tagMatureThe Checkup

The Checkup


My wife Lee and I are members of an HMO. Part of the program is a simple physical exam every two to three years.

Lee mentioned she had scheduled us, since it was now at six years since the last one. I really didn't mind, it just seemed a waste of time to me, but Lee insisted, especially since I am now coming up on 60.

I had almost forgotten it, since we have to make the appointment around 3 months ahead of time. The place seems busy all the time.

But the day finally arrived, and off we went. There was the usual 40 to 50 people sitting in the waiting room, my mind was thinking of being somewhere else, to be honest.

It must have showed that I was a bit crabby, because when the nurse called our names, she looked at me and said, "I am going to switch the rooms, I will put you with Dr. Nelson and your wife with Dr. Hanson."

"Sure," I said, wondering what difference that could make.

I had no more than sat down on the edge of the exam table, and just before the nurse shut the door I saw a man in a Hospital gown walk by and go into Lee's room. I was suddenly grateful, the guy was at least 6'4" and a good 250 pounds! Part of the exam, I knew, was a finger up the rear end! The last thing I was looking forward to, and this guy had fingers the size of cucumbers.

Then it hit me, poor Lee! I started to giggle at the thought, then the door opened again and here stood this tiny little old lady. I looked her up and down, she was at least my age, and likely had a good dozen or so on me! The top of her head came to just about the middle of my chest, she couldn't weigh more than 80 pounds.

"Well, I can handle this!" I thought as she smiled sweetly and introduced herself as Dr. Nelson. I glanced at her nametag, it read "Veni". She caught my glance, and said, "Venora is my first name, everyone calls me Veni!"

We shook hands, which I found odd, her hand fit completely into my palm. Then she asked me a pile of questions, all the usual. I answered in the affirmative when she asked about prostate, I do have a small slow stream problem, nothing that a little Saw Palmetto every day can't keep in check.

Then she asked me to undress completely, so I started to slip off my clothes. I hesitated at my pants, she made no move to leave the room, and I looked around and there was no gown.

"Oh, well!" I thought. I am not particularly bashful, and besides, this lady looked old enough to be my mother. So down went my pants and my briefs and there I stood naked except for my socks.

She smiled, looked me up and down and said, "Socks too!"

I sat down and started to strip my socks off and realized I had the beginnings of a boner coming on. That made me blush a bit, after all, getting a boner at a 60 something little old lady doctor wasn't in the plan.

"Looks like some things are working well!, she said, looking directly at my half hard penis. That made it worse, I felt myself pop up a bit more. "Sorry," I muttered, completely embarrassed now.

"Relax", she said, and started poking and probing around my chest. I was still standing, she had to step close to me and reach up to put the stethescope to my neck. I felt her clothes brush up against my still hardening member, and the thought that if it grew any more it would hit her in the chin popped into my mind.

I let out a small chuckle at the thought, Veni smiled sweetly at me, then she reached down and lifted my scrotum. "Cough!" she said. I did, then she had me sit on the table.

She sat on a little roller stool, pulled up close and carefully felt and inspected each testicle. I was now at full mast, no place to hide, all I could do was sit there and let her do her thing. She was taking her sweet time about it, too!

Then she reached up and grasped me, her fingers barely reached around my shaft, and she rolled back my foreskin. She took her time about that, too, inspecting me carefully. "Well formed, and you seem to erect normally!" she said matter of factly.

I just muttered "uhh..yea" as she sat there with my erection in her hand for what seemed like forever. Then running her tiny hand over the top of my penis, she stroked all the way to the base and back!

That didn't seem exactly like a normal examination to me, but I said nothing.

"Now I need you to get on the table on your knees, then lean forward and place your chest on the table." she said.

I complied with a groan, knowing what was coming. Veni pulled on a latex glove, it hit me then that she had had no glove on when she was basically fondling my dick. I was just pondering that thought when I felt her index finger probe me lightly, then press into my rectum. Her finger was so small that it was almost effortless. She did the usual poke and probe around my prostate gland, then I felt her withdraw and push into me again!

Her finger went in and out, slowly, back and forth, my head started to swim, this was a completely new sensation to me. My knees were about a foot apart on the table, my bare penis and testicles were hanging down, I was hard as a rock and getting harder!

I could only lay there, I started to count the strokes, giving up when I got to 30, this lady was basically fingerfucking my asshole. It hit me that I was going to orgasm if she kept it up, and she showed no signs of stopping!

Finally I said, "Doctor, I am going to...."

She said, "Just relax, I am milking your prostate!"

"Well, no kidding!" I thought, as she just continued on and on. I was getting close, the sensations were pouring over me, when I heard her say in a husky voice, "May I help you with that?"

I didn't answer, I couldn't, but she just reached around with her free hand and began stroking my erection. That did it in seconds, I exploded in a huge orgasm. She kept pushing in and out as she milked my penis, finally I began to soften and she withdrew.

I saw her reach for a tissue out of the corner of my eye, she wiped me up and had me sit on the edge of the table.

I looked at her, noting the flush in her face, she had obviously enjoyed that. It hit me that this was one hot little old lady!

She had me dress, leaving the room as she did. When she came back in, she made some notations in the chart. She told me that she had found my prostate to be slightly enlarged, and ordered weekly treatments for at least two months.

I told her I had no idea at all where to go for those, she told me to come and see her at her office, and booked me for every Wednesday morning for 60 days.

The nurse came in and got me, and as she was leading me out to the waiting room she smiled at me and asked, "How was that?" I grinned and said, "Looks like I'll survive!" She just laughed, I knew that she knew.

I was sitting in the waiting room, still pondering all of this, when Lee came out. One glance at her flushed face and I knew she had had an experience, too!

Just then, Veni came out to the counter, so I walked up to her and handed her my card. "Professional Massage Therapy" it reads. She looked at it, gave me a huge smile, and I told her, "First one is on me!"

Lee and I walked out to the car, she leaned to me and said, "I have a story to tell you!"

I smiled at her and said, "I got one, too!"

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