tagIncest/TabooThe Changeling Ch. 03

The Changeling Ch. 03


When Josie opened the door Jacob was standing naked on the other side. I opened my eyes and they immediately went to focus on his hardened cock. My God, I thought, the boy is hung like a stud horse. I fathered a son with a cock that big? The shock of its size began to wear off and my mouth started watering as my pussy produced another large load of girl juice to drip down my crack and onto the sheets.

Jacob and Josie stood passionately kissing in the doorway for a moment and his hands wandered all over her body from her tits to her ass cheeks and back again. Her hands had found his cock and jerked it slowly up and down drawing glistening pre-cum from the not so tiny slit on the end. I suddenly found myself jealous of my daughter for getting all the attention from this handsome stud. I wanted that monster cock in me and I wanted his semen coating my cuntal walls with its gooey sperm-laden juices.

As they entered the room, Josie reached behind them and closed the door, turning the lock to the locked position. We would not be disturbed.

A thought flashed through my mind and I thought, amazed with the possibility, that I wanted Jacob's baby growing in my womb. I knew that all I had to do was to stop taking the birth control pills that I had been started on at the clinic, but they had warned that I would not want to conceive until at least six months from now, just to give my body time to adapt. I decided that I would indeed wait the six months and, if I still felt the same way, would stop taking the pills. In the meantime, these same pills gave me some protection from his young, potent sperm.

"Josie said you were big, but she never said you were hung like a horse. How big is it?"

"Well, we measured it soft and then hard and soft it was a little over five inches long, but hard it was at least double that."

"Ten inches of cock! My God, you must drive the college girls wild with that thing."

"I don't know. I've never fucked any of them. I was too busy fucking Josie and Sandra to worry about fucking some college bimbo who wanted nothing more than to get knocked up."

"You mean you've kept this cock strictly within the family?"

"Yep. And, if you join Josie and me, I will never have any need to take it out of the family. I'd get all the fucking I need at home."

"How about Frank and Eloise?"

"They don't know. We act like normal a brother and sister couple around them and never showed any extra affection around Mom, er, Sandra."

"How long do you think you can keep it from them?"

"We don't know."

Despite all the talk, Jacob's dick never softened in the least thanks to Josie dropping to her knees beside the bed after Jacob had sat down and stuffing her brother's cock into her mouth. Even with her mouth full, there was still a good six inches of meat between her and his pubic hairs. He had been busy playing with my tits and exploring my pussy which was as wet as if it had been a broken water faucet. His fingers felt good rubbing my super-sensitive nipples and probing deep into my cunt. He had a trick of curling his fingers inside my pussy and hitting the one spot that seemed even more sensitive than the rest. I was soon bouncing my ass off the bed trying to force his fingers deeper inside.

"Josie, stop what you're doing and let Jacob put his dick inside me. I need him NOW!" Josie lifted her head and Jacob scooted around until the head of his prick was bumping at the entrance to my treasure house. I reached down and grabbed his ass cheeks pulling him balls deep inside me in one thrust. I screamed, but Josie covered my mouth with hers so the sound stayed within the room. My tender cunt shuddered from the sudden invasion of more than ten inches of hardened cock meat, but the main assault was yet to come and come it did as Jacob started a slow rocking motion that barely moved his prick at first.

The pressure in my gut was building up and I knew I was about to orgasm. I held it back as long as I could but when Jacob started moving a bit faster, I lost control and shot all kinds of girl cream all over his cock and balls. To his credit, he held still inside me until the tremors receded. Then his cock started a much faster pistoning inside my pussy. I don't know who taught Jacob to fuck, but he did not just pound directly in and out of my cunt, he attacked it from random angles in an almost random rhythm. He was literally touching all bases inside my body and my body was being wracked by climax after climax--I'd never felt anything like it before in my life.

Josie wasn't wasting time either. She drew one of my hands to her dripping pussy and inserted a couple of my fingers in herself. I took the hint and started matching Jacob's cock thrusts with my own finger thrusts into her cunt. Her cunt walls grasped my fingers threatening to keep them prisoner in her steamy snatch. Josie plastered her mouth to one of my tits while Jacob suckled the other one. I had watched them as babies sucking at Sandra's breasts and they hadn't forgotten the necessary movements.

Josie came with a soft mewl and a little nip at my breast and then pulled away to regain her breath. Jacob in the meantime was pounding my poor cunt like a madman. He suddenly withdrew from my body and I groaned my disapproval, but it was only to flip me over onto my abdomen. He raised me onto my knees with my head still on the pillows and stuck his man-meat pole back into my steamy depths. It seemed as if his cock was going to piston it way out of my mouth. I arched my back. I rolled my hips. I did everything I could to increase both of our pleasure in this incestuous act of sex.

All too soon I felt his cock flex itself and I knew, from when I had been a man, that his time was near. He was finally going to spurt his incestuous, potent sperm into my wildly receptive cunt. With a final grunt, he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against his genitals. His balls must have shot at least seven or eight thick, creamy strands of seed-laden semen into my hot pussy. It seemed to go on forever and I could feel it dripping out of my cunt and down my thighs. Josie surprised me by ducking under me and licking the escaped sperm from my legs. As Jacob withdrew from my body, Josie sucked each inch of his cock clean and then turned her attention to drinking the cum from my hot steamy honey pot.

Jacob collapsed on the bed next to me and I rolled into him to avoid collapsing on Josie's face. She stayed with my roll and finished cleaning my love box of all its excess sperm. Then she turned herself around and kissed me full on the lips letting me taste both myself and Jacob on her tongue. I found that I like the taste of Jacob's cum and wanted more of it for myself, but Jacob had fallen asleep beside me.

"He always does that after every fuck, Mom. It's like he's recharging his batteries for the next round. He'll wake up in a few minutes and his cock will be as hard as a rock and ready to fuck some more. I've seen him come six times in one night, three times in me and three in Mom. He filled each of our holes with cum that night."

"You mean you can take that monster cock up your ass?"

"Yep, sure can. It isn't hard if you relax and let him do his thing. For all his size down there, Jacob is very gentle when it comes to fucking."

"I'm just glad that I wasn't a virgin when he fucked me! I don't know. I haven't been ass fucked yet. I don't know if I really want to be fucked there."

"Then don't. Jacob won't be mad."

"Mad at what?" my son demanded.

"Mad that you can't have Mom's ass."

"Nah. As long as I can fuck that hot pussy, I don't really care if I can get her ass. It'd be nice to fuck it, but I can live without it. Besides, fucking was made for the cunt, not the ass. I don't make it a habit to cum in the mouth either. Don't get me wrong, I love to have my cock sucked, but in the end I really want to put my sperm where it belongs."

"I don't even know if I can get my mouth around that monster you call a cock--and I thought mine was big when I was your father."

"No time like the present to try is there?"

I shook my head no and bent over to lick at his balls. His cock was already three-quarters of the way to full hardness and I licked upward from the balls to the piss slit on the end of his dick. I slurped up some of the pre-cum that was waiting for me and swirled it around his cock head with my tongue. He tasted divine and I knew right then and there that I would never get enough of his sperm either on my tongue or in my hot pussy.

I opened my lips and let Jacob's cock head slip into the warm, moist cavern of my mouth. He moaned as I swirled my tongue just under the crown, remembering what had made me feel especially good when I had had my own cock sucked. My head bobbed up and down and his cock grew even larger while it was in my mouth.

"Mom, it's my turn to be fucked. Let Jacob put that thing between my legs. Let my brother fuck the daylights out of my cunt."

I lifted my head and moved out of the way as Josie straddled her brother's legs, feeding his cock slowly into her hot vagina. I could see her juices drip and seep along the side of her brother's hard cock as she slowly impaled herself on his fleshy spear. When she had his cock as far in as she could get it, she sat still for almost a minute until the intruder had to be attacked with rapid movements of her hips. She looked like a hula dancer gone berserk as her hips moved faster and faster while the remainder of her body was totally still without a bit of movement. Jacob groaned and despite having cum in my pussy not ten minutes earlier showered his sister's womb with his life-giving sperm.

As soon as Josie slid off his cock, Jacob turned his head and fell asleep. We all slept together that night and when the sun peeked through the curtains I had been fucked by both of them twice more during the night.

We dressed for the funeral and after breakfast with the younger children we left the house. As we buried my ex-wife and their mother, my only wish was that she had been so wanton with me as she had been with Josie and Jacob. If she had been, life may or may not have been different, but it sure would have been much more interesting.

After the burial, we returned to the house where Josie, Jacob and I acted as if we were normal mother and children. We wanted to make sure Frank and Eloise did not to know about our incestuous relationship. How long we could hide the relationship from the two of them I did not know, but I did know that we were going to try very hard not to make them aware.

Between my inheritance from my parents and what Sandra had left, we had no worries about money. None of us needed to work to survive and when Josie and Jacob went to college and Frank and Eloise went off to their respective schools, I was left alone in the house.

I spent a lot of time cleaning, but I also had a lot of time on my hands. Since I had not been in the house before Sandra died, I started methodically exploring starting with the attic and finishing in the basement. I was during one of these explorations that I came across what must have been Jacob's old stash of porn magazines. The stories and magazines all had to do with incestuous sex. Then I came across his diary. He told how he had seduced first Josie and then Sandra and the lengths they were all going to to keep the relationships secret. His last entry concerned me both as a male and as a female. Jacob had wanted to fuck me when I was his father, but he was determined to have his way with me as his mother. In his diary, he stated that he fully intended to make both Josie and me pregnant with his babies. So he wanted what I had thought about fleetingly just before he fucked me for the first time. Just the thought made me reach down into my panties and rub my own clit causing me to gasp in pleasure. Once I had had my mini-cum, I decided not to let on that I knew about the stash and the diary. I put everything back where they had been and in the order in which I had found them and left the room.

I decided right then and there that we would have to see just how well Jacob could keep up his end of the fantasy and make us both pregnant. I also decided to talk to Josie privately and see how she felt--as if I didn't already know! Her entire life seemed to revolve around fucking her brother, morning, noon, and night. I was discovering that much of mine was doing the same thing and wasn't really sure I was quite ready for the next step, the one that would make me pregnant and fulfill my fantasy of being a total woman.

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