tagFirst TimeThe Cherry Poppers Ch. 08

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 08


Jason walked Stephanie back to her dorm. He agreed to stop by during the week for further training for her. The next training meeting would be about blowjobs and she seemed as anxious as he was. 'This was going to be fun teaching her the ropes,' Jason realized.

They parted with a kiss, for which Stephanie held her lips to his for a good long time. It was a sensual and passionate kiss that made his cock stir even though he had just fucked her forty-five minutes ago. The thought occurred to him that the blowjob might be nice now but he had too much to do to linger longer.

Jason walked back to the frat and got right to studying. He grabbed some dinner and resumed studying. Chad walked in around seven looking tired and a little disheveled. He flopped down on his bed like he was ready to sleep.

"Tough afternoon?" Jason asked.

"I was at Nina's," Chad informed.

"Studying?" Jason said jokingly.

"Yeah, studying her, you mean," Chad replied laughing.

"Where was Caitlin?" Jason wanted to know.

"I think she was out with some guy," Chad stated.

"Oh, yeah. So I'm not her only man, huh?" Jason queried.

"Looks that way, brother. However, I left before she returned so I really don't know anything for sure. She could have been studying for all I know," Chad said.

"Maybe, but if Caitlin knew Nina was getting some she was probably out getting some of her own; she's such a hot pants," Jason claimed.

"You could be right, Jason," Chad agreed.

Jason went back to studying while Chad rolled out of bed to shower. Jason quit around eight and the two watched TV together for a while. Both had early classes and went to bed before eleven.

Jason didn't run into any of the women during the day and headed for the infirmary after his last class. Dr. Jenny greeted him at the door. After exchanging pleasantries, she informed him that the president had started interviewing for her replacement. She didn't know who but she knew he had three candidates this week. She wasn't sure if he would bring them by to see the infirmary, but thought he might. That was one reason why she had told him, so he wouldn't be surprised if they showed up.

At that point in the conversation, the door opened and in walked three women students. One was cute, Jason thought, as they neared the desk. Dr. Jenny disappeared into her office as Jason took down their names. He found all their charts indicating they had all been there at least once before. He scanned the charts and determined they were all juniors. He also found none of them to be virgins.

Jason asked each of them if their information was up to date and had to make address changes for all of them since the last time they were in. When he was done he took the three charts into Dr. Jenny. She saw each of them one at a time. Jason exchanged glances with the cute one but no conversation. Before the doctor saw all three of them two guys came in. Jason checked them in and updated their charts too. One of them seemed to know the cute girl and they struck up a conversation as they sat waiting for the doctor. Jason checked the guys' charts again and found them to be juniors as well.

Dr. Jenny saw all the girls and they all left together. She handed the charts back to Jason as she took the first guy. The one remaining was the one that struck up the conversation with the cute girl. Jason and he exchanged glances and the guy spoke up.

"Hot one, that one," he said.

"Yeah, she's cute alright," Jason agreed.

"Yeah, but that's not what I meant," the guy continued.

"What do you mean?" Jason asked.

"Last year that girl came to one of our frat parties. She ended up in one of the guy's rooms doing a bunch of the brothers," the guy said.

"Oh, really," Jason responded.

"Yeah, I was pretty drunk but I remember she liked it in both ends at once and didn't care if the bottom end was the front or rear hole. We fucked her in all three, about ten guys total," Ben said as Jason glanced at his name on the chart.

"Holy shit!" Jason said in an exaggerated whisper.

"Great body too. I wouldn't mind fucking that one again," Ben said.

Just then the door opened and the guys quieted. Dr. Jenny was giving a prescription to the first guy and explaining its dosage. He took a seat when she was done and Ben went in. This guy's name was Wayne, Jason could see from the returned card. He made the changes to the chart with the notes Dr. Jenny had written. All Jason could tell from the notes and prescription was some kind of antibiotic. Obviously the guy was fighting some kind of infection or bug.

Jason talked with Wayne but only about sports and school, nothing as interesting as with Ben. Soon enough Dr. Jenny came out of her office with Ben. The notes and prescription were similar. By the wording of Dr. Jenny's notes, Jason assumed they both might have some kind of infection, possibly an STD.

The guys left and things were quiet for about fifteen minutes. One girl entered alone and Jason thought he recognized her from one of his classes. He got her name and found she had a chart even though she was a freshman. He didn't remember checking her in so she must have come in during the day when Dr. Jenny took care of the charts while he was in class. During the day was usually slower anyway, since most students were in classes, and Dr. Jenny could handle the charts too.

The girl was pretty plain looking but she had the longest straight blonde hair. Jason remembered which class now. He had spotted her in his earth sciences class. It was a huge class that most of the kids used to fill their science elective. The class was held in one of the small auditoriums and probably had 150 in the class. Her name was Kira and he reviewed her chart, studying it for needed corrections. The one correction he couldn't ask about was the asterisk next to her birthday.

Jason looked up from his work and noticed Kira looking at him and then quickly away. He wondered if she was shy as she averted her eyes.

"I think I've seen you too ... in class ... earth science class," Jason blurted out.

"Could be," Kira said, looking at him again and smiling.

"I'm Jason."

"Kira ... but of course, you know that."

She looked cuter when she smiled. She had bright blue eyes and a thin nose. She was slim and fairly petite.

"You sit up front with another girl usually, right?"

"Yeah, my roommate," Kira said. "Her eyesight isn't great so I sit with her up close so she can see everything."

"Nice of you," Jason replied.

"What are roommates for?" Kira offered.

"How do you like Hill Hall?" Jason asked, waving the chart to show how he knew her residence.

"It's okay," Kira replied.

"I know a couple women in there," Jason said. "You know Caitlin and Nina on the third floor?"

"No ... I'm afraid not," Kira answered.

"You ever make it to the frat parties?" Jason questioned.

"No, not really," Kira said.

"I'm in Theta Chi. You should come to one of our parties some time," Jason offered.

"Aren't they just drinking binges?" Kira asked. "I'm not into drinking."

"Well, yes and no. You don't have to drink and there is plenty of dancing too. You like dancing?"

"Yes, I do like dancing though I'm not all that great," Kira admitted.

"Doesn't matter. It's usually pretty crowded anyway so dancing is limited to confined space," Jason stated.

Dr. Jenny came out of her office cutting the conversation short. Kira followed her into her office with the chart. Jason was mostly caught up so he listened intently to the voices coming through the heating grate.

"Tell me what's wrong, dear," Dr. Jenny began.

"Well, Dr. Whitfield, I haven't been eating well."

"What seems to be the problem, Kira?"

"I think I'm just depressed or homesick or both, doctor."

"You don't know how many times I've heard that from freshman girls," Dr. Jenny stated.

"Really?" Kira questioned, thinking she was the only one.

"True but usually it's the freshmen fifteen, weight gain. From the looks of you, my dear, I'd say your problem was losing weight."

"Yes, doctor. If the scale in the women's locker room is correct, I've dropped nearly seven pounds in about a month."

"Why do you think you're losing weight?"

"I told you. I'm depressed."

"Yes, but why?"

"I don't know."

"I think you do, deary. Just tell the dear old doctor why you're depressed, and believe me, I've heard every story, excuse, malady, and emotional concern you could imagine over the years," Dr. Jenny stated.

Dr. Jenny was sincere and professional but she also exuded an air of sweetness like a kind old grandmother. Women and even guys found it hard not to trust her and open to her. It was one of the trademarks of her success at the university and one of the reasons the president was reluctant to see her leave.

"Well," Kira began, much like they all did. "I guess I'm depressed because I miss my friends back home and my family."

"Someone in particular like a boyfriend perhaps?" Dr. Jenny asked.

"No, not that. But that would certainly be nice," Kira said, a tweak of a smile curving her lips.

Dr. Jenny looked at her chart again. "Kira, you're a virgin you told me when I asked last time, right?"

"Yes, doctor."

"You think you might be frustrated sexually?"

"Oh, geez ... I don't know?"

"Do you masturbate?"

"Excuse me?"

"Do you masturbate? You know, use your fingers or a toy?"

"Aah ... yes ... sometimes."

"Are you attracted to guys or girls?" Dr. Jenny asked.

"Guys, of course," Kira exclaimed convincingly.

"Then I suggest you find a man. Are you bound by religious concerns to remain celibate?"

"No, not really, doctor. I mean I'm not about to sleep around but I'm not looking to remain a virgin if that is what you're asking.

"What did you come in here looking for? A pill to solve your problems?"

"I'm not sure, doctor?"

"Kira, you don't need anything other than some company. Have you thought about going to any of the parties on campus? I hear there are some wild ones," Dr. Jenny said.

"Are you suggesting I just go to some frat party and give myself to the first guy I find?"

"No, of course not, deary. I'm merely suggesting that you get out of your dorm room and start enjoying some of the fun things on campus. Do you like parties?"

"Jason told me I should go to some of his frat parties."

"Why don't you?"

"I'm not the social type. I guess I'm shy," Kira proclaimed.

"Kira, you need to make the first move. No one is going to discover you in your dorm room," the good doctor said.

"But, doctor, how do I do it?"

"How about your roommate?"

"She's as shy as me," Kira said.

"Make the first move, Kira. Come back to see me in two weeks. Tell me how you're doing," Dr. Jenny insisted.

"Okay, Doctor Whitfield, I'll try," Kira said.

"Good. Remember, dear. People are all in the same nervous boat. Some just handle it a bit better than others. Those are usually the ones that drown their inhibitions in alcohol. You don't need to do that. Just start with a simple hello. You'll be amazed how far hello will get you," Doctor Jenny advised.

"Thanks, doctor. I'll try it, I promise."

"Good. Reschedule an appointment with Jason for two weeks from now."

"Thanks, Doctor Whitfield."

"Be strong, Kira,"

They walked out together and Jason hurried to make himself busy. Doctor Jenny said good bye to Kira by his desk and returned to her office. Kira stopped by Jason's desk.

"I'm supposed to reschedule for two weeks," Kira said.

"Okay, " Jason replied, pulling out the appointment ledger. He made the entry and handed her a card with the date.

"Here you go," Jason said.

"Thanks, Jason," Kira responded and stood nervously like she had more to say.

"Was there anything else?" Jason asked.

"Aah ... I aah ... was wondering when your next frat party might be?" Kira questioned.

"Aah ... we just had one but I believe we have another the weekend after this one."

"Oh ... okay ... I see," Kira replied.

Jason had heard most of the conversation in Dr. Jenny's office. He knew why Kira was there and what was troubling her even though she didn't realize he knew. He thought he'd make things easy for her. It was selfish on his part, trying to bed a virgin, but then again he felt compelled to help her.

"You're planning on coming?" Jason asked.

"I was think I might bring my roommate," Kira responded.

"That would be good," Jason agreed.

"Well, see you, Jason," Kira mentioned.

"Bye, Kira."

He watched her slowly start to walk away and an idea came to him.

"Kira," Jason called.

"Yes," she said turning to look at him again. The cute smile he had first noticed was gone, replaced by a long face.

"You like baseball?" Jason asked.

"Yes ... yes, I do," Kira said, brightening noticeably.

"I have tickets to a minor league game for Thursday."

"I love baseball," Kira said cutting him short. "My dad used to take me all the time to minor league games. I love them. I think minor leagues are even better than the majors because you can talk to the players and sit closer. They are a lot of fun." She bubbled with joy as they talked baseball, like a kid with a candy bar.

"You want to go with me to see the Trenton Thunder on Thursday?"

"I'd like that very much," Kira effused.

"Good. The game starts at seven. I'll pick you up at six, if that's okay?"

"Oh, that would be great," Kira said, smiling.

"Okay, see you then," Jason claimed.

"Thanks, Jason. I'll be ready," Kira said excitingly.

As Kira left smiling, another guy came in. He had what looked like a dislocated finger. Jason hurried to get his chart information ready and get him before Dr. Jenny quickly. Dr. Jenny was still with that patient when another guy walked in with a sore toe. Jason pulled his chart too and had him sit to wait.

Shortly Dr. Jenny exited her office with the first guy. He had his hand in a splint for that finger. He was thanking Dr. Jenny for treating him. She took the second guy with the toe injury as the first guy left. Over the next hour, three women came in, all upper classmen, none virgins, and all had colds or allergies. Jason checked them all in and prepared there charts.

The time passed quickly and soon they were closing the infirmary for the night and saying good bye. Jason walked quickly back to the frat and grabbed some dinner. He did some studying and called it an early night.

The next day, during classes, Jason did run into Kira at the start of his earth sciences class. She seemed quite pleased to introduce him to her roommate, Tessa. The roommate was rather plain looking but otherwise not bad. Her glasses made her look like a bookworm. He smiled pleasantly though as Kira talked about their upcoming date at the baseball game. It made Jason wonder how long it had been since Kira's last date.

The rest of the day was pretty normal until he ran into the cute redheaded swimmer he had last seen at the frat party talking to one of his brothers. He tried hard to remember her name but it wasn't coming to him. She smiled sweetly as she too noticed his approach. 'Damn, what's her name,' Jason struggled with as he neared. 'Oh, well, I'm going to have to wing it ... Beth ... it's Beth. Yes, that's it.'

"Hi, Beth," Jason said, ninety percent sure he got it right.

"Hi, Jason," she replied, surprising him she remembered his name from weeks ago.

"Girls swimming starts this week, doesn't it?"

"Yes, started, double sessions, morning and night," Beth added.

"That's tough. We do those too," Jason agreed. "I don't mind them though. I want to get in shape fast like that."

"Me too, actually," Beth agreed. "Believe it or not I was going to head to the pool early today to get a swim in. I want to be my best this year."

"Hey, I wouldn't mind some practice. How about I tag along?"

"Great. I have to stop at my dorm room first. I'll see you there," Beth said.

"Okay ... sounds good," Jason responded.

He headed directly to the gymnasium where the pool was because he had a locker there with his swim stuff. Jason got in his Speedo, grabbed a towel, and made his way to the pool. It was still early for the women's practice and only an elderly teacher was there swimming. That gentleman left soon after Jason started swimming a few easy laps.

Jason was beginning to wonder what was taking Beth so long when she showed up in a brightly colored one piece suit. Her long red hair was stuffed into a swim cap. Even so, he thought she looked stunning. Jason had dated a redhead in high school for a brief time and never lost his affinity for them. Besides, Beth had a swimmers' lean but long muscled body. He watched her slip into the water, eyeing her sleek frame and probably B-cup breasts. Her skin was pale white like many redheads but with only the hint of freckles.

"So," Beth said, swimming over to him. "What're we going to do?"

"Well, I thought we'd just warm up some with a leisurely freestyle," Jason said.

"Okay, sounds like a plan," Beth agreed.

They did in fact start out leisurely, but it wasn't long before Beth was inching up in speed. Jason was impressed with her smooth stroke and power. He matched her pace to which she kept accelerating slightly. It wasn't long until the obvious challenge was there to see if he could keep up with her. Jason's main events were the breaststroke and the butterfly but he was a very capable freestyler as well. Beth did both the butterfly and freestyle and apparently thought she might challenge him in a freestyle race.

Only about ten minutes into their swim together, Beth was doing flip turns and going full out. Jason matched her speed and turns and kept right with her. He thought about showing her up with a burst of speed as he was not yet at his top end. Instead he decided to remain gentlemanly and just hung with her. At the pace they were going, Beth was bound to tire soon. Jason was used to longer events, where Beth was more of a sprinter. After a few hundred meters, Beth began to fade and Jason crept ahead. He slowed and stopped when he felt her do the same beside him.

They surfaced near one end and Beth held onto the side of the pool as she caught her breath. Jason was tired too and did the same. They looked at each other and a weak, somewhat tired smile came across Beth's face which he answered.

"Leisurely, huh?" Jason queried but with a smile.

"Thought I'd test what you had," Beth confessed.

"How'd I do?" Jason asked.

"Quite well," Beth said smiling. "You could have kicked my ass especially if we went for distance," Beth admitted.

"Hey, I'm just bigger. Not a fair challenge," Jason said, trying to be polite. "You're really good."

"For a girl?" Beth said, smiling.

"Well, we can't disregard anatomical differences," Jason said. "Besides, I was impressed with your speed."

"Thanks. I'm going to be exhausted for practice though if we do that again," Beth stated.

"Let's butterfly a while," Jason said.

"That's your event too, right? You'll kick my ass in that as well," Beth said.

"We don't have to race. We can just take it easy," Jason said.

"Okay," Beth agreed and pushed off from the wall.

They did butterfly together for a good fifteen minutes at a friendly pace. Finally at the end, Beth put on a burst of speed wanting to show Jason what she had. He easily matched her but was impressed as well. She tired quickly though after the good work out already and after only a few laps stopped at one of the walls. Jason made the turn but immediately realized she hadn't and stopped too. He surfaced ten feet away from her.

"I heard you were good," Beth said, breathing heavily. "I just had to test you."

"Oh, you did, huh? Who told you that?"

"My coach keeps up with the men's team coach on how good the school teams are. She said you're their hope for some great times this year. You going to set some school records this year?" Beth asked.

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