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The Choice


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I am still with Kate and the Pres, but I've taken a break to write two things for someone special. This is the second one.

This is for ADM

My beloved and I are married. I wear his collar and he wears mine. We are both Doms, but he is teaching me since he has more experience than I, so I acquiesce to him on some things. It is however my choice. We are looking to add someone to our life, a slave. We have decided on a female slave. She will work in our home in New York, travel with us and take care of us.

My beloved has a friend, Sir Richard. Sir Richard lives in Los Angeles. He trains slaves and owns a mansion high in Holmby Hills. He has between 5 and 10 slaves who actually live with him and his wife. His wife, Diana is a Dom also and strikingly beautiful. In her former life, she was a Victoria Secret model.

Excitedly we send them our qualifications. We want someone beautiful, between the ages of 25 and 35, no children at present but we are open to someone who wants children, of course healthy with all checkups and shots. Someone who is educated speaks English. I want someone white. No blacks because I am the only Nubian Queen in this house. No piercings or if a tattoo only a small one. Must love to suck pussy and cock, swallow sperm if my husband wishes.

We are having a contract written and they are required to sign a non disclosure agreement. We will pay all expenses. The slave will live in our home. We will provide dental and health as well as education. We want our slave to be happy.

We arrive in LA and Sir Richard as part of his service has sent his car to take us to his house. We will be spending two nights and will be returning to NY with two slaves. After 30 days or less, we will return one. We have paid Sir Richard a great deal of money because his slaves are the best. He trains them for months before he allows them to meet anyone. A doctor is on hand 24 hours a day. They are tested and cleaned up. He spends a great deal of money on them and only accepts those in top condition. He searches all over the world for those willing. They must be willing. His lawyers draw up the contracts and agreements. He has supplied slaves to very famous people and has asked us since our wedding to come visit him.

We arrive at the house and Diane herself greets us. She is wearing a see through blouse with no bra and black pants. She is gorgeous with dark hair that is loose and flowing. I could eat her up. She greets my husband warmly and he kisses her, his tongue in her mouth. He squeezes her nipples. She smiles. They are old friends and I am not jealous. We have met only once before at our wedding. She gave us two gifts, the use of their villa in Italy for our honeymoon and two slaves to enjoy while there. We used them both.

"Ah the beautiful bride.? May I kiss you my dear? Since I am a Dom she asks me, if I were not she'd ask my husband/Master. I agree, in fact I can't wait. She kisses me deeply and runs her hands across my breasts. I run my hands and unbutton her blouse. She smiles. I squeeze her naked breast. "I know you are together but I would love if I could eat that pussy."

My husband smiles and says, "We talked about that and it is her choice. Sir Richard has asked me to spend the evening in the playroom with him. He has a new implement he wants to use and show me. So after dinner you two girls have fun.

She giggles like a schoolgirl, buttons up her shirt and says, "Until later my Queen. Come in. Sir Richard has chosen the best for you because he knows you will treat them right." A very beautiful slave appears, she is a redhead, my husband likes redheads and I can see his eyes looking at her. She has a tray of four champagne glasses. She walks head up her bearing regal. She is wearing a long see through gown. Her long legs peeping through and six inch blue heels. Her eyes are lowered she does not look at us. I get hot watching her. She stands before Diane not speaking. My husband raises an eyebrow. Diane laughs, "No you cannot have her. She is bound to us for a year. I can see your wife likes her. She can join us tonight. Her name is Rebecca. Rebecca would you like to join us?

Rebecca speaks, "I'd love to" I look at Diane she nods at me. I say to her taking my glass, "You may raise your eyes and look at me." She raises her eyes, they are green. "It is too bad she is not available to us, maybe after the time is up." My husband muses and Diane laughs. "Tell me about yourself." I ask Rebecca.

"I am a student, studying to be a doctor. I am 27 years old." She smiles at me then looks at Diane. Diane nods, "She wants to know if she can kiss you and if she can undress. I gave her permission to ask. You may touch her, but I ask until tonight you wait to go any further, than you may use her as you wish because Sir is waiting and he will get cross with her because she made you late.

"We wouldn't want that." I say and I step forward. I look at my husband knowing he likes to watch me with women. I grab Rebecca's head. She is slightly taller than I am. I twist my hand in her hair and press my lips on hers. She opens her mouth. I take her tongue. "Undress". She does still kissing me. I let her go and step back. She is spectacular and I reach up and touch her. I run my hands down her body, then dip into her sex. I bring my hand up and offer my finger to my husband who tastes, "Very nice."

"You may dress I tell her." And she looks disappointed that I did not taste her. "Until later. I tell her and she smiles. "That is all Rebecca." Says Diane and she leaves. Diane leads us in to a beautiful decorated living room with several large sofas. There is a stage.

Sir Richard enters. He is a commanding presence with salt and pepper hair and a mustache. He smiles warmly and drops to his knees in front of me. It is a sign of respect. I like him. He looks at my husband who nods and Sir Richard kisses me with such passion I am weak. He winds his hands in my hair and runs his hands down my back. "I would like both of your permission to fuck your wife." He asks. My husband frowns, that is not part of our deal. He kneels at my husband's feet. "I mean no disrespect. If you say no it is no and has nothing to do with this deal. You may watch and I will waive my usual fee if you do me this honor."

Money is not an issue with us, but we know what he is offering as a sign of respect. My husband looks at me and I at him. He nods. To be asked by Sir Richard is a great honor and will do us both good in the future. He is known for his sexual prowess. It is me who answers, "Yes Sir Richard I would love to have you fuck me."

He smiles and kisses my husband's hands. He says, "Before you are with Diane, you will be with me." He looks at her and she frowns, but agrees. "You will sleep with me. I will make sure your husband is taken care of and to make it worth your while. After your slave is in place, I will send Rebecca to you for a month to train her to your satisfaction. Be prepared for a night you will never forget my dear. Now on to the selection. Marco bring them in." He sits beside me.

Marco is a model, he has to be. He is young, about 25, tall, well built with a six pack. He is shirtless and I am wet. He is dressed in red leather pants with buttons for the crotch. He is a Dom in training. He has a brunette woman on a leash who is crawling. Another man appears with a blonde with long hair she crawls in, then another with a red head with curly hair, a woman with long brown hair, another blond with short hair and finally a raven haired beauty is last.

Sir Richard who is sitting next to me stroking my leg says, "There were 20 applicants. I narrowed them down. Some of them were too young or too old, some not ready. For the past month, I have trained them. Three did not last and the other two are not ready. You have first choice. They are most eager to have a black Mistress and White Master. All swallow and all are interested," He turned to me, "In being between your thighs as I am." His smile was wicked and I shiver. My husband laughs, "She has heard about you and I'm sure you will have her screaming."

My husband and I get up. Marco kneels before my husband. He is a Dom but my husband is a bigger Dom. My husband pats his head and he stands. The other men are slaves and they kneel behind the women. Sir Richard laughs, "When you want a male slave, Brian wants to be with you. He has begged me. Stand Brian so that the Mistress may see you." Brian rises. He is dark haired with blue eyes and looks like the actor Henry Cavill. My husband smiles at me and turns to Sir Richard. "May we and if we like him can he come to NY with Rebecca?"

Sir Richard smiles and nods. He says, "My gift to you for letting me in your wife's thighs. Brian come forward and let them see you."

He walks forward. He is so excited that he can barely contain himself. "Speak Brian" I say. "Mistress, I want to be your slave. I would do whatever you and the Master wants. I have told Sir Richard that. I thank you for allowing me to come to New York."

His pants are tied and he unties them. His cock is huge and I look at it. His body is boyish. He looks like a young boy. "How old are you?" I ask. He smiles, his eyes are still lowered and I lift his chin, "Mistress you are beautiful. I am 25." Marco goes and hits him with the flogger. "She asks you how old not the rest."

Sir Richard says to Marco, "He is excited. Marco give him a little lee way." Sir Richard says to us, "Brian loves black women. He had a mistress who was black and she died. He was broken. She arranged before her death to send him to me. He is still in training but will be ready. If you decide on a male slave, I will gift him to you. He wants someplace permanent and he is a chef."

"That's too generous," My husband says. "We are old friends. You have been generous to me" Says Sir Richard "and this is the first time you have come to me for a slave."

I look at my husband, I want him. My husband smiles and shakes his head. He kisses my hand, "I can refuse you nothing." I turn to Brian and lift his head. "When you come, I will keep you. I will have the contract drawn up. You are mine. I am a fair Mistress and you will work for me also in our house. Would you like that sweet Brian." He looks at me through his lashes, there are tears, "Thank you so much Mistress." I stroke his cock. He groans. I release him.

Sir Richard tells him. "You belong to the Mistress. You are to be trained to her desires. You have a new status. I will move you into another part of the house. You will learn her likes and dislikes for the next month. You are hers now tell her goodbye. She will see you in a month."

He kneels at my feet and kisses my shoe. I pat his head and lift up my skirt. He will only be allowed to smell me. He knows this and I place the skirt over his head. I am not wearing panties. I can feel his shiver between my legs. Then I tell him to get up from under my skirt. He straightens my skirt and crawls out the room.

Now it is time for choice of women. We stand in front of the first one. "Stand" my husband orders. Diane comes to my side. The women are all wearing white see through gowns with ties on the shoulders and black heels. The brunette stands. Diane undoes her ties and the gown drops. She stands still. My husband looks at her. She is well built, small breasts, small nipples, pretty face. "Penelope raise your eyes and speak." Says Diane.

Penelope looks at us. Her brown eyes wide. "Hello, I am 28 years old. I would like to come to New York. I have graduated and received my masters degree, but I'd like to return and get my phd."

Diane asked, "Tell them what you like to do."

Penelope blushed, "I love to eat Master's cream out of Mistress' pussy. It is my favorite thing. I also like to rim." My husband squeezes her nipples hard. She holds. He looks at me. Marco comes forward and offers him a flogger, a whip and a paddle. My husband takes the paddle. I watch. He hits her just once on her buttocks. She flinches, but holds. Diane says, "She can take a lot of pain."

My husband shakes his head. "Penelope you are dismissed. You will be punished." Sir Richard says. I look at him. He answers me, "She will be punished because she was not chosen. Next." Penelope is led out of the room.

The blonde with long hair stands. She has beautiful green eyes. Diane unloosens the gown and it falls. Her body is beautiful and I look at my husband. He can see desire and reluctantly he smiles. I know he doesn't like blonds. I walk to her and lift her face. She is still looking down, "Look at me and speak to me." She looks up. Her face is beautiful with wide eyes and blonde lashes. She has a sexy mouth. She is surprised as I grab her and kiss her. She wraps her arms around me and I thrust my tongue in her mouth. My hands reach down to her sex and I thrust my finger inside. She gasps. I release her from my kiss and finger her. Sir Richard smiles and says, 'I think you like our Rachel."

I taste her juices and kiss her again this time softer. My husband comes and slides his finger in. He is a little more insistent than me and tells her to open her legs wider. She does. I tweak her nipples. He fucks her with two fingers and I tell her, "Speak Rachel and don't come."

She breathes deeply and as my husband fingers her she says, "My name is Rachel. I am 25 years old. I am a student studying graphic design. I." Her voice hitches and it is because of my husband. He is very good with his fingers and he has slid a third into her. "I would really love to come and be with you. I also love cream pies and" She looks at my husband, "love anal." She looks at me, "I also love to be fucked by strap on." She is close, but I will not let her come. My husband knows what I'm thinking and he stops. He holds his finger up to me and I taste her. Sweet. He puts his fingers up to her mouth and she takes them sucking on them. Marco comes and I shake my head. I go behind her. My husband kneels down and she opens her legs. He licks her. I slap her butt hard. She holds and moans. My husband stops and stands up. I can see he is hard.

He nods. She looks sexy as hell all glistening from our ministering to her body. Diane smiles, "Rachel has not told you all her talents." Marco comes behind her. She bends over and he paddles her. She counts once, twice, a third time and kneels. "I apologize. I can deep throat." Sir Richard comes up to her. "You are lucky you have been chosen." He looks at my husband. "Because of her transgression tonight I would like you to take her roughly with your cock in her mouth until you cream down her throat. She is not allowed to come. Rachel you are dismissed."

She crawls out of the room.

The next one is a redhead. I smile at my husband . He is beaming. I know he wants her. I smile. "This one darling is for you to see." His dick is straining. Sir Richard speaks, "Marlene, stand. Marlene stands." Diane unties her. She has curly hair and is a natural redhead as I look at her sex. I can tell my husband wants her. "Marlene." My husband says, "tell me about yourself."

Her head is still lowered because she hasn't been given permission. He wants her this way to see if she can resist. "Tell me about yourself and leave nothing out." She is still looking down, "My name is Marlene. I am originally from France. I have been living in California for a year. My breasts are very sensitive. I love to eat creampies and I can eat pussy for hours on end. I haven't learned to deep throat." I have pity on her, "Marlene look at me." She lifts her eyes slowly. She has tears. "Why are you crying?" I ask. She looks at Sir Richard. He sighs and nods. She answers, "I have been dreaming of both of you every since Sir Richard told me. I have wanted to be between your thighs Mistress. I have wanted you to fuck me Sir. I have wanted you both."

Diane looks at my husband. "We know you like redheads and she is very good but she still has much to learn. Would you mind if I let her do something? "My husband nods. Diane says to him, "Please take yourself out." He is hard as a rock and I am amused. He unzips. "In the future I would have her do it, but today you are so hard and she is so new that I don't want her to hurt you."

My husband takes his penis out. I love his penis. "Marlene you are getting a very big privilege here. You will take Sir into your mouth and suck him until he comes. You have 10 minutes. If he does not come I will punish you in the play room with the whip."

She smiles at Diane and Diane smiles back. She knows Marlene's talents and Marlene gets to her knees. She takes my husband's penis in her hands. "No hands Marlene." Sir Richard snaps. He looks at my husband, "fuck her mouth hard."

My husband smiles and grabs her head and he fucks her. She takes all of him in the back of her throat she gags but keeps sucking. "Keep your eyes on him." Diane orders and she stares into my husband's eyes and she fucks her mouth. My husband is thrusting back. Diane unbuttons her blouse. I take her nipple in my mouth and she sighs. I then take her into my arms and kiss her. Sir Richard comes up and strokes his wife's behind. He motions to Marco and Marco comes to him. He unbuttons Sir Richards pants and strokes him. Diane and I are still kissing and my husband is still fucking Marlene's mouth. Five minutes have passed.

I can see from my husband's face that he is close, but is holding back. "She's so good." He says. "You want her don't you?" I ask. He groans, "I do my love, I do." "Then come my love and you can have her."

I lean over and kiss him. He grabs her head and holds her. He comes. Diane looks at her watch. Six minutes. "Very well done Marlene. You may swallow and clean up. Then you are to tuck Sir back into his pants. You will be rewarded this evening. You may leave."

Marlene obeys and crawls out of the room. One of the women remaining is sobbing. I ask Diane who she is. "That is Anna. She more than the others wants to be with you. She is unhappy that you have not chosen her."

"Why is she unhappy?"

"She wants to be your permanent slave. She wants to give up all her rights and be yours until you decide to dismiss her. She wants to have you choose her mate and she wants to have children for you to raise and when they are 19 to serve you. She wants to devote herself to you. She stared at your photos for hours on end."

I look at my husband. He sighs again, "My wife would like to try her out. If she works out, I will pay for her transition. Ask her to tell us about herself after she stops crying."

Sir Richard goes to her, but I stop him. He smiles. 'Let me.' She is the raven-haired beauty that I really wanted. She stops sobbing as I get close to her. She has not heard our conversation. She stills. "Stand and look at me." I order. She stands and looks up her face streaked with tears. "What is your name?"

"Anna. I am originally from Moscow but my family moved here when I was a child. I am a former model and actor. I have been studying film. I would like to continue to study but only if you wish."

I smile at her, that is my area. I am a director and she could really work. I look at my husband. He laughs. I untie her . Her dress falls. She is what I thought. Magnificent with those hazel eyes. The other girl is dismissed. We don't look at her. All of us surround Anna. Marco, Diane, Sir Richard my husband and I. She shivers. "Have you had anal?"

She shakes her head, "I have promised that to my master and my mistress."

I look at Sir Richard, "If she pleases me after a month I will buy her contract and she will belong to us completely until we decide to sell her."My husband speaks, "My dearest one, this one will totally be yours." I look at him. I understand. He wants her to do my bidding and only mine. I nod.

She looks at me with grateful eyes. I take her face, "Are you happy little one?" She smiles and it breaks my heart she is so beautiful that I want to take her now, but she needs to learn to control her emotions. I kiss her. "You belong to me and are to please only me. My husband will never fuck you. I will. You will be allowed to suck his dick when I let you but he will never come in your mouth. If he does, you will be whipped. He can come on your body if he so chooses. I will choose your mate when you are to be bred. You are our property. You will sign that you give up all rights. I will dress you. You will go to school and learn. I will punish you.

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