tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 18

The Choice Ch. 18


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always

©angelface195 -- all rights reserved


It took three months of surveillance before Mikel and Vladimir put their plan into action. They hired four men, found a remote empty warehouse in Brooklyn and waited.

Rachel moved in with Daniel and I made sure that Daniel let her know that his intentions were serious. He wasn't quite ready to propose but I knew it wouldn't take too long.

Anna and I helped Rachel get settled. "Mistress." She says, "I love Daniel, but I still miss Sir."

"So do I." I say and hug her. "But Sir would like you to move on. You have your own money and your own life to live. If it doesn't work out with Daniel, you may move back with us or on your own. We are always here for you and our house is open to you."

"Thank you so much Mistress, but I like having to train Daniel. He needs to know a few things, but I think between you and Sir he's going to be a very good Master for me. I love him. He's funny and sexy and treats me well. I thank you for introducing us and since he is your partner, I know we will see each other all the time." Rachel says and then hugs Anna tightly. Rachel kisses her cheek. "I am so happy for you. From the beginning, I knew that the Mistress loved you. Now you are going to marry her. It's so wonderful." Tears are forming in her eye. "Will you by my maid of honor?" Anna asks. Rachel bursts into tears and nods. Anna hugs her.

"Are you going back to school?" I ask. Rachel nods, "Yes, but not right way. I want to spend time with my Master and help you with the wedding or anything else you wish me to."

"I've invited you and Daniel to come next week when Dominic and Skip arrive for a visit. Maybe I'll get to have you between my legs again." I say smiling. Rachel blushes, "Master told me that whenever and whatever you asked me to do I was to follow your wishes. And..." She whispered, "I love being between your thighs."

I kiss her deeply and Rachel wraps her arms around me. Anna watches and comes over and we all hug.

Anna and I go out to lunch. We had invited Rachel but she is planning lunch for Daniel. I hold her hand and we go out to lunch at an Italian restaurant called Esca. I introduce Anna to Crudo Tasting that is raw fish. She frowns up her nose, but once she has tasted it she smiles. Anna asks me to order for her and we have whole Branzino fish with Italian vegetables.

Anna loves the fish and eats nearly all of it. The chef comes over and sees Anna's ring, "Beautiful ring, are you engaged." Anna blushes and looks at me. "Yes Sir, I am. The fish was really good." He laughs and asks, "And who is the lucky guy?"

Nervously she looks at me and I smile and say to him, "I am. We are getting married in a few months." He blushes and apologizes, "Lucky you. You both are molto bello." He buys us dessert, which is a very delicious Meyer lemon semifreddo "Baked Alaska with candied almonds and grapefruit.

Anna eats the dessert with glee and drinks her glass of wine. She whispers to me, "Mistress, you look beautiful today. I want to go home and eat your pussy."

I smile at her, "later, we have some shopping to do." I pat her hand, she leans in, and I kiss her lips. "You make me so damn hot." She says and I laugh, "So do you my wife to be."

She smiles, "I like the sound of that. I really like David Tutera. He is so funny."

"Yes he is." I say staring into her eyes. "Mistress why are you looking at me like that." She says touching my hand.

"Because right now all I can think about is stripping you naked and taking you over my knee." I say and kiss her hand.

"You're teasing me." She leans over and kisses me. Everyone is staring. I pay the check. We leave to get into the Bentley and do some shopping. We arrive at 50th street

In the dressing room at Saks, I try on a black lace trimmed baby doll pajama. Anna comes in and she is wearing something very similar. I smile, "What are you doing in here?" She laughs mischievously and kneels down. "I like this on you." I am wearing my own panties and have just tried on the top. She eases my panties down. "Anna!" I say shocked. "Don't" She laughs again, "I just need a little lick, please Mistress, just for a moment?"

I roll my eyes, "Be quick about it." She starts to lick me and I am so wet and so close. I hold her head to my pussy. The sales woman knocks on the door. "Are you all right in there?"

"Uhm yes." I say. "Can I get you anything?" She asks. I am almost ready to come. "No, thank you."

"Mrs. Stone, I know your fiancée is in there with you." She whispers. "May I come in?" She asks. Anna looks up at me and I say to her, "Finish me bitch." Anna smiles. "Yes come in." The woman opens the door. She gasps and licks her lips. She is a very attractive woman about 30 with short black hair and hazel eyes. She has beautiful skin and long legs. I wouldn't mind having her on her knees before me.

"Would you like to feel her mouth on you?" I ask. She gazes at me, "I would like my mouth on you if you wouldn't mind. I have some place more private we can go." She smiles. I help Anna up and she leads us through a very discreet door to a very nice office with a couch. I'm still wearing the baby doll pajamas that cost two hundred dollars and Anna is still wearing hers, which cost the same. I tell the sales person whose name is Melissa that I will take them both.

She eases off the straps and I stop her. "We play this my way." She lowers her eyes. "On your knees. You want to play, you are my bitch." She kneels. "Anna, help her off with her dress."

Anna unzips her and Melissa is wearing a very beautiful lacy black bra with garter belt and stockings and sexy black panties. I lie on the sofa and open my legs. "You may lick now." I say and she dives in. She sucks slowly and hesitantly as if savoring my snatch. Anna is staring at us. "You come here." I order her. I kiss her and take off the top of the gown. "Bring me those tits." She smiles at me and I suck her breasts. "Mistress, so good."

"Do you want Melissa to eat your pussy my love." I ask Anna as Melissa takes her fingers and opens my pussy and fucks my pussy with her tongue. I hold on to her short hair."

Anna kisses my lips, "Yes, I would like that and after she makes you come, I want to make you come again."

"You can wait for home, my dearest." I kiss her, grab her head, and push her into my breast. I'm almost there and I grind my sex onto Melissa's face and cum very hard." She licks me softly. "Thank you Mistress." Melissa says. She looks at Anna, "May I lick you now?" Anna looks at me. "You can lie in front of me, I want to watch her eat you and I want to see the look on your face when you cum."

Melissa peals down Anna's panties as I pinch her nipples hard. She watches Melissa as she latches on to her pussy, "Oh Mistress, this is so good." I hold her, "I love you my darling." I kiss her shoulder. "I love you too." She says and leans back to kiss me. I play with her lovely tits and squeeze them as she grabs hold of Melissa's head and starts fucking her face. 'Mistress I'm coming, yes, I'm cummmming." She screams and cums hard, soaking Melissa's face with her sweet salty juices. Melissa licks her lips as she comes up from between Anna's legs.

Melissa goes into the bathroom and brings some wet towels. She wipes us clean. We ask if we can help her in some way and she says no that she has already come without touching herself and will remember this day as one of her best. Melissa brings our clothes and we dress. I purchase the two baby doll pajamas and she invites us back anytime.

Anna and I shop some more and have hot chocolate at Saks. I love watching her. She's such a child at heart. When we arrive home, Brian is up in his room. He has finished the prep work for dinner and is taking a break to listen to music. I go upstairs bringing three bags with me. He doesn't hear me as I watch him singing, "Everything" by Michael Buble. Brian is dancing and singing. His hips are moving and he is enjoying himself.

"I hope that I am your everything." I say and stand watching him. He stops and gapes at me. Brian blushes and I hold out my arms. He comes to me and kisses me hard. Brian runs his hands down my back. "I missed you today. Did you have a good day?" He asks.

"Yes and the way I've been greeted I should be gone every day." I kiss him back. "I'm going to be in your bed tonight and will sleep with you would you like that?"

"Only if I can fuck and suck you all night long." He says and kisses me again. I am weak. "I have gifts for you" I say and hand him the packages. He releases me and sits down on the sofa. I sit next to him and he opens the first bag. Inside is a black Ralph Lauren Black label jacket. He tries it on and he looks so good I want to strip him of it and take him right there. Brian takes my face in his hands and kisses me. "It's beautiful. I make this look good." He says and I laugh. I hand him another bag. Inside are several dress shirts and some ties. "You are going to wear your new suit and come with me to the theater on Friday." I say and he asks, "Like a date?"

"Yes and I am giving you the Zagats so you may pick out a restaurant for us to dine at. You are responsible for making the reservation and paying for dinner. I am your date for the evening. I've bought the theater tickets. We are going to see Wicked." I tell him.

He looks down at the floor, "I've only been to the theater once and never in New York. I'm really looking forward to it."

I kiss him, "You are my husband so I want you to see and experience everything." He kisses my hand and I give him the third bag that is smaller and inside is a pair of black sapphire cuff links. He picks me up, twirls me around, and deposits me on the bed. Brian starts kissing me and I stop him. "You will have me after dinner and all night. So calm down and enjoy your gifts. If you want music off of iTunes for your iPod, I'll give you the account number and you can have what you wish."

He strokes my arm, "I can buy music. Sir left me a great deal of money, plus I have money of my own from when I worked as a chef. Please Mistress, let me be a man. I know that you are always in charge and that's fine, but allow me to do things for you. When we go out, I will take care of everything and I will have a few surprises for you."

Brian strokes my leg, "Tonight, let me make love to you and be with you, just the two of us, no one coming upstairs. I just want to imagine it's you and I tonight and the night we go out."

I stroke his face, "Of course dearest" I kiss him and finally he removes the jacket and gets off the bed to put his things away.

We go down to dinner and are joined by Daisy and Andrew. The five of us have a great time talking.

Anna knows that I'm going to be with Brian tonight and she tells me that she is going to take a nice long bath and clean up things in the playroom because Dominic and Skip are arriving next week. I kiss her and tell her that I will see her in the morning.

I go upstairs and change into a purple La Perla kiss, kiss baby chemise that is sheer mesh with tonal lace, spaghetti straps with bows and looks very hot. My hair is piled on top of my head and I'm lying across Brian's bed waiting for him.

He is cleaning up the kitchen with Daisy. After he finishes, Brian looks for me in my room and then knocks on Anna's door. She tells him that I am upstairs waiting for him. Brian grins and goes back into the kitchen. He brings up some whipped cream and Hershey's dark chocolate syrup.

Brian comes off the elevator and walks into his bedroom where I am waiting for him in a sexy pose. He gazes at me as he undresses and his naked body is tight. He's been working out every day and I can't wait for him to fuck me. He has his hands behind his back and bends down by the side of the bed. Brian places the covers over both of us and we start kissing. "I like this outfit, Mistress, but I also like the naked you, so I'm going to take it off of your body now." He says as he undresses me. When I am naked, he goes into the bathroom and returns with a large towel that I haven't seen before. He puts it under me, bends down, and takes out the whipped cream and the syrup.

"I made this whipped cream just for you" he says as he takes a finger and dips it in and smears it on my lips. He licks it off and our tongues do the dance. Then he puts another dollop on my nipples. Brian opens the syrup bottle and makes a trail of chocolate from my chest to my stomach and my pubic area. Finally, Brian takes a dollop of whipped cream, puts it on my pussy, takes a cherry, and puts it in my pussy. "You just lay there and let Brian have his dessert." He grins at me. "Whatever you say." I smile at him and he proceeds to lick and suck the whipped cream and chocolate from my body.

When he gets to my pussy, he stops. Brian kneels up and puts a little whipped cream and some chocolate on his dick and leans over me. I open my mouth and take his prick as he starts to lick the whip cream and chocolate off my pubic area and begins eating my pussy. This has been all so hot and so messy that I am enjoying all of it. We suck and lick each other until finally I come as he takes out the cherry and flicks my clit. He chews on the cherry and chews on my pussy lips. He licks and sucks and I come again as I feast on his dick. Brian is moving up and down into my mouth.

Faster and faster he moves and I am having a lot of trouble keeping him in my mouth. Finally, he explodes and I explode right after him. His cream goes down my throat and I swallow all of him. Brian takes some whipped cream and some chocolate into his mouth and kisses me so that we mingle his cream with the sweet creams and it's so erotic I want to combust again.

We are both exhausted and lie down on the towel. He kisses me deeply exploring my mouth, tasting his juice. "That baby was so hot!" I tell him and he laughs, "I love eating your pussy and I love eating you with chocolate. It's like double chocolate."

He has chocolate all over his face and I lick him. "Mistress, please lay here while I run us a bath and clean up so that we can get into bed for the night."

Brian runs the bath and puts in bubbles. He turns on the stereo and plays Robin Thicke's Mrs. Sexy. Taking my hand, he takes me into the bathroom where I get into the warm bubble bath.

Brian strips the bed and puts the linens into the hamper. He remakes the bed in gorgeous Charlotte Thomas 'bespoke' line of sheets with actual 22k gold thread. They are a thousand count Egyptian cotton sheets and cost a fortune. He had been waiting for this moment to use them. Brian lights scented candles and pulls out flowers in tiny vases. He has a bottle of champagne and chocolates from Marie Belles chocolates.

Brian has put a gift-wrapped box on the bed. He checks to make sure that everything is just right and then he comes into the bathroom. I love looking at that boy's body and Brian looks absolutely delicious with chocolate and whipped cream all over him.

He climbs into the tub. "I am going to wash you and you me. I want to make love to you tonight carefully and slowly." I allow him to wash my body with his hands and he washes between my legs and strokes me until I am close, but then he stops and hands me the lovely scented body wash from Crabtree and Evelyn. I wash his body and take extra time with this penis. I straddle his legs in the water and wash his back. I am careful not to straddle his penis, which I can feel is now rising.

Brian gets out the tub first and gets a large towel that he holds out for me. I get out and he dries my body gently. I grab a towel and dry him. Brian puts a beautiful maroon bathrobe on me. "I bought this for you." He kisses my neck and takes me into the room and I look with wonder at how beautiful this room looks. It is so romantic and a tear forms in my eye.

"You did this for me?" I turn to him and ask. "Yes Mistress. I wanted you to know how much I love you. When you lost Sir, I knew that you needed time to heal and you still do. You do so much for Anna and I that I wanted to do something special for you." The big gift box was on the bed. 'Please open it." He said and kisses me gently.

I opened the box and gasp, there is a beautiful Judith Leiber embellished egg clutch bag in black and gold. "It beautiful." I say awed by the gift. "Please open the bag." He says gently and I open it. There is an onyx and diamond wedding band. I look up at Bryan and he gets on one knee, "I know that our marriage will not be legal, but I wanted to ask you if I could put this ring on your finger the day you and Anna get married."

I choke. "Yes, I wanted it that way. We'll all be there." Gently I bend down and kiss him and he stands. The look on his face is one of pure joy and he loosens the bathrobe. He puts the box on the floor, picks me up into his strong arms, taking the robe from my body, and deposits me gently on the bed.

Brian gets between my legs and strokes my sex. He opens me wide and tells me to hold on to my ankles as he kisses and licks my sex, "Don't let go, not yet." He makes love to my sex, kissing and licking. I want to touch him, but I know he wants to do this his way. Finally he says, "Grab my hair and pull me into you. I want you to wrap your legs around my back and let me suck and drink you." And I do and I'm falling into him. I feel all the love I have around me. I see Sir's face and know that he would be happy for me and as I come, I know that I am blessed.

He lies on my body, kisses up to my breasts, and tweaks my nipple. Brian feels every inch of me, takes my head, and kisses me holding my head to him. His penis is growing and he puts just the head in and I push up to meet him. Brian pulls back. He begins again and puts just the head in and slowly, ever so slowly he moves inch by inch into me until he is all the way in. His control is remarkable and I know he wants to move, but he is slow about pulling out, then pushing in. He moves at his pace, making love to me, staring into my eyes, telling me how very much he loves me.

I want to move forward, but he stops me. He moves his body at the most frustratingly slow pace and I find myself coming in small waves and know he is building it up, savoring making love to me and he does make me feel as if we are the only two people in the world. Finally after what feels like hours, we cum together and he whispers in my ear, "I love you Stephanie, you are mine for always. I love you more than my life. You are my life." He lies on my chest and we stay that way until he moves off, takes me in his arms, and kisses my head. We fall asleep without another word.

Brian awakes once in the night and climbs between my legs. He kisses my lips awakening me and asks, "Mistress may I fuck you?" I nod and he really fucks me. All of the lovemaking is gone. This is a fuck and he is taking me as if he really wants me to know that I am his. Brian is moving fast and hard. He wants to come quickly and he fucks me savagely. He is wild in his fucking and he is relentless. He is hungry for my body and bites and nibbles all over me. I wake completely and meet his hunger leaving a trail of my nails clawing his back. He comes and I do not and he knows it and pulls out. He gets between my legs, but I cannot come. I am too wound up and I stop him.

"In the morning, right now, let's sleep." I say and he lies besides me and is asleep right away. I lay there thinking about my life and how much I am loved and finally fatigue claims me and I sleep hard and deep and I do not dream.

In the morning, he is between my legs just stroking my sex. "Mistress," He says, "Will you allow me to take your ass on our wedding night?"

"I don't think so but maybe on our first anniversary." I say and he nods. "Please come and lay beside me. We are having brunch this morning and then I have some wedding plans to deal with. Daniel will be here and I have work. We have a few hours more to sleep or talk."

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