tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Cheerleader Competition

The Cheerleader Competition


One of the major events of the school year—at least to the people involved—in the New Jersey town where I worked as an English teacher was the annual cheerleader competition, which was held at the Civic Center in the state capital of Trenton. It was a two-day event, over a weekend, so the students and their parents and chaperons would have to stay overnight.

Rooms were booked at the Marriott, and they were for: 12 cheerleaders, four to a room, two teacher chaperons, and two parent chaperons. Any other parents who wanted to go had to arrange for their own rooms.

Like most of the other teachers, I would do anything to get out of it since I had no personal involvement with cheerleading. But chaperons were assigned on a rotating basis, and this year it was my turn, as well as that of the geography teacher, Paul Martin. We were expected to share a room. And the fact that I was single and lived alone made me more vulnerable to being called; I had no excuse to get out of it.

The opening ceremonies and the lunch took place in the middle of the day at the hotel, after which we all had the afternoon off until the evening competition, which began at 7. Some went out sightseeing, but there are not many sights to see in Trenton, so Paul and I decided to stay in the room, I with a good book, and Fred planning to watch a football game involving his old university, Rutgers.

We were so occupied when around 3 p.m. there was a knock at the door. Still in my white hotel terrycloth robe from the shower, I went over and opened it. Standing outside in a similar white terrycloth robe and barefoot was Katie Dawson, 18, captain of the cheerleading squad. With blond hair and a cute perky face, she not only was the prettiest cheerleader of the squad; she also was the most beautiful young lady in the school.

"Can I ask you a favor?" she asked.


"I need to take a shower, and there are now FIVE girls in our room, all wanting to hog the bathroom. Could I possibly use your shower?"

I turned. "Paul! Can Katie Dawson use our shower? Her room is crowded."

"I guess so.'

I waved her in and returned to the bed and my book. She went into the bathroom.

About twenty minutes later, she emerged. She looked squeaky clean, and her hair was all wet. She was toweling off her hair. "Can I stay here until my hair dries?" she asked.

"Can Katie stay here until her hair dries?" I called to Paul.



"I'm going to go out on the balcony," she said, carrying her hairbrush. "It will dry faster there.' She opened the sliding glass door and walked out to the small balcony. Paul was watching the TV, and I was about to look at my book. But it came as no surprise to me when she turned to face me, leaned back against the railing, untied the belt of her robe, and let the robe fall open. I looked with admiration and a smile on my face at the cute little blond tuft at the bottom of her belly and the pink lips below it. And I guess I have to confess at this point that Katie and I had been "friends" for most of her senior year. It had started one day after the rehearsal of "Romeo and Juliet", which I was directing and in which she was the star. I had thought the dressing room was empty. But it was not. She was there, and she was naked. I found out later that she had planned the whole thing.

I put the book down on the bed and walked out on the balcony.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"Drying my hair," she said with a smile.

"Which hair?"


"Looks to me like you're flashing the neighborhood."

"You're the only one who can see me."

I looked around to make sure Paul could not see us, then I pressed my body against her naked form and kissed her.

"I want to do it," she said.


"I don't know. You tell me. There's a bed in there and a naked girl here. There must be some way we can do it."

"Paul wants to watch a Rutgers football game on TV, and it's just starting. I can't very well ask him to leave."

"Then think of something." "....Would you be willing to do it with him in the room?"

"I would be willing to do it with our minister in the room. I REALLY want to."

"Okay, come on back in and follow my lead. You're an actress. Let's see you play this part."

"Okay." She closed her robe and followed me back in. I got back on the bed while she walked to the other side of the room and started brushing her hair.

"I have a question for you, Paul," I said.

He turned around from the TV. "What?"

"Of the twelve girls, who do you think is the most beautiful cheerleader?"

He smiled. "Katie Dawson, no question about it."

"Do you have a blank tape for your video camera?"


"Could you put it in, while I do an interview with Katie? They may be able to use it on the local channel."

"Okay. The game hasn't started yet anyway." He loaded the camera and trained it on her.

"Katie," I asked, "Are you a real blonde?"

"Yes," she murmured.

"Would you like to prove it to us?"

"Okay, but I've never done anything like this before." She unfastened the tie of her robe, let it fall open, then let it slide off her shoulders to the floor. She crossed her hands in front of her pubic area.

"Jesus Christ," Paul said.

"Keep shooting," I said. "Katie, we can't really tell with your hands there. Can you put them on the top of your head?"

She did so, offering us one of the most beautiful sights that we had ever seen.

"Holy shit," Paul muttered. But he kept shooting.

I turned to him. "As you may have guessed by now, Paul, Katie and I have been 'friends' for some time. She came over to our room here expressly for the purpose of having sex with me, and it would be a shame to deny her that. If you would agree to keep this just between us, we would agree to have you here—and even let you watch if you wish."

"I could watch a football game any time," Paul said. "I don't think I'll see anything like this again."

"Good, then we're in agreement—and I'll want the tape when you're finished shooting."

"No problem."

"Katie, come over here and show Paul what it is you would really like to do."

Naked, she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"What would you like to do first?" I asked.

"Perform oral sex," she said softly.

"Is there another way to express that?"

"....I would like to suck your cock."

"Then do so."

She unfastened the tie of my robe and opened it. Then she leaned over, took my growing cock in her hand and began to lick it. She had specialized the technique of performing slow and excruciating blowjobs. "Make sure you're in focus," I said to Paul.

"No problem." He also looked like something was growing in his pants.

"The door to the balcony is open," I noted. "None of our people are in the wing opposite, but someone could be watching us through their curtain. Do you want me to close the drape?" I asked her.

"No. We already have one audience. More won't matter."

She took my cock back in her mouth and began to suck on it in earnest. It did not take long for her to have me as hard as I could be. "Now what do you want to do?" I asked.

"You could do the same thing to me."

"Come here," I suggested.

She straddled me with her naked body, then scooted up so her little muffin was right above my mouth. There was noting I liked more than a juicy muffin, so I began to lick her as she slowly lowered herself to me. Then I stuck my tongue inside of her. She drew in her breath sharply.

"Jesus...," Paul muttered.

I felt she was going to come in my mouth if I kept it up, so I took out my tongue. "Now what would you like to do?" I asked.

"I would like you to fuck me,' she whispered.

"Paul, have you ever seen a beautiful cheerleader get fucked before?"


"But you would like to."

"I sure would."

"Do it," I said to her. "Put it in." As she backed up along my body, I noticed a fluttering of the white curtain in the window across from us. "Someone is watching," I said.

"Good. I hope they enjoy the show." She took my rigid cock and slowly impaled herself on it. When she was all the way to the bottom, she stayed there for a moment with her eyes closed. Then she slowly started going up and down on it.

"I think I'm going to have a heart attack," Paul said.

"Come in for a close up."

He did so. I slid my finger along the wet edge of her pussy. "And have a taste." I held up my finger, and he licked it.

"Oh God."

"Peaches, right?"


With one final thrust, I came inside of her, and I felt that she came as well. Simultaneous orgasm was one of the things she had perfected during her senior year.

Unfortunately, our school did not win the cheerleader elimination, but a week later, I got a call from her.

"Hi! It's me," she said. "If I bring the popcorn, I wondered if I could come over and watch a movie at your house on Friday night?" she asked. "You know the one I would like."

"I would love it if you would come," I said.

She laughed. "Oh, you know in advance I'm going to cum."

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