tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Changing Room Ch. 04

The Changing Room Ch. 04


The next day I was apprehensive about what Amanda's reaction was going to be. Did she remember any of what had happened the previous night or was it a blur? Would she chalk it up to a dream? Time would only tell, so I waited for her to contact me at some point. As the day passed, I did things to get my mind off it. I even scouted out classes at the local college-something I had told her time and time again I would finally get done.

Finally in the evening, she called me. The conversation was very casual and it was as if nothing had ever happened. I was relieved until she asked me point blank, "So...what happened last night? I woke up naked and the bed looked like it had been doused in sweat or something."

I tried to play it cool and answered, "I mean, you and I messed around a little and you passed out, so maybe that was it?" It wasn't a complete fabrication. Just certain information was omitted.

"Ok. I must have had some weird dreams last night then or something. How much did I drink?"

"A fair amount. I wasn't keeping score or anything, but you looked like you were pretty well hammered."

"What happened to Jeff? When did he leave?" she asked. I was afraid she'd bring him up. I tried to keep his part as far in the background of our conversation as possible to avoid any sudden memories popping into her head.

"Well, he left when you were pretty well zonked."

"Hmm. Ok, is that it? I'm trying to remember things but it seemed like he was in my room at some point. Did he help you put me to bed or something? That would make sense," she said. I was trying to keep the thought of him at bay, but had to make him look benign as possible.

"Um, yeah, that must have been it. He left right after." I still wasn't exactly lying.

"Ok. I guess I was having dreams or something," she said. With that, she changed the topic and we agreed to meet up the next day. I was relieved when it ended.

The next day I was still off work and we spent the afternoon together. The topic of the night in question never came up until later that night in her house. We were sitting on the couch relaxing in front of the TV, when she asked about Jeff. "So, Jeff didn't help me out of my clothes or anything, did he?"

I was stuck. Now I was going to have to lie a bit. "No, of course not. He just helped me get you to bed. You were pretty tipsy."

"I guess so. He was real nice. God, I remember I kind of fell out of my dress when I was bringing him a drink at one point," she said, and laughed softly.

"Yeah, I remember. You two seemed to get along pretty well," I said. If I could have grabbed the words in the air before she had heard them, I would have done just that.

"Yeah, I thought so too. We should invite him over again."

I froze. "Well, if you want to, I guess. I mean, he's just a guy who fixed your pipes."

"He's human too, you know," she said scoldingly. "As a matter of fact, maybe I'll invite him over for dinner tomorrow night. I don't have many friends outside of work and it would be nice."

Amanda was a girl that you didn't push back with -- she enjoyed playing the role of being the powerful one, and if you attempted to play your card against hers, she would always find a way to beat you.

"I'm working tomorrow night..." I said. 'You're going to have dinner, just the two of you?" I was shocked that she would suggest it.

"Well you're only working until the store closes. Why don't you just come by after work and we'll all hang out?" she said. There was no arguing.

"Fine," I said. "Whatever you want."

"Good," she said, clearly sensing the acid in my words. She knew she had won, and relished in it.

We continued on the couch, watching TV. Eventually she asked, "Did we have sex the other night?"

"Um, yeah, we did. You seemed pretty into it," I said. "Why?"

"Oh, I don't know. It's fuzzy. I remember really enjoying it. Like, more than normal. I was even a bit sore the next morning. I'm not usually sore afterward. What did we do in there?" she asked.

"I mean, I guess it just went on for a while. Like I said, you were pretty into it that night." My cock twitched in my jeans.

"I guess. I almost felt...well, like stretched a little. Is that all that happened?" she asked. I was getting the suspicion that she suspected something. Suddenly, I remembered she had a dildo in her night table that she used once in a while. It was quite large, around 9 inches in length, and very thick. Very similar in size to someone I knew, now that I had thought of it. We had played around with it before and it drove her crazy when it was vibrating. She never completely inserted it all the way inside her -- she would just let the head vibrate against her clitoris as she shook her way to an orgasm.

"Ah, I think I know," I said. I used your 'friend' at one point," I said. This was the name she gave her dildo.

"You did? Well, that must be why. Did you put it all the in me? I've never done that before," she said.

Glad that I had dodged the bullet, I said, "Yeah. You seemed to like it."

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm remembering something pretty big in me that night. It drove me crazy, and whatever it was, it was quite a bit bigger than you. Not that there's anything wrong with yours, honey. It's just that I felt SO stretched out after. I guess that's what I was feeling, then," she said, and sighed softly.

Juxtaposed with the relief of getting out of her line of question was hearing her acknowledge the fact that she seemed to desire something (or someone) bigger than myself, as if there were something I wasn't able to give her. A tinge of jealously shot through me, but for the time being, she was here with me.

She was however, having dinner with Jeff tomorrow night. The same Jeff that had seduced me in my place of business, that had forced me to suck him off, that had more-or-less raped me in the back of said workplace, and had of course taken advantage of my girlfriend, making her experience feelings that she'd never felt with me before. I was justifiably nervous. Partially because of the omnipresent chance of her finding out what had really happened the other night, and partially because with Jeff, you never knew how the night would turn out.

"You're not upset, are you?" she asked, obviously noticing my flat affect.

"No, it's fine. I guess I just didn't realize you wanted something more," I said. She sidled up to me, her hand on my knee.

"I love what I get from you. Why would you think that?" she said. "Is it about what I felt after the other night?"

"I guess so. It's stupid. Never mind," I said in response, attempting to brush it off. Her hand moved up my leg to my crotch.

"I'll show you how I like it," she whispered in my ear. My cock was hard almost instantly at her touch. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my hard dick. "Well, that didn't take long, did it?" she said. She began stroking it up and down, and I pulled my jeans off. She stood before me and pulled off her shirt, exposing her beautiful C-cup braless breasts. She then slowly pulled her shorts down with her panties. Her figure was something to behold. She bent over me and stoked my hard dick. "Do you want this inside me?" she asked.

"Oh yes," I said. She kissed me slowly and then lay down on the couch with her legs spread before me, caressing her pussy slowly. She enjoyed telling me what to do, something I had no problem with. She pulled on my dick toward the entrance of her wet pussy.

"I wanna feel you inside me, baby. Push that cock inside me," she said. I slid my dick into her slowly, and her hands went around to my hips. She looked down at my cock moving in and out of her, her legs around my waist moved up and down in time with my thrusts. "Yeah, fuck me, baby. Your cock feels so good," she said repetitively. She seemed very satisfied.

Then something came over me. I recalled how rapturous she was when Jeff was inside her and how it turned me on to see her like that, even at the hands of someone else. Without thinking, I blurted out, "So you liked having something big inside you, did you?"

Her soft moans ceased instantly. She wasn't expecting this from me. She stared into my eyes as I fucked her, and said, "Maybe. I like you, though."

"I know you do, but I could see you also liked something bigger inside you, isn't that right?" The rapport was exciting me immeasurably, and it seemed to be getting to her as well. Her hips were now meeting mine in rhythm. She clearly didn't know how to answer the query. I slowed my strokes into her. You want a big cock inside you, don't you? Something bigger than me. You want to feel something stretching you out, don't you?" I said.

She grinned mischievously. "You don't think you're big enough for me?" she asked, turning the query on to me. She was good at this type of exchange. She didn't want to admit to anything that would make her seem that she was degrading me.

"I think you would like something more. You can say it, I don't mind. I like the idea of you being pleasured like that. You want a big cock, don't you, baby?" I said. Amanda was not used to me being the aggressor.

"Yeah," she said. "I want a big cock," she said. My thrusts increased into her. I fucked her as hard as I could. The lust was pouring out of me with the thought of her being fucked by a bigger dick; and the only dick I could think of was Jeff's.

"Yeah, that's right. You want a big cock to stretch your pussy, don't you?"

"Yes!" she said louder. "I want to feel it stretching me out, baby! I want it in my pussy!" she shouted. I was beside myself watching her writhe beneath me. I had never seen her react so strongly to something I was doing to her. The sight of her clear lust for someone bigger than me was like a drug.

"You want that big dick inside of you? Do you want it to fill up your hot pussy, baby?" I said.

"Oh yeah," she growled. "I want to feel it! I want to feel that dick fill my pussy, baby!" I felt myself reaching my limit as she cried out.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" I said, and with that, I pulled out of her and shot my load across her belly, milking what I had onto her. I collapsed on top of her and her hand went to her pussy, stroking her clit ferociously.

"Oh yes, oh yes! I want to feel that cock, baby!" she shouted as she fingered herself and then her body shook and stiffened as she came beneath me. We both panted and caught our breath together like that. Finally after what seemed like an hour, she broke the silence. "I never knew you felt that way. You really like the idea of me with something bigger?" she asked.

"Yeah, well I guess so," I said, careful to choose my words judiciously. "I like the idea of seeing you satisfied like that."

"Hmmm," she half-moaned/half-sighed. "I just don't want you thinking I don't want you, though. I love what you and I do together." With that slid out from under me and went to the bathroom to clean up. I got dressed and we kissed good-night. I didn't sleep over often, and I knew she had to get up early for work.

In my bed, the fitful sleep that I did have was peppered with thoughts of my girlfriend letting someone else fuck her. The thoughts made me jealous, but probably moreso excited me. I wondered what the next night would have in store.

The next day dragged at work and closing time couldn't come fast enough. I actually closed up a few minutes early and drove as quick as I could to Amanda's house. I saw his truck in her driveway as I pulled in. I immediately had butterflies in my stomach as I approached the door. I could hear them chatting and laughing inside. The apparently were getting along great without me, as I expected. I knocked on the door, and Amanda let me in. There wasn't even the customary kiss from her, but she was quick to get back to the table where Jeff sat.

She looked great with a loose-fitting satin top and a knee-length skirt. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra and her nipples clearly shown through the thin fabric. "Jeff and I were just discussing you," she said. "I told him you were going to go back to school one of these days."

"Yeah, I was just looking at courses the other day actually," I said. She nodded in a way that said, 'I've heard that before'.

Jeff spoke up and said, "Well, I think it's great. I mean, it'll probably mean more time studying and less time with her, but you've got to do what's important, right?" He winked at me.

"Well, yeah, but this is something I've got to do. I think we'll be fine," I said. I felt like I was already on my defensive and it hadn't been two minutes since I walked through the door.

Amanda got up and said, "Well now that our guest is here, why don't we take this to the living room?" She walked into the kitchen and I got up and headed over to the couch. Jeff stayed and started clearing the table with her. So now I was the guest.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, but kept the door cracked and peeked out into the kitchen as they carried the plates and glasses back in. They were jovial and Amanda seemed truly smitten by him. It was unnerving to watch, but exciting in a perverse sort of way. When she would walk past him, her hand would gently graze over his shoulder. As they were placing the dishes in the sink, he came up behind her and appeared to gently press his crotch into her butt as he reached around her. I thought it was a little bold, but she didn't seem to mind at all.

I did my think quickly and came out to see Jeff at the end of the couch. I chose to sit in the single chair next to it. "How's it going?" he asked. "I must say, I wasn't expecting to get a call from your girlfriend asking me to dinner so soon. Maybe eventually, but not this quick!"

"Yeah," I said. "She just wanted to be neighborly. She's nice like that."

"I'm sure she is. She's real nice," he said. "Maybe I'll be nice to her tonight again and you can take some pointers." He winked again. I was getting pretty nervous now.

She came in to the room with two drinks and bent over to hand one to Jeff and myself. As she did, her breasts swung loosely in her top. You would have had to been blind not to see them. She almost looked like she was trying to aim them toward Jeff, and take a little while longer than necessary to do it. She looked tipsy as she walked back into the kitchen -- a fact I hadn't noticed before. I wondered if Jeff had slipped her a little something extra like he had before of if she was just lightened up from the wine.

Jeff leaned over and said, "Man, she looks good tonight, don't you think? It's almost like she wanted to impress someone. No bra, loose top; her nipples are practically poking right through it." He rubbed his crotch through his pants. The outline of his thick cock was clearly visible -- overtly so, one could say. "Yeah, I'd say she's definitely trying to impress somebody tonight, eh?" he said, and he winked at me. I was having misgivings about it all, but Amanda seemed perfectly fine with the way the night was going. I grabbed my drink and took a large draught.

She came back in the room and seeing how we were arranged, quickly saton the arm of the chair I was in. I was relieved and mildly surprised she chose me. "How was work today?" she asked.

"Not bad. Pretty boring, actually. I couldn't wait to get off," I said. They both laughed at the double entendre.

"I know just what you mean," said Amanda as she continued laughing, maybe a little too hard. Her breasts were almost completely visible through the side when she would lift her arm. She turned to Jeff and chatted about current events and such as if I wasn't even there.

I finished my drink quickly and went into the kitchen to get another. As I got up, Amanda did as well and sat next to Jeff on the couch. I asked if either of them needed another, but they just waved me off. I took a moment to gather myself while out of view of the two of them. They kept carrying on happily. As I rounded the corner to enter the room, Amanda was leaning in toward Jeff, clearly deeply into their conversation, and he had his arm up on the back of the couch, inviting her in. Each time she laughed, her breasts jiggled in her top. I sat in the chair again and watched them converse. Jeff's bulge was even more visible now, and he had one hand resting on the side of it as if he was trying to aim it a toward her. It ambled down his leg and was straining against his pants to be freed.

Amanda was deeply into the conversation now and they seemed to laugh together at every other thing that was said. Her legs were crossed and she now was leaning against his arm which shifted to drape over her shoulders. She was also leaning further toward and turning more to face Jeff. Her free hand had now run out of room and was now partially resting on Jeff's thigh. I saw her frequently stealing glances down at his crotch, like she was trying to not get caught doing it, but it was pretty obvious. Jeff was not being coy about gazing at Amanda up and down, and she clearly loved the attention.

I had adopted a voyeuristic stance and was merely an observer. There were pangs of jealousy that popped up occasionally, but mostly the sight of her turned on like this was terribly exciting. I wondered if they were holding back a bit with me in the room, so I excused myself to get another drink.

They continued to chat and laugh on the couch as before. After I had been out of the room for a minute, I peeked around the corner, and saw them even closer together. Amanda's hand had now migrated Jeff's thigh and was just inches from the outline of his thick penis. Jeff's hand was very stealthily rubbing it from the side. He would lean in and whisper something to her and she would laugh at it. Her skirt was hiked up her thigh and being of a loose fabric like her top, easily moved around with the most subtle of shifts.

My cock was raging hard now watching it all. They were starting into each others' eyes as they spoke. Jeff then moved in to whisper to her and pressed his face against the side of hers as he did it. His hand moved to her thigh as he spoke to her and gently moved her skirt even higher up her leg. Her legs, while still crossed, parted slightly as he did so. Her free hand also moved up his thigh and one or two fingers now rested on the end the fat bulge in his pants. Whatever he was saying to her was not a short little quip, but kept them in that position. Her eyes were closed and his hand moved further up her thigh. His thumb went under her skirt and hooked it. It gently moved back and forth, caressing her soft skin. Her legs parted gently as he did -- still crossed, but they looked as if they would fall open at any second.

Jeff looked liked he was still whispering to her, but he could have just as well been kissing her neck from what I could see. He then pulled back away and his hand shifted back down her thigh. Her chest was heaving as he did so. Whatever he had said to her had a serious effect on her. Amanda's hand remained just grazing the head of his dick. He continued to speak softly to her and the hand around her back massaged her far shoulder. His fingers danced under and around the loose strap of her top. He moved in to whisper to her again, and the strap fell off her shoulder down her arm. He shifted his hips slightly. Her hand that was resting on his thigh suddenly was forced to slide completely onto his fat cock. She stared at the package in his pants as he whispered in her ear and seemed to close her fingers around the girth of it. His hand moved back to her thigh and boldly up her skirt. She seemed frozen as if this was a point of no return, but quickly loosened up. She closed her eyes, obviously enjoying the sensation of another man caressing her.

Her opposite hand fell on to her thigh, loosely. His hand on her shoulder moved gently down to her clavicle and traced circles above the beginning of her breast, only barely covered by her satin top. Jeff's hand moved farther up her thigh and with that, her legs parted and uncrossed. Amanda looked down at her hand on his penis and gently rubbed it up and down. I stood just outside the kitchen and stared at the display before me, rubbing my own rock-hard cock through my pants. Jeff pulled away and looked over at me for a fleeting moment and then, smiling, turned his attention back to Amanda. She opened her eyes and stared deep into his. Jeff's hand slid up her leg and found her panty-clad pussy. He began to rub it gently and she closed her eyes again, gasping slightly.

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