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The Chief Directive


Allison Smith relaxed on her couch, something mindless playing on the tv. It was hard to feel guilty, though, she deserved the break. Her fiancée was out of town on business. Allison worked hard herself as a lawyer for Greenpeace. Out of law school she'd taken a job for a big, white shoe corporate firm. Allison could certainly hack it, and the money was nice, but it just wasn't that fulfilling. Just mailing checks to her favorite environmental organizations seemed hollow. She was much happier now. It felt good fighting for a worthy cause. Allison was debating whether or not to take a nap when the satellite went out. "Every time there's a gust of wind," she muttered. Allison reached out for her smart phone on the table, but oddly, there was no reception. "Hmmm, that's strange."


Across the country at NASA Headquarters, a series of brilliant PhDs in Astrophysics were having the same reaction. "Could it be a Chinese attack?" Colonel Mark Warren wondered.

"Doubtful, Sir. First, they don't have the capacity. Second, even if they did we'd get warning. And third, why would they knock out their own satellites as well as ours?"

"So it's some sort of natural phenomenon. A solar flare or something?"

"Not like any I've ever seen. And without any more information it would be impossible to say."

"You mean to tell me," Colonel Warren asked, "that some astrological event has knocked out the entire global communications system, severed our contact with the International Space Station, blinded every telescope and we have no explanation of any kind?"

"That's about the gist of it, Sir."

"Get me the President."



An Atrusian scouting ship, number 3157, commanded by Captain Rellock, hovered in orbit over the planet, awaiting orders. They'd only discovered this world by accident. Searching for a rumored illegal mining operation in a nearby galaxy, one of the probes they released brought back information on an inhabited planet, Earth. The probe's data seemed somewhat alarming. Atrusians were a highly moral species. No matter the practical consequences, the Empire assisted any creatures they encountered. It was their first and most important rule, the Chief Directive. Imperial Atrusian ships and officers must "look after, and wherever possible improve, the safety and well being of any species they find, no matter how primitive."

This was accomplished by sharing any technology possible with the species they discovered, while also repairing any environmental degradation to their planets. This process was called re-balancing. Sometimes the Empire stumbled upon a people advanced enough to be incorporated as full members. More often, the aliens lacked the necessary skills, but they could still perform some lower functions. This way they could find the great joy of contributing to the mighty Atrusian Empire to the best of their meager abilities. Meanwhile acquiring a much greater quality of life than they would ever be capable of providing for themselves. Rarely, even this life proved beyond the talents of a new species.

In such cases, the High Command's Bureau of Animal Welfare took over. They would establish kennels to look after the beasts, and facilitate as much special placement as possible. Zoos, nature preserves and of course, adoptions by concerned, socially responsible citizens. At the same time, the Bureau of Environmental Harmony would assure the planet itself was safe and healthy for these simple, innocent creatures. Captain Rellock thought this was the likely fate of this planet, but she went through the formalities regardless.

"Alright High Command, transmitting data on this planet and its inhabitants now. It doesn't look like much."

"After analyzing the data, your instincts were correct Captain. Significant ecological damage. Looks like we arrived just in time. The dominant local species lacks the cognitive abilities to be effectively utilized, even as servants. They appear to have some form of communication, but it's far too rudimentary for our translators to determine any meaning. Likely just mating calls anyway."

"Roger that, High Command. Any orders for how to best carry out the Chief Directive?"

"Not too many options, Captain. The males of the species are too aggressive to be trained. Pose a risk to safety and well-being, both their own and the females. No saving them, unfortunately. Prepare the rest, we're dispatching an Animal Welfare ship to take over once you've laid the groundwork. The Environmental Harmony crew should be following shortly after. Good luck, Captain."

Rellock suppressed a sigh, and ordered her crew to commence. Loyal and well-trained, they would carry out their tasks efficiently without needing much supervision from their Captain. The initial stages of re-balancing certainly weren't complicated anyway. Remove any threats from within the beasts' community to protect them. The elderly and the young were too difficult to train for instance. Then gather the rest in a central location so Animal Welfare could begin looking after them. Also destroy any structures which threatened the planet's natural ecology. Another sigh. Maybe the next quadrant would have something more interesting.

Ensign Drok immediately carried out his orders. Not for the first time he wondered how much easier his job would be without this commitment to help every wild species the Empire discovered. Drok was proud of the ethical implications, of course. But the entire crew was going to have to spend the next few hours modifying this undeveloped planet, all for the benefit on an animal too stupid to even realize the enormous favor they were doing it. Heck, it wasn't as if the Atrusians needed yet another pet species. And what was one properly re-balanced planet considering the vastness of the universe. Wisely, the young Ensign kept his thoughts to himself. It wouldn't do for an ambitious officer to get a reputation as a regressive monster after all. Suddenly embarrassed, Drok decided he would adopt one of these humans himself. It was the right thing to do.


Allison looked around in shock. She closed her eyes, certain that all of this was just some crazy fantasy. Breathing deeply, she calmed herself. It's not like the young attorney could simply have been transported out of her apartment in an instant, she reasoned. But when she looked again, she saw the same thing. A giant room, packed with thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people. Actually not people now that she thought about it. Only women. It was easy to tell, not a single one of them had a stitch of clothing. That included her, Allison realized, blushing. Many of the others didn't seem to be taking it well. There was pandemonium, with screaming, crying, or both. Allison turned to look at the woman next to her. She saw a look of fear and bewilderment mirroring her own.


Once the Animal Welfare ship arrived, Captain Rellock made a perfunctory offer of further assistance before gratefully blasting out of the system. Officer Zolzan felt the familiar excitement of an Atrusian about to start a long but inevitably rewarding job. His parents joked he'd been destined for the Bureau of Animal Welfare from birth. Even as a young child, Zolzan had a veritable menagerie of creatures, which he cared for with attentiveness well beyond his years. Nothing had really changed since. One of his first acts upon landing on Earth was to pick a human to rescue and care for personally.

He'd randomly selected a girl from the kennels. Zolzan sent the notification to the mainframe, then transported her to the Earth dwelling he'd established for himself.

All the human buildings required razing of course. The scout ship had dealt with that already. They were of no use to the Atrusians, plus they threw off the natural ecology of the planet, posing a risk to the native creatures. As Bureau officers always said, most of the time, the greatest threat to animals was their own stupidity. Zolzan whistled happily, at least this species didn't have to worry about that anymore, the Atrusians would do all their thinking for them from now on.

Instantly Allison Smith appeared in his living room. Zolzan got his first close look at a human being. They were large. Even this one, only 5'5", no more than average for the species, wasn't much shorter than an Atrusian. Her head reached Zolzan's shoulder. There was no commensurate advantage, however, in speed or strength. Mostly the product of biology, though also poor dietary and lifestyle choices. His new pet had pale skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Zolzan knew that this planet actually had a fair amount of diversity in all these categories. Not like Atrusians, each an identical shade of sky blue.

He also noticed a tuft of matching brown hair above Allison's sex. Zolzan made a mental note to have her groomed. Although the hair on her head was fetching, if he left his pet any unsightly body hair, Atrusians who saw would rightfully think him an inattentive owner. He was pleasantly surprised to find her relatively clean otherwise. Perhaps one of her fellow animals had given her a tongue bath recently. Her breasts were pert, and jiggled lightly when she moved. All and all, an adorable creature. Zolzan walked towards her quickly, speaking softly and gently in an effort to calm her.

"Easy, girl. No one's going to hurt you. No one will ever hurt you again. You've had a tough life, but we're here to rescue you from all that. I know it will take a while for you to trust and understand me, but I'm going to be a good owner for you. Girls like you need someone to look out for them. To feed, walk and bathe you. We're going to have so much fun together. Now I just need you to stand still so I can put your collar on. Don't want you running off and getting into trouble do we?"

Despite the calm tone of a lifetime spent training animals, the girl seemed agitated. She'd been loudly barking since the moment she arrived. Now the startled pet began looking wildly in every direction as he advanced on her, collar held out. Allison turned from him as if to run, but Zolzan took a firm hold of her hips, forcing her to the ground. In one smooth motion, he placed the metallic device around her neck, and closed it with a snap.

"There, there. Calm down. Everything's alright. That wasn't so bad was it?" Zolzan soothed, "You're a very good girl. I'm so happy with you. I can already tell you and I will get along well." As he comforted his pet, he stroked her with his hands. Starting with her hair, he worked his hand down her back and behind. He kept his petting rhythm strong and steady. House pets all loved to be stroked and rubbed. It gave them a chance to display their submission. "Now you need a name, don't you? Since you have such nice, dark hair, I'm thinking Pepper. How's that suit you, girl?" Zolzan took her frenzied barking to signify approval. Wild animals were always so energetic as puppies.


One year later

Resting on her hands and knees, ass raised high in the air, Allison lapped at her water bowl. Drinking or eating like this had initially been so humiliating, she'd wondered if it would be better to starve. Allison felt her pussy spasm as she remembered that first degrading meal.

The strange blue creature had placed two bowls on the kitchen floor soon after collaring her. He'd dragged her into the room and pointed them out, as if she was too stupid to notice on her own. The first bowl appeared to contain water, the second one a uniform collection of unappetizing brown bits. It almost looked like dog food. While she took stock of the situation, she purposefully fingered her new collar, trying to find a way to release it. Immediately she was hit with a painful bolt causing her to cry out and drop her hand. The alien looked over at her, before turning back, and sitting down at the table to begin eating his own lunch. His food didn't look anything like what was in that bowl. For some reason, despite the nudity, the collar and the unwanted touching, Allison didn't realize until now her exact status here. This alien seemed to think she was a pet!

She immediately set out to correct him. What a horrible misunderstanding. These aliens had somehow gotten their species mixed up. Even if he couldn't understand her words, Allison would be able to show him their mistake. A good first step, the attorney decided, would be to find some clothes, or at least covering. Hard to convince someone, alien or not, to respect you when naked. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be anything in the kitchen up to the task. Not so much as a dish towel. She also hadn't seen anything in the living room. Allison considered searching the house. After all, the alien was wearing clothes, but she thought better of it. Who knows what he would think if he saw her leave the room and begin searching his belongings. Like it or not, Allison had to do this in her present state of undress.

The young woman walked to the chair across the table from the life form. She knew from her job that making eye contact from a level height projected confidence and equality. But as she reached to pull out the chair, Allison felt another nasty shock. This one actually caused her to jump back in surprise, her little breasts bouncing. Allison couldn't believe it. Maybe it was just bad static or something. She tentatively reached a finger out one more time, getting the same reaction. Squealing at a high pitch, Allison rubbed her hand instinctively. The alien seemed to be saying something. "Hahaha, Pepper you're adorable. You think you're an Atrusian and want to sit at the table. But I can't have my human climbing all over the furniture. Now be a good girl," Zolzan commanded, pointing to the bowls on the floor, "and eat your lunch."

Allison couldn't understand a word, but the gesture was obvious. The alien wasn't getting the message. Frustrated, she tried a different tack. Pointing to the bowls, Allison shook her head violently while crossing her forearms repeatedly to indicate her displeasure. Then the naked woman pointed to his plate, the other chair and finally herself. This time Allison got a physical response in addition to the verbal one. "Look Pepper, now that you finally have the master you've always needed it's natural for you to want to follow me in everything. But I won't tolerate you being willful. So, it's time to teach you your first commands. I want you on a regular feeding schedule as soon as possible. Must keep my little Pepper happy and healthy."

Her alien captor grabbed her, forcing her to the ground for a second time. The dispassionate, lawyerly part of Allison marveled again at the creature's strength. Dragged by the collar to the bowls, Zolzan pointed with his free hand to the water and said one word in his language: "Drink." It didn't take a rocket scientist to determine what he wanted, even with the communication barrier. Allison resisted furiously. Escaping his grasp was impossible, but Allison screamed curses while kicking her leg closest to him out violently. "Let go of me you fucking animal. I'm a human being, not some kind of dog. Just how fucking stupid are you? Can't you see I don't want this? Get the hell off of me."

The alien responded simply: "Drink." Only this time he accompanied the order with a sharp, open palm slap of her behind. Howling, Allison redoubled her efforts. Another smack. "Drink." Again and again, the powerful and merciless hand crashed on her increasingly sore ass. And each time the alien said the same thing. "Drink." Allison considered her options. There didn't seem to be any good ones. Each spank was harder than the previous one. Or maybe it just felt like it. Allison prepared to surrender. She'd give in to this and figure out some way to make him understand afterwards.

Still, Allison had her dignity. Or as much dignity as possible for a naked, collared girl being spanked for refusing to drink out of a dog dish. She reached out with both hands towards the bowl, it wasn't really that different from a glass when you thought about it. But as her fingers made contact to pick it up, she got one more unwelcome surprise. The shock nearly took her breath away. Allison would have recoiled if this monster wasn't maintaining his firm grip on her collar. Zolzan continued his assault with the other hand. "Drink." A despondent Allison lowered her head, tongue out, and took a sip of the cool water. Satisfied, Zolzan watched Pepper's now bright red bottom wiggle high in the air.


The workstation display beeped, alerting Zolzan to the progress of his request to increase the amount of human women placed in Inner Ring World zoos. The kennels here were overflowing. Human breeding was now, of course, under total Atrusian control using DNA sequencing. But there was still a giant backlog from all the girls who needed rescuing when the Empire first arrived. And while the Atrusians always could, and would, build more kennels, there was just nothing like the hands on care an individual Atrusian provided for the Earth girls. Though their welfare would be looked after regardless, a pet girl just gained more self-esteem with an owner. Zolzan could speak to that from personal experience. He fondly looked at an image projected on his station's wall: him stroking his own little Pepper as she looked up affectionately from the ground. Even now he marveled at the progress she had made from those first days.

Zolzan had been forced to punish her often enough originally. Although the collar could obviously be programmed to train her itself, Zolzan didn't believe in that. He worried that the shocks would be too confusing for his pet. She wouldn't know where it was coming from or understand what caused it. Beating Pepper himself, as soon as possible after the transgression, would help her realize that it was her owner correcting a misbehavior. A cursory study of human anatomy revealed that girls had well-padded bottoms, so focusing the punishment there ensured no lasting or serious damage. Zolzan took pride in these spankings since they were for Pepper's own good. The Bureau of Animal Welfare Official Handbook said it best: "partial reinforcement, positive for good conduct and negative for bad, is critical in creating a well-behaved pet. A well-behaved pet is, of course, critical in assuring their maximum possible health and welfare."

So, like any responsible owner, Zolzan reddened and bruised Pepper's tight behind frequently in those early days, ignoring her barking. While the Animal Welfare officer knew some owners hated the noise, and set their girl's collar to eliminate it, Zolzan didn't believe in that. It wasn't illegal, of course, but Zolzan looked down on the practice just the same. After all, pet girls were social creatures, they were happier when allowed to bark every now and then. The key was teaching her the acceptable times for it.


Allison looked out the window. It was sunny, with a gentle breeze shaking the trees. If Allison didn't know any better, she could think it was a lazy weekend afternoon, the kind she'd often enjoyed in her old life. But she did know better. It was hard not to when she spent all day naked except for a metallic collar wrapped around her neck. Like all their other technology, down to the pillows on the couch, if Allison touched it she received a painful shock. She absent-mindedly rubbed her nipples instead. They were already erect. No surprise there. It wasn't the cold causing it. A trickle of moisture ran down her inner thigh. Before the invasion, Allison had been a normal woman with healthy sexual desires, but nothing like this. Not always horny. Not always juicy.

She wasn't the only one either. Every woman she met seemed to be a nymphomaniac. Her friend Lauren thought it was something the aliens put in their food, intended to keep them more pliant. She was half right. It was the food. Outrageously nutritious, completely bland pellets specially formulated to optimize health. A chemical side effect increased libido by an enormous margin. There was, however, no intention behind it. No need really. Human females made natural pets just as they were.

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