tagGroup SexThe Changing Room

The Changing Room


It was a quiet moment when the idea came to me. We were sitting in a bar. Our conversation had fallen into a comfortable and contemplative silence. You were watching the people enter the main door of the bar over my shoulder while spreading a spilt drop of your wine around the table top with a fingertip. A smile crept to my lips as I said "Did I ever tell you about Caleb?"

Caleb worked in a clothing store. He was the pretty, vacuous type that a cynical person might expect to have such a job. Blonde. Tanned. Lithe yet muscular in that way boys are, slim around the hips, neck and thighs. The day I was introduced to him at his work, he and I slipped into a changing booth in the back of the shop. There, he begged me to stay silent while he hungrily sucked me to orgasm and gobbled down my cum. I called past his shop occasionally after that. He was always eager to please, provided that the shop was otherwise empty.

I hadn't seen him for a while but my mind sometimes came back to him. I had never seen him cum. I wanted that. He never so much as took off his trousers at the shop. The common friend who introduced me had told me it took a certain type of stimulus to get Caleb off. Sitting across from you, I knew I had right the tools, even though Caleb was strictly gay and generally repelled by women. He'd be horrified if he was confronted by a vagina. I grinned at the image of him, face twisted in fear and holding his hands up to repel any possible attack.

I leant in close, my elbows on the table between us. I whispered "I am going to make you do something completely deviant and you are going to love it." Your beautiful face came to life and focused on mine while I spoke. I could see a potent mix of fear and desire in your face as I detailed my plan. You looked as though your mouth had gone dry when you gulped down some wine. I finished by saying "I'm not asking you to do this. I am telling you that you will do this."

"Perfect..." you murmured, the word trailing off to a sexy whisper as your toes slid along the inside of my thigh under the table.

The next day we were ready to execute my scheme. Walking through the busy shopping centre towards the shop, your hand felt sweaty in mine. Your face looked tense. I stopped you before we were within sight of the shop. I was ready. I slid my hands over your hips and pulled you against me, so you could feel my hard cock pressing into your body through our clothes. Your hand slid behind my neck, pulling me down into a hard kiss. Your hot tongue wriggled into my mouth as my fingers dug into the flesh of your bottom. A group people swarmed past, close to us, bumping into us, so we pulled ourselves apart, panting.

I held your face in my hands, close to me and whispered final instructions. You nodded and I swaggered away, into the shop.

Dance music throbbed at a volume just above conversation level. Caleb was sitting behind the counter, flicking through a magazine. He didn't recognise me immediately and turned the music down a shade. "Sorry," he lisped with his overtly gay accent. His eyes narrowed and his red lips curled into a smile. "Oh! Hi! I didn't recognise you! I haven't... seen you in here for ages. How have you been?"

"Good thanks. I'm always glad to see you. Things look quiet in here today."

"Yes hun. I seem to have a lot of time of my hands." He winked.

I grinned broadly, seeing that he recalled our usual signals. "Great. I think I see a shirt I wouldn't mind trying on for size."

I moved to the back of the shop and stepped into the change cubicle that was walled with mirrors, noting that the music's volume had been turned down lower still.

He pushed through the swinging doors a moment later. I leant back against the cool glass of the mirror on the rear wall of the cubicle, waiting for him to come to me.

He paused, his eyes running up and down my body, examining the curves of my strong chest under my shirt. "It's so naughty of you to not visit me more often, hun. I was absolutely creaming for months after last time, every time I thought of us." His thin red lips curled. The point of his tongue appeared on the centre on his upper lip.

"I've never seen you creaming Caleb," I said. "We are going to change that today."

He peered nervously over his shoulder and held his index finger up as a sign I should be quiet. "Remember. They could hear every sound," he indicated with his head the shop on the other side of the door.

"There's noone here," I say, smiling.

I step closer to him, put my hands up on his chest and push him back against the reflective wall. Leaning my larger body against his, I press my mouth against his throat, licking his salty skin, breathing in his cologne. He moans softly and his quick hands find my cock, rubbing through my jeans. Looking down between our bodies, I see the outline of my circumcised cock head straining against the denim. I run my fingers over the back of his hand and he turns his face downwards to watch as he opens my fly.

I'm not wearing underwear. My cock pops out, bouncing. He slides his fingers around the shaft. I grab his chin between my forefinger and thumb, tilting his face upwards and wetly kiss those thin red lips.

He breaks away, dropping to his knees in front of me. In one expert swoop, he sucks my entire length deep into the back of his throat. I gasp at the rush of heat surrounding me. I look down, watching from above as he bobs his head back and forth. I turn to watch in the mirror, seeing the side view of my cock disappearing into his lips. I look up at the ceiling, rolling my hips. Then I hear footsteps on the wooden floor outside of the cubicle getting closer.

Suddenly the doors burst open. You stand there, clasping a pair of business shirts by the hangers. You shriek. Caleb falls backwards against the mirrored wall and stumbles to his feet, stammering and stuttering. He holds his palms up towards you, finding some placating words. You point an index finger at him and step forward, a torrent of shouting. "Filth! Smut! I am calling the police!"

Caleb sinks back onto the bench at the rear of the cubicle, his head in his hands "No, no, no."

My hard cock gets harder and harder watching you obey my plan perfectly. I slip it back inside my fly to disguise that fact and put my hand on Caleb's shoulder. I rub him reassuringly. I turn towards you, saying "Look, there's no need to shout. Or make threats about getting the police involved. We weren't hurting you."

I wink at you slyly, wanting to rip your dress off then and there. "Ok," you reply, still authentically brisling with faked outrage. "Ok. But this is a public place. I assume one of you is supposed to be working?"

Caleb lifted his face, biting his lower lip. "Ohgod. Ohgod. Please say you won't tell anyone. I can't lose this job!"

"Hmm, well, I could be persuaded..." you say. I catch the smile playing at the corners of your lips. You continue, your voice firm. "Drop your trousers. And turn around."

Looking very confused, he turns his eyes up to mine. I pat his shoulder and nod, whispering, "You had better do as she says. She sounds like she is serious."

He obeys.

When his tanned skin replaces his clothes and he has his back to you, you turn to me. I fix a stern stare at you. We both know this has to be convincing for the plan to work. My glare tells you that I am watching you, judging your performance.

You take a deep breath. "You! Stand behind him. I want to watch you kiss and lick his neck and back."

I move behind him, pull my rigid cock from my pants again and slide it into his crack. He makes small noises. I can't tell if he is whimpering in fear or moaning in lust, or both. I slide my hands over his tummy, letting my fingertips follow the lines of his defined abdominal muscles while I run the point of my tongue along the spinal hollow at the back of his neck.

I turn my head to see your eyes locked on me. I mouth the word "Undress" at you and then turn my attention back to Caleb, placing a slow kiss between his shoulder blades. You slip out of your long, simple cotton dress to reveal that you're naked underneath. You place your handbag on the floor. Your hand disappears as you rummage inside it and reappears clutching the strap-on dildo.

A surge of hot lust pounds through my veins. I nuzzle behind Caleb's ear and can't help whispering "You are in for a rare treat." My hands creep lower until I have his hardness. I pump it slowly. I close my teeth on his earlobe and tug it.

I feel your warm touch on my shoulder. I take my hands from Caleb and urgently want to kiss you. I sigh, telling myself that there will time for that later, when we have lived this fantasy and go home to fuck again and again intoxicated with its rush. For now, we have to make him believe that you caught us and now need to be paid off with favours.

"Sit on the bench," you instruct me. I slip past you in the narrow space of the cubicle and you take my place behind Caleb. You slide your fingers through his hair, caressing. Then your grip tightens and you pull him back to make space for me. I quickly peel my tee shirt over my head and slide my jeans down. When I sit down in front of Caleb, my cock stands vertically.

"Kiss him," you murmur over Caleb's shoulder. He tries to turn his face towards you, puzzled but not defiant. His eyes silently say "Sure, I'd kiss him even before you caught us here." Your grip on his hair keeps his eyes to the front. He is yet to see the thick, shiny black rubber cock you hold in your hand, the leather straps dangling and the metal buckle jingling.

His lips curl in a smile as he puts his hands on my knees and bends forward at the waist. We kiss slowly, lusciously, with my fingers running over his cheeks and into his hair to stroke the back of your hand.

"Now suck," you command.

Caleb breaks the kiss. "Sure" and he winks at me, clearly pleased with how this is turning out.

His talented lips close around the rim of my engorged cock head, sucking hard. The point of his tongue probes my slit and I wriggle on the bench with every nerve ending tingling. His wet mouth slides down my shaft until I feel my cock head pressing again at the soft flesh of his throat. I turn my head to the side, watching his slim, brown body in the mirror.

Then I turn my gaze to you. You're rubbing the tip of the thick toy up and down your slit, smearing your cream over your clit. You kneel down on the floor and stand the toy on the ground between your legs. We can't make eye contact directly with Caleb between us in the narrow space but we smile at each others reflection. You wink before positioning yourself over the toy. You gasp as it fills you.

You lean backwards balancing yourself with one hand on the ground behind you. You pull your flaps back and rub slowly over your exposed clit. I can see the black plastic gleaming with your juices where it enters you. You roll your hips slowly, grinning wickedly at me. The cubicle fills with the wet slurps of Caleb's mouth and your pussy. Then you slowly dismount, standing as you withdraw the thick dildo. I see we are ready.

I grab Caleb's cheeks and pull him off my hardness. I press my mouth on his, vaguely tasting my cock in the kiss. I murmur against his lips "Are you ready to be fucked?"

He nods, grinning at me as you strap on the cock. It has a clit vibrator within the harness so you take a moment to position everything correctly. You grab the bottle of baby oil from the top of your handbag and move behind him. You pour a shimmering thread of oil into your palm and then wank up and down the toy, mixing the lube with your juices.

Caleb's realisation of what is going to happen is palpable. His face is still close enough for me to kiss him as his eyes widen in shock. I dart my arms up under his armpits and squeeze him hard. He wheezes as the breath is compressed out of his slender ribcage.

I growl at him, my face pressed against his neck. "Better answer again. Clarify now that you understand who is going to fuck you. Are you ready to be fucked?" I nod, rubbing my forehead against his skin, adding "I know that you want that big dildo inside you."

His pretty eyes suddenly brighten as he understands that I know who he is. He needs this. For the first time in weeks, perhaps months, there is fire in his blood. He nods, murmuring "Yes, give it to me, I want it all inside me."

You raise your eyebrows and smile wickedly. You wrap your hand around the hard shaft and rub the tip up and down his crack, focusing your movements towards to his puckered hole. I release him from my hold and he places his hands on my knees, wagging his bum at you. You lean forward, your weight driving the pole slowly into him. The pressure presses the humming egg-shaped clit vibrator between your lips.

He mutters and exclaims quietly under his breath, panting. You keep driving in and he turns to look at you over his shoulder, lips open, his face lost as the fire in his hole sends licks of pleasure through his whole body.

The toy presses back hard against your mound. You roll your hips, changing the angle that the vibrating egg inside the harness buzzes against you. You bite your lower lip as you slide both hands to your breasts, cupping them, rolling them and teasing your nipples.

In the mirrors, you can see me running my hand up and down my hard shaft, my free hand running over the smooth skin of Caleb's chest. I pinch at his nipple and he shudders. Slowly slowly, he takes the length of the dildo and purrs as he feels your warm body against his. You slide your hands up the smooth hairless skin of his back.

I drag my hand up his chest and behind his neck. I pull his face downwards towards my vertical member. He puffs as you fuck deep inside him and I feel his warm breath on my sensitive skin. I thrust up with my hips, lifting my arse up off the bench and driving my cock into his opened mouth. He takes it in and follows me down as I sink back on the bench. His lips are tight around my shaft as he bobs his head up and down, milking me.

You increase the speed of your strokes, fucking faster into him now that his tight hole has adjusted to the dildo. Your body slaps against his arse with a fast beat. With each slap, the vibrator bumps against your button.

He opens his mouth and cries out around my cock. I lift my hips, shoving my meat deeper down his throat. He gags slightly but recovers. His body becomes tense like a compressed spring. His close.

I look over Caleb's body to meet your eyes. You look glazed and lost, loose hair hangs wet with sweat over your forehead. I feel my own juice bubbling inside me, eager to flood Caleb's mouth.

I slip a hand under him, feeling for his cock. My hand wraps around it. A chain reaction begins. The mere touch of my hand makes Caleb cry out. He shudders and moans and then I feel the hot gush of his cum squirting in thick gobs up the inside of my forearm.

He pulls his mouth up from my cock slightly. I wrapped my fist around my shaft and pump up and down, lubricated with saliva. My eyes narrow as they gaze into yours, my mouth open and chest rising and falling as I breathe fast and deep. I growl deeply. In the mirror, you watch my white juice leaping from my slit onto and into Caleb's waiting, open mouth, dripping from his thin red lips.

You pinch at your nipples hard with your fingernails and ram the dildo up to the hilt. You press the weight of your body against it. The buzzing of the clit vibrator and the pressure on your mound sends a wave through you and you cum loudly, your eyes screwed up tight and face twisted with pleasure.

Later, walking hand in hand through the shopping centre's crowds, I lean in close to you and squeeze your earlobe between my teeth and whisper in your ear. "I knew you would get along with my friends."

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