tagGay MaleThe Chase Ch. 02

The Chase Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Old habits die hard.

Chase walked into my room as I still lied there, half asleep, "Hello? Griff?"

I open my eyes and see him standing there, "Don't you knock? And what are you doing here? It's probably like 8 in the morning!"

Chase walks towards the windows, opens the blinds and lets in the bright sun, "Griff. It's nearly 12, you need to get up!" He then sits next to me, "And as for knocking: isn't the whole reason you let that Housing worker suck you off is so that I won't have to knock."

I turn towards him, "Hey! He offered to give me a spare key after he sucked me off, total difference!"

Chase made a face, "Yeah, yeah. Enough about your conquests." He then turns to his side and picks up two food boxes.

He sets one on my lap as I sit up and state, "He comes bearing gifts! I take that back, you don't have to knock anymore, so long as you bring me breakfast every day."

He hands me a fork, "Shut up and eat your pancakes."

I then pull my blanket back, exposing my defined chest. I awkwardly turn to Chase who was busy stuffing his face, "Uhh, Chase. I'm kind of not wearing pants."

Chase turns to me and shakes his head, "Griff, I don't give a shit. Honestly dude, we've seen each other before. Besides, it's just me."

I laugh awkwardly, then sit up and try to get more comfortable, but that wasn't happening. On the outside, I tried to keep everything normal while my mind was going crazy. It was just hard keeping casual conversation as Chase sat next to me, so close with our legs right up against each other with nothing but a thin blanket in between. I kept my mind off the fact that I was almost naked and sitting extremely close to Chase as our conversation drifted off.

I tuned back in, missing the latter half of the conversation. Chase, seeing my confusion, repeated himself, "So is that a yes?"

I shake my head, "Sorry I kind of zoned out...What were we talking about?"

He rolls his eyes, "I was asking if you would cover for me at work today. I have a study group for my Chem class that I totally forgot about. Please? I'll cover for you next time!"

I smile, "Yeah yeah, I'll cover for you. And don't think I won't hit you up on that offer."

He replied, "Awesome. Thanks dude. Speaking of which, I have to meet them in half an hour, so I better get going."

I shake his hand, "Alright. Thanks for breakfast...I mean lunch, dude. See you later!"

About an hour later, I strolled through the coffee shop, put on that familiar green apron and timed in. There weren't many people there that day; typical to a Saturday afternoon.

Out from the back, our boss walks in and acknowledges me, "Afternoon Daniels. Didn't know that you were working today."

I start cleaning the counters as I reply, "Afternoon sir. I'm actually not supposed to be working today. Carmichael asked me to cover for him, some things came up."

He shook his head, "I swear you two switch off every so often you're starting to drive me crazy!" He laughed, "Nonetheless, you two are good workers."

I nodded, "Thanks sir! Appreciate it."

He grabbed his stuff and started to walk away, "No problem Daniels. I'll be in the office if you need anything."

The boss wasn't kidding when he said the day would be slow. I'd like to say that I was more productive, but I spent most of my time playing with my phone when not helping the few and far-between customers. I was three hours deep with about two left to go when the boss came up from the back.

He put his hand on my shoulder, "Slow day, huh Daniels?"

I nodded, "Yeah, we had barely any customers today to be honest."

He agreed, "Don't worry about it, slow days happen. I was thinking of just closing up early and let you take off."

I smiled, "Sounds great sir."

He put on his coat and instructed, "Yup. All you have to do is sweep up the floors, wipe up the counters and lock up on your way out...See you at your shift on Monday."

Just then, a guy walked in and up towards the counter. Not even looking up, I announced, "Alright dude. You're going to be my last customer, after that we're closed."

He muttered, "Awesome, thanks man."

Just then, I lifted my head up and got a good look at the guy. He looked straight at me with his dark green eyes as if he wanted something from me. He ran his hands through his silky wave of curly black hair, keeping his stare.

I gulped, "So, what can I get you?"

He met my eyes again, "I'll just take a large coffee, black." He then leaned in closer, as if telling me a secret. "Sorry if I seem to be staring, but I swear I've seen you before."

I replied, "Really? I can't imagine from where."

He snapped his fingers and his eyes widened, "Oh. You're Griffin, aren't you? I live right next to Eric and I swear I've seen you leave his room a couple times."

I tried not to look too embarrassed, "Yeah, Eric and I were in the same politics class so we'd get together and study all the time."

He laughed, "You really don't have to lie to me, I know exactly what you boys were doing. The walls may be thick but they're not soundproof.

I handed him his coffee and admitted, "You've caught me red handed."

He leaned in, "You know, if you ever want to come over and...study, I could use a partner."

I shook my head, "Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to say no."

He pulled out a pen and wrote his name and number on a napkin, "Well if you ever change your mind. Give me a call."

And as he walked off, I looked down on at the napkin and read it aloud, "Derek." I closed shop right as he left, unknowingly stuffed the napkin in my pocket and took off.

I was strolling through the hallway when I see Chase walk out of his room and walk towards me. I watched him as he walked towards me: strutting down the hall. His thin button up shirt flowed as he moved, showing his defined chest and skinny, dark blue jeans that tightly pressed against his legs. God, he looked good.

He leaned me into a warm hug and exclaimed, "Hey buddy. How was your shift? Thanks again for covering for me!" As I leaned in to hug him, I smelled the cologne on his clothes and held him a little too tight. He laughed, "Whoa there. Someone's glad to see me."

I let go, a little embarrassed and thought quickly, "I sure am. My little boy's finally growing up."

He nudged me, "Ha, whatever. I'm actually leaving to meet him right now, so wish me luck."

I smiled, "You don't need any luck, bro. You just go enjoy your date. I'll be seeing you tomorrow."

He replied and started to walk off, "Tomorrow!"

I stood in the hall for a while, processing everything. Part of me was jealous that he went; that there was even the possibility that some guy could ruin my chances with him. Then it hit me, Caleb had nothing to ruin because I had no chance with Chase. He was my best friend and that was all he'd ever be. He has no idea that I even like him and I'd be a fool to expect that we'd be a couple if I ever tell him. Hell, I was the one who even pushed him to go on this date. I couldn't tell if I was angry at myself for being jealous or angry for ruining my chances with the guy I have feelings for. I just knew that I was angry.

I pulled out the napkin from my pocket, dialed the number and heard a voice at the other end. I paused for a second, then spoke, "Derek, it's Griffin...Can I come over?"

20 minutes later, I found myself outside Derek's room and I stood by the door wondering if I was making the right decision. But as I felt my cock swell inside my jeans: an urge that wouldn't go away so easily, I knocked on the door and threw logic out the window.

Derek opened the door weaning nothing but a skimpy pair of tight-fitting boxers. He stood there for a minute, presenting himself to me: olive skin, washboard abs, long legs and all. He smiled, "I had a feeling you'd be calling me so soon."I walked in, ignoring the statement and stood in the middle of the room. He leaned into me, continuing, "I know you Griffin. Guys like you just want someone to scratch their itch." I could feel his hands cupping the bulge that rose in my pants. I let out a small quiver before pushing him back.

I looked at him, "Look. This is nothing more than sex...no strings attached"

He slid out of his boxers and his cock hung in front of me, growing as he touched me. He replied, "Fine by me."

I let out a sigh as he unzipped my jeans and traced his fingers around the outline of my dick. Derek had slowly pulled down my pants and boxers, and held my cock in his grip. As he finally locked his lips around my length, I pulled off my shirt and stood there naked as he sucked me. I leaned my head back, and stared off to the ceiling as I felt his mouth move up and down my cock. Something told me that Derek's done this a lot, and I didn't care. All I cared about was taking care of my 8 inches, and at that point, I could care less who'd be taking care of it. But as his mouth slipped on and off of my cock, I let out a small moan knowing that Derek was doing just fine. I had no intention of taking my time; I just wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible, leaving no room for emotions or thinking.

I pulled Derek's head off my cock and instructed, "Get on the bed." He smirked, then hopped on, lying on his back and telling me to come over. I walked closer, then commanded, "No. Get on your stomach. We're doing this doggie-style."

He winked at me and obliged, "Whatever you want." He handed me a bottle of lube and a condom as he turned over as stuck his ass in the air. I lubed up and dripped some on his ass, spreading it around with my fingers and slowly poking him. He let out a small laugh as I stuck my fingers inside him, circling his little hole and teasing it slightly. I felt him push up on me as I slipped out, making me even more eager to get my dick in there.

He finally joked, "Enough with the teasing, Griffin. I know you want this." And boy was he right. I wanted to sink my cock deep in his ass until I've had my fill. I wanted to fuck him. But as I slowly placed my cock towards his hole, I knew that I didn't want this at all. I really wanted to be with Chase, and maybe fucking Derek was me trying to distract myself from the fact that we'll never work out. And upon that realization; I made sense of the situation: Derek was just a physical representation of what I really wanted...who I really wanted. But as I plowed Derek's ass, pushing my dick as far as it could go, a cold feeling swept my mind. All of this was wrong. It was me running back to the way I used to be out of fear.

After about twenty-minutes of half-heartedly fucking Derek, I pulled out, and came all over his back. Derek had already finished himself off when I knelt there for a few seconds. I got off the bed in silence and slowly started to put on my clothes. Derek sat there at the edge of the bed, watching me and noticing my coldness.

I had just put on my shirt when I felt a tug, "Griffin, relax."

He turned away and admitted, "I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have come."

He assured, "You can here for a reason. And whatever that was; I don't care. You said it yourself, no strings attached."

I turned to him and gave him a half-hearted smile, then gathered the rest of my things and started to walk out.

Just before I shut the door, I heard him say, "You'll be back." And sure enough, I would be.

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