tagBDSMThe Cheerleader Spanking

The Cheerleader Spanking


Coach Thomson was proud of his squad as he watched them perform on stage. He thought, without that little bit of help, we would never had made it to nationals. Smiling, the coach thought back to that week at the beginning of the term.....

Three Months Earlier...

"Coach, do you have a minute?"

Coach Thomson looked up from his desk, and saw Emily, the senior captain on the cheerleading squad standing in his door, looking nervous.

"Of course I do, Emily. Come in and sit down."

Coach Thomson was always proud of the senior girls. But Emily looked sad.

"Coach, I am not going to be able to be on the squad this year. My grades were poor, and my parents don't want me to loose any hope of getting a scholarship to state." Emily was sad at having to tell the coach this. She really wanted to be on the squad, but usually her parents wanted her to do something else.

"Emily, you know state offers scholarships in cheerleading, don't you?" Coach Thomson didn't want to loose any of the girls. The squad was almost all seniors, and one junior. The JV squad was coming up, but it was the senior's turn to be at nationals. Coach had devised a whole new training routine, and everything.

"Yes Coach, I know they do, but my parents want an academic scholarship."

"I see. Perhaps if I called them, and explained that the squad has an excellent chance of making it to nationals, they might reconsider."

"You can try; coach, but I don't know what good it will be."

"Emily, before I call them, are you willing to do extra work and studying? I wouldn't want your grades to suffer if they do allow you to remain on the squad."

"Of course, Coach. Anything! I really want to be on the squad this year."

"Ok, Emily. Let me make some calls. Come see me after classes today. In the meantime, go get your uniform for the year, and don't forget, since it is the start of the year, you need to wear it to class."

"Yes, coach. I'll see you after class."

Coach Thomson spent the better part of the morning talking to some friends at the state university, then talking to some of Emily's teachers. The problem seemed to be a lack of motivation to get her work done. The teachers said she has the smarts and the potential, just not the discipline. Coach Thomson then called Emily's parents, and listened to their reasoning, and finally he put them in touch with the state university's cheerleading coach. In the end, Emily was allowed to be on the squad, provided she maintained a B in every class. Coach Thomson was thrilled. When Emily's parent's said that they would like to come in and talk to the coach in person, Coach Thomson invited them to his office the following day.

That afternoon in the coach's office.

"Emily, I have some good news. Your parent's have decided to allow you to remain on the squad. However, both the state cheerleading coach and your parents have decided that you need to maintain a B in every class. Do this, and you can remain on the squad. Your teachers have agreed to keep me informed of your grades, and your parents are coming to meet me tomorrow. You and I will probably need to talk once your parents are done, but if you want to come and listen, you may. Do you understand and agree?"

Emily smiled brightly "yes, coach. Thank you."

Coach Thomson smiled as Emily turned and left his office, her uniform skirt swishing as she walked down the hall. This was going to be a good year, if he played his cards right.

The next Day.

Coach Thomson greeted Emily's mother and father, and Emily, and invited them in to sit down. Emily's parents were skeptical at best, but after Coach Thomson explained his idea to Emily's parents, they reluctantly agreed that if Emily was willing to put forth the effort, both in class and on the squad, then she should be given the chance. Then Coach Thomson dropped the penalty system he had devised. Their eyes were mixed. Emily was red in the face, while her mom was shocked. Emily's dad, however, had a nod of approval on his face.

"Emily, since you want this, I will leave it up to you." Her father always let her make decisions like this. While her mother was shaking her head in disbelief, Emily considered it.

"Ok, coach. If you think this will help, I am willing to go with it."

"In that case, Emily, I would like you and your parents to sign this form." Coach Thomson slid the permission form over the desk. Watching, Emily and her parent's signed the form. Things were definitely looking good.

2 Weeks later.....

"Emily, come to my office after practice. We need to talk." Coach Thomson knew that Emily was starting to let her grades slip a little. Her math teacher had come to the coach, and told him that Emily was loosing her focus. Well, the coach knew how to help with that.

Emily colored a little, then nodded her consent, and returned to her tumbling practice. Her skirt flipped up in back, showing off her blue panties, and then tumbled back in place.

Emily walked up to the coach's office, still in her uniform. She knocked on the door, and then entered.

"You wanted to see me, coach?"

"Yes, Emily. Your math teacher came by, and let me know your math performance was starting to slip. Is there anything I can do for you to help in math, like finding a tutor?"

"No thanks, coach. It was just I had thought the equations meant one thing, when they were actually for something else. I guess it was just a brain fart or something."

"Emily, part of you being on the squad is to do your best. I know of a few good math professors and students at the college. I am sure any of them would be able to help you if you need the help."

"Well, ok, coach. If you think it is needed, I could go and talk to one of them."

"Good, Emily. But, since your math teacher told me, instead of asking for help, you know what that means don't you?"

Emily knew. She had signed the form, after all. "Yes coach, I do know. And I am ready."

"Then follow me, Emily." Coach Thomson got up from his desk, and led Emily to a supply room behind his office. As he pushed the door open, Emily saw for the first time, the old school spanking machine.

The machine looked really old, but Emily could see where Coach Thomson had been able to make some repairs and improvements. Where the original had been a hand operated unit, Coach Thomson had installed an electronic control consol and motor. Emily also saw that the padding to lie over had been redone, and there were now leather restraints instead of the ropes.

"Very well, Emily. Since this is your first trip into the machine, let me point out some of the improvements. First off, since you are over 18, you can remove your cheer panties, and bend over the rail."

Emily reluctantly did son, and continued to listen as coach Thomson secured her into the machine.

"Emily, in your left hand, is a buzzer control switch. If you press the button, a buzzer will sound in my office, and I can come in and check on you. However, if you do make me come in before time is up without a good reason, then you will be removed from the squad. Also, there is a computer control center. Since this is your first time, and this is only a warning, I will set the setting low. However, if there is no improvement, the settings will be increased. If there still isn't any improvement, you are off the squad. So, if you are ready, I will begin the machine."

Emily clenched her bottom in anticipation, then a brush of air.


"Well, Emily, the machine seems to be working. For your first punishment, this is level 1 for 20 minutes. Let's see how you do." Coach Thomson engaged the leather paddle, and then stood back.





Emily wiggled as best she could, but she was feeling the impacts. She didn't think it was bad at first, but it had only been a few seconds. Coach Thomson smiled, watching Emily's cute butt giggle after the impacts. After a minute, he turned, and left the room.






The machine was relentless. There was no stopping, no pleading, just the hum of the motor, and the impact of the paddle. Emily continued to feel the blows, her bottom beginning to tingle.






20 minutes later the machine clicked off, the paddle stopped, and Coach Thomson was in the room, helping to remove Emily from the machine.

"Well, Emily, are you going to try harder in your classes?"

"Yes coach, I am. Do you have the number of one of the college tutors you were mentioning earlier? I really could use some help in math, and probably could use some help in looking over my English composition."

"Of course I do, Emily. Here is the main university number. I would recommend talking to the cheerleading coach, since she knows the girls on the squad who could probably help you the most. I hope you don't have to come back here again, Emily."

Coach Thomson smiled. He was sure he would be seeing Emily on the machine again, or else hearing from the state coach about Emily. Smiling, he turned to the other cheerleader sitting in his office.

"So, Sarah, what can I help you with?" Yes, it was good to be the coach.

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