tagNonHumanThe Chase 03: The Mating Dance

The Chase 03: The Mating Dance


Julia awoke with the heavy scent of the male werewolf that had her trapped in his powerful embrace. She sighed and shifted against him, feeling his body react to her even as he still slept.

She bit back her groan as she was blasted with the re-awakened moon fever, its intensity feeling more powerful than it ever had during the day of the full moon. She tensed slightly as Mike groaned and tightened his grip on her, his body felt as though it was on fire.

The contact with his flesh almost scorching her in its intensity, she moaned as she felt her body starting to heat up as her face flushed with aroused heat. Sunlight suddenly streamed into the room, and Mike grunted and nipped her neck as he awakened.

"Good morning, you sleep well?" asked Mike with a sleepy growl.

The sound of his voice sent shivers of pleasure up her spine. She squirmed around in his grasp until she faced him, making him groan.

"Very good," said Julia huskily, and he groaned as her tone aroused him further.

She surprised him by thrusting her tongue in his mouth and kissing him heatedly crushing her lips to his, then pushing him on his back and grinding her hips against him. She pinned him to the bed as she continued to grind against him.

The moon fever burned through his body as she teased him. He broke the kiss and growled in frustration as she continued to grind against him. He struggled against her, but was unable to budge her from her position.

She grinned saucily at him. "Having fun?"

He growled and continued to try to dislodge her, but she just chuckled and grazed her teeth against his exposed neck.

"You tease Julia," growled Mike breathily as he continued trying to get out from her grasp.

He gasped in pleasure as she lifted her hips and impaled herself on his throbbing hardness. She moaned in pleasure as she took him inside of her, the moon fever boiling through their veins.

Her hands slid away from his as she slid them around his back and grasped him tightly, slowly thrusting and grinding her pelvis against his.

"Fuck, Julia!" groaned Mike as he wrapped his arms around her back as she controlled her thrusting, sending him wild with need.

While she enjoyed torturing Mike with her steady thrusting, the fever rushing through her veins began hacking at her control. She crushed her mouth to his, taking him in a brutal kiss as she started speeding up the pace of her thrusts. Mike groaned and writhed under the intense pleasure and heat of being trapped under her body.

She felt so empowered as she thrusted against Mike's powerful body, his groaning while she plundered his mouth was exhilarating to her wolf. Mike wrapped his legs around hers and began thrusting up into her, the sensations driving them wild.

They broke their kiss panting heavily as they thrusted against each other, their sweat sliding across their heated forms.

Julia growled in pleasure as her release caught her by surprise, Mike groaned as he fought to keep control of his body as she clamped over him.

The raging moon fever not helping things, Julia unlocked her arms from behind his back and placed her hands on his sweat-drenched chest and began slamming against him.

Mike growled as she tortured him mercilessly, driving her hips against his. He grasped her hips and began thrusting up into her, grunting and panting with the exertion of keeping the fever under control. Julia shouted in pleasure as she neared her second orgasm, "Come on... let go Mike," panted Julia huskily.

Mike growled deeply as she thrust against him, and she yelled out her pleasure as her release washed over her. Mike howled in pleasure as well as his release ripped from him, Julia's tightly clamped walls milking him.

"Wow... now that was intense," panted Mike. Julia slid off him and laid next to him, panting deeply, the moon fever, which should have been easily sated, was still thrumming through her veins. Just the smell of Mike's body aroused her again.

"It certainly was. I think we will be in bed almost all day. I don't think the moon is going to let us get away," panted Julia as she slipped out of bed.

"Where are you going?" asked Mike still panting. "To the kitchen to get breakfast before I'm overcome with the urge to jump you again," said Julia sexily.

Mike groaned and lay back against the pillows while Julia went out and rummaged through his kitchen. After lying back and recovering for awhile, he smelled cooking meat and eggs, and had to strongly resist the urge to go out into the kitchen, the moon fever alive once again in his body.

He groaned as the torturous arousal plagued him, thinking that the moon fever, even on the day of the full moon had never been this bad before. Julia called out to him, "Breakfast is ready, Mike," so he slid out of the bed and walked out of the room, not bothering to dress, as not even his loose baggy sweatpants would be able to conceal his obvious arousal.

His blood boiled as Julia devoured his body with her eyes. He managed growl out, "We need to eat or we'll end up collapsing before the end of day."

"Yeah, I know," said Julia, licking her lips as she dragged her eyes away from his naked form.

They ate silently, watching each other hotly, the desire for each other burning fiercely in their bodies. After they finished eating, Mike got up from the table, Julia groaned and licked her lips at the sight of his obvious arousal.

He growled and stalked up the hallway towards the bedroom, forcing himself away from her so they could make it back to the bed. Julia followed him and found him walking into the bathroom.

"Shower time Julia," Mike growled huskily. He turned the water on as Julia slammed him against the wall and thrust her tongue down his throat.

He growled and broke her hold on him, forcing her against the wall and trapping her there. "It's my turn to control."

Julia shivered in anticipation, and he growled softly before slamming into her, making her cry out in pleasure as he thrust into her as fast as he could manage.

"You make my blood boil Julia, it's more than just the moon," he growled as he slammed into her.

Julia was made breathless by his movements, the shower running down his back as he continued to slam into her. Soon she cried out and dug her fingers into his back as her orgasm tore through her, her walls tightly clamping Mike.

The pleasure became almost unbearable as the sensations wrenched his orgasm from him, and he roared in pleasure as his body was wracked by the sensations.

After slipping from her he staggered to the other wall and panted out "That was even more amazing then the first time."

Catching her breath, Julia couldn't help but think there was definitely something different about this moon cycle. It had never been this intense before.

"It certainly was," panted Julia.

They showered, cleaning each other, and then collapsed onto the bed together.

When the sun was still high in the sky, Mike awoke next to Julia, the fever instantly beginning to rage through him. He observed her sleeping features, her long dark brown hair.

He moved forward and captured her lips in a soft kiss, and Julia awoke with Mike pressing his lips against hers as he gently looked into her blue eyes.

After breaking their soft kiss, Julia looked into his desire-darkened green eyes. She fisted a hand into his short black hair and pulled him to her, passionately kissing him and wrapping her legs around his, pulling him up against her body. They spent the remainder of the day in bed, trying their best to slate their burning lust.


As the sun set, the moon called to them, and they hurriedly put their clothes on.

"We'll take my car. I usually walk, but we won't last that long," breathed Mike as he struggled with the fever.

"Let's go then. The moon is burning so much hotter this time," breathed Julia as she fought the urge to rip off his clothes.

The whole trip there Julia tightly gripped the car seat to stop from touching Mike. She could see the strain evident on his face as his hands tightly grasped the steering wheel as they drove.


They climbed out of the car as the last of the daylight faded from the sky, the prickling heat of the moon beginning to take full power.

"Let's go. I've got a spot I usually hide my clothes," breathed Mike as he wiped the sweat from his brow, the struggle with the fever weakening his resolve.

Julia forced herself to watch his feet, as she didn't trust herself to not jump on him there and then out in the open.

"Here," said Mike as he pulled off his shirt and removed his pants. He put them inside a hollowed tree and waited for Julia to do the same.

She could see the tension in his body as he fought for control while she undressed and pushed her clothes into the tree.

He grinned at her and then fell to the ground as the moon forced his change, gasping as his transformation was especially painful this time.

Julia also gasped and shuddered in pain as it felt like her wolf was trying to scratch its way out of her, her body contorting and twisting until it had completed her transformation.

Mike barked at her and then dashed off into the forest.


After some time running around the forest and chasing each other, they came to a moonlight-bathed clearing.

Julia lay down in the center of the clearing and began changing back, and Mike trotted in as he began to change back as well. Once they were back in human form, the raging heat of the moon fever was back upon them.

"I want you Mike, so badly," said Julia.

"I want you too badly," growled Mike as the raging lust burned through him.

He pounced on her, pinning her to the soft grassy ground. Mike licked and bit her ear while her hands traveled down his body until she reached his achingly hard cock. She grasped him with both hands and stroked him roughly.

He gasped and growled in pleasure as she roughly stroked him. He pulled her hands away and grasped her hips, thrusting his tongue into her mouth at the same time he thrust inside her.

They groaned against each other as the pleasure of his entrance inflamed the moon fever further.

Mike began thrusting into her while she wrapped her legs around him, they broke the kiss panting as the heat from the moon fever continued to build as they thrust together. Soon they were groaning in pleasure uncontrollably as the moon's fiery touch continued to amplify.

Julia grasped his shoulders and pulled him under her as she rocked against him. Their bodies sliding together intimately, they moaned in pleasure as the fire boiled their blood. Mike grasped her waist, rolled her back under him, and began thrusting heavily into her.

She aggressively pulled him back under her, and soon they lost all rhythm as they began alternatively thrusting and rolling around over the smooth moist grass.

They cried out in pleasure as it began to be too much, the moon's touch searing them.

Julia grasped at his back desperately as she thrust onto him, and Mike grasped her back just as desperate as they grinded and thrusted against each other. They moaned weakly as waves of pleasure dragged them under, the immense pressure finally broke and they came, grasping each other and screaming their pleasure.

Their orgasms seared white-hot, blinding all their senses as they came back to their bodies. They lay limply next to each other, loosely embracing. Mike pressed a kiss to Julia's forehead as she pressed her head into the crook of his shoulder and closed her eyes.

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