The Chief Directive


For the first few weeks of her captivity, Allison had refused to touch herself. The sexual tension built to a level that seemed unbearable, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Allison was a proud, educated woman. This creature who ruled her life could collar her, take her clothes, degrade her in a thousand different ways, but she was no animal. Besides, there was no privacy. Even kept permanently nude, Allison wouldn't simply surrender her modesty. She was only allowed in the house with the alien present. When he went out for the day, he dragged her by the leash outside.

Zolzan never tied her leash to anything. It's not as if she was going anywhere. Her first day at the house she'd tried to escape. As soon as Allison reached some invisible fence she was felled by blinding pain. It was all she could do to crawl back towards the dwelling. Allison made an attempt, sometimes multiple, every day for two weeks. By the end, she couldn't even bring herself to hope it would work. Blind stubbornness and pride pushed her forward. But every time her bid for freedom ended in failure. On the last try, courageously refusing to turn back no matter the cost, she managed an extra half step before passing out. When Allison regained consciousness, her captor was cradling her in his arms, carrying her towards the house.

He stopped on the steps, sat down, and pulled her face down over his knees. She squirmed to escape, but made no progress. The alien's hand crashed down on her small, upturned ass over and over. Allison had never been spanked before this creature arrived. But she'd been forced to endure a seemingly unending supply recently. It's safe to say she hadn't gotten used to them yet. The feeling was still horrible. She actually thought her bottom might be on fire. Angry and humiliated, the indignant woman tried to protect herself, but the too strong alien kept her arms in place with his other hand. In tears Allison cried out: "Please..." Swat! "Stop..." Swat! "No..." Swat! "More..." Swat! "I'm so..." Swat! "Sorry." Swat!

Finally, mercifully, the torture ended. Zolzan pushed Allison off his knees and she fell to the ground trembling. Her hand sought out her poor abused ass. It burned at the touch. Allison looked up, meeting the monster's eyes. He reached down to ruffle her hair before saying something in his incomprehensible language.

"Now no more of this Pepper. I had to leave a very important assignment once your collar alerted me about your status. You could really have hurt yourself. I know you want to be a good girl, and are just curious and playful, but even puppies need to learn. When I come home, we'll pick up the pace on your training. In the meantime, behave while I'm gone."

As Allison watched her torturer vanish into the ether, she was nearly overcome with despair. This couldn't be happening. Lying on her side to prevent any pressure on her bottom, she faced the horrifying prospect that this could continue indefinitely. Worst of all, even with her ass on fire, she was soaking. Somehow her punishment had managed to charge her up further. Allison had never felt so horny in her entire life. She was insatiable. But if that little bastard thought she was going to masturbate in the yard, he had another thing coming. He'd taken everything from her. Family, friends, career. Her freedom and independence. But he wouldn't get this. This one thing Allison was going to save for herself. She felt her pussy clench in response. Allison's own body betraying her. Involuntarily, a breathy moan escaped her throat. Her juices were actually dripping on the walkway. The sun gleamed off her collar. Moaning again, ass aching, Allison Smith reached a hand towards her engorged, hairless sex.


This wasn't turning into the afternoon Zolzan would have wished. The interlink was consumed with news of a famous Atrusian sports star's involvement in an illegal, underground girl fighting ring. A galactic scandal of enormous proportions, Zolzan, one of the Bureau's foremost experts on Earth women, was inundated with media requests. More than the extra work, though, he just couldn't believe anyone would stoop so low. His stomach churned at the thought of these innocent, helpless creatures, forced to beat each other in front of a rabid audience. All at the behest of the Atrusian owners responsible for their safety. Zolzan suppressed the urge to sneak away for a moment, find Pepper, and hug her close.


Allison dropped to her hands and knees before pushing herself through the small square door at the bottom of the house's entranceway. Even with a body lean from the pet food she ate for every meal and plenty of long walks at the end of her owner's leash, it was a tight fit. If she wanted to go outside, though, there was no choice. The main entrance way might as well be a wall for her, thanks to the shocks. Once outside, Allison rose to her feet, with as much grace as she could manage. Coming down the block, Allison recognized one of the neighboring Atrusians taking her woman out for a walk. The girl was Asian, and as with all the pets in the neighborhood, Allison recognized her well. Sadly, since she couldn't speak English, their relationship was fairly limited. But as far as Allison was concerned they were still sisters, bonded by their shared nightmare.

Allison walked near the invisible fence waving at and greeting the pretty Asian. She turned to acknowledge Allison's friendly gesture with a small bow, but before she could speak, the Atrusian tugged hard on her leash. "No Peanut, bad girl. I have errands to run and no time for this. Maybe when we come back home."

The poor girl had to jog or risk being choked by the leash. Not a pleasant sensation as Allison knew from experience. As girl and owner faded into the distance, Allison turned to the task at hand. Making her way to a favorite spot on the grass under a tree, Allison reached between her glistening thighs. It was her fourth time pleasuring herself today. She shuddered. Only another four to go if she stuck with her usual routine. Allison always masturbated outside since the unfortunate incident with the sun room floor. The auto-vac had dealt with it, but Zolzan had somehow known anyway. He'd tanned her hide with her face pushed into the very spot on the floor, and afterwards pointed her to outside. Allison got the message. Another shudder.

Even though she knew it wasn't her fault, there was still a part of the brunette that was disappointed in herself. If people from her past life could see her now, she wondered if they would understand, or just think she was some kind of slut. Allison was always so ready to go, so no individual session ever took that long. Once she parted her lips, fingers reaching for her tender, sensitive clit, the explosion was always imminent. Allison had grown quite proficient at prolonging the pleasure, but then again, since she was constantly soaking wet it wasn't that difficult. In the beginning, she'd thought of her fiancée, or past boyfriends. Sometimes co-workers, classmates or movie stars. In her head, she felt safe and loved. Just two enthusiastically consenting partners locked in passionate embrace. Allison could barely remember any of those fantasies now.

Near the end of her first month of captivity, Allison began waking up in her basket, drenched in sweat. Her sopping sex aching, spurred on by vivid dreams. Wild images of Allison's alien master ruthlessly fucking her flitted through her mind. Sometimes he would hold her leash tightly, controlling her movement as he pistoned in and out. Other nights he'd use her hair instead, lifting her head and neck uncomfortably, forcing her back into an unnatural arch. Spanking her hard with his free hand, Allison was forced to dizzying heights of ecstasy.

Only two things stayed the same, no matter the dream. Her owner taking her from behind, as Allison submissively offered up her ass. And her earth shaking orgasms. She knew it was all in her head, imaginary, the natural psychological product of this monstrous treatment. It seemed small consolation, though, when Allison woke up juicy and sticky, panting with lust, covered solely by her hated collar. Inevitably, sub-conscious bled into conscious. Allison's wakened fantasies hewing closer and closer to the ones she had while asleep.

She couldn't help but wonder if Zolzan thought of her in that way. It seemed unlikely, but then again... During her nightly baths, she could swear his soapy hands lingered just a touch too long on her smooth, hairless body. The way he gently washed her sex, causing Allison to gasp in pleasure even with no penetration at all. Or when the alien scrubbed her breasts, occasionally giving the erect nipples a little tweak. He certainly seemed to be warming to her, she was now allowed to come and go from the house to the yard as she pleased. Despising herself for it, Allison found a part of her wanting this creature to see her as a woman, not a pet, for reasons having nothing to do with her freedom.

It was about this time that Allison saw another human being for the first time since Zolzan imprisoned her. Relief over not being the only one in this condition battled disgust at seeing another woman reduced to this. The chubby woman's impressive chest was bouncing in a way that couldn't possibly be comfortable, despite her efforts to support them with her hands. Naked, collared and trying to keep up with the blue alien holding her leash, the blonde looked as miserable as Allison felt. Filled with an overwhelming urge to comfort her, or hell, just communicate in any way, Allison dropped to all fours and raced through the girl door. Allison called out to the woman: "Oh God, I can't believe they did this to you too, I'm so sorry."

The naked girl turned to face her, green eyes startled but depressed. She audibly whimpered. Her Atrusian stopped as well. "Look what we have here Butterscotch. Guess someone wants to be friends. What's your name girl? Is your owner around? You're a pretty human, yes you are. I suppose we have time for a play date." The Atrusian reached for the blonde's collar, unsnapping the leash, "Go say hello, Butterscotch."

Allison found herself speechless for a moment, just staring into the other woman's eyes. She'd been so excited to see someone else, anyone else, she hadn't really thought it through. Her cheeks grew red and Allison darted a hand down to cover her sex while positioning the other arm over her chest. The blonde let out a derisive chuckle. "Not much need for modesty anymore apparently. At least not for us."

Allison blushed even harder as she had to agree. She dropped her arms to her sides and considered a second issue. What was the procedure for introducing yourself to a fellow naked girl, while her owner looked on bemusedly? Not exactly something they taught at cotillion. The other woman solved the problem for her. "Hi," she said, offering her hand, "I'm Lauren Timmons."

"Allison Smith," she responded with a firm shake.

"Sorry to say you're not the first woman I've met here, but it's nice to talk to another American. Those blue bastards seem to have drawn us from all over the planet."

"There are others?" Allison tried to temper her excitement. Though it seemed a long shot, this was the first reason for hope she'd heard in what seemed like forever. "Any chance you've seen my fiancée? He's named Ben Riley. Or my parents, they're Tom and Jane."

Lauren shook her head sympathetically. "Actually I haven't seen a single man of any kind since that first day. Women seem to be the only people getting this naked and collared treatment. Lucky for us, huh?"

Even though Allison had known it was improbable, the disappointment still hit her like a punch in the stomach. Suppressing the horrifying thought that she would never see her fiancée, or any of her family again, she asked: " Have you learned anything about them? I can't even seem to duplicate the sounds they make, let alone understand them. And their facility with English seems just as bad."

"No, I've had the same experience," Lauren shook her head sadly, "I don't even know what continent we're on. And I'm, well I used to be, a geography teacher. For a people so advanced you'd think they would have some kind of translator."

"Well, maybe now that there's two of us, we could make some progress. Your alien doesn't seem quite as large as mine. If we lure him further into the yard so I can touch him, maybe we could overpower him together. Then try and unlock these..."

Lauren cut the excited Allison off. "Sorry hon, you're on your own. I know how strong he is, and even if he wasn't, I've been electrocuted quite enough times this month already. No," the blonde continued angrily, "it seems he wants me as a pet so that's what I'll be. I just hope the army is having better luck than we are."

Allison wasn't so sure. What could a soldier do against enemies that possessed this level of technology? And if they were capable of resistance, what were they waiting for? Dejected, Allison lowered her head. It really was hopeless. Her eyes fixated between Lauren's thighs, under the blonde's slightly protruding gut. She was denuded as well. Even outdoors from a step away she smelled the other woman. Allison could tell Lauren was soaking wet. She wasn't the only one. The brunette fought the urge to touch herself. When she looked back up, Lauren's eyes seemed almost glazed. Both women let out a simultaneous sigh.

Just as Allison was about to open her mouth, the Atrusian spoke up. "Alright Butterscotch, time to go. If I let you stay here all day, you won't get enough exercise. You've already lost some weight, and we don't want you getting fat again, do we?"

Allison didn't recognize any of the words, but Lauren caught at least something. "He's calling me. I have to go. God," she grumbled, "my back is killing me. I'd kill for a sports bra."

"Will I see you again at least? It's just so nice having someone to talk to finally."

"I'll try. Sometimes he lets me get my way in things like that. I'll find a way to show him I like this route." Lauren had already turned her back, walking towards an impatient owner. "Allison," she said turning her neck, "just remember that no matter what they do to us, we have to keep our pride. The army will free us. We just have to hold on. It won't be like this forever. It can't."

The alien had already snapped Lauren's leash back on, and was leading her away at a fast pace. The poor blonde's large breasts knocked against each other with increasing speed as owner and pet receded from Allison's view. Alone again, she remembered Lauren's last words. They sounded like a woman trying to convince herself.


"Isn't she cute?" Zolzan's fellow Animal Welfare officer Hachta exclaimed, showing him the images of her trip to the ocean with Boots. "She just loves playing in the water. I bring her down to the beach as much as I can."

Zolzan was inclined to agree. Boots, larger and much darker-skinned than his own Pepper, looked darling retrieving her favorite ball between her teeth so her owner could throw it again. He rather liked her very wide behind and close cut poof of black hair. "It's funny considering how well she's taken to it," Hachta continued, "but she just couldn't figure out how to fetch for the longest time. Why her collar must have had to shock her ten times before she understood the concept. When you think about it, it's really a miracle that humans managed to survive on their own long enough for us to save them."

"I've thought the same myself. But my fine young officer, you're not on this planet just to upload cute pet pictures to the interlink. We have countless girls to look after, and last time I looked, Kennel 86 is behind on automated veterinary check-ups. Now who could be responsible for that?"

"I'll get right to it," Hachta saluted her superior on her way out. Zolzan shook his head amusedly. She really was a fine young officer. Sometimes, though, she got a little carried away. He still remembered her coming to him panicked during her first week on the planet.

"Sir, I'm worried about Boots."


"Every time I turn around her hands are between her legs. She must spend hours a day pleasuring herself. I worry it's not healthy."

"Takes some getting used to, doesn't it? It's perfectly natural. Our experts seem to think it might be some sort of evolutionary defense mechanism. Breed a lot to make up for their inferior intellect."

"I suppose so. Of course I'd heard the Atrusian cliché about horny like human girls, but seeing it in person is something else. They really must be the most sex crazed species in the universe."

"Doesn't leave room for much else in their pretty little heads, huh?"


Allison walked up the stairs, bare feet cool against the tile. There wasn't anything all that interesting on this floor either, but Allison could just make out a distant mountain range from a bank of windows in Zolzan's bedroom. She liked looking at them and letting her mind wander. The brunette had been an avid skier, once. It was about the closest to entertainment she got during her long hours alone. Boredom had to be the worst aspect of this new life. Allison doubted she'd have to touch herself so much if there was anything else to do. Well, it was possible at least, she thought, blushing.

The once proud lawyer had long since abandoned the pretense of being anything except thrilled when Zolzan returned home at the end of the day. Initially she told herself she was only staring out the window, waiting for him, to prepare herself for resistance. That resistance never seemed to add up to much more then a sore behind though. Slowly, she started doing things the way he wanted. It was just easier that way. Allison didn't remember exactly when she'd started hugging him when he came through the door. The brunette would coo contentedly as he stroked her. The alien's incomprehensible language a symphony to her grateful ears. It wasn't, however, her only social life. Allison and Lauren had grown close over the years. She felt a sexual charge as she thought about just how close.

Lauren had been as good as her word, and the Atrusian walked her by the house often. Soon Zolzan became aware of the friendship as well. He'd frequently take Allison by Lauren's house, unleashing her so she could stop and chat. Or each of their aliens would bring them to the park at the same time. Both abusers would sit together on a bench conversing, watching the girls from the corner of their eyes. On the rare occasions one of the Atrusians left home for a few days, the other would look after both women. And it was in this atmosphere, perhaps three months after the aliens first arrived, that Lauren made an interesting proposal.

Their owners had brought the girls to the park. Allison barely noticed her own hand tracing her right nipple. They seemed to have a mind of their own these days. Lauren, however, did notice. "You look pretty far gone sweetie. Didn't you rub one off before he brought you here?"

It wasn't awkward to talk about. Their raging libidos had long been one of the girls' chief conversation topics. Increasingly it seemed to be their only conversation topic. Amazing what a few months naked on a leash will do to your inhibitions. "I did. I think it's getting worse. I'll cum HARD, and two minutes later I'll need it again. I'm worried what will happen if this goes much further. It's near impossible to concentrate on anything besides my damn pussy as it is. I've reached the point," Allison confessed to her friend "where I spend all day thinking of how to get that blue cock. It's like, you already own me, just stick it in and make it official. They must want it, otherwise why all this perverted treatment? I'd do anything for one good, hard fuck. I can't believe what they've done to me. Turned me into a slut."

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