tagBDSMThe Chastity Trap Ch. 02

The Chastity Trap Ch. 02


Malcom rushed back through town to his house, all he wanted to do was get to his room and see what could be done about the chastity device trapping his cock. As soon as he opened the door however, Emma came rushing out of her room and looked down from the top of the stairs.

"Lott...Oh it's you." She said. She didn't even try to hide the disappointment and disgust in her voice.

"Err, morning. I take it you thought that was Lottie." He said.

Emma stood at the top of the stairs and nodded glumly.

"Sorry to disappoint. I'm going to put some coffee on, do you want anything?" He said.

"Um I'm going to hang around up here and watch TV, thanks though." She said. "Where the hell is she, I've texted her like a hundred times."

"I'm sure Lottie is fine, it's not the first time she stayed round someone's house you know. Are you sure about coffee. I can bring up a cup of tea or something else if you're still feeling unwell?" Malcom asked.

"Um, no that's fine really - I'm still a bit off, yes. Thanks though, it was a nice offer." She said and as quick as she appeared she disappeared into her room.

Malcom shrugged it off and headed quickly for the bathroom. Pulling down his trousers he looked down at the lace panties, he'd almost forgotten about them if he was honest. They were as comfortable as his normal boxers, if not more so.

Pulling them to one side his caged cock flopped out, the clear plastic prison encompassed his tiny penis and he almost chuckled at the sensation of grabbing his own penis with two fingers yet not feeling any contact.

The main ring was tight around his entire cock and balls, and the cage part completely covered his tiny cock apart from a small number of tiny round holes that must have been for ventilation. There was perhaps half an inch of space left at the end of the cage that his cock could expand into, he was not going to be touching himself until Nula let him that was clear.

On closer inspection he realised any hopes of getting the cage off without being noticed were not going to be possible, despite the flimsy appearance of the plastic it was actually pretty secure. He had hoped that he'd be able to sneakily take the device off and just put it back on at the end of the week when Nula called him.

Sure he could just cut the thing off, after all it was only plastic but the thought of Nula wanting this on him seemed to linger in the back of his mind. She wanted him locked up, she WANTED him full stop. Surely that was worth some compromise on his part, after all Malcom knew how he felt about her, the lights dimmed and the rest of the world fell away when she spoke.

Even this brief inspection was turning him on, the thought of not be able to touch himself at all was arousing and he watched as his cock expanded in its new prison. Soon he moaned in discomfort as the cage once again restricted his erection, he could only hope Nula would take it off next time he saw her as he really didn't want this thing on any longer than he had to.

Malcom figured it was best to just get on with his day and try to forget about his situation and was soon busy frying some bacon and eggs for his lunch, to go with the coffee brewing in the pot. Just as he sat down with his brunch the front door opened and in came a bedraggled looking Lottie.

She flopped onto the sofa smiling, still in the scandalous dress from the night before. Malcom sighed looking at her, she was still incredibly sexy even in this state and his cock twitched in response.


Lottie's eyes sprung open at the offer and she nodded vigorously. "That would be awesome, I'm shattered! Can you plug my phone in as well, it died last night at the club."

"I don't want to know what happened to you do I." Malcom said as he grabbed her phone from her hand bag.

He disappeared into the kitchen to fetch Lottie a cup of coffee. By the time he came back into the lounge however Lottie had moved, she was now sat at the table ravenously tucking into Malcom's sandwich.

"Oh, that was mine but oh well. I can make myself another." He mumbled handing over the coffee.

"Thanks babe, I am so hungry!" She said not even picking up the disappointment in Malcom's voice. "I have simply had the best sex night of my life Mally, I mean I have been fucked all night long. I'm going to be walking funny for a week!"

"Oh, I take it you and that man Tyrone got on then." Malcom said. "Or was it Jay?"

Lottie shook her head at Malcom as she tried to quickly swallow another bite, a wide grin spreading across her face. "They were no mere men Mally, they were GODS. I mean you should have seen them naked, physically perfect in every way and their cocks were HUGE!"

"What do you mean they, you didn't..." Malcom stopped seeing Lottie's look of sheer delight as she finished off her sandwich, she was almost glowing despite the fact she was clearly exhausted.

His cock was now straining against the confines of the cage and he didn't like where this was going, Lottie had always been open in sharing her sexual experiences, she liked to really rub it in to Malcom when she had a good time.

"It started in the car Mally, the three of us leftand before I'd had a chance to say anything Ty was in the back of this SUV kissing me as Jay drove us to Ty's place, I melted right there in his arms as he squeezed my breasts and groped me all over. It was no namby pamby groping either, the man wanted me and I knew it - he was sucking on my nipples, grabbing my crotch and everything by the time the car stopped. As I got out the car Jay then took his turn, and before I knew it I was in this flat god knows where."

Lottie was clearly getting turned on talking about it, she reached up and grabbed her breasts as if re-enacting the scene from the car, closing her eyes a she licked her lips and moaned. Malcom stifled his own groan, his cock was now painfully trying its hardest to become erect in the cage so he quickly sat down in his chair to avoid ottie spotting the growning bulge in his trousers. Lottie's cheeks flushed as she continued the tale of her night.

"Once in the flat they put on some music and grabbed some drinks, I started doing a dance for them both which seemed to get things going, in fact it turned into a really erotic dance, i love doing that! I could see they both enjoyed it, they were rubbing their cocks through their trousers, and I simply had to have them both. I took Ty's out first and gasped Mally, it was an absolute monster. Even semi erect it must have been 10 inches long and it was thick."

She used one hand to grab her other wrist, as if emphasising its thickness in reference.

"I could barely get a third of it in my mouth to start with and then I stopped caring as Jay reached over and started fingering my pussy. I can't even remember thinking back when I lost my g string, but its most definitely gone - probably on the dance floor at the club!"

Malcom shifted in his chair, this was downright painful now but he didn't dare reach down and try to adjust the plastic prison. Lottie however noticed him shifting nervously in his chair and grinned.

"Is my little sex story getting you hard Mally, does my little Sissy like hearing about me getting with real men?" She mocked. "I guess given your man hood all you can do is hear about it, you'll never be able to do it will you!

"Anyway, youl'll love what happened next if that turned you on, pervert! I worked on Ty for a while but then Jay wanted a go so I switched. He also had a beautiful cock, slightly thinner than Ty's but actually that meant I could take more in my mouth. He loved it when I deep throated him, said he's never met a girl that could do it so naturally before so he spent an age fucking my face. Ty was now working on my pussy and I shit you not Mally, when that god pushed his cock into me for the first time I practically came there and then."

Malcom was lost in pain and pleasure, he barely registered Lottie's hand on his leg as she continued her story.

"I made Jay cum in my mouth first, but real men get it up quickly Mally so that was no issue. Before long Ty was pulling out of my cunt and cumming over my back, then they swapped places. And that was that for next few hours, I sucked and fucked until I couldn't focus. I lost count of the number of times I orgasmed, it felt like a hundred." She sighed as her hand slipped further up his leg.

"You know I've told you that I've never had anal before," she said smiling. Malcom nodded, lost in the moment.

"Well I can't say that anymore. Jay gave me little choice, before I knew it he was slipping his cock into my virgin ass. By the end of the night I was being fucked in my pussy by Ty, and in my arse by Jay. It was simply amazing Mally, I was their fuck doll. It was rough, passionate sex that I wouldn't expect you to understand Mally, not with your clitty..."

Her hand reached his cock making Malcom's eyes snap open. Lottie looked down confused, rather than gripping his tiny boner she was instead gripping something solid, something strange.

"What the..." she started but just then Emma appeared round the corner.

Lottie turned round and smiled at her. "You have to come here Emma, Mally has some kinky..."

Lottie started but Emma clearly had something to say that wasn't going to wait.

"Where the hell have you been, I've been worried sick! I texted you like a hundred times last night, left you voice messages and all that. You just ignored them!" She yelled.

"My phone..." Lottie started, she was totally blown away by Emma's initial barrage.

"I don't want to hear it Lottie, Its clear you just don't get it. I thought you and me... Oh what does it matter. I'm going out, don't worry about where I am or bother calling, you're good that that!" she yelled and before either could react Emma had grabbed her bag and had rushed out the house in tears.

Lottie jumped up and rushed after Emma, but a few moments later Lottie trudged back into the house alone.

"What the hell was that all about?" She said utterly stunned.

"Don't ask me!" Malcom said hoping this distraction would make Lottie forget what she had just felt. In the time she was out the house he'd stood up and adjusted the painful predicament in his trousers best he could. "I only work here!"

Malcom grabbed the empty plate and began to move towards the kitchen when Lottie stopped him.

"Just where do you think you are going? Think I'd forget what just happened that easily did you?" Lottie said smiling at him.

He turned round and looked at her pleadingly.

"Please Lottie, just forget about it? It's just some silly thing between Nula and I." He stopped himself, he realized he was just handing Lottie more and more ammunition to use against him.

"You and Nula hey?" She said walking over to him and taking the plate out of his hand. She put it back on the table before reaching down once again and grabbing his crotch.

"What the hell is it?" She asked. "Show me, pull down your trousers Mally."

"Please Lottie." He started but she shook her head.

"I want to see it, you can either pull down your trousers or I will, we both know I'll get to see it one way or another. "She said sternly.

Malcom sighed, she was right he knew there was no way he was getting out of this mess. He slowly un buckled his trousers and pulled them down, completely forgetting the underwear of Nula's he was wearing. They were so comfortable it had completely slipped his mind.

Lottie burst out laughing at the sight. "Are those fucking lacy panties you're wearing Mally!" She shouted in astonishment.

Malcom blushed a deep red as he remembered, but couldn't manage an answer, he just wanted the ground to swallow him whole. The humiliation only fuelled his arousal though and his trapped cock strained further against its cage. There was a small damp spot at the front of the panties where pre cum and dripped from the cage.

"You really are a fucking sissy aren't you, I wish I'd thought of making you wear panties!" She mocked. "Now ditch the lace and show me whatever that is on your clitty."

Malcom pulled down the panties showing Lottie the caged cock. She wasted no time in getting up close, inspecting the device thoroughly.

"What is it?" She said fascinated.

"It's a chastity device apparently, Nula put it on this morning. It's apparently so I don't go playing with myself." he trailed off.

Lottie hadn't stopped laughing from seeing the panties, and this revelation didn't help things.

"And you can't get hard in this, not that your little clitty gets that big anyway." She mocked.

Malcom just about shook his head.

"It's pretty painful being honest." He said.

Lottie reached up and gently fondled his balls making him groan, Lottie could see his cock twitch on the cage in its futile attempts to grow.

"I love this woman already, you're her bitch Mally!" Lottie chuckled before stopping her attentions of his balls and looking up at him.

"Wait a minute, you said this morning. Am I not the only dirty stop out here?" She mused standing up.

Malcom managed a little grin to which Lottie slapped his arm.

"Get out of here!" She said in shock. "Well I'd love to talk about it but I really ought to get some rest, I have a date tonight."

"You're meeting Ty again?" Malcom said surprised.

Saturday night was usually the stay in night when Lottie and Emma would sit around watching crap TV and gossiping about anything and everything. "Normally you and Emma.."

"I don't think Emma is up for TV time tonight, no idea what's wrong with her!" Lottie interrupted. "Besides, Ty practically begged me to do him a favour and take someone out for him as he's busy, a close friend or something that is in town for the night. As part of his work he often takes clients out to butter them up, he just wants me to do the same thing tonight. I'm getting paid as well by the guy, £150!"

"What sort of work does this man do?" Malcom said suspiciously. "What does he expect you to do for £150?"

"Aww, is poor little Mally jealous of me getting work so easily!" she mocked. "I don't know what exactly sort of work, security I think. I didn't ask to be honest, makes no difference to me."

"So you are just meeting so strange guy for what, dinner and drinks?" Malcom really didn't like the sound of this at all.

"You are such a stick in the mud Mally, yes I'm meeting him for dinner and drinks that's all. His name is Steven Mathews, 42 years old and he's married. I just have to tell him how wonderful Ty's company is and then show him a good time. Ty has vouched for him, so I doubt he'll set me up with an axe murderer or something. After last night I know for sure he wants to get me in bed again anyway so he's trying to keep me sweet I think!"

Lottie walked off and headed up to her room leaving Malcom alone in the kitchen doorway, wondering just what Lottie was getting herself into working for Ty.


Malcom spent the afternoon busing himself around the house. He soon figured out that the less time he spent dwelling on the past 24 hours events, the less aroused he became and therefore the more comfortable he was. He tried not to think about the cage locked around his cock, or the feel of the smooth panties as he moved around the kitchen and longue cleaning anything he could find.

From time to time however he drifted off into a day dream, imagining himself again staring at the perfect behind of his Mistress, her perfect little arse hole right in front of his face almost begging to be worshiped. He groaned in pain as the cage gripped his cock snapping him from his trance.

It was later in the afternoon before Lottie finally emerged from her room. Malcom had made himself a nice pasta dish and he guarded it carefully as she came down stairs in her towel, fresh from the shower.

"Wow, looks nice down here. You don't need to worry about your dinner either, I'm not going to eat it!" she said. "I'm going out remember?"

"Oh yeah, on your date." he said, unable to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

"Careful panty boy, I'd suggest less lip or your Mistress will be getting a text from me telling her you've been naughty." she said grinning at him. "I bet she'd love any excuse to cane that little arse again, I hear you cried like a baby!"

Malcom looked at her shocked. "H-h-how did you know?" he gasped closed to tears and utterly humiliated.

"Girls talk Mally, girls talk!" she laughed. "Get me a glass of wine sissy, oh and unless you want me to send that text you'll clean my room tonight. I expect the full works, vacuuming, dusting, changed bed sheets and all my dirty laundry taken care of."

Malcom looked at her aghast, Lottie's room was always the worst of the three of them, it was like it had a life of its own. He went to say something but then saw the look on Lottie's face.

"Y-yes Lottie, I'll do it." he said looking down at the floor in shame.

Lottie laughed walking off. "That, my pathetic little sissy, was never in doubt."

It was just after Seven o'clock when Lottie came back downstairs, Malcom looked at her in awe as she emerged into the lounge. Once again she was stunning, only unlike last night she had ditched the total slut look and instead looked absolutely divine in a sparking black strapless cocktail dress. Her golden hair tumbled down one side of her shoulders in waves and the deep red lipstick countered her light skin perfectly.

"Wow," was all Malcom could say.

Lottie chuckled as she gave him a turn. "I scrub up good don't I. Party girl one night, glamour model the next!"

"A lot of effort for a stranger," Malcom said.

"Is that jealously I hear Mally?" Lottie said picking up her small black handbag and placing her phone in it. "I'd promise you a treat when I get home, I still owe you that tit-wank from last night, but there's little chance of that now is there."

"Nice, you were a civilized woman for what, a dozen words then? Your date is so lucky!" Malcom said sarcastically.

Lottie threw him a look, but before she could retort she was distracted by a hoot from out the front of the house.

"That's my ride, Ty is picking me up to give me a final briefing on the guy I'm meeting. I do hope dinner is fast, despite last night I'm uber horny already!"

"Y-you're going to sleep with him?" Malcom said shocked.

"Probably not, but I'm hoping Ty picks me up after dinner to find out how things went." Lottie shrugged cheekily and walked towards the door. "Remember, my room isn't going to clean itself Sissy and I expect it done when I get home tonight. Have fun!"

With that parting comment she had disappeared out the door without a second glance. Ty was parked out the front in his black SUV again and Lottie opened the door and got in, leaning over the plant a kiss on Ty's cheek

"You know you really didn't have to pick me up, I can call a cab you know." she chuckled.

"And miss seeing you dressed up girl, hell no. If it wasn't for the fact you need to be at the place in ten minutes I'd be parking up and doing all sorts of nasty things to you!" he chuckled.

Lottie slapped him playfully on the arm. "Stop it, you'll get a girl all worked up before a date with a strange man, I'll be texting you by the end of the night for a booty call at this rate!"

"Yeah, about that. You see Steve is a really important person to me, to my business. We have been working on an agreement for weeks now that is worth a whole lot of money to the company so I was really hoping you'd show him a good time tonight " Ty said.

He seemed to be carefully picking his words.

"Yeah sure, I mean I'm happy to socialize with anyone if they are buying. Where am I meeting him?" Lottie asked.

"Kensington Grill, you know the one attached to the Grand Street hotel. You been?" Ty said.

"No shit, really?" Lottie said surprised. "No I've not been, it's like the most expensive place in the city, not to mention the fact you need to be a superstar to get a booking anything less than 6 months in advance!"

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