tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Chief's Top Dirty Secret

The Chief's Top Dirty Secret


"May I have your attention please? Would Agent 86 please report to the main office? Agent 86, please report to the main office," the Chief announced, across the PA system at Control Headquarters. He was anxiously waiting for Maxwell Smart because he had something incredible to show him. After all, Max was a close friend of his and he knew he could keep a secret--seeing as how Smart was a top secret control agent for the American Government.

Just then, Max briskly walk through Chief's office door. "You called for me, Chief?" He was glad to be of service, because with all the mistakes he made on his assignments, Smart was grateful to still have a job.

"Yes Max, but you can relax. I just wanted to show you something--I'm not taking you away from anything, am I?" Chief asked.

"Well..." The only thing agent 86 was busy with was checking out agent 99's cleavage as she spoke at length about thier upcoming assignment on their coffee break. "Uhh, no Chief, I'm done for the day."

"Well hold onto your hat there 86, because I have got something for you!"

"What is it Chief?"

"Alright, you know how you're always checking out agent 99 when she bends over to do my filing?"

Maxwell Smart was astonished at the conversation and aquisation. "I beg your pardon! Chief, how dare you..."

"Oh, shut-up Max, you told me just last week how nice her ass looked in that mini-skirt she wore!"

"Oh. Right Chief...so what is it you want to show me?" Agent 86 was curious, yet nervous, so he lit a cigarette and poured himself and the Chief a drink.

The Chief put a tape in the VCR and turned on the TV. On the video was what appeared to be agent 99 reading a book in bed. Then she closed the book, got up, and stood in front of her mirror in her night gown (which was practically see-through). She began to rub her arms, then she let her beautiful brown hair down. Soon, she was caressing her own breasts.

"Chief! I...I..." Max's cigarette fell from his mouth. He quickly put it out. "How did you? I mean, how could you?" Max loved and respected 99, but now he was watching her masterbate on what appeared to be a spy camera in her bedroom.

"Well, Max" the Chief said with a smirk on his face and as matter-of-factly as he possibly could, "let me put it to you this way, I'm in charge here and I have needs too." Chief could see by the stunned look on Max's face that he had probably said something wrong. So to put 86 and himself more at ease, he opened his desk drawer and took out a joint. Max's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He had seen hippies do things like this, but not "normal" people!

"Chief, I don't think we should..."

"Shut-up and smoke it or you're fired!"

"Right Chief." Max immediately and dutifully took a great big hit. Pretty soon, both of them were stoned and enjoying every bit of what unfolded in front of them on the video.

Suddenly, the door opened and there stood Agent 99. She looked at them with surprise, but the smell in the room was very familiar to her. Ninety-nine smoked every once in awhile to unwind after work. After all, it was the 60's. "What on God's green earth are you two doing?" she questioned them. "I mean, you two should be ashamed of yourselves--and on company property as well!"

Both men looked at each other and looked at 99. Just then, 99 took a look at what was on TV. "Oh my God! This is my apartment! You assholes! How did you get this?"

Max was in a giddy mood, but tried to maintain his composure. "Uhh, well, you see the Chief installed a spy-cam in your apartment for your protection...."

"Whatever, I have never worked with such jerks in my life. I'm going home. Oh, and Chief, I will be putting in my resignation first thing tomarrow morning."

After she left the office, the Chief and Max were feeling kind of guilty. So they talked about it and decided to pay 99 a visit to apologize to her for their actions. Maxwell Smart and the Chief stood in the hallway to 99's apartment and rang her doorbell.

"Yes, who is it?"

"It's us," Max stated sheepishly, "We want to talk to you for a minute."

"Go away assholes!"

"99, there's no excuse for what I did, but I did start out with the best of intentions," explained the Chief.

The door opened, and 99 let them in. "I want you both to know that I'm very upset about the invasion of my privacy." She had actually forgiven them hours ago. Not many people knew this about her, but 99 was kind of a nympho. She loved having sex, and she was definately feeling the presence of these two guys in her living room. She felt kind of scared, yet excited too, and secretly hoped something would happen.

"Oh, we're sorry 99, it's just that no man can resist working in constant danger with such a beautiful agent like you." Max was buttering her up and it was working. "Can I have a hug?" Max drew her close, and hugged her tight. He started nuzzling her neck. Ninety-nine was getting really turned on with Max so close to her. Then she glanced over at the Chief. He smiled and came over to her.

"Can't I have a hug too?" With that, the Chief took 99 firmly in his arms. For an older guy, about 55-60, Chief was in pretty good physical condition for his age. Ninety-nine was feeling light-headed at this point, because she felt Max against her in back and he was rubbing her ass.

Max spoke next to her ear, "Watching that video got me so horney, I just can't take it!" Chief took this opportunity to do some heavy necking, and sucked on her neck like an expert. Ninety-nine's breathing quickened and she closed her eyes. Just then, she noticed Max removing her dress, and Chief planted a nice big wet kiss on her mouth. Ninety-nine's head spun as he shoved his tongue in her mouth. She stood there in all her glory and realized that she was going to actually have two men at the same time.

"Ninety-nine, I'm gonna fuck you too--I can't wait," the Chief whispered beside her other ear. Immediately, 99's pussy became wet. She sat on the couch and Both men unbuckled their pants. Max sat beside her and squeezed and fondled one breast and sucked on the other. Chief stood on her other side and held out his cock. Ninety-nine knew exactly what to do in a situation like this, and quickly took his dick in her hand sucked him like a pro. She used her other hand to give Max a nice hand-job. After a few minutes, the Chief pulled his cock from her mouth and said, "Ok, stop now, before I blow my load." The Chief got on his knees and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. She had such fair skin and creamy white thighs. He looked at the beautiful brunette with fake eyelashes and red pouty lips, and also at her perfect, neatly- trimmed snatch, and thought he had died and gone to heaven. Chief knew how to please a woman, he had done so many times in his life. So he buried his face in her pussy and went to work.

Meanwhile, Max had positioned himself so that 99 could give him head. Ninety-nine did the best, sloppiest job she could, and soon he was groaning and moaning with the best of them. "Ohhh, Ninety-nine, oh yeah, oh that feels so good baby!" Max told her. At this point, she couldn't hold back. She tore her mouth away from Max and grabbed Chief's head with both hands. It was happening, she knew it and couldn't stop it. The Chief was making her come and come hard!

"OOOOOH GOD! Oh don't stop...ohhh..." she threw her head back with her eyes shut tight.

Max was surprised by the look of her, but knew her had to fuck her right away to get some relief. The Chief came up for air, and made way for Max. Smart sat on the couch and said, "Ninety-nine, get on me." She did as she was told and impaled her muff with his dick. Chief, being too horney to do anything else, stuck his dick up her ass. Now this kind of hurt at first, because 99 had never been fucked like this before.

"Ouch, Jesus Christ, Chief...ooh...owww" Ninety-nine started to get used to it. Soon she was rocking her hips and working herself up to another orgasm. "Ohh...Ohhh...oh God pleeease,


Max could feel her muscles tighten around his cock and knew he was coming, "OHHH! OH YEAH! OHH SHIT! he yelled out as he shot wads and wads of hot liquid inside her.

If Max thought his was good, Chief's was better. Ninety came right when he did. Chief didn't say anything, but his face got red, he held his breath, and thrust himself in and out of her. Ninety-nine yelled out, because she felt him explode inside her. The Chief let his breath out in short ragged puffs, and gradually slowed to a stop.

Ninety-nine was the first to break the silence. "Alright you two, who wants to go out to dinner?" she asked with a perky grin. The Chief was groggy from all the action, and said, "You two go on ahead, I'm just gonna take a nap."

"Chief, we'll drive you home if you want," Max added.

"Ok, sounds good." And with that, Agent 86 and 99 dropped the Chief off at his home. Then they both had dinner and drinks at the Pussycat lounge, and went back to 99's apartment to fool around some more.

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