tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Chinese Mahogany Desk

The Chinese Mahogany Desk


Mr Anderson was a dignified man. In his early forties, he was respected throughout the community as The All Girls Vittoria Academy's Headmaster. With salt and pepper hair he wasn't an ugly man, but he wasn't a smoking hot young one. His look was distinguished, powerful. All Girls Vittoria was a prestigious school, a school that Mr Anderson took pride in. The school valued student appearance with great importance, as the girls, aged from 14-18, were each required to dress in regulation uniform; red plaid skirts to the knee, black shiny shoes, white blouses, a red plaid tie and knee high socks.

Anderson was sitting in his office behind his big mahogany desk. He loved this desk, he had it specially crafted in China from the expensive antique wood. A few school reports sat stacked beside his newspaper. He was trying to avoid them, by catching up on the news. Working at an all girls high school had it's fair share of advantages and disadvantages. For example Anderson normally enjoyed seeing all the young fresh bouncy girls in their cute and enticing uniforms on a daily basis, but today with a headache as a result of a loss of sleep and sexual frustration due to his decaying marriage, Anderson didn't want to see another young and bouncy girl till next year. Unfortunately when you work as a Principal, in an all girls high school, they're kind of hard to avoid. Especially when they are sent to your office whenever they have broken a small conduct of rules. I really need to brief the staff on handing out punishments for small infringements, Anderson thought.

But this next visitor to his office wasn't there on account of a small infringement. Lindsay Stevens was a vivacious young teenager. At 18, she had been in Headmaster Anderson's office a few times. Being late for class, skipping class, incorrect uniform, that kind of thing. But other than those few offences she was an average student, she made good enough grades and had her own friends. This time however she was caught doing something she couldn't be punished with a few detentions.

"Lindsay, you may enter." Anderson's booming voice answered the knock on the door.

"Please take a seat." Anderson looked up from his newspaper at the young girl and instantly was annoyed. A busty attractive blonde for her age, she liked to show it. Her long hair tied up high in an innocent pony tail, her white shirt stretched across her bosom, blatantly displaying the red bra underneath. Her plaid skirt hardly reach mid thigh and when she sat it climbed even higher up her leg.

"Your hall pass?" Mr Anderson said gruffly.

Lindsay looks nervous, more nervous than she normally did when she frequented his office.

"It's disappointing to see you in here again Miss Stevens," He spoke as she leaned over the desk and passed him the note from the teacher who sent her to him. As she did so her was treated to a tempting view of her breasts sitting in her red lacy bra. "What is it this time? Late for class? Incorrect uniform? I can see your skirt is too short, your shoes are scuffed and your blouse seems to have shrunk."

"I don't know, Mrs Carlisle sent me out of class without reason. My other uniforms were in the wash," she made excuses and tried to look innocent, looking down at her hands folded in her lap.

Mr Anderson smirked at her weak defense before looking down at the yellow slip of paper she had produced. It only took him a moment to read to understand that the girl sitting in front of him knew what she had done wrong but not that she had been caught in the act.

"Mrs Carlisle seems to have the impression that you were cheating in your exam last week."

Lindsay looked up quickly from her lap. "What?"

"Isobel Lukas, the straight A student, was sitting right beside you and seems to have written the exact same answers as you," Mr Anderson read out Mrs Carlisle's note. "Now I don't think, you, with your rather unfortunate report cards of late, could be the innocent party, and that poor straight A Isobel is the guilty, do you?"

Lindsay just stared at her fingers, picking at her nails nervously. She wouldn't meet Anderson's piercing eyes.

"Lindsay Stevens!" Mr Anderson roared. The girl jumped. "You have cheated in one of the most important exams of the year, do you not have anything to say?"

The girl looked up at Mr Anderson, he could tell she was not ready for an admission of guilt. "Do not lie to me young lady!" He warned.

She slumped in her stance. "How many weeks?" She asked, a question she is used to asking every time she is in this office. How many weeks of detention?

"This is far more serious than detention. Now seeing your complete lack of guilt I see I have no other option than to involve your parents in this matter."

"No!" She sat upright, finally participating in the conversation in earnest. "Please Sir. Don't call my parents! Please I'll do anything. Anything! I can do community service, take the exam again, clean toilets. I'll do anything you want me to do, Sir!"

Mr Anderson's libido stirred at this proposition. It made him angry that this young girl could have control over one of the most intimate parts of himself. Perhaps it was his sexual frustration at home, or this not so innocent girl sitting in front of him, batting her eyelashes shamelessly, that made his mind wander to where her protest and offer could mean sexually. Not something a principal of an all girls school should think about, especially in front of a student. But the idea of controlling this impetuous teen, taking advantage of her, made his cock stir and it was hard to ignore the painful bulge of it confined in his pants. She was doing this to him, she was intending to do this to him. Look at her sitting up straight, pushing her breasts out, taunting me, fake unshed tears clouding her eyes.

Mr Anderson seemed to be thinking over her proposition and Lindsay inwardly smiled, she could turn over any male and she loved doing it. Flicking back her hair she hoped she could convince Mr Anderson. He was such a proper man, she just hoped he like naughty school girls. Still, she was not entirely sure, and that tiny seed of doubt in her mind left her surprised when he came out with a compromise.

"Well I can see you feel very strongly about this Lindsay. If it is your wish, we can handle your punishment in house."

"Thank you sir! Thank you so much!" She smiled sweetly and wiped her tears away.

"But," Mr Anderson's voice made her smile drop. How many hours of detention did she have to go to, how many hours of boredom did she have to wheedle her way out of? "I believe this felony requires a more drastic form of punishment than just a few detentions, Lindsay. As long as I have your full consent that you will do exactly as I ask, I will not call your parents."

Lindsay nodded enthusiastically. He'll probably assign me hours of picking up rubbish, cleaning the locker rooms or filing for one of the receptionists. Lindsay didn't mind, as long as she didn't have to sit in a classroom with delinquents every lunch time. "Yes! I agree. I agree to any terms you may have."

"Is that your word Lindsay?" Mr Anderson was getting very excited, his cock was straining now, pushing painfully against his zipper.

"Yes." She said and that was all Mr Anderson needed.

"Please stand Lindsay," Anderson ordered and Lindsay obeyed. "Come here to the side of the desk please." Anderson's heart was pumping hot heavy, lust filled blood straight to his crotch. He wasn't thinking anymore. He was pure instinct.

Lindsay stood up, confused and finally wary of Mr Anderson's intentions. She moved around to the side of his tall desk and stood adjacent to the large rectangle.

"Very good." Mr Anderson murmured before standing and walking the opposite side around the desk. He turned his back to hide his hard on, and went to his utilities cupboard. He knew exactly what he was looking for as he opened the door and found the long 40cm ruler.

Lindsay's eyes widened. Surely not! She thought.

Mr Anderson stepped behind his desk once more effectively hiding his excitement. He flexed the wooden ruler in his hands and joined Lindsay at the side of the desk.

"Please step up to the table so your thighs touch the edge Lindsay."

"What's happening?" Lindsay asked but she obeyed.

Anderson ignored her question, his eyes were stuck to her thighs touching his desk. Her skirt was meant to be longer, her skin shouldn't have been touching that wood. This thought of her short skirt angered him again.

He carefully removed the stack of files off the end of the desk and placed them at the other end out of reach and out of way. "Please bend over the desk and grasp hold of the sides, please Lindsay." He asked keeping his voice steady.

"Sir!? What?" Her voice pitched and she wouldn't bend.

"Do you want me to call your parents and inform them of your failings?!" He shouted harshly.

She swallowed. She didn't have a choice. She only hoped that her strategically short skirt wasn't too short and expose her very brief red lacy panties. Slowly she lowered her torso over the desk. It was a very tall desk though, custom made remember, Lindsay had to reach to lie over it, her skirt riding up more than intended.

"Bottom up girl!" Anderson said, his voice as hard as his cock.

Lindsay had to stand on her tippy toes to obey him and her cheeks flamed red with embarrassment. Yes, her skirt was too short to hide her modesty.

"Disobeying the rules yet again Miss Stevens. Non--regulation underwear. Tsk, tsk. You will get ten extra strokes for that."

Lindsay groaned. "Now, now, no complaining, you got yourself into this mess. Now hold still like a good girl and this all will be over soon."

Mr Anderson lifted the girls skirt and laid it over her lower back. Revealing in the process more of those tantalizingly brief panties she had on. The red lace showed the contrast between her milky white skin and the Brazilian cut briefs.

He lifted his arm ready to swing back with the ruler. He noticed the way she was squirming, struggling to stay on her toes. He decided to come down softly on the first two blows.

Lindsay jumped at the first two blows, they weren't as hard as she expected. I could deal with this, she thought. In fact Lindsay was almost enjoying this, older men excited her, she'd been with a few before and their experience dominated hers and she liked the ideas of submission although she would always be too proud to submit she admired the power of older men. Mr Anderson was attractive for his age, at little Richard Gere if you like. But as the third and forth blow reigned down they became more stinging, slapped with more power, more pain.

"Ow! It hurts, it hurts!"

"It's meant to girl!" Mr Anderson said roughly. Pushing his spare hand onto Lindsay's back as she tried to jump up. "You stay down girl and on your toes, or you'll get ten more strokes! Do you hear me?"

"Yes sir." She said, tears in her eyes.

It was on the fifteenth stroke, Anderson was counting, that he noticed a dampness growing on the girls panties. He only intended to scare her and not take the punishment any further than it already was but this evidence of arousal infuriated him.

"What's this?" He smacked the ruler down lower, over her pubic mound. "You horny little slut. You are aroused by this?"

Lindsay didn't say a word, her tears had finally broke their bay and were genuinely running down her cheeks. Her perfect mascara smudging at her lash lines.

He smacked her pussy again. "You are aroused by being spanked by your own headmaster? You really are a slut. You dress in skimpy red panties and parade around in short skirts and tight blouses begging for attention? You're getting attention now girl!" Mr Anderson slapped the ruler on her ass again, using his free hand to yank down her panties to her knees. The evidence of her arousal was trickling down her leg for the work to see.

"Look at this! You little slut! You need to be taught a real lesson! He dropped the ruler then and started using his palm. Spanking her wildly.

Lindsay whimpered, "No, Sir! Please!" her hands going back to cover her bare bottom.

"You get those hands away now girl!" He warned, but Lindsay refused to move her protecting hands.

Anderson was at the end of his tether. "You like being spanked by the Principal, don't you?" He grasped the girls wrists in his left hand and held them away at her back.

"Look at this!" He let his free hand trail down her backside to the gaping hole dribbling moister. He dipped his thumb inside. Lindsay jumped at the sudden intrusion. "Disgusting."

He brought his hand back and spanked her bottom once more.

"Please Sir!" She squirmed, her bottom moving back and forth. This time begging him not to stop, Lindsay was enjoying this, secretly. She missed Mr Anderson's hot finger probing into her channel. Mr Anderson noticed this.

"You naughty girl. You like having your Headmaster's finger up your juicy cunt don't you?"

She swayed her bottom again. Mr Anderson lost it.

Lindsay heard the sound of a zipper, the rustle of fabric and suddenly feared what she did not mean to encourage.

"Fine then whore, you can have your Principals cock!"

Anderson took hold of his swaying member and rubbed the head of his rock hard penis against the young girls opening. She bucked against the desk, trying to get away from him, or offer him an easier angle he couldn't tell, her words were not decipherable to him.

"No! Sir, please no! Don't!" She wailed, trying to stand up. He pushed her harshly back to the desk, pushing her face into the expensive wood.

"You wanted pleasure? Well, you can have mine!"

He took hold of her hips and shoved his wide shaft into her roughly, with force, as deep as he could the small opening. She was tight, exquisitely tight. She groaned with his intrusion, as unwelcome it was, it was satisfying.

The older man released her wrists and took her golden ponytail in his hand. Pulling back her head painfully as he started to thrust.

"Oh yeah!" He groaned. "You fucking little slut, god you're tight. Fuck yes!" He hissed.

Lindsay's mouth was open, gasping, her fingers gripped the side of the desk hard, her knuckles turning white. She slid across the desk every time he pounded.

"Oh yeah!" He moaned sliding in and out of her tight hole.

Lindsay started moving back to meet him, her arousal building too.

"You're enjoying this too, aren't you? You little slut. Getting fucked by the principal a fantasy of yours, little girl? Fucked on the Principal's desk? Hmm?" He moved in and out with languid movements now. Savoring the moment.

She moaned at his dirty words. He encouraged her, pulling back on her ponytail and using his other hand to thumb her clit.

She whimpered at the contact.

"Like that, little girl?" He panted.

She nodded, moaning as he increased the pressure. She was almost on the brink of coming when he pulled out and let go. She grunted in frustration. Anderson spanked her ass again. Three times. Hard.

He grabbed her hair again and made her stand, made her turn around. He lifted her onto the edge of the desk, pushed her back. His hands going to her tight blouse, cupping her breasts. His fingers found the buttons but he didn't favor them and just ripped the shirt open. "Oh yes, look at this!" He exclaimed. Her red lacy bra on display. He pulled it down and her perky young breasts popped out of their cups. He mouth latched on to a tit and sucked.

Lindsay gasped at the feeling of Mr Anderson's mouth at her nipple. His teeth grazed her areola and she shuddered.

"Sensitive huh?" He came up for air and then proceeded to start on the other tit. When he bit down on this nipple she cried out. Loudly. Mr Anderson, conscious of his secretary outside pulled the girls tie from around her shoulders and put it in her mouth and tied it around her head as a gag. Lindsay moaned again.

Becoming impatient, Mr Anderson stepped back from the young girls breasts and spread her legs wide. He pulled her hips towards him before entering her again. This time her was slow and sensuous, truly torturing her.

"I'm going to make you come. I'll make you come on the Principals desk. You dirty little girl."

His thumb found her clit again and began massaging it in a circle. Lindsay threw her head from side to side moaning.

Finally after a build up to the climax Lindsay fell over the precipice. Her pussy milking Mr Anderson for all he has. He pounded into her before spurting his own juices inside her young slit.

Mr Anderson staggered back and collapsed in his chair. His cock finally limp and satisfied. A eighteen year old girl lying on his custom made mahogany desk, half naked.

"Thank you for being so co--operative Miss Stevens in your punishment. You have my word your parents will not be notified of your misfortunes."

Mr Anderson grew to love that desk even more after that day.

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