The Chief Directive


Lauren nodded emphatically. Her cheeks flushed. "It's not your fault. Besides, I know just how you feel. Last night I had the hottest dream. It got me so riled up, my owner made me sleep outside so he could get some rest. I've been gushing all day thinking about it. Actually," she added casually, "you were in it."

"What?" Despite their generally frank talk, this was moving into uncharted territory. It took a conscious effort for Allison not to start stroking herself. She'd been totally heterosexual in her old life, never so much as a fantasy about another woman. Nowadays, however, she found herself imagining screwing seemingly everyone she met. The gender seemed irrelevant when compared to the raging inferno of lust building up in her.

"I was staying at your house," Lauren continued, "but it was cold. So I climbed into your basket to warm up. At first we just snuggled, but then your hand brushed my sex. You started talking about me being a naughty girl. I tried to tell you we couldn't do this, but you just shoved your tongue in my mouth. You were so insistent, taking whatever you wanted. It made me melt. And it felt so good, Allison. I haven't been kissed since this whole thing started. I never realized how much I missed it. Apparently I was moaning so loudly, my alien woke up. He put my leash on and tied me to my stake in the yard. I woke up with my fingers inside me. I'd been using both hands."

By the time the blonde finished her story, her voice was barely a whisper. Both women were breathing hard, breasts heaving. Allison could only think of one thing to say. In a voice so throaty she could hardly recognize it, the former lawyer responded: "Oh."

Lauren stared into her friend's eyes, and threw caution to the wind. "Allison, I want you. Maybe it's something they've done to us, but I don't care. Just once I want a relationship on my own terms."

And with that, Lauren took Allison's cheeks in her hands and brought her in for a passionate kiss. Eyes wide, the brunette reciprocated hungrily. Their tongues dancing together. No longer two submissive, broken pets, but women celebrating their humanity. Allison nearly came on the spot. She reached out for Lauren's large breasts, massaging and squeezing them. The blonde moaned loudly. Both girls collapsed on the ground. Lauren began kissing Allison's neck, slowly working her way down the lawyer's body. The feeling was driving Allison crazy. Before Lauren could go any further, though, Allison decided to return the favor. Turning herself, Allison positioned her needy body so her face lined up with Lauren's sex.

Meanwhile, the blonde continued her oral assault, kissing, licking and even nibbling all over Allison's body. The pleasure, and the anticipation, was indescribable. If Allison had still been capable of conscious thought, she might have felt guilty for not giving Lauren the same amazing foreplay. Then again, from the look of her friend's shaven cunt, it was hardly necessary. Allison stuck her tongue out, and tasted another woman for the first time in her life.

After so many orgasms Allison had lost count, Lauren was hugging her close. Allison could feel her friend's large breasts pushed against her back. Her own body was streaked with mud and grass stains from rolling around on the ground. As the sexual haze lifted, Allison wondered if this had been a mistake. She looked up, making eye contact with Zolzan on a nearby bench. He was watching her. The alien had seen the whole thing. Her first lesbian experience, just a show for his twisted pleasure. His smile towards her seemed almost condescending. A combination of amusement and disinterest. Allison hurriedly looked down, feeling dirty. It didn't have anything to do with the grass stains. She'd never been as conscious of anything as she was Lauren's juices caking her face.

"Hey, Ali."


"Up for another round?"

The worst part was that she didn't even have a moment of doubt. Allison felt her pussy clench. Moaning, she opened herself to her friend.


Zolzan made one final check of his station. Quite satisfactory. He'd heard from an old friend at Environmental Harmony, that Earth was almost re-balanced entirely. No matter how many times he experienced it on different planets, it never got old. The Atrusian reflected once again on his good luck. A life devoted to the animals he loved, all in the service of an Empire that used its great power not to plunder or destroy, but to save all the planets of the universe. He prepared to transport back home. Unless he missed his guess, someone would be anxious for his return.


Allison waited eagerly by the living room window. She didn't even need the sun's position to tell her that Zolzan would be home soon. She could feel it in her bones. Or more accurately, a different part of her body, the brunette reflected. Allison bounced lightly on the balls of her feet. It gave her ass an appealing wiggle as it shook side to side. When she realized what she was doing, Allison forced herself to stop. Get a hold of yourself, she thought. Not for the first time she questioned her own sanity. Allison didn't even know how long she'd been living like this any longer. Months, years? It was impossible to tell, every day seemed to blend together in one long, erotic haze. One thing Allison did know was that she'd never had any success getting her master to realize how this was all wrong.

All their communication was one way. Well, that wasn't entirely true. After he ordered she had to obey. Allison had desperately attempted to make herself understood. For the first few months of her captivity, after it became clear escape or physical resistance was impossible, she tried various methods to make her displeasure known. Hours spent screaming curses at him for his cruelty. Sobbing at her humiliating condition. The former lawyer even tried calm appeals to his reason. Finally, Allison had broken down and merely begged. Throwing herself prostrate on the ground at his feet she hugged Zolzan's ankles while groveling:

"Please sir. I don't know what I did to deserve this. I don't know who or what you are. But I can't live like this. I can't be your pet. I'll do anything you want. I'll obey any order. I'll be a good girl for you. Just please... stop treating me this way. I'm not an animal, I don't belong chained up outside. If you would just tell me what you want I could give it to you. Anything you desire. But no more collar. No more leash. No more walks. No more spankings. No more grooming. I know we're not as smart as you or as strong. You get to give the orders and we have to carry them out. There's so much you could teach us. That you could teach me. I'm so sorry for whatever I did to be treated like this. And I'm sorry for trying to escape. And," the poor girl's throat caught, "not learning the tricks you taught me faster. I can try harder, though, I can do better. It's only... sir, if you could just find it in your heart to fuck me one time, I'd be so grateful..."

Before Allison could finish, her clearly moved owner responded. Looking down at her with a kindly expression, Zolzan answered: "Wow. Someone's feeling rambunctious today. I know I shouldn't spoil you, but tell you what girl. I'll go get your leash and take you to the park. Maybe there'll be some new friends for you to play with. Then once you're tuckered out, I'll walk you home and give you a nice bath. And if you're a very good girl, I may just let you sleep at the foot of my bed tonight. How's that sound Pepper, who's a nice girl?"

And with that he tousled Allison's hair, before flipping her on her back to give her a nice tummy rub with a special focus on her breasts. He knew that was her favorite spot, after all, every time he petted her there she got so vocal. Sure enough, as if on cue, Pepper let out a deep, breathy gasp.

Allison snapped out of her reverie. She'd recognize that brief shimmer in the yard anywhere. Her alien was home. Too excited to wait for him inside, she dropped to the ground and crawled as fast as her hands and knees could carry her towards him. Even as he materialized she was leaping into his arms.

"Glad to see you too, Pepper. Time for your walk, right girl? Well go fetch your leash."

Allison recognized the leash command. She turned away from her owner, and crawled back inside the house. There, resting on a hook, was a metallic rope, perfectly matching her collar. She knew better than to reach out for it with her hands. Instead, Allison rose on her tip toes and grabbed the leash with her mouth. Even with a year of practice, it still took some doing to remove it from its hook. Once she secured it between her teeth, she crawled back towards Zolzan. The former Greenpeace lawyer meekly dropped the leash in her master's hand once he offered it. She stayed kneeling so he could more easily affix it to her collar. As the leash snapped on, Allison Smith, former attorney, knew one thing for certain. Pepper would be a good girl.

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