tagErotic CouplingsThe Chatroom Relationship

The Chatroom Relationship

byDana Gallagher©


To the men reading this story, this was written by a female so if you wish to avoid all the annoying thoughts and feelings and just get straight to the sex, please forward to the end of this story. And to the women reading this story, if you would like to hear a bit of romance or at least a plot before reading about fucking his brains out, then please start at the top. Names changed to protect the innocent or the guilty if you prefer, and dramatic license profusely expressed in this story, which means it's mostly fiction.

Women Begin Here:

There she was Melanie sitting in the airport waiting room. She was waiting for Will's plane to get here; she couldn't believe he was actually coming to meet her. She had a long wait ahead of her, his plane wasn't due for another 30 minutes or so, and that was if there were no delays.

Melanie was usually late to most things, except the stuff she really had to be on time for, but she didn't not want to be late for Will's arrival. They were meeting for the first time, even though they'd known each other for what was it six months now, she really couldn't be sure how long they'd known each other it wasn't something you keep track of, they were just friends anyway.

Melanie decided she need a smoke so she went down to the smokers room in the airport, she was actually surprised they still had one here, most smoke holes were becoming a thing of the past. The smoker's room was like any other, brown and dingy with an ancient air cleaner bussing overhead. Even though the room looked like a cancer patients nightmare, she had it all to herself, a place to think and get her thoughts together before Will arrived.

Melanie started thinking about the way her and Will met, well if you can call it meeting, maybe more like cyber meeting. One night she was up late, like most nights, and she was contemplating about doing the dishes, but she thought first I'll check my emails see if anything interesting is on it, she wasn't expecting much from her emails, just something to do to postpone doing the dishes.

After her divorce she had gone over all her Internet profiles hooked with her email address and changed them from 24 years, married with three children, to 24 almost 25 divorced with three children. Yeah, that would just drawl the guys in, mostly any action she'd gotten from changing her profiles was these dorks sending her emails that mainly went "Boing, Your hot" or something else just as stupid, most of those types of emails she sent back a response asking if this level of intelligence was a family trait or was it a birth defect? Usually they didn't respond after that, she just didn't have time for stupid people, she'd spent years with a stupid man, and she wasn't going to rope herself in another one.

She didn't consider herself a genus, in the least, she had messed up her last year of high school, and had gotten out of there minus one credit, all that work and all she got to do was cross the graduation stage, no diploma saying this is what you were working for. She messed up mostly because she thought she was in love, and maybe she was, the entire marriage wasn't all bad, there were a lot of good parts to it, she spent a lot of the senior year skipping class to go see her future ex-husband.

She was married the February before graduation, mostly eloped (which meant her friends knew about it, but her parents did not). She couldn't blame the ex-husband for her mistakes. She was the one that skipped school, she was the one that said yes to marry him at the age of 18, and she was the one that got pregnant right after graduation.

Instead of going to summer school to get her diploma, and kept getting pregnant again and again. She couldn't blame her ex for those things, but she could blame him for a few other things that went wrong in their marriage. Don't get me wrong, Melanie loved her kids, she just regretted she couldn't do more for them, give them the life they should have had in the first place, instead of depending on their father that worked paycheck to paycheck at bad jobs after bad jobs, and then spent what ever money they had on crap no one needed. Anyways, that's over now, she's moving on, but sometimes it helps to stay pissed at least a little.

Okay about Will, she was checking her email and she got this advertisement with the subject line "someone has a crush on you", yeah right she thought, but opened it anyways. It was an online dating service, boasting the fact that you could use your web cam on their site. It really wasn't that appealing to Melanie, but she decided what the hell lets give it a try, it's better than doing the dishes.

She clicks on the site, where she's asked to become a member, but luckily they don't ask you for any money. She puts in her profile, 24 divorced, three kids. What am I looking for in a man? That's a question for thought, well she thinks I'd like a guy that doesn't hear that I'm divorced with three children, and think 'Easy Lay.' Melanie thought okay I'd like someone to talk to, someone at least with IQ points higher than his shoe size. Just a friend or could be something more, maybe someone that's been through a divorce themselves. Well, she entered in most of this information, into her profile, and click she was a member.

She starts looking around the site, still postponing the dishes. She finds they have a chat room, well it couldn't hurt, and if they try to get all cybersex on me I'll leave. She doesn't own a web cam, but she joins in anyways, she can't remember who all was on there in the beginning, she just remembers two men.

The first guy she talks to is a Texan, well she's an okie so she doesn't mind, his user name was "blink", he's 36 well that's no big deal her ex was 30 so what's another six years, plus he seems nice enough. Soon she discovers he's as drunk as a skunk, chatting on the computer (intelligence level drops a notch or two), plus he probably won't even remember chatting with her in the morning.

Well, soon a guy with the user name "mole" joins the conversation. He seems nice himself, but she was still talking to "blink", well soon "blink" succumbs to his drunkenness, and has to leave the conversation (probably passed out on the keyboard). Melanie starts talking to "mole" a little more, she finds out he's from Missouri, far, but not so far that he couldn't come for a visit, and not so close that'll come knocking on her door the very next day.

The Website they were chatting was running very slow, so they decided to get off of it and talk by instant messenger instead. "Mole" tells her is name is Will, she wonders if the "mole" user name is because he can go down low, and grins at that thought. Will asks her to send him a picture; she sends him one, of when she was 18, before children.

She explains that it is an old picture, and she doesn't quite look like that anymore, since three children and three c-sections do their damage, he understands, he's divorced himself with two children. Melanie then sends him a more recent picture, there's not many since she's usually the one behind the camera, but he doesn't scream off in horror, and still tells her that he thinks she's pretty. Which is a definite plus. They talk until the morning; Melanie's parents wake up to get ready for work, and find her busily chatting on the computer.

Her father doesn't know what the deal is, and when she explains to him, she met someone online, he gives her this fatherly look that says, people on the internet are bad news. That's what he thinks anyways, since that's all you hear are the bad stories someone met someone on the internet they meet in person, and one goes off and steals the other ones credit cards and runs up large bills.

Well, in Melanie's opinion, the person that let their credit cards be stolen was an idiot in the first place. She announces to her father, that meeting someone online, is better than hang out at bars, dance clubs, or picking up some stupid stock-boy at the grocery store. She's living with her parents until she can get back on her feet, which she hopes is sooner rather than later, since they are driving her crazy.

Will and Melanie talk a little longer, until Will succumbs to his tiredness. Melanie doesn't want fall asleep, she's afraid Will, will wake up and get online and she'll miss him. She busies herself the rest of the day, and he does come back online later on, they chat some more. Will wants to chat through most of the night but Melanie has to remind him, he got some sleep, but she didn't so she has to go to bed.

For the rest of the week Melanie and Will chat online everyday. Melanie's father wonders what he does for a living that, he has the time to chat to her every afternoon, during the workweek. Melanie thinks that her father is just jealous, because she's started to get her ass out of bed each day before noon, just to talk to "some guy", when he couldn't get her to get out of bed. Well, since then was it six months ago, maybe, it feels like it's only been a few weeks, they've talked almost everyday. Some days they only have time to say hello and goodbye to each other and other days they stay up all night chatting.

What Melanie knows about Will, is that one he's a good guy, and takes good care of his kids. She knows that he works as a mechanic and makes a good living (a man that can fix cars, that's really a rarity, most men pretend to be "car guys", but really the only thing they know is what car they would look the coolest in). The reason he could chat with her in the afternoons on that first week was because he was staying at home recovering from a back injury.

After a few days of chatting with Will, Melanie decides to finally look at his profile, she's a little scared cause she figures there has to be something wrong with him, since he likes her, but she tells herself you like this man and he likes you so no matter what he looks like you going to keep chatting with him. Well, she finds out, that he's almost 28, (did she already know that, don't remember), and he's divorced already knew that, and then she sees his picture.

OH MY GOD! He's cute, actually very cute or handsome if you prefer. The only problem is, well it's not actually a problem is that he looks a little like her ex-husband. Well shit be honest they could be brothers. Well, it's not that much of a problem she never had problems with her ex's looks just his attitude. Well a hundred of other things too (but let's not write a freaking novel here), Will's attitude is defiantly better. He has a least a hundred good attributes as well.

Later on Melanie and Will chatted and they turned on their web cams (Melanie ran out and bought one), and he doesn't look that much like her ex actually he looks better, especially when he smiles. In Will's defense the picture he put on his profile did look a little pissed off, and since that's the way she was used to seeing her ex, you can see where she made the connection.

Melanie likes to think of the way they met, cause it just seems like those romance stories on the talk shows, but of course those usually end with a happily ever after. Will this end that way, get real she tells herself what are we supposed to do come together like the freaking Brady Bunch, nope doubt that, plus we're missing one kid and a housekeeper.

Anyways, this isn't a serious thing, we haven't made any promises to each other, don't know what will happen after they meet. Still he lives in Missouri and she lives in Oklahoma. For now she's just going to follow his lead, and not get herself caught up in all that female emotional shit.

Since Melanie cyber met Will, she's been attempting to get herself on her feet, Will helped a little with that, at least that's one good thing to come of this relationship, he got her out of the depression she was in, and she actually started fixing her hair and putting on makeup. Also, since then Melanie has gotten her diploma (though Will can't take credit for that, she did that when she heard her ex was trying to get his GED), but she also enrolled and went to school.

She's still in school right now, learning computers inside and out, and she started a student work program. Also, mostly because she got pissed at her parents and wanted the hell out of there she went and got herself a part-time job. Well, she got herself the hell out of there, it was tight, but she did it, and mostly it had a lot to do with the fact that she was a part of a lot of state aid programs, but you do what you have to do.

Fifteen minutes to go, and she'll meet Will, she thinks as she lights her second cigarette. She wonders how she'll react when they met, should she run up and give him a hug, a kiss with or without a little tongue, or will they just kind of wave at each other and walk out to her car (Have you gotten the idea that Melanie just plain thinks too much?).

Will is down here for two weeks, they arranged it so that each of their ex's would have their kids for that time, not that they don't want to meet each others' kids, they just need some time to get to know each other on a one on one basis, or maybe a one on top of the other. Melanie has a two week break from school. Her teacher told everyone to rest and relax, so they would come back refreshed for more learning, well does getting laid count, she thinks.

Melanie knows that she will probably fuck Will, (fuck that's not a nice word, make love to, nope too mushy, screw maybe better, have sex with defiantly). Melanie sort of told Will that she would fuck him, but he doesn't know it, she's been trying to teach herself Irish Gaelic for no other reason than it's interesting.

Well, one night she sent him the message "Ba mhaith liom craiceann a bhualadh leat" which translated meant I'd like a bit of skin to skin with you, if you'd rather put an American spin on it, she basically told him she wished she could fuck him. Although, when Will asked what that message meant she chickened out and told him it was just a farewell.

Melanie isn't a cold fish; she just hasn't been laid since she left her ex-husband. Melanie has a normal to strong sexual desire, but she doesn't want to go out fucking various men. Will is the best prospect to come along (prospect? Are we digging for gold?). I mean if you're horny and Melanie is, isn't it better to screw someone who is good and nice and you could actually see a relationship with, (if it comes to that, remember no female emotional shit). Than to pick up some dork that only sees you as a hole to put his little wee wee into (Am I right or am I right).

Not going out a fucking anything with a pecker between his legs was easier before she cyber met Will. When there's no one around you can't have thoughts about and without thoughts, it doesn't stimulate bodily responses. Not that Melanie and Will sit around and just talk about, sex it just that Melanie has an overactive (dirty) imagination. Since she cyber met Will, her imagination has been working overtime. But, it's nothing she can't handle herself; she learned to satisfy herself when she was just thirteen, about four years before she became a "non-virgin".

Will had been kind of goofing about her coming out to Missouri to see him, and that might have been better, even offered to pay for a plane ticket (was it really goofing, not for sure). But, that wouldn't have been wise, since she figured her parents would go ape-shit, if she hopped on a plane out to Missouri to meet a guy she met on the Internet.

Even though Melanie is living on her own now, her parents were still involved (over-involved) with her life. She thought it would be better if they met him first, before any hopping to Missouri occurs. Melanie has told her little sister (that sometimes doesn't act so little) about Will. She kind of gets quiet every time she mentions him, like she thinks it's stupid or something. She doesn't care what her sister thinks, she lives in Georgia, and Melanie is in Oklahoma, so it don't matter what she thinks.

When Will told her of his plans to come out and see her, at first she was a little scared, but now she just excited in more ways than one. When it comes to sex Melanie hasn't been a very aggressive person, she's more like the you come to me type she wonders if it will be different with Will. She could be aggressive if she wanted to.

There's something else that's been worrying Melanie, she hasn't had sex with anyone except her ex in years. She has a certain ability that she doesn't know how to tell Will or if she should tell him at all. See Melanie can cum, I don't mean have an orgasm, (she can do that too), but really cum. She actually has fluid come out when she has a really good orgasm, it's really not that weird. Most girls can do it if they let themselves, but most don't.

But, this is what she's worried about, it doesn't always happen and hardly if ever during actual sex. Mostly it happens during hand stimulation, either by herself or someone else. Her ex takes the credit for discovering this feat, but she had actually known herself for quite some time.

It happened one night while masturbating. She'd always felt that she could go further with her orgasms, to the next level so to speak. And one night she did, all over the clean sheets. She knows that there are porn videos and magazines that portray women with this feature. Does Will know about it, will he think she's weird? Hell who knows maybe his ex could do, it.

One of the reasons, that this worries her so much is because she'd heard of a guy that was with a girl that had this same ability. She didn't tell him and he went down on her and he said she almost drowned him. True or not I don't know, maybe just guys talking crap. Also, she's afraid that she'll tell him about this ability and it won't happen, and he'll feel disappointed or something. She doesn't know what to think.

Men Can Begin Here:

"Flight 507 has landed and is now de-boarding" the loud speakers exclaimed.

Oh shit thought Melanie, that's his flight, oh my god and I haven't even had time to prepare. Melanie quickly put out her fourth cigarette in the last 30 minutes, and ran to the door of the smoker's room. Melanie was wearing a pretty flowered dress that was low cut in front, and the skirt had curved hem that showed just enough of her long legs. She was also wearing high heels, which she didn't usually, she hoped she wouldn't fall on her face when she walked up to him.

She ran down the hallway, to the waiting room for his plane. Just as she walked up, she saw Will coming out of the doorway. Oh man he looked good, he was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but he was so fine. He saw her, they locked eyes and he smiled, oh he looked so good when he smiled. They both walked toward each other and kind of met in the middle.

"Wow, you look good, how are you doing?" said Will

That's when she did it all worrying aside, all inhibitions aside. She just reached up grabbed the back of his neck pulled his head toward hers and kissed him full on the lips tongue and all. She explored the entirety of his mouth with her tongue, and he explored hers with his. She ended the kiss by softly biting his lip.

Will was standing there a little stunned, he seemed at a loss for words, even after all the words they'd exchanged over the Internet. He looks her up and down taking her in fully, and then finally he retrieves his voice.

"Ahh, I guess that means, you're doing pretty good." Will stammers.

"I am now," says Melanie with a grin.

"Well, I guess it's good to finally met you, and you do look good especially in person."

"You look pretty good yourself, is that all your luggage, or do we need to go get the rest?"

" No, this is it, is your car parked close?"

"Not, really follow me I'll show you the way."

They walk out of the airport together, Will grabs Melanie's hand with his free one. They walk out to her car put his luggage in the trunk and get inside.

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