definitely unloaded in you, where did it all go?" Lita asked.

"I don't know. Maybe deeper in?" Jerry posited. Jerry felt Lita's cock throb against his leg again. "Well, we'll figure it out later. Right now I'm hungry." And with that, Jerry flipped around to the foot of the bed and started sucking Lita's cock hungrily.

Lita was a little shocked by this response at first, but as Jerry's mouth latched onto Lita's cum straw, she smiled and gently rubbed her balls. "Come on girls, daddy is hungry." Lita could feel as her balls tingled and started swelling up again.

Lita was staring Jerry's immensely hard cock in the face, and decided if Jerry was sucking her, she might as well get in on the fun. Lita grabbed Jerry's cock, and directed it into her mouth. The couple sucked away at each other's cocks for a solid ten minutes, the only sound between them being the occasional moan or heavy breath as one of the two of them secreted a little more precum into their spouse's mouth. Lita was heavily aroused by the 69 embrace she was in, but she noticed that Jerry seemed... odd.

Jerry seemed consumed by the blowjob. Not doing it because he was horny and wanted to, but latched on out of a need to. Sucking down every drop of fluid his wife was secreting. In the last day, the only thing Jerry has eaten was Lita's cum. And he wasn't hungry for anything else. At this point, Jerry had given Lita enough blowjobs that he knew exactly what would set her off, and he begun doing just that. With the correct amount of sucking and stroking in just the right places, Lita felt her balls give a buck, and start pumping her thick creamy cum into Jerry's hungry mouth. Jerry watched as his wife's balls tensed and contracted with every pump of the cum they were feeding him. Lita felt Jerry's cock begin to twitch and shoot loads of creamy goo into her mouth as she emptied her own load.

Lita noticed also that, as Jerry lay there, sucking the cum out of her cock, he was grabbing his chest with his free hand and playing with his swollen, puffy nipples. The thought occurred to her then that Jerry's nipples typically got small and hard, not swollen and puffy when aroused.

Lita swallowed the load of cum Jerry was shooting in her mouth, pulled the cock out, and asked, "What's up with your chest?"

Jerry, still working to swallow down Lita's second load of the day, finished his sticky treat, and looked at his chest. Jerry's nipples were about double their average diameter, and popped off of his chest a small amount. Jerry gripped at his chest and pinched one of the nipples at the outer edges, and gave a smile. "Not sure, but they feel really good when I do this." Jerry gave his chest a couple more squeezes, causing his cock to throb a little from the stimulation.

"I wonder if you're starting to have changes like I did." Lita suggested as the couple wheeled around so they could lie face to face.

"I thought that was from what ever affected you at your job. Why would it affect me?" Jerry seemed confused.

"Well... It was when I took part of you into me that I started changing, and lately, you've been taking a lot of me into you." Lita said, matter-of-factly.

"But... I like what's happening with us, and I don't want to stop." Jerry sounded concerned.

"I do too honey. Honestly, I've never been more attracted to you, and I have no intentions of stopping." Lita said, trying to put Jerry's concerns to rest.

"Good, because I... want more." Jerry replied as he looked down at the pair of cocks resting between their legs. Jerry's cock started to swell again as he looked at the two cocks resting against each other.

Lita gave an exasperated sigh. "Honey, I just woke up and I'm already exhausted." Lita followed Jerry's gaze and watched as Jerry's cock continued to swell. Lita's cock followed suit shortly after. "Where do you want it?" Lita resigned herself. "You're gonna have to do most of the work this time." Lita added, deciding to take a line from Jerry's personal Horny-but-lazy book.

Jerry thought a minute, and decided. "Let's go ass again. I want to see if it hurts now."

Jerry climbed on top of Lita, straddling her legs, and now throbbing hard cock. Jerry's heavy cock erected itself forward and rested on Lita's stomach. Jerry eased back slowly so that the opening of his ass hole was resting against the head of Lita's cock.

Simultaneously, Jerry started to apply pressure to force the dick into his ass as Lita warned, "Wait! First we have to lu-oooooh" Lita's warning trailed off into a lustful moan as Jerry's ass wrapped itself around her cock like a warm wet cocoon. Lita could feel herself already leaking precum into her husband by the second thrust. Jerry, with slow and controlled bending and squatting, slid his ass back and forth along Lita's rock-hard shaft.

"Did you already lube up?" Lita asked Jerry.

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