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The Cheating Wife


It was Thursday and it was a day which Stacey would never forget. It was 8.45am Stacey had cooked and cleaned up the breakfast. Before kissing and waving goodbye to her husband Neil as he set of to work. He was hoping that he would sell some cars because Stacey was no longer working as a teacher this put massive pressure on him to bring home a good pay. Combine that with the fact they have two kids. This meant they had very little time to spend together. Stacey then called her kids to the car before dropping them off at school.

On the way back home she heard a worrying sound coming from her car's engine this was then followed by a cloud of black smoke. But amazingly she made it back in one piece. She had to get the car fixed ASAP. She had already made plans to go shopping with her best friend plus she had to pick up the kids from school. As soon as she got through the door she picked up the phone and quickly dialled for the local mechanic Mike. She pleaded with Mike to come out and fix her car but know man could resist the gentle loving sound of her voice.

Mike laughed roughly and replied, "Anything for a lady in distress.......I'll be there in five minutes."

Mike arrived exact 30 minutes later. As he approached her house he could see that she was standing next to her car. As mike pulled up in her driveway he could not believe what he saw. A beautiful women with a small petite figure with brown hair pined back in a ponytail. Bright blue eyes and the most amazing curves he had ever seen. She was wearing a red blouse and black skirt which was tightly wrapped to her figure showing off her fantastic curves. Underneath her skirt she was sporting some silk black stockings complete with red spiked high heels.

As she explained what happened on her way home, Mike took a look at the car but not before he watched Stacey walk inside. He could not focus his eyes on anything other than her sexy ass which she worked to perfection. As time past Mike explained to Stacey that this could take at least 1 more hour to complete. Stacy being the good wife she is invited Mike inside for a drink of water as he looked as though he had being working extremely hard. He was covered in sweat and greased up with oil. She sat down in the living room on her sofa with her legs crossed, Mike sat opposite. He could not take is eyes of her, she tried to talk to him but his answers were sort and sweet as he just wanted to focus on her. Mike could only imagine what it would be like to fuck her. These thoughts became intense he knew he had to do something and so he started to flirt. First off he told her how sexy she looked, Stacey was flattered and slightly turned on. It had been a long time since she had been complemented about her looks. She had never felt so turned on since she first met her husband the feeling was overwhelming.

Mike moved over to the sofa to be closer. She knew exactly what he wanted, she could sense it but Stacey had never thought about fucking another man. Never in her 15 years of marriage. Mike persisted with the flirting now becoming more dirty with what he said. Stacey did nothing, she enjoyed what she was hearing although she did not show these feelings. As the sexual tensions increased between them Mike placed his hand on her leg and began moving it up her skirt to the top of her thigh. He loved the feel of silk stockings rubbing against his hand. His erection began to grow.

Mike then whispered in her ear, "I want to fuck you doggy style over the sofa."

As much as she enjoyed the flirting this was a step to far. Stacey looked at him in shock, stood up and reluctantly told him to leave.

He then said in a calm manner, "If that is your wish I will."

She looked deep into his eyes, she could feel the warm powering feeling inside become to much to hold back.

She shouted, "PLEASE STAY.........TAKE ME!"

She needed a good fuck something which her husband could not give her. After all Mike was a well built rough looking man its what she needed.

Mike had the biggest smile across his face, he stood up pulling her close and held her tightly. She could feel his erection up against her as they began kissing as their tongues battled for supremacy. The passion was evident, she moved her hands around to grab his ass and in turn he then grabbed her both her cheeks and squeezed hard. As the relentless kissing continued he then lifted her skirted to reveal a red lace thong and suspenders holding up her stockings. He quickly moved to her blouse ripping it from her chest to show off her beautiful breasts which were only covered by her red lace bra which was removed in a matter of seconds. Now her beautiful, humble breasts were all his. He then filled his mouth with as much of her breast as could, then beginning to suck. Stacey then moved to unbutton his overalls and to her delight she saw his hairy chest which she began to caress. Running her hands through masses of chest hair. Mike then removed the rest of his clothing to show off his fully erect cock, it was ready to probe her tight married pussy. She asked gently if he had any condoms.

He quickly replied, "NO!"

She then said, "Ok but you can't cum inside me."

He didn't seem as though he cared about what she said he just wanted to fuck her silly.

Mike ordered Stacey to her knees and demanded a blow job she was only to happy to comply. She looked up at him with a cheeky grin then began sucking his cock, her lips coated with red lip stick were tightly pressed around his thick cock. Moving slowly but sucking with such force he thought he was going to explode. All the time maintaining eye contact. Mike began to let out gentle moans as her lips tightened like a vice around his cock. He couldn't hold back any more he placed his hands around her head and begun to thrust deep into her mouth at a steady pace. He continued this for a short time before moving into top gear, fucking her face hard and fast.

Mikes cock was solid, he was ready to rip apart her tight married pussy. Mike picked up Stacey and was going to fuck her standing up. Mike lifted Stacey up, she wrapped her legs around his waist placing her arms around his neck. Mike then whipped his huge throbbing cock into place, moving her thong to one side and slowly penetrated her once faithful pussy.

Stacey let out a loud scream of pleasure, "Yes, Yes give it to me."

Her pussy was so wet, Mike had never before experienced this sort of tightness in any pussy he had fucked before. Mike began to thrust slowly but hard into her warm moist pussy. She looked straight into his eyes it was like she was asking to be fucked harder. Mike then upped the pace, thrust after thrust he ventured deeper into her pussy. The sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the room combined with the loud moans of Stacey. Mike was fucking at full speed pounding Stacey hard and deep. Stacey tightened her legs around his waist encouraging him to fuck harder. She also moved her arms around his back before placing her head over his shoulder. She held on tight as mike continued to destroy her pussy.

She screamed, "Yes Yes Yes!"

Mike slowed down and began to kiss her once more. He then placed her on the sofa, lifting her legs over his shoulders. His cock now wet and twitching eager to re-enter her pussy. His hands held her thighs as he pulled himself into her, she guided his cock back in. Stacey looked up at a real man, he was so strong and rough she loved it. He was pounding her pussy hard and with every thrust his cock now gliding in and out effortlessly. He was fucking her so hard that her high heels worked there way of her feet. The force in which he was fucking her was truly amazing. Stacey felt like she was in heaven letting out moans of joy and pleasure. Her pussy was soaking wet meaning Mike was able to fuck her harder and harder as her screams of pleasure filled the room.

Mike knew with the immense pressure his cock was subject to that he would explode soon. He told Stacey to bend over the arm of the sofa so he could punish her for been a bad girl. She quickly moved into position, pressing her legs tightly together and bending over the sofa. Mike entered her by prodding his cock gently into her pussy. He then grabbed hold of her hips which he held tight allowing him to thrust hard and fast. The pure force sent ripples across her beautiful peach like ass. Mike continued to fuck her knowing he was close to filling her with his red hot cum. As he continued to penetrated her he spanked her and told her how she has been a bad girl. He was now so close to shooting his load and Stacey knew it.

She moaned, "Mike give me your cum please cum in me.....I'm such a bad girl."

Mike grabbed her long brown hair pulling out her ponytail with one of his hands and maintained is other on her hip, he was ready to blow is load.

Suddenly there was knock at the front door.

"Hello.........Stacey are you there!" yelled Lisa.

It was her best friend they had planed to go out shopping.

Stacey whispered, "Stop Mike she might hear us."

He stopped and held firm, sweat began running down his hairy chest. Tension now filled the room. Lisa knew Stacey was home as the car was in the drive plus she saw Mikes tools. Mikes cock was on the verge of exploding, luckily for them Lisa left.

Stacey again whispered, "Fuck that was close."

In know time at all Mike was slamming himself against her he was going to cum. His cock was thrusting in and out of her soaking wet pussy again.

Mike shouted, "FUCK BABE!"

He unleashed his cum in Stacey, her warm moist pussy now filled with an on rushing wave of cum. She backed up into his arms he held her closely with both hands squeezing her tits whilst he continued to fill her pussy with his love juice.

Stacey whimpered, "Your so good mike."

Mike put on his overalls and winked at Stacey before heading outside to finish fixing her car. Stacey also began to get dressed the air in the living room was filled with the fresh smell of sex. She headed out side despite her hair clearly needing to be put back in place and her blouse still open. She began gazing across at Mike as she walked over to him she slipped something in his pocket. She then kissed him and headed back inside. He looked straight in his pocket and pulled out her red lace thong he laughed in delight before getting back to work.

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