tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Chief and Max Get Some.

The Chief and Max Get Some.


In the middle of summer, one was grateful for air conditioning. However, the people at Control weren't so lucky. It was 92 degrees outside this Tuesday, and it felt about 80 inside.

"Goddamit! Sue, where's the fucking maintenance man? It's 100 degrees in here and we're all wearing suits!" The Chief was furious as he spoke to his secretary on the phone in the main office. "How the Hell are we supposed to work in these conditions?"

"Chief, I'm sorry. I tried to get the maintenance man in here yesterday, but he's on vacation until Friday." Sue tried to explain things calmly, but she knew it wouldn't do any good because the Chief was on a rampage and acting like a total asshole.

"Fine! Oh, don't you worry, I'll be talking to him first thing Friday morning." Chief smiled to himself, because he had every intention of firing the guy. So what if he was on vacation, he was also on call.

Maxwell Smart sat at his desk in a lazy manner. His legs were spread out and he had already abandoned his suit jacket this morning. Fanning himself with his coffee stained report, he looked intently at the Chief. He thought for sure the Chief was going to have a heart attack the way he was carrying on in this heat. Chief had discarded his suit jacket as well and took out his handkerchief and was dabbing at his forehead. Looking over at Agent 99, he saw that she kept working and typing, despite the fact she could shed any clothes like the rest of them. A smirk crossed his face at the thought of her stripping down and letting those gorgeous little tits of hers breathe. He just knew she was sweating everywhere.

"Max, why are you looking at me like that? Are you delirious from the heat?" asked 99 innocently, after noticing him gawking at her.

"What? Oh, yeah, it's really hot in here. I guess I was just in a daze."

The Chief looked at both of them and then rolled his eyes. "Listen you two, try to concentrate on this report. I have to go up in front of the board tomarrow and I need it."

Max just rolled his eyes and kept fanning himself.


"Yes 99?"

"Can I unbutton my blouse a little? I'm terribly hot and I just think it would be a little bit more comfortable," Ninety-nine asked sheepishly.

Well both Chief and Max just about fell through their seats. Max's mouth dropped open and Chief tried to think clearly and maintain his composure. "Uhh, of course, I mean that would be fine 99." The Chief shuffled his papers nervously and cleared his throat and made no eye contact.

Max couldn't help but stare at her as she slowly unbuttoned one button at a time, until he could plainly see the top of her bra. Ninety-nine had not anticipated how she would feel when the air hit her chest. She discreetly squirmed in her chair and felt embarrassed in a small way for partially exposing herself in front of these two men. The Chief glanced up for a second and did a double take. He felt a little bit turned on at seeing this hottie loosen up a bit. Always the leader, he decided to seize the opportunity at hand. He stated matter-of-factly, "Oh, Ninety-nine, you don't care if I get a little more comfortable do you?"

"Of course not, Chief. I don't mind." Ninety-nine felt sort of panicky by the Chief's actions, but feeling good outweighed it. She shifted in her chair and could feel herself sweat even more. She wanted so badly to take off her bra too, and rub her aching breasts.

Maxwell Smart watched all of this unfold, and was amazed. He wanted to see all clothes come off today, so he got up and walked over to 99. "Hey, you seem so tense. Why don't you relax a little," Smart said to her in a soothing way as he massaged her shoulders. Ninety-nine closed her eyes and put her head back, letting him do his magic. Soon, he was massaging his way to her chest. She knew what he was doing, but she felt so good, she let him do it. Smart made his way down her blouse to her breasts. He heard no protest, so he skillfully let one hand slip casually inside her bra to feel her hard nipple. Now his cock was swelling inside his pants. Ninety-nine started breathing heavier.

The Chief sat in his chair watching the whole thing and not saying a word. He could feel himself get hard, so he rubbed his crotch for awhile over his pants.

"You have the nicest tits," Smart said softly. He helped her unbutton the rest of her blouse and take it off. Then she unsnapped her bra and let it fall. She stood up and embraced him and kissed him passionately. He stuck his tongue in her mouth and she let him taste her as she tasted him. Max quickly shed his shirt and tie and then his pants. The Chief decided to walk over to her and make his presence known. He started by carressing her back, then squeezed her breasts from behind and pinched her nipples. She could feel his hard-on bluntly poking her bottom. Ninety-nine moaned at their display of affection. "Oh, yes, don't stop!" She felt like a slut with these guys all over her, but she loved it. She rubbed Max's bare chest and felt the hair and his tiny nipples. Max took the opportunity to get under her skirt and found the crotch of her panties to be soaking wet. He pulled them down, and she stepped out of them.

The Chief unzipped her mini-skirt and let it fall. "Oh, baby, you have the nicest ass!" Chief told her. Max put his hand between her legs and massaged her wet pussy while her kissed her. Chief kissed her neck while rubbing and squeezing her ass.

"Ohhhh," Ninety-nine moaned. She was so horney, she couldn't stand it. Max led her over to the leather couch where she sat down. He got on his knees and spread her legs, getting a great view of her pink little snatch. She was dripping wet and looked delicious. He dove in and tongued her good. He licked her folds and sucked on her clit. "Ohhh, Max, oh my God! Eat my pussy...eat it good...." Ninety-nine had been eaten out before, but this was the best she ever experienced. Watching them got the Chief pretty horney, so he undressed too.

"You like it when he does that, don't you, you little whore?" Chief positioned himself in front of her face, demanding that she suck his swollen, throbbing cock. Ninety-nine did just that, and took in the whole 6-7 inches of him. He breathed heavily and stared down at her, watching his cock disappear inside her mouth over and over. "You little slut, where did you learn to suck dick like that? You like this cock don't you?" It excited her to hear the Chief talk dirty to her. Plus, Smart was doing such an excellent job down below, she felt like she was going to come soon.

"I,...I, can't stand it...," she huffed as she tore her mouth away from the Chief's dick. Max stuck two fingers in her and pumped in and out, while he sucked furiously on her clit. "Oh God, oh I can't, please don't stop!" Ninety-nine rocked against him and grabbed his head with both hands. "Max...Max...oh yes, ooh I'm gonna come!" She bucked helplessly and drew her legs up. The Chief sat on the couch next to her and massaged her breast and kissed her neck.

After 99 came down from her climax, she knew she wanted more. So she strattled the Chief so that her back was facing him. Chief wanted nothing more than to fuck her ass, so he helped her out and put his dick right at her asshole. Ninety-nine squirmed and pushed until she impaled herself on him. The Chief moaned at the feeling of her tight ass and moved in and out of her slowly. Maxwell Smart stood up and made her suck his dick. They went on like this for about five minutes, then Chief pulled his swollen cock out of her ass. Ninety-nine got up and let Smart sit down. She sat on his dick and rode him. He loved the feeling of her tight little twat. She was so wet, her juices glistened on his dick. His cock was throbbing and he wanted to come so bad, but he waited for her to get there. The Chief, stroking himself, entered her from behind again. He couldn't hold on for long, her ass was wet from her pussy juice and just too tight. He had enough. He unloaded in her after just a few strokes and called out her name, "Ohhhhhh, 99!" Well that was all she could stand, so she grinded on Max like a wild woman and yelled out that she was coming. Max felt her give and her muscles squeezed him over and over again. He fucked her for all he was worth and then he came harder than he ever had in his life "Oh shit! Oh yeah, Ohhh...." He called out and shot loads of hot sticky come inside her.

Not much was said after that, but they all got dressed.

"You two can take the day off tomarrow," the Chief said. "In fact, let's make it Friday. The air conditioning should be fixed be then. Give me a call sometime this week and we'll all have some dinner somewhere."

"Right Chief," Max said in reply. "Oh, and Chief?"

"Yes Max?"

"That was fucking awesome!" he said with a big smile and gave the Chief a high five.

Ninety-nine smiled, rolled her eyes and shook her head.

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