The Choice Ch. 20


"Where's your father and Marlene?" I ask. "Dad and Marlene are watching television in their room." He says as he pours some lemonade for Rachel."

"When you're finish come and talk to me." I say, it's about 10:45. "Don't worry, I'll tell your dad you were with me."

Skip takes the drink to Rachel and comes to see me. He sits on the chair while I sit on the love seat in my bedroom. "So how was it with Anna?" I ask.

He bows his head, "I couldn't do it. I didn't want her to suck me. She's going to be your wife and I didn't want her to. I've had more sex in the last four days than in my life. Daisy is incredible and I might go for an older woman, but Anna, she's yours and I respect that."

I get up and kiss him. "You are one smart body. You can go to bed now."

Brian takes Anna down at four and talks to her before he makes her come with his mouth. He tells her how sorry he was not to protect her. He asks her forgiveness because he is supposed to watch after her. She begs his forgiveness for being so careless and not watching what she was drinking. The punishment is over.

On Thursday before Brian goes out, I remove the cage for the last time. I tell Brian that he is to wash it, dry it and put it back in the playroom along with the key and the lock. He is all smiles as he goes out to meet his friend and kisses me deeply before he leaves.

Dominic and I are still working on this project and maybe another one, a television series to be filmed in New York. Anna brings us snacks. Dinner is just Dominic, Marlene, Anna and I. Skip has taken Rachel to a movie. Anna leans on me and kisses me. 'I love you Mistress." She says and I tell her, "I love you too. Next week we have an appointment to see Wedding dresses. David is coming with us."

"Can Marlene come too?" She asks. "Yes she can come. Do you want Rachel to come?" I ask and Anna shakes her head. "No, I'd also like it if Skip could come?"

Surprised I ask her why. Anna says, "Skip has been very nice to me. He wouldn't let me suck him and he's going to be a good Master. Can I ask you something?" She says looking at me through her lashes. "You know you may ask me anything." I say and nuzzle her neck. "You should give Rachel to Skip. He is falling for her."

"Anna that's not my choice, it's Rachel and Daniel's choice. Don't you think Skip is a bit young. He's only 23 years old."

"Yes, but he's more mature than Daniel. I think he could handle it." She says.

"I'll talk with Dominic and see how he feels and we shall see. Right now dance with me." I take her in my arms and we dance.

I am making plans for Rachel and Anna to leave next week for Washington D.C. for the bachelorette party of Katherine Morgan, President Adam's fiancée. They will be going by limousine, then staying at the White House for the night and returning by plane. Simon will pick them up from the airport.

We listen to music and dance. Brian has left us cakes, cookies, fruit and cheese. Daisy and Andrew have gone home. Dominic is a wonderful dancer and I enjoy dancing with him. Marlene and Anna dance together. At 11:00 I find that I am getting tired. Tonight I plan to sleep alone. I tell Anna I am going to bed. When Rachel and Skip come in, the two of them with Anna decide to go to Anna's room and watch a movie. Marlene goes with Dominic to their room.

Brian and John have taken a cab to Brooklyn to a restaurant called Gwynnett St. The restaurant is very discreet and plain, but the food is delicious and John introduces Brian to the chef. He knows of Brian and takes him into the kitchen. When they return to their table, John asks Brian, "Don't you miss working in a restaurant?"

Brian shakes his head, "No, Mistress, I'm sorry, Stephanie will soon be having parties and I'm sure I'll be very busy working for her."

"You call her Mistress?" John asks taking a sip of his drink called a Dark Horse which is Vodka, Black Plum, Ginger and lime. "Yes, sometimes Stephanie, but I prefer to call her Mistress." Brian says and drinks his beer.

The waiter comes over and they order dinner. "I saw the interview. She's very attractive, so is Anna. Do you sleep with both of them?" John asks. Brian says, "I don't fuck Anna only Mistress."

"Why not?" John asks, "If I had two women I'd fuck them both."

"Anna does not wish to fuck me. She only wants Mistress to fuck her. I eat her pussy sometimes and she sucks me. It's fine. We all want to make Mistress happy."

"So Amber and I are coming on Saturday, what should I expect?" John asks. Brian looks puzzled, "Expect? You shouldn't expect anything. I'll make dinner with Daisy's help and you'll meet Mistress' business partner, Dominic and his submissive Marlene."

John changes the subject and they talk about cooking and movies. John loves films and tells Brian about some movies he's seen. After dinner and dessert, they walk to John's house where Brian meets Amber. Amber is a tall, blonde who looks a lot like the actress Naomi Watts. She goes over to John and kisses him deeply.

"So this is the submissive. He's cute." Says Amber and kisses Brian on the cheek. "Come and sit." Brian notices their apartment is very nicely furnished and sits down on the chocolate colored sofa. Amber turns on some music and offers a glass of white or red wine. Brian takes red and it's a nice wine. Brian knows a great deal of wine and they talk wine.

Amber asks, "So why are you submissive?" Brian looks at her, "I just am. Why are you blonde?" He asks. "Would you do whatever I told you to?" She smiles sweetly. John looks uncomfortable and says, "Amber, don't."

Brian stares at her, "No. I only do what my mistress tells me to do." Amber furrows her brow, "Why do you do only what she tells you to do?"

"Because she is my Mistress and I belong to her." Brian says. Amber goes over to him and straddles Brian's legs. She tries to kiss him and he turns his head. He grabs both her arms and pushes her off. "I think I'll go. John thank you for dinner." He stands. "Please Brian, I just want to understand." Amber says. Brian looks at her, "No I don't think so. I will see you at the gym John and you both are invited to dinner on Saturday."

John apologizes for Amber and walks out with him to get Brian a cab. It's 11:30. Brian gets home just as I am going to bed and he is annoyed. He knocks on my door. I open it and he hugs me tightly. "I'm surprised your home so early, how did it go?" I ask and I can tell by his face, not so hot.

"Mistress, it was fine until I went to John's house. His girlfriend made a pass at me and all she wanted to talk about is what it was like to be a submissive. John tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't listen so I just got in a cab and came home. She sat on my lap." He said irritable. I pull him into the room and say, "Sleep with me tonight and we'll talk about it." He grins and kisses my shoulder as he undresses.

I hand him a pair of pajama bottoms which he puts on and climbs into bed. I wash up and change into a short nightgown and get into bed with him. I brush his hair from his face, "You need a haircut. Let's do something about that tomorrow. You want to look good for your guests for dinner."

"Can it just be you and me at dinner with them?" He asks. "Of course. We can have dinner at your apartment upstairs. Everyone else can have dinner in the dining room or if you want, we can have dinner in the garden. " I look at him to see what he's thinking.

"I think I'd like dinner in my apartment, that way they can take the elevator up and..." He stops. I finish the thought, "avoid everyone."

He bites his lip. "Brian we have nothing to be ashamed of. I think what we should do is have dinner in your apartment, but walk them upstairs and let them meet everyone. If this person is your true friend, he will accept your life. Also I'd like to see what this Amber person is up to. We can then have dinner upstairs. How's that?"

Brian smiles, "I think Mistress, you are right." He kisses my nose and says, "Can I just hold you? I'm really kind of tired."

"Me too." I say and turn around. We spoon together and fall asleep. Just before dawn we both awaken and Brian kicks off his pajama pants and makes loves to me.

I take him for a haircut, a pedicure and a manicure; his first, on Friday. We spend the day together shopping. When we come home, I find that the house has been really cleaned from top to bottom. Anna, Daisy, Rachel and Marlene have been cleaning for about six hours. A cleaning man that we hire twice a year has come and gone doing the heavy work. He has polished the wood floors and cleaned the carpets, with Andrew's help.

The house smells and looks great both inside and out. It smells of Murphy's Oil soap. I love that smell. The florist has been here and put flowers throughout the house. An especially large bouquet in the foyer.

Brian's room has also been cleaned; sheets changed on the bed the bathroom and kitchen smelling fresh. There are fresh flowers in vases all over the room. They've left him with nothing to do. "Surprise Bry." Says Anna. "We know you're having visitors so we wanted to make sure everything looks nice. Anna and Rachel are gleeful. Marlene just laughs at them. Dominic looks at me and says, "They've been working all day and the office looks great. We are completely organized."

"This calls for a reward." I say. "Tomorrow we'll go shopping for jewelry. So breakfast will be at 9:00 and then we will help go shopping so that Brian can prepare for his guests. He's ordered food to arrive at 10:00. Daisy is going to help him cook. We need to be back by 3 so we will have lunch out. Brian's friends are coming at 7:30. So we will have four hours to get ready to greet them.

Daisy is coming in to work on her day off, so while we are out, we'll get her something pretty and shiny to wear." The ladies all clap.

I pull Anna into my embrace. She laughs as I hold her. Brian kisses each of the ladies on the lips. "Thank you so much. The house looks great and thank you for cleaning my space. It looks wonderful.

He goes upstairs and takes his bags from our shopping trip. I have told Anna that she can sleep with me tonight, so she is thrilled. I've also told her about Amber and she and I have come up with a plan if things get out of hand with this girl.

When Brian comes down, we all play a game of charades with Dominic and Skip who is quite good. We have ice cream sundaes and before too long, we are all worn out and go to bed.

Anna and I fall asleep as soon as we get into bed. I have a very strange dream that night. I dream of Sir. He's in a tux and he says to me. "I'm so happy for you, baby. It's about time." And he disappears and in my arms is a baby girl. She's beautiful. I wake up annoyed and a little upset by this dream. It takes me a long time but soon I fall back asleep.

Anna is between my legs in the morning. It's eight. I feel as if I need four more hours of sleep, but I have to get up and get ready for this day. I pull Anna up. There will be no morning orgasm for me today and that's always a bad start to my day.

I take a shower while Anna goes in her room to shower and dress. We are at the table by 8:45. Rachel is all better and looks quite lovely in a pink floral dress. It's the beginning of June and a very warm day. She looks fabulous. Anna also looks lovely in a short white dress and Marlene is also wearing white, but linen pants and a pink shirt.

I decide to go with the pink and white look and change into a pair of white pants with a scooped pink blouse and white sandals.

Brian and Daisy have been up for awhile and we are having eggs Benedict. There are also omelet's made with your choice of salmon, crab, bacon, cheese, peppers and spinach. We all eat and Dominic tells me that he is spending the day with Skip. They haven't had much time here together. So they are going out to a baseball game. They will be back in time for dinner.

The ladies and I walk to Tiffany's. We pick out a few things there and then go over to St. Patrick's Cathedral where I buy a beautiful gold cross for Daisy who is Roman Catholic. We stop by my church and say a prayer that tonight goes well. We also go to Saks Fifth Avenue and try on a few dresses to wear for the wedding at the White House and the bachelorette party luncheon with the President. Rachel finds a few things and one dress in particular I buy for her. Marlene finds a long dress that she wants to get for a party Dominic is taking her to. I go to buy it for her, but she says no and calls Dominic. He tells her to buy what she wants, but she just wants to check with him.

I take the phone and tell him that I would like to buy it for her and he says no. She has a credit card and can purchase it herself. He informs me that this is the result from her stay in the Arab world. She asks permission for everything even when he's already told her.

Marlene buys the dress and a very nice pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. She also buys a few new bras and a red bustier. I'm still searching for the dress to wear to the wedding and haven't found anything, but Anna finds a very lovely gown, but I ask her to wait until we do a little more shopping.

She does get two pair of shoes, a bag and a lovely dress. I buy stockings and three pair of shoes and two hand bags. I'm into bags more than shoes.

Two men are following us and I look at them. They turn away. I take the ladies for lunch at Café SFA in Saks. The men follow us and get a table just far away from us to watch us. I call Andrew and ask him to join us for lunch. Andrew is ex British Secret Service and he hurries to the store.

He goes over to the men and sits down, "Why are you following those ladies?" He asks. The men look at him, "They are all so beautiful. We were trying to get up enough nerve to talk to them."

Andrew looks angry at the men, "Leave them alone. Go find someone else to bother."

The men get up and leave. Andrew gives me the thumbs up and sits at their table and has lunch.

What we don't notice is two men and two women who are separate and watch Anna. They keep a safe distance.

By the time we get home with all our bags and Andrew in tow, it is time to get ready for our dinner guests. I change into a flowing skirt and short sleeve top. I look very unDom.

The doorbell rings and Andrew opens the door. Brian and I get downstairs just as John and Amber enter. Brian introduces John who looks a little like a younger, taller Tom Cruise and Amber. Amber has that look that says I was born with money and you were not. I'm better than you, but she is shocked by my house which is worth now about 35 mil. I guess she didn't hear the part of the interview where I said I was a billionaire or she thought since I was black I didn't have any sense.

Amber holds out her hand and I shake it. "Brian has prepared dinner up in his apartment. We can take the elevator, but I thought we'd walk upstairs and I'd show you the house."

They agree and I take John's hand and show him my office and the garden. There are two other rooms downstairs that are used for editing and for equipment. I take them upstairs and show them my bedroom. They don't need to see where everyone else sleeps, but I lead them into the dining room where Daisy and Andrew are getting ready to set out dinner for everyone.

I introduce John and Amber to Rachel, Dominic, Skip and Marlene, but when I get to Anna, Amber says, "Oh so you are the other submissive who is marrying Mistress."

Anna blushes and says, "Yes I am." Amber laughs, "lucky you, you have a wife and Brian here who is your slave."

Anna looks angry and says to her, "no one here is a slave. I am going to be Stephanie's wife and Brian will be our husband."

"But legally you're the one with the ring and the rights and Brian can get thrown out on his ass if this lesbo thing doesn't work." Dominic looks really mad and says to her, "Young lady do you always insult people you've just met?"

John apologizes, but Amber stops him, "Don't apologize for me. I just think this is all sick."

I turn to her, "Then why are you here?" Dominic stands up. John looks a little afraid of him. "Amber come here." It is not a request. She looks at him and walks up to him. Dominic sits back down grabs Amber and takes her over his knee. She screams as Dominic starts to spank her.

Brian is looking horrified, while John is laughing. Amber is wearing a short skirt and Dominic lifts up the skirt and spanks her on her pantied behind. He is not gentle. She stops struggling and starts crying. "You need a good spanking my dear. This is why you are here. You act all tough, when you're boyfriend here just needs to get you in line. John come here." Dominic orders and John walks over. "Look at her panties. The little slut is wet. You should spank her every day." He says.

I am flabbergasted, while the others just say nothing. Finally Dominic stops hitting her. "You will behave and if you are a good girl, maybe I'll take you in the playroom later and fuck the shit out of you."

He rights her onto her feet. Amber lowers her eyes and says nothing. John takes her hand and she goes upstairs. I give Dominic a thumbs up.

Dinner turns out to be great fun. The food Brian makes is delicious and Amber complements him. As John and Brian go downstairs to get dessert, Amber leans over to me, "I apologize for being rude."

I make the decision to kiss her and I do. She leans into me and grabs me kissing me hard on the lips. "Slow down my dear. I am not going to fuck you. In fact, I know what you want and what you need. If you decide you want to play with us, then you have to sign an agreement that this is consensual and also John has to be a part.

Brian and I will not join you. Dominic and Marlene will if they want to. You were very rude to Brian when he came to your home. He is not yours, he is mine, then you were rude when you came into my home and I could deal with you in many ways, but Dominic did it for me."

I grab her face in my hand, "I am no one to be played with. I guess you missed the part of the interview with the two whips. If you want to play with me Miss Amber, I assure you it will be rough." I let go of her face and she is scarlet.

John and Brian comes upstairs and I say to Amber, "on your knees and ask John what I know you want to ask him."

Amber bites her lip and drops down on her knees. John's erection is growing and I can see it through his jeans. Brian is smiling at me. "Sir, I would like to go to Mistresses play room with Dominic and Marlene and you. I'd like to try things..." She leaves the words hanging. John goes to her and grabs her hair pulling her head back, "Why didn't you ever tell me any of this before? Amber you've been such a dominating bitch to everyone."

She's crying, "I didn't know until he took me over his knee and I felt as if everything I wanted was in his spanking. I wanted it to be you."

"We should go home and talk about this." He says releasing her hair. "No." She says, "I want to be punished and I want them to show you how."

John looks at me and I look at him. "If you want to play there are papers to be signed. I'll get them and talk to Dominic and if he agrees you can be in the playroom for a few hours."

I walk downstairs to the playroom and get the consent forms. They are standard, but unless we know you, you have to sign to play. I don't want to be sued. I go to Dominic who is watching a movie with the rest of our gang and he and I talk. He smiles and agrees to take them into the playroom.

I don't want to be a part of this, nor should Anna, Rachel, Brian or Skip. Dominic agrees. He and Marlene will undertake their training. I tell Anna that she and Brian will be sleeping with me tonight after the movie is over and Skip will be taking care of Rachel this evening. I've told him that if she allows it, he may fuck or suck her, but not both.

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