The Change Pt. 07


- 7 -

"Dr. Schwartz's office, may I help you?" replied the voice on the phone.

"This is Jerry, I just missed a call from this number." Jerry replied, a little hurriedly.

"Oh, yes. I just made that call. Let me get the doctor for you. One moment..." the voice said before putting them on hold.

"What do you think they found?" Lita asked, almost giddy with anticipation. They may finally learn something about everything that was going on.

"Don't know. Hopefully good things." Jerry responded.

About a minute of canned on-hold music played, and then the voice of Dr. Schwartz came over the phone, "Hello, is this Jerry?"

"Yes, and I have Lita on speaker as well. What have you found out?" Jerry replied.

"Well, several things, actually." the doctor replied. "Most of which are rather astonishing."

"Well, don't leave us in suspense, tell us!" Lita said, her patience waning.

"Okay, okay. Is there anywhere you would like me to start?" The doctor replied.

"Do I have sperm?" was the first thing out of Lita's mouth.

"Yes." Said Dr. Schwartz. "They look viable as well. And an above average sperm count to boot. It's rather astonishing."

"Are they all female?" asked Jerry next. Continuing with the line of questioning.

"Unsure." the Doctor replied. "There are a large quantity of X chromosonal sperm, but they appear different, or altered to use a better term. Without further testing on non-reproductive cells, we're not sure what we're dealing with." Dr. Schwartz paused for a minute, "If I had to guess, I'm assuming the alternate chromosome pattern is what makes Lita as she is now. It is likely that if she were to produce a child with that chromosome, it would show characteristics similar to Lita's current condition."

There was a pause on both sides of the phone as this information was allowed to sink in. The silence was eventually broken by the doctor as he continued, "That's not even the strangest discovery we made with this sample."

Lita, regaining her senses, asked, "What else did you find, doctor?"

"Your body is producing a hybrid hormone. It has characteristics of both Estrogen and Testosterone. Now, men and women both have some of each of these in their bodies, but this is chemically different. We've started calling it Testrogen in the office. It seems to have an additional pheromonal effect as well. Tell me Lita, other than your husband, have you been around any other people lately?"

Lita thought back to Sammy and their encounter. Lita began to get hard thinking about Sammy's wet and juicy pussy again. "Yes." Lita said.

"Did you or the people around you have any sudden strong sexual urges?" the doctor asked.

Jerry laughed as he stared down at Lita's growing cock, knowing it was from thinking of Sammy, "You could say that. One lady even came by asking what perfume Lita was wearing."

"That result does not surprise me." Dr. Schwartz responded. "There's something else interesting about the sample that we observed. The Testrogen has a tightly compacted molecule structure, and is slightly acidic. Not like a corrosive acid that could burn someone, but acidic enough and small enough that it could permeate membranes, such as mouth, stomach, intestinal, and vaginal linings."

"What does that mean?" Lita asked, a little confused.

"It means that a body could absorb it!" Jerry responded.

"Correct." the doctor said. "So be very careful about who comes into contact with anything you discharge, as we are unsure what the effects of exposure to the Testrogen would cause. Likely, effects would be nominal in stomach and vaginal linings due to their mucosal linings and increased thickness."

"What would you suppose the effects would be?" Jerry asked, a little concerned.

"Simply put," the doctor said, "I believe the testosterone-like qualities of the Testrogen would allow for rapid absorption into someone's body, and the estrogen-like qualities would accentuate some feminine qualities in the exposed individual."

"You're turning into a girl!" Lita said to Jerry, mouthed very quietly so as to not let the doctor overhear.

Jerry, trying to not sound nervous, asked, "Doctor, wouldn't that also mean that male... parts... would shrink?"

"Possibly." The doctor replied. "This is all uncharted territory, and this Testrogen has some testosterone qualities also. It could theoretically cause accentuation in those parts as well."

Jerry shot Lita a sassy look that shouted, "I'll still have the parts that count!" Lita smirked.

After a brief pause, Doctor Schwartz spoke up again, "There was another interesting fact about the sample: It is nutrient dense, much like breast milk might be for a child. I would caution you, Lita, if you end up ejaculating a lot, you may find yourself malnourished. I assume that nobody is consuming it, but if you're feeling fatigued, you may need to eat more food."

Lita's mind raced as she connected that Jerry had consumed nothing but her cum in the last two days, and she replied, "I will keep that in mind."

Jerry started to caress Lita's cock, coaxing it to fill with more blood, as it was already half-hard from thinking about Sammy earlier. Lita drew in a quick breath as her member continued to swell. Hastily, she said, "Doctor, is there anything else we need to be aware of?"

As Lita's cock became firm, Jerry licked his lips and plunged down onto it, feeling Lita's shaft snake to the side as the first few inches worked its way down Jerry's throat. The suddenness of Jerry's blowjob caught Lita off guard, and she was about to cum almost immediately. Lita felt her balls swelling rapidly.

"No, I think that's all I have for..." was all Doctor Schwartz was able to get out before Lita interrupted.

Almost as one word, Lita spat out, "Okay! if you have anything else let us know later thanks bye." Lita hit the end button on the call, squirmed for the second it took to make sure they were off the phone, tossed the phone onto the end table next to the bed, grabbed her husband by the hair, and shoved his head all the way down on her cock as her balls started pumping. She let out a loud moan as the stream of cum erupted from her.

Jerry expertly took the load down his throat without gagging, and licked Lita's throbbing balls as she fed him her cum. As the orgasm subsided, Lita smacked Jerry on the back of his head, "You could have at least waited til I was off the phone, the doctor almost heard us!"

Jerry raised his head off of Lita's cock. "You have to admit, the danger made it kinda hot."

Lita smirked knowingly. "I'm not going to admit that, or you'll do it all the time. Plus, aren't you worried about the side effects of the cum?"

Jerry thought for a moment, and replied. "It's so good, and it makes you happy. I'm not going to lose my dick, probably, and I've been looking for an excuse to quit my job. I'll just have to find a job as a woman, apparently." Jerry rubbed his chest, which was completely hairless now, and his puffy areolas were now raised off of his chest a little by budding bosoms. "I'm surprised that you're as okay with this as you are."

Lita laughed. "Honey, I'm the bi one of the two of us. I don't care if my significant other is a guy or girl, I care that I love you." Lita leaned over and gave Jerry a kiss. "And I do."

Jerry smiled as he pulled Lita in closer for a longer, more passionate kiss.

Lita smirked, and gave Jerry a once-over look, and jokingly said, "However, with the amount of dick you've been taking recently, maybe we should evaluate your bi status."

Jerry blushed a little, and replied, "Well, its you. I love you, regardless of the pieces-parts." Taking it as a cue, Jerry reached over and started stroking Lita's half-flaccid cock. In a softer and sexier voice than expected, Jerry said, "If you've got it, I want it."

At the sound of Jerry's surprisingly sultry voice, Lita became instantly hard. "I've got more to give whenever you're ready for the next round."

Jerry stroked Lita's cock a little more, and then reached two fingers out, and tucked them around Lita's swelling balls, and rubbed them around the outside of Lita's pussy for a few moments before plunging them into her hot, wet hole. Jerry asked, "Who is going in whom this round?"

Lita gave a little moan as Jerry fingered her. A little blob of precum sat at the tip of Lita's hard cock standing straight up in the air. Lita gave another moan as she thought about the question, stalling to let Jerry finger her pussy a little longer. "I wanna do you again."

Jerry, still fingering, started to move to shift on to his back. "No, no. Get on top." Lita interjected.

Jerry shifted, licking off his fingers that were just knuckle-deep in his wife, as he positioned his ass over the head of his wife's cock. Wiping the precum in a circle around his ass hole, Jerry lowered himself down as Lita's cock slid into him. Jerry's balls bounced against Lita's stomach, and his cock bobbed up and down as he got into his rhythm riding on his wife's shaft.

Lita steadied Jerry with one hand on his waist as she began to stroke him with the other hand. Keeping in rhythm together, the couple fucked in passionate ecstasy for a solid 15 minutes with nothing but grunts of their guttural lovemaking.

Jerry, breathing heavily from the exertion, spoke up first, "I think I'm getting close."

Looking down, Lita could see that her lower chest was a glistening sticky mess, as Jerry had been dripping and smearing precum on her for the last 5 minutes.

Lita shifted herself so that she could adjust Jerry, and in one motion without removing her cock, rolled Jerry onto his back and herself to her knees, and started pounding Jerry's ass much more forcefully. "Well you better suck it up and wait, because I'm not pulling out til my balls are empty!"

Jerry decided to take the first part of Lita's statement literally, and leaned forward far enough to start sucking his cock. The motion raised his ass a little further in the air, giving Lita a better angle to fuck him at.

Lita started pounding Jerry's ass in long hard thrusts, going from tip to hilt with every pump. "Yeah, just like that." Lita said as she continued to show Jerry's ass no mercy.

Jerry's whole body shook with each slamming thrust that Lita did as she bottomed out in his ass. Jerry's cock was in his mouth, and it pushed in and out with the rhythm of Lita's fucking as well.

Another two minutes went by until Jerry, mouth still full of cock, made a moaning noise as his eyes rolled back, and he started pumping a load of cum into his own mouth. Lita, seeing this, quickened her pace a little further still. Her balls were slapping against Jerry as she continued to pound away. Lita was getting little jolts of pleasure out of every slap her balls made against Jerry. After about a half-minute, Jerry released the cock from his mouth, and said, "Do it honey, fill me up good!"

Lita, in her current frenzy, looked at Jerry with an almost wild look in her eyes. Between breaths, she said, "I hope you're ready, because this is gonna be huge!" Lita gave three more strong, slow pumps, and let out a moan as she thrust in and began to release a shudderingly powerful orgasm.

Lita came so powerfully with the first few spurts that both Jerry and Lita could hear the semen splashing against Jerry's insides. A wave euphoria washed over Jerry as his wife filled him. After 20 seconds, Lita gave a moan as she slumped down from her thrusting position, her cock still inside Jerry and releasing spurts of cum. Jerry laid motionless on his back as the waves of pleasure continued.

Lita finally felt her balls relax, and caught her breath. As her cock began to soften and slip out of Jerry, her stomach gave a very loud growl. "I definitely need to eat something after that!" Lita announced as she moved to get off the bed.

Jerry grabbed for Lita's hand, and said, "You're just going to blow your load and leave me here while you run off to the kitchen?"

Lita smiled and said, "Oh. So that's what THAT feels like. Do you realize how many times you've done the old, 'Cum and Go' to me?"

Jerry looked a little ashamed, and said, "Yea, but you filled me WAY fuller."

"The doctor said it will absorb over time, and then it won't leak." Lita replied. "So just give it time."

"Stay with me..." Jerry pleaded.

Lita's stomach gave another large growl. She gave a sigh as she crawled back into the bed and cuddled with Jerry. "You know," Lita said playfully, "you're being kind of a girl about this."

Jerry, smiling at the jab, held his hands over his stomach, and replied with, "Yea, well you have to learn that you can't just be sticking your dick in people all willy-nilly. You have to take responsibility." Jerry almost didn't get the last line out without chuckling.

The couple laughed, kissed, and laid there holding each other. After 5 minutes of growling, Jerry finally said, "Okay, go eat. I'm good now, I think. I just need to make it to the bathroom just in case."

Lita jumped up to head to the kitchen, and nearly stumbled and caught herself with the door.

"Jelly legs." Jerry said. "You must've cum really hard."

Lita smiled and said, "Yeah. But wait until you stand up."

Jerry gave Lita a look, and as he swung his legs around to stand, realized that every muscle in his groin was practically screaming out in pain. He was standing bow-legged, and practically waddling to the bathroom while wincing. Lita watched from the doorway a little humored as Jerry looked at her and asked, "What did you do to me?"

"I only slammed full force into your pelvis a few dozen times. I don't think your muscles were really prepared for that. It's okay, we will train every day if we have to, and you'll be used to it eventually." Lita continued to watch Jerry waddle to the bathroom. "Be glad you're not having to clench all those sore muscles to keep the cum from leaking out too!"

Jerry made it in to the bathroom and said, "Yes, yes. Just go make yourself something to eat."

Lita, feeling ornery, asked, "Would you like me to bring you a sandwich?"

Jerry, dealing with his pains, missed the joke and said, "Sure, why not?"

Lita said nothing as she left. When she got to the kitchen, Lita piled up a plate with leftovers from previous meals, and heated them in the microwave. While waiting, Lita was thinking about what kind of "sandwich" to bring Jerry. Lita was considering making an actual sandwich, and cumming on it, "Too messy," she thought to herself. Then she saw they had hot dog buns, and a sly grin grew across her face.

When Lita's enormous plate of food was reheated, she grabbed a hot dog bun, and took things back to the bedroom, sneaking a few bites of her meal along the way. Lita felt half-starved after the sexploits of the last couple days, and her not knowing it was taking more out of her to produce for it. Lita got into the bedroom to see that Jerry hadn't emerged from the bathroom yet, so she laid back down and started eating her meal in bed. "I have your sandwich for you whenever you're done in there." Lita hollered to Jerry.

"O... K?" Jerry replied with a pause through the bathroom door. Jerry's mind was beginning to focus outside of the pain, and realized that shouldn't have been a real question at first. "You actually brought me something?" Jerry followed up with.

"Oh, there's something here for you whenever you're done." Lita responded coyly. Lita gave the base of her cock a little tickle, to try and rouse it to fill with blood again.

As Lita continued to eat, she heard a flush, followed by the sounds of washing up, and Jerry emerged from the bathroom, still limping slightly, but no longer bow-legged. Jerry was wincing, but still had a look of confusion, "You brought me something? That's usually just a joke, honey."

Lita looked at Jerry, smiled, opened her legs a little, and moved her plate of food out of the way to expose her hard cock, completely filling and spilling out of the hot dog bun which she placed around the shaft. "Hot dogs are sandwiches, right? I made you this one myself."

Jerry saw this and smiled. He got the joke of it, but realized now that with all of the cock sucking he has done for his wife recently, it suddenly made sense that he hadn't been hungry for actual food. Jerry hobbled over to the bed, crawled on to it on his knees, which was far less painful than anticipated, and moved up to where his face could be in Lita's groin. Jerry grabbed the "hot dog" by the bun and aimed it at his mouth, he put enough of it in his mouth that he could get to the bun. Jerry very softly bit through the bread until he could feel Lita's throbbing muscle giving resistance against his teeth. He squeezed just firmly enough to elicit a startled squeak from Lita.

Lita popped Jerry on the head, "No Biting!" she said sternly. "You have to suck out the good part!"

Jerry removed the cock from his mouth, and threw the bun pieces back up on Lita's plate. "Oh! I thought you said it was a hot dog!" Jerry said, playing dumb.

"Ha, ha, ha." Lita said sarcastically. Lita grabbed her cock and redirected the tip towards Jerry's mouth. "Now drink up, because I'm apparently eating for two now."

Jerry, seeing the dick pointed at his mouth, almost instinctively bent forward and placed the throbbing member in his mouth, and started sucking. Between bites of her food, Lita would guide Jerry's head as he bobbed away at Lita's cock. "That's it," Lita said, "drink up so your tits get big and sexy for me."

Upon hearing this, Jerry grabbed his chest, where his little breasts barely bulged off of his chest, and he rubbed and squeezed while moaning in pleasure. Lita gave a little gasp as the vibration of Jerry moaning with her cock in his mouth caused her balls to jump, and feed Jerry a little bit of precum. Jerry then took one of his hands, and very lightly tickled the underside of Lita's ballsack. Her balls jumped again at the initial stimulation, but then drooped back down to Jerry's fingers. Over the next couple minutes of sucking, Jerry noticed as he caressed Lita's balls, the stimulation was causing them to swell. Jerry had coaxed them from the size of a normal ballsack to a size so large that he could barely wrap is hand around them.

Lita reached down and fondled her balls with Jerry. Between a couple deep breaths, Lita asked, "I think she's ready to blow. Are you ready to eat?"

Jerry, mouth wrapped tight around Lita's throbbing cock as he sucked away, looked up at Lita and made eye contact. Jerry's eyes had a deeply aroused look of longing to them, and he nodded an affirmative in response to Lita's question.

"Okay girls, time to feed daddy." Lita said as her balls retracted, and started pumping a steady stream of semen into Jerry's mouth. Lita was beginning to get lost in the feeling of her balls squeezing and pumping to empty out into her husband.

Jerry slurped and swallowed the steady stream of thick, creamy cum as quickly as Lita fed it to him. He could feel the waves of arousal flow through him as the first spurts of the cum began to absorb and feed his body the pleasurable hormones that made him feel so good. Whether it was through his mouth or his ass, Jerry derived a deep level of pleasure and a feeling of contentment from receiving Lita's seed. He was fully enthralled to it now, willing to accept any side effects that may come for the opportunity to keep receiving it. If he was gonna turn into a girl, he would be Lita's girl, taking load after load from her delicious cock and balls. Fortunately, Jerry's cock appeared to be just as big and throbbing as ever, so the couple could still go back and forth, fucking whichever one of them needed it more at the time.

The rest of their day was a cum-soaked blur. Once they were finished in the bedroom, Jerry and Lita went to the living room where they sat down to watch television, which ended up with Lita pumping cum balls-deep into Jerry's ass. As they went to lay down that night, Jerry began fucking Lita's pussy and filling her twice via a double orgasm, all the while sucking a midnight snack out of Lita's delicious cock. Lita held in Jerry's cum, and the couple curled up together in their cum-soaked exhaustion, and slept.

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