tagNonHumanThe Choice

The Choice


It was another Halloween night in the sleepy port town of Hennessey somewhere on the coastline of Maine.

On the Old Woodsmen bridge stood an imposing figure of a man as the sun set; he was a tall slender man and black as pure ebony. A black cloak billowed out from his body forced away by the retreating autumn breeze to revel that he wore a small axe strapped to his hip. Quietly he sat down with legs crossed on the far end of the bride facing away from the town and began to chat loudly to himself.

Had any of the townsfolk witnessed him performing such an act; he would have surly been tried as a warlock and burned immediately- but not tonight. At the finish of his chant his eyes flashed open just as a blonde, white woman stood before him on the bridge and appeared out of thin air. She wore a black cloak to match the one he wore, also billowing in the autumn breeze. Though underneath this woman's cloak held a different sort of outfit, not quite as appropriate as what pure women would be found in, for it was a black leather corset that strained at the lacing holding her ample breasts from spilling out; the corset had a short skirt that stopped just below her ass without any additional under garments and she wore thigh high leather boots complete the look.

She eyed this black man and said, "So Jack Jack, shall we have revenge tonight?"

"I am with you always, Beth," said the man now standing up and gazing at the town across the bridge.

The woman smiled wickedly looking at the town and thought of how her life had come to this.


Elizabeth Giles was doing her best to not run down the path, for that would not be deemed lady like in this small port town. She tried to keep her pale yellow dress from swishing too much, while clutching the note she received from her betrothed, Joseph Hiskell, in her other hand.

They were a month away from being married, and he wrote her that he had completed his wedding gift to her. She was to come to his shop to see it as he could not wait any longer to show it to her.

With each passing day, Elizabeth's, Beth to those that knew her, anticipation grew for her coming wedding day. She was the daughter of John Giles a wealthy landowner and was raised in all the ways of being a young lady and this included knowing that rushing to your betrothed unattended was wrong, but she did not turn back. What Beth lacked though, was an understanding of men in general.

She obviously did not fathom the effect her young 20 year old body had on the men of the town as her parents had worked hard to keep their daughter's frame hidden away from the world. She had the most reinforced bodice to keep her 36C breasts hidden and pressed flat and they selected dresses for her that attempted to hide away her perfectly shaped ass. She was innocent and pure, ignorant of the vile thoughts that most male occupants had as she passed.

Even her parents were delusional and their effort was much in vain though, as exampled by the young man, Nathanial, who delivered the note to her from his master. The eighteen year old boy was reduced to a shy blubbering boy when he set his eyes upon Beth, and with shaking hand handed her the note from Joseph.

She rounded the corner of the next street to see Joseph's shop come into view. As the street lanterns were already lit with dusk fast approaching, she knew that it must be something special for him to ask her to his shop at such an hour. She cast a skittish glance up and down the street and she thought improperly what the women of the town would say if they saw her entering her betrothed shop at such an hour without supervision.

Beth faltered briefly, on the verge of turning back because would never want to cast her family in a bad light. Yet, she saw the coast clear; she quickly crossed the street and entered the shop with the ringing bell to signal her arrival.

She started to call out to Joseph when she heard several rough noises coming from somewhere in the back. Beth gasped as a large man stepped out into the shop coming to see who had entered. It was Beradine Black, a local mercantile that she had seen have arguments with Joseph and even her father in the past. Beradine was a large stout man in his late forties with a large barreled chest and tree trunk shaped arms.

His face showed the age and life of a rouge, with his graying hair pulled back into a pony tail, his beard roughly cropped, and his nose somewhat misshapen from being broke years ago. He grinned when his eyes fixed on Beth.

"Well, hello Elizabeth," he said sweetly, "Now, what brings you here to Joseph's shop at this hour?" as he swept the room with his eyes, "And no chaperone? Now Miss Giles, is that proper?" He started to move towards her.

"H... Hello Mr. Black. Is Joseph here, I wish to speak with him," she managed to say while her repulsion for this man grew as he approached her. She could already smell the odor of rum coming from him.

"Please Beth, call me Beradine." he said now less than a foot apart from her, causing her to take steps backwards as he approached. Soon she found herself pressed against the door with her shoulders pressed against the glass. She quickly reached around with her hand to try and open the door not wishing to be in same room with this man all the while keeping her eyes on him.

He reached around her and grasped her hand then lowered his mouth to her ears, "What's your rush, Beth?" and then he inhaled deeply smelling her scent. Beth's heart was racing.

He continued and said, "Joseph is in the back, I'll take you to him." His arm wrapped around her tiny waist and began to steer her towards the back of the shop. She looked up at him in alarm, as his arm around her waist ended with his hand resting on her lower stomach. This was not proper she thought and where was Joseph?

Suddenly, Beradine withdrew his arm from around her waist and shoved her hard into the back room, but at the same time grabbed the back of her dress yanking it backwards. The action caused her dress to rip completely open down the back as she collapsed onto the floor.

Beth it the floor hard and rolled to her side then started to scream out hysterically for beside her was Joseph looking at her with dead eyes and there was man was standing over Joseph callously wiping a wicked looking dagger off on Joseph's breeches.

"What's this?" the tall slender man said as he greedily looked over the young exposed Beth and then cast a glance over to Beradine.

"Our reward for taking care of a troublesome shop keeper who thought he was better than me. I can think of no better reward than taking his bride to be," Beradine snickered as he looked down at Beth.

"You monster!" shouted Beth moving to the dead form of her betrothed, while her tattered dress fell farther from her body but held in place with the last shreds of her bodice lacing.

Beradine walked over to the once future couple and said to his accomplice, "Hand me your knife Seth."

Beth looked up with a tear stained face, "Take my life! I do not care. You've destroyed everything!" she yelled before she turned back to Joseph and wept.

"I will take your life, but not before I take your body!" he threatened and deftly slide the knife under the knotting of her bodice and sliced it free. Instantly her most prized treasures were sprung free. Beradine grabbed Beth and pulled her up and around to face him. At the same time Seth stepped over Joseph and went to tear off Beth's remaining garments leaving the innocent young woman before them.

Beradine looked down at Beth with a smug smile as he reached up and cupped her large pear shaped breasts that defied gravity at that young age. Without saying a word he lowered his mouth to her nipples and expertly suckled the first one, while his rough hand pinched and tweaked the other causing the nub to harden.

Seth kneeled down in awe as his hands began to knead the perfect fleshy globes of her ass that was now before him. He rained down sloppy kisses upon her ass as his hands caressed up and down her inner thighs.

Beradine popped Beth's nipple out of his mouth and came back up to her and said, "If you try to flee or call out for help, I will not only kill you, but I will pay your parents a visit as well." He then quickly took a step back and slowly undid his breeches. Seth seeing this stood up and did the same.

In the silence of the room with the only sound of rustled clothes as the men undressed, Beth looked up to the ceiling resigned to her fate. She was brought back to reality when Beradine grabbed her hand and brought it to something that was hard and hot, but felt like flesh as well she thought causing her to look down and realize that she was holding her penis.

She instantly tried to withdraw, but Beradine kept her hand in place and even guided her grip up and down his shaft. Though she hated this man, she could not help but look at this appendage in amazement as it seemed to grow larger with her strokes. She then felt another hard hot rod against her ass, causing her to gasp, which only brought another wicked smile to Beradine.

"You shall not have her before I do Seth," Beradine dangerously advised his partner who at this warning took a step back but was still ran his hands over her ass and lower back perversely.

Beradine turned his eyes back to Beth, "You have not ever seen a man's cock before, have you?" he joked. "I think you have flaunted your body for far too long in this town. Teasing me but never letting me or any of us sample your goods. That changes tonight my dear," he said with smugness. He looked lustfully at the patch of golden hair that grew between her legs and guided his hand down her stomach through her pubic hair and into the folds of her pussy.

Beth looked down at his hand as it touched her most private parts that her mother told her should only be reserved for a husband. She brought her gaze instantly up to Beradine face as a jolt of electricity hit her as he started to rub her clit. She managed to speak out, "Please, no I beg you. Take my life now."

"Now where is the fun in that for me?" he questioned as he concentrated on rubbing her clit. At the same time, Seth pressed his hot dick between her butt cheeks reached around her to fondled her breasts, twisting them cruelly which brought a yelp from Beth. She was now sandwhiched between two naked me, both taking liberties on her body.

Beradine knew that no woman would be able to resist such assaults on their body, and especially one that was a virgin, began to move his fingers towards her pussy finding it completely betraying her and dripping as he easily slipped a finger inside. He could not resist degrading her more, "I see maybe I was wrong about her Seth, for she is dripping more than the wench down at Tully's tavern. Why Elizabeth Giles I believe you're a whore."

At this insult, she slapped him hard across the face. The reaction was swift and salvage as he brought his open palm hard across her face. The force it brought spun her body halfway around to land hard against the floor. She looked up at him with hatred in her eyes, as Beradine wiped his nose with the back of his hand and narrowed his eyes at her as he saw his blood on his hand.

"You bitch! You will pay for that!" he roared as he grabbed her by the foot and drug her over to a rocking chair in the room. "You see this," he bellowed as he sat down on the chair while stood holding her foot, "This is what your precious Joseph made for you, so that you could rock to sleep your future children of his! Guess that won't happen!"

She kicked him right in the gut with her other foot and tried to crawl away as she said, "You disgusting monster! You would never compare to my Joseph. You are a sad creature!"

This only pushed Beradine to further insanity as he grabbed her again by the feet and brought her struggling body to back to his. "Your limb dicked man is no comparison to me. Funny how he never had the balls to put you in your place and show you what women are truly good for, but don't you worry I will show you!" he yelled out.

At this he lifted her up to him with her back facing him and grabbed her by the hips then called out for Seth to grab her struggling hands. Beradine lined her up with his stiff dick and then slammed her hard upon him as if driving in a spike. He grinned all the more wickedly as she screamed out in pain, which only caused him to slam her harder onto his dick.

Beth continued to howl at the pain that was invading her body as Beradine said, "Seth show this bitch what a mouth is for, and if you," he said to Beth, "do anything other than please Seth's dick. I will torture you beyond belief!" At this he placed his strong hand on the back of her head and pushed her down upon Seth's waiting dick.

"Just lick it and suck it nice girl," Seth instructed as he was sure this woman was going to bite his dick off just to spite Beradine. Her mouth opened to scream again but was stifled as Seth's dick slid right into her mouth. She found it to be repulsive as it smelled very musky. She felt Seth's hands now upon her head forcing her to gently bob up and down on his dick. She at least appreciated to some degree that this man was not as forceful as Beradine, though she wanted him to die just as much.

By now the bleeding from the breaking of her hymen had subsided and despite what she felt, her body was starting to adjust and respond to this attack. Beth took in even more of Seth's dick in her mouth and gasped when Beradine started to work her ass hole with his finger. She quickly realized and became disgusted with herself when she noticed that her body was involuntarily pushing back on Beradine's dick and now the invading finger.

This did not go unnoticed by Beradine as he picked up his pace and then raised up out of the chair while holding Beth straight out in front of him around her waist, causing her mouth to pop off the disappointed Seth's dick. Beth instinctively wrapped her legs around Beradine's strong thighs as best as she could. Beradine then started to thrust deep inside her, as Seth slipped down underneath Beth and started to suck and tweak her nipples.

Beth could not take it anymore and could not help it as she let out a moan. She instantly was ashamed at herself, but could not help but moan again at the very next thrust by Beradine. His cock was sliding in and out of her with ease as she was readily coating his shaft with her juices. He grinned and said as he thrust in deep again bringing another moan from her lips, "You like this don't you," he teased.

"No," she replied but reached back to grab his free hand with hers to steady herself. Her other hand cradled Seth's head to her breasts for additional support.

Beradine started to pick up his pace as he was getting close to filling her womb with his seed. "Don't lie to me girl. You love this," he said while he pulled on her hand to help him get even deeper into her.

Poor Beth's mind was losing the battle to her body as she had never been touched in such a way, and did not even know such things were possible. Within no time she was no longer trying to hide her moans as she was wantonly bucking her hips against Beradine. Somewhere deep inside her was the growing need to cum and her body wanted to so badly at this point that almost nothing else mattered.

Beradine sat back down on the chair pulling her off of him in order to turn her around to face him. He then reached his hand out to her and despite her mind saying 'No' she took his hand and went to him willingly then saddled her onto his dick once again. He raised her chin so that her eyes met his and said, "You like this don't you? Say it!" He started again thrusting his dick inside of her. He could feel the walls of her pussy grabbing and holding onto his cock in response to his attention.

Her mind was shocked and disgusted with herself when she heard herself say, "Yes," while she let this man take her hands up to her tits and made her start to pinch and tweak her own nipples! She was lost in her own degradation and sexual lust.

"You are a whore," Beradine teased as Seth stepped in from the side and took one of her hands that was playing with her nipples and brought it his dick. Without any further instruction, she began to jack him off.

"Yes, I am a whore," she moaned as her eyes closed for her body was so close to the climax that it needed. She then felt Beradine bring her lips to his and she willing accepted his tongue and began to kiss him with equaled passion.

"Tell me that you are mine now! My own personal slut," Beradine said with lust and pride at conquering the prime and proper Elizabeth Giles as he started pumping her with reckless abandon.

"Yes, I am your whore" she screamed as her body finally hit the peak it wanted and her entire body shuddered. Then instantly upon such a high her mind gained back power over the body, she hated herself and these men. She bit down hard on Beradine's tongue and squeezed hard Seth's balls as both men yelped in pain.

Vice like hands grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open. With blood drolling out his mouth, Beradine threw Beth from his body. The last thing Beth recalled before everything went black was Seth complaining that he never got his chance with her, as Beradine approached her with a knife.


When Beth awoke, it was late in the night. Her body felt so cold and somehow empty. Then she thought of what happened and her body began to warm with the rage growing in her for these men and all that befell her. She sat up and looked about, for she was still in the back room of the shop but Beradine and Seth were both gone.

She looked over at her Joseph who still lay on the floor motionless. She crawled over to him and wept again. She was surprised that no tears fell though. Fear hit her, when she saw another lifeless form on the floor a few yards away from her. She moved to see who it was. She saw that is was a girl, and for a moment she wondered how another girl could have come into the shop, but then recognition crept in as she realized that she was looking at herself.

Flying backwards from the body she screamed out, "No, Oh God no!" She started to weep but realized again no tears came, "What is happening to me!"

"You are dead Miss Giles," came a voice from a dark corner. She wheeled about and peered into the darkness and saw no one, the voice continued, "The choice is coming soon for you Miss Giles, what will it be, Ma'am?"

"What do you mean choice," she asked as realized for the first time that she was still completely naked.

"You have two choices Ma'am. One to let go of this plane of existence's pursuits and another," the voice trailed off.

"I cannot just leave. No, no I will not let these men get away with what they have done to me and Joseph. I will tell the town Constable," she said as she stood up and felt more warmth from her growing rage, "What is this other choice?"

"Please Miss Giles, I think it best that you give up this world and go on to the next. There is no telling what this other choice would entail." the man's voice said.

"I will take it if it means that Beradine pays for what he has done. Who are you and why do you care?" she demanded and then looked down and realized that she should cover up as this was not how a proper lady would behave.

But then she thought of what had just happened to her and what Beradine made her confess out loud and realized that she was not a proper lady and maybe she never should have been one.

Either way she walked half heartedly over to a cloak that hung from a peg on the wall.

"My name is Jack Jack, first and last name, as that is all my former owner called me. I am a freed slave," said the voice as the man stepped out of the shadows to revel a tall slender man that was perfect ebony black. This physique was a brawny build that possessed great strength without the weight that another man of equal strength might.

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