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The Chemical Pt. 01


To all my readers this Novel contains 8 parts. It is my original piece reworked numerous times. This is the first time it is published. This story goes from the believable to the bizarre. From the serious to comical.

Thanks to Literotica for all their help and a special thanks to anonymous for his/her critic. I have sent emails out for volunteer editors and so far no response for any help. For me as a novice writer every time I go to edit I want to branch off my story and could go chapters in another direction. Hopefully an appeal here will get me some much needed help.

Happy holidays to all and enjoy the story.



Our story starts of in a very rural setting and a small community with a total population of about five thousand. The plants front was that it was a women's make up plant for skin creams lipstick and mascaras and other anti aging products like you see on TV. The plant actually had this part of the company and employed most of the town's people. All development never used animals it was all done through blood samples at a molecular level as needed.

Underground many feet down was a whole different story. The main industry of this facility was a top secret plant. This plant was working on a way to send astronauts on long missions. Due to the sensitivity the scientists were ferried in and out by train they would get on it in a city warehouse over a hundred miles away.

The car, it had no windows looked like a freight car. Inside was very posh. The car was hooked to a train and dropped at a siding where a smaller engine would pick up the car and take it to a warehouse on the plant and they would disembark and go down an elevator to the plant no cell phone or internet they did have a science internet of sorts but that only connected to research papers of other people in the fields.

The good part of this lab is they were working on a micro level they knew in order for this travel the body could not age the organs had to function on a bare minimum. Because of this level no test animals were needed they used human blood cells and plasma and most of that came from the red cross once it expired as being useful to them.

On all there failed experiments the fluid was pumped into a tank where it was allowed to settle and as it turned to solids. Lime was added and other purification chemicals and the solids were buried in the field miles from anywhere and it was deemed as pure soil by the scientist.

Over time like in a lot of things this waste material was pumped to the upper plant and the town workers thought it was waste products from the beauty products and were not caring about proper disposal they were just taking it and bury it.

Needless to say the rains came along and mixed with these chemicals. It ended up in the manmade lake which was the town water supply the plant added the chlorine to purify the water however because of the genetically engineered chemicals chlorine turned out to be the catalyst that activated what the secret plant was trying to do.

At first some of the town people fell asleep and were treated as coma patents but within a week half the town was asleep the corporation put a blackout on the community and basically sealed of the town within two weeks the town was in a coma they were taking to the facility and it took almost a year to find out what caused it and another year to figure out all the chemicals from the experiments Finally after three years they figured out that the chlorine was the activator once that was found it was now a matter of waking them their bodies were feed on IV for the last three years and that is what was keeping them asleep. It took another year to figure out how to stop them from going back into a coma what had to be added to flush their system turns out to be good old fashion sunlight. So four and one half years later the town was woke back up.

Everyone had to sign a non-discloser and was paid by the government through the corporation. It took almost 6 months before everyone was back to normal. Muscle atrophy was a huge hurtles especially in the elderly.

The corporation jumped leap years ahead with their research and was close to having the answers to send men into deep space.

The town people were of all ages and were kept alive by intervenes. Their body functions were slowed to basically one month per year. Needless to say all their normal bodily functions were also slowed almost no existent by our standards. Their muscles were kept active by electric shock.

These are just a few of the things that were done however that is not where our story lies.

Our story is now about to begin. It was not about the corporation but it had to be told in order to understand this impossible tale.

Everybody is almost five years older and their bodies are at the same development they were the day they fell asleep. To the older people this did not affect them other that the sixty year old were now able to retire because legally they were sixty five years old. The younger generation they lost their teen years. They were now legal age a fourteen year old is now legally nineteen. They can get a drivers license, go to bars, get married go to work and any other thing a legal age person can do.

The Government had a trust fund of sorts set up of two hundred and fifty thousand for anyone under the age now of eighteen that they would receive on their twenty fifth birthday on the following condition:

1.They stay in this town.

2.Say nothing of their age outside the town which was also in their non-discloser agreement.

3.Continue their education at least to grade twelve.

4.College or university would be paid by the government as a bonus.

At age twenty five a younger looking person is not uncommon so they were free to do as they wish and the government could pass off any claims they tried to make.

The big thing that the government did as this was such a national secret they were all told that if anyone or group divulged this secret they would be no trial they would be sent to a third world country with no passport and the records of their birth and all other records were destroyed they would be a person that did not exist nor could they ever return to this country.

The secret must have been kept because to this day no one has ever heard of such a thing happening.

It was common place now to find the police at the school. There were a lot of students being charged for assault, verbal assault, theft under five thousand, destruction of property and defamation of character. For kids under eighteen this would have been settled by the school and the parents but now the courts were involved.

The bullies of the school were soon becoming the criminals with restraining orders and community service work taking up there afterschool and weekends. There was not much of sport teams left between the new found powers, of the nerds and geeks having the stronger students charged. The courts were lenient under the circumstances but the students could not get by without a criminal record.

These younger students could work and go to bars life was quite different in our small town. Employers of the town soon learned, they had no choice but to hire these young people or find their company in court, facing equal rights hearings.

The bullies soon retaliated with a vengeance they would catch the geeks and nerd alone beat them up and they would back each other up as to be nowhere near where the alleged offence took place.

Finally, things settled out to the new normal. We still had bullies and the store owners would find legitimist reasons for letting most of the young students to not work. A lot of the new eighteen and nineteen year olds, didn't have the math skills or personal skills to deal with the older generations. These younger generations have not yet learned the concept of the customer being right, which caused intolerable friction between employees and the customer.


Boy's Cum Addictive

Our story begins in a rural country setting Melvin was Thirteen years old almost 14. Melvin was a skinny 5 foot 6 inch weighed 103 pounds boy even working on the small farm with chickens and a few cows he had no muscle mass to speak of He had a 13 year old brother Bobby who was taller heavier and picked on Melvin relentlessly.

Melvin had a fifteen year old sister name Sue. She was an absolute fox. She was 5 foot 7 inches double d breast golden hair down to her ass with a 26 inch waist. Sue was into martial arts which kept her body in fantastic shape plus well toned.

Her voice sounded like the angels themselves were speaking. With her voice she could tell you the sun was out at midnight and you would believe it.

Sue was naturally one of the most sought after girls in school. In her mind she had no issues with her youngest brother, Bobby, as he was built strong and acted as such. Melvin however was a horse of a different color. He was short, thin and was a geek. Although he was smart in school that played out to his disadvantage and Sue wanted nothing to do with him, other than to use him to do her chores or be her punching bag when home practicing, her martial art skills.

Our mother, Dora Davis, was small build as he was but had a great personality and tried to stop Melvin's abuse from Bobby and Sue. She was a beauty herself it was not hard to tell where Sue got her angelic voice and beauty from. Dora looked like Sue's older sister.

Melvin's father, Mike Davis, was a big strapping man 220 pound 6 foot 3 inches. He favored Bobby and Sue as they could take care of themselves and were more into sports while Melvin was into chemistry and a very high IQ unlike his brother and sister. This again made him unpopular at school and picked on there as well. Needless to say Melvin quickly became introverted and kept to himself. This was the time before it was around this time the Davis family went to sleep. Five years later they awoke and after some therapy to get their legs and muscles working properly within six months they returned to their homes almost as if it had never happened.

Although five years had passed Bobby was now 18 Melvin 19 and Sue was 20 years old they were still. Everything resumed as it was before the sleep. We went back to school grade eight through twelve was in the same school. Bobby and Sue still picked on Melvin like nothing had happened. Melvin could not bring himself to charge his brother and sister. He just wanted to be left alone to finish his education and get on with his life.

Melvin had a spot cleared out in the attic of the old wagon shed converted years ago to the chicken coop. This was his sanctuary from the world. No one came up there he loved chemistry and any spare money he got from tutoring people and mowing lawns he spent on chemicals for his lab. Of course as a teenager he was interested in girls and so jerking off was one of his favorite pastimes.

Soon he started study his seaman, he would jerk off and study his eighteen year old seaman and see the difference in the medical library from the university in town. Under the microscope to see how more could be made He became obsessed with it spent his free time at school in library very soon he was far ahead of the medical profession was able to conceive possibilities that were beyond scalars in the field.

[The next thing he remembered was waking up in a hospital. This was all explained in the start so we can now continue on with the story.]

Melvin was now almost 19 years old. They started back to school like nothing happened and it really didn't Melvin was still picked on by school mates and Bobby and Sue.

Bobby, now eighteen still in grade eight used to hang with the grade ten students who were now twenty years old. They would tease Bobby about his brother saying, "He should be in a mini dress looks like a fag, bet he sucks a good cock." Bobby to feel big said, "Yea he is a good cock sucker." They teased him not believing him which made him angry. After school Bobby went to Sue's room and dug out a mini skirt and a belt and turned on his laptop set it up in Sue's room.

When Sue came home Bobby said he was going to dress the fag up and make Melvin suck my cock. Sue was game she really didn't like the smart little prick, always getting better marks in school and teachers say, "why don't you study more like your brother?"

When Melvin got back from the Library they grabbed him took him up to Sue's room and Bobby had him almost choked out and said, "You're going to dress in this miniskirt then ask to suck my cock."

Melvin shook his head no when Sue gave him a hand shot under the ribs taking the rest of his breath away and said, "You will do what he says or I am going to kick your balls.

Melvin shook his head yes and Bobby let go and through the skirt at him, "strip fag."

Melvin had no choice he stripped and wiggled into the mini skirt. Sue said, "put this bra on" and she helped fasten the bra on him.

"Bobby said, "Sue she needs lipstick."

"You are right Bobby this nice red lipstick will make his lips look fuller like a cocksuckers lips should be." Sue puts lipstick on Melvin. Bobby said, "there you go Melody now beg to suck my cock.

Sue stood at the ready to kick him Melvin knew he had no choice and he started "Please Bobby let me suck your cock."

"What are you a fag Melody?"

"Yes Bobby please let me suck your cock."

"Go ahead fag suck my cock," Bobby took out his 4 inch cock and Melvin put it in his mouth as Bobby fucked his face.

Sue laughed while her Melvin sucked her brother.

"What a fag you are brother bet you like sucking cock I will line up some guys for you to pleasure now that I know you enjoy it so much," said Sue.

Bobby could not last and cum just a drop mainly clear fluid.

Sue said, "That's great fag now walk around the room show of that cute ass."

Melvin had no choice.

Bobby said, "From now on when you come home you will where this dress and beg to suck me off every day." Melvin nodded as he didn't have a choice.

Sue said, "I will have a pair of high heels for you to wear tomorrow so you can walk out in public."

"We will have to get the fag a wig," Bobby said,

"Go do your chores Fag and leave the dress on," said Sue. She also said "That when Mom and Dad came home you tell them that you were over eighteen and you want to wear girls clothes or you will wish you were not born."

Melvin did his chores then went to the chicken coop to pick up where he left off he thought, "One day he would get the upper hand."

Melvin decided he wanted a larger cock as his was only five inches not realizing he was only eighteen in a five year younger body and his cock would grow to a good seven inches over the next few years.

Next he wanted more semen so his organism would last longer.

Over the next few days he played with natural drugs ginseng testosterone and other exotic plants to build his immune system as well.

Each day Melvin had to dress up and suck his brother off. Sue decided she would have fun she would play with his cock under the mini dress as Melvin was not allowed underwear. Sue would make him hard then turn the web cam on and Bobby would say, "look what a fag you are hard as a rock sucking my cock, Melvin."

Every day he was sent out in a mini dress to do the chores, which were actually theirs to do but I got bullied to do them all. More and more of Bobby's classmates were by the fence with whistles and cat calls a lot of them had their cocks out and said you can suck ours if you like. Bobby and Sue watched and laughed from the porch. Many a day Melvin was forced to suck Bobby's cock on the porch so his friends could watch. This made him the big man in school and Melvin got teased merciless.

Sue was the worst she got one of her male friends, and made Melvin suck him off in the girls locker room. These guys could cum a lot and Melvin had to swallow. Sue would always have her girlfriends the in crowd snapping pictures Melvin's life was pure hell now.

Melvin was even forced to wear the miniskirt in the locker room and even though he had very little hair he was forced to shave his legs and chest even under his arms so he would look more like a girl.

One day after he finished his chores and giving Bobby and one of his friend's blowjobs, he was up in his lab. Melvin even though these were all guys, he needed relief himself and he thought of fucking Sue. He jerked off and cum all over the floor. Melvin even hit a chicken with one of his shots that was in the attic with him. The chicken pecked at some of Melvin's cum then ate it with gusto.

Melvin thought that was strange as he cum before and chickens wouldn't bother with his cum. Melvin relived of his cum went back to work on some lab stuff then he thought the cat must of got in as he felt it rub against its leg. He brought his head out of the microscope and looked to his astonishment see the chicken rubbing up against his bear leg, as he was still wearing the miniskirt.

This was just too weird but it was late and Melvin had to go in for bed. The next day when Melvin got home from school finished dressing in the skirt now wearing nylons and high heels sucked off Bobby and then sent out to do his chores.

That day I got exceptionally delayed as I got pushed around by his younger brother and to add insult to injury got flipped by his older sister because I didn't water the garden which Sue was supposed to do. She called in two of Bobby's friends on the fence and had me blow both of them. I hated what that bitch was doing to me.

BY time Melvin got to his lab he couldn't believe it the chickens even after fed were making a racket but come to find out was only one. Yes you guessed it the one from yesterday he quickly started rubbing against Melvin's leg and clucking He picked chicken up and put him on his lap and petted him the chicken started pecking at the skimpy cloth over his cock.

Melvin put him back in his roost and locked up for the night Melvin thought all night and tried to figure out what was the matter with the chicken. He remembered the saying, "when all possibilities are gone then whatever is left must be it. Could it be that his cum did this to the chicken?"

Melvin got up early next morning went out to coupe found chicken where he left him the chicken was almost in coma or dead. Melvin jerked off and caught most of his cum in his hand and fed it to chicken and within minutes chicken was up and going like the rest. Melvin collected the eggs and took them into the house had a quick breakfast and off to school he went.

Chapter 2

Melvin went to school that day and his mind was not on school but what he had discovered he was in biology and was asked a question he didn't respond to the question the teacher yelled out bring Melvin back to the class. He looked on the board and said, "There is no answer the formula is wrong." The teacher looked at the board seen the mistake of the exponent in wrong spot and was red faced saying, "I just wanted to see if you were paying attention."

When I arrived home I was humiliated again Dad was home and they paraded me around in my girls outfit and he allowed it laughing say it's all in fun Melvin and you look as good as Sue in that dress and make up.

Sue and Bobby had to go to the store about a twenty minute walk and Sue said, "That I would give Bobby his blowjob when he got back."

Melvin went back to the shed after he did his chores the chicken was going nuts so he jerked off in a bowl and put a bit on the floor he then was studying the semen.

I went into the house and made Brownies with frosting mixing in that bowl of cum. I put them in the fridge put, "Melvin's project don't touch they are for school and had a big skull and crossbones on them."

Melvin told his mother they were in fridge and he wrote do not touch on them. Being the kind heart lady she was she stated, "No one would touch them." He told her, "the bowls were still in sink and he would do them with supper dishes. That he had some chores to do in barn." He went out to his lab in the sheds attic and watched out window for his sister to cum home which was not long about 5 minutes later Bobby came strolling in. Sue and Bobby had gone to the store to get some more embarrassing stuff for me. Sue said, "It was time I should have tampons in my ass."

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