The Chaperone


If the music is to loud then you are too old. Well, I guess that makes me too old. The DJ has the music blaring and I am looking for a place with a little peace and quiet. It is hard to find in the small gymnasium where our high school is having their dance. I don't know what possessed me to chaperone this senior class dance anyway. These dances are not like the old days. The girls are barely dressed ... tops cut way too low and skirts cut way too high. Some of the better developed girls are lucky that they are not falling out of their shirts but every time they bend over they are giving the boys quite a show.

The gym is old and has seating in a balcony up above the basketball floor. There are separate stairways at each end with doors that lock on the bottom floor. They are supposed to make it easier to keep track of the students during dances but I have found students smoking there in the past. The stairwells are fairly quiet though so I think I will use that spot for some peace. If anyone asks I can always tell them I am checking for students.

As I use my key to open the door, I can hear some giggling coming from the stairs. There are just a few steps before the landing where you make the turn to the second flight. It is a blind corner so I can't see anyone yet but it is obvious from the sounds that it is a boy and a girl.

"Stop that, Jared," I here her say. I recognize Lauren's voice. Jared and Lauren are our star senior athletes. Both were held back earlier in their schooling and are now 19 years old. They are more mature than the other seniors both in looks and in behavior. On more than one occasion, I have had to separate them in the hall for their public displays of affection. They have been dating since 7th grade and will be graduating in a few weeks.

"Come on honey," Jared says is a voice that is almost pleading. "You have been rubbing your ass on me all night long while we have been dancing. You can feel how hard you've made me. Just a quick blowjob and we can get back to our friends."

"Not a chance Jared!" she said is a pretty firm tone. "It will mess up my makeup and then everyone will know what we have been up to."

"It feels so good with you stroking me right now, honey. And I know you are horny too. Look at how hard your nipples are. And they look like that before I got hold of them."

The conversation stopped and I heard Lauren moan softly. "It does feel good when you suck on my tits, baby," I heard her say. I could hear Jared groaning as well.

I have to admit that my curiosity got the best of me. I should have made some sort of noise to let them know I was coming but I was curious to see what was going on. The idea that I might get to see Lauren's young breasts was starting to excite me. She was very well built for a high school girl and had flirted with me in class from time to time. She always wore low cut tops and it was obvious she was proud of how she had developed by the way she was always bending over my desk when she asked me a question. She was really quite a tease. My glance around the corner was everything I had hoped for. Lauren was laying back on the stairs with her eyes closed and her tank top pulled up under her shoulders. Her skirt was short enough to see that she was wearing what she though passed for panties but were actually barely there; showing the hair that surrounded her pussy. I could see one of her breasts but the other was hidden from view by the back of Jared's head. It was obvious what he was up to since every time his head moved Lauren moaned a little louder.

Lauren was busy as well; her hand was firmly wrapped around Jared's cock. She was sliding slowly up and down, stopping to squeeze him each time she reached the head. Jared had started to raise his hips with each stroke of her hand, especially when she would stop and use her thumb to rub some of his cum around the head.

Jared raised his head from her breasts. "Come on Lauren .. you know it won't take me long to cum if you suck me off. I am so ready baby."

"I told you no honey. Just relax and I will make you cum this way, okay?" she replied. She sat up slightly and began to move her hand more rapidly as Jared resumed sucking on her tits. Jared's free hand made its way under her skirt and starting massaging her mound. It only took a few strokes for the material to disappear between her swollen lips. It was all more than I had ever hoped to see.

Jared's fingers are pretty nimble as they slide the material of Lauren's panties to the side and get an unobstructed view of you pussy for the first time. Even from my distance, I can see the moisture that has formed. Jared folds two fingers over and, in one motion, enters her. She quits moving her hand on him as she raises her hips to meet his fingers. I can hear her breathing change as he starts to move his fingers in and out.

She tries to continue stroking him but her hand soon drops to the stair as she raises her hips higher, give Jared easier access to her pussy. He has added a third finger and Lauren's hips are writhing. "Oh god," she says. "Oh yes." With that, she moved all of her weight to her feet as her hips came completely off of the stairs. Her hips shuddered as her orgasm began and bucked into the air as it continued. She seemed to be trying to speak but the words wouldn't form. After a few moments, her hips dropped to the stairs. As Jared removed his hands, I could see her juices drip slowly onto the stairs.

I stepped back momentarily and that is when I realized how hard watching all of this had made me. My hand found my hard cock through my pants and rubbed it up and down. I found myself wishing I was somewhere that I could just take it out and relieve myself. The sound of Jared and Lauren shuffling around on the stairs startled me as I stepped farther away from the landing.

The sound of Jared's moaning told me they were not heading down the stairs any time soon so I stepped forward and peeked around the corner. Lauren was mostly dressed now, with her top and skirt in place. Her hand was wrapped around Jared's hard cock once again and moving up and down rapidly. From time to time, she would remove her hand and rub it on her pussy to get it wet, then return to her task. Jared was leaning against the stairway wall, his arms reaching up to hold onto the railing. His eyes were closed but Lauren's were open as she watched his face.

"Yes baby, I'm so close. Keep going. I'm going to cum for you sweetie." Jared's words were anxious as his arms tightened to lift his up off the stairs. With a loud grunt, he spurted white cum skyward. Some tell toward him but some landed squarely on Lauren's shirt. As she continued to stroke him, her hand became coated with his cum. As Jared relaxed, Lauren removed her hand; trailing a line of cum from his cock. As they shifted position again, I stepped back around the corner.

"Great," she said. "Now how am I supposed to clean this up?"

"Just wipe it on your shirt. No one will know."

"You're a pig Jared. Go get me something to clean this up with."

I could hear Jared coming down the stairs as I stepped back against the wall by the door. He was in such a hurry that he didn't even look sideways. I knew the door was locked and that he would have to knock to get Lauren's attention when he got back so he could get back in. Good time for me to make my escape.

"Hey Mr. Stephens," I heard Lauren say from the stairs. "Hope you liked the show. I would be happy to do that to you sometime. You've always been my favorite teacher." With that, I slipped through the door and back into the dance.

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