The Cherry Poppers


"It's okay," Jason said and tried to stuff his stiff cock back in his boxers and pants.

Lana sat back on the top of the seat and then climbed across to the other seat again, her panties in hand. Jason watched her cute ass and pussy as she moved across the seats. He somehow managed to get his pants back on but his hardon was still evident. He watched Lana pull her panties on and then fix her dress.

"Ready?" he said.


Jason fixed the seat. He hoped it didn't smell like sex in the morning if Mark used the car. They locked the doors and walked to the frat. The frat was somewhat quiet this late on a Sunday night. Mark was in his room and they gave him the keys.

"Have a good time, you two?" Mark asked.

"Yes. Thanks for letting us use your car," Lana offered.

"Yeah, thanks, Big Brother."

They didn't hang long and soon were walking back towards the dorms. Jason took her hand which pleased Lana greatly. They stopped at the door to her dorm. It was hard for guys to get in this time of night so she told him they could part at the door. He kissed her and she kissed him back passionately. He watched till she was inside and started walking the short way to his dorm.

'I like her,' Jason decided. 'She has some quirks but I think she is really great. I wonder if I were to stop at one would Mark still be fine with the contest. I think so. Wouldn't it be amazing if I fell for the first girl I tried to deflower.'

Jason mused the rest of the way back. He was still a little horny but at least his cock had gone down before they reached Mark's room. 'I think I don't like this contest despite the money potential. It feels like a betrayal of the woman. I can't see how Mark can be right about the women getting something out of this too.'

Jason entered his dorm room to find his roommate watching their small TV.

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by Anonymous

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by ragini1508/29/15

Await your new submissions......

I love your stories. They are very exciting. You describe events in erotic manner. its very interesting reading your story.......

Please start new series.....

The cherry poppers series were just awesome........


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by thebug3707/26/15

Cherry - Cherry Pie - Cherry Bye Bye

Those title words still hold true since I was a youth. Great story. Look forward to reading all chapters.

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