The Choice Ch. 24


Mikel opens her legs. Rachel is also wearing a skirt, with no panties. He cuffs her hands and then eases off her skirt. Diving between her legs, he begins licking and sucking her snatch.

Marlene comes to me and we hug. She sits down beside me upstairs in the bedroom. Hesitantly she says, "If this is her uncle, he's going to rape her. He is obsessed with her. You see Mistress, he loved her mother and she married his brother, but not before he took the mother's virginity." She stops talking and I ask the question that I know the answer to already.

"Is Anna his daughter?" I croak out. Marlene, tears falling from her eyes cries, "Yes. He took his own daughter's virginity. He's scum."

"Oh god." I say as I think I'm going to be sick. I stand up and pace. "No one can know this. It would destroy her, being her uncle is bad enough, but her father. Does she know?"

"No, I found out when the blood tests came back from Sir Richard's. Anna had called her father and he had given her the blood type of her mother and himself. She told him she needed it for some tests she wanted done. There was no way the man she thought was her father could be her father. Sir Richard told me not to tell her." Marlene sobs.

I hug her again, "Don't tell her ever. She's finally found some happiness and once she's with me again, I'll make sure she stays safe. We will find her! When I get my hands on that son-of-a-bitch, I will personally whip him to death."

Dominic comes upstairs and Marlene nods at me. He doesn't know and she won't tell him. "I think it's time we get what we need." He says and I agree. "Tell Brian, Daisy and Andrew to come here."

Marlene goes and gets everyone. I close my bedroom door and look at Brian. "I'm going to show you something and for your life you are never to tell anyone about this. I was waiting until the wedding to tell you, Anna already knows. I showed her after I proposed. Daisy, Andrew and Dominic already know. "I look at Marlene, "you are also under strict orders never to reveal what you see here."

She nods as does Brian and I say to him, "Don't say a word. Don't be hurt because I didn't tell you before now. I couldn't stand it." He nods again and says nothing.

I go to a wall in my bedroom and press the side, a door opens and I press my hand onto a panel by the side, another door opens. This takes about 10 seconds. Brian and Marlene stare with eyes wide. "After this is over, I will give each of you access in case of an emergency. This is our safe room and is big enough for eight people." They walk inside and the door slides closed.

"The only way out is a handprint from one of five people, Me, Anna, Daisy, Andrew or Dominic. Sir built this room after we were once robbed at gunpoint outside our house. It is the most secure room outside of the hidden room in the White House. It is bullet proof, bomb proof and nearly nuclear proof.

If one of the people on the outside are compromised, with a button I can lock that person out. I am the only one who can do that." We go further inside and Brian and Marlene are amazed. "There is enough food for six months with eight people, but more importantly there are two separate phone lines that are not attached to the house or the street, there are cameras of every inch of the house." They look and they can see the FBI downstairs.

I continue, "But most importantly there is this," I press a button. Mission Impossible has nothing on me. A wall slides up, a drawer opens and there are weapons; a bull whip, guns, knives, assault rifles, launcher grenade and other military style weapons. Once a month Andrew comes in and checks everything. He takes care to keep it neat and clean and functional.

"There are computers with military satellite capability. We are always on line. I have a direct link with the White House. Sir made a deal with the CIA many years ago; not even the President knows about this room and if you ever reveal what you know you will be tried for treason. You are never to touch this phone." I say, "There are others, but this white phone goes directly to the White House and right now, Michael Worthington. He is the only one besides the director of the CIA and I think Mandy, who know about this. There are clothes, a bathroom and sleeping for eight. Finally." I walk them past the two bedrooms and there is a door. Dominic puts up his handprint and the door opens. I have Dominic take Brian and Marlene through the door, down a very long hallway and steps that lead them through a long tunnel and takes them to another door that leads to the street, a block away from the house and next door to the police station.

Brian is speechless. Marlene is awed, "Master, what do you need for me to do."

Dominic says, "Let's go back inside and Mistress will give us orders."

I have been giving instructions to Andrew. He has prepared everything so that as soon as we find out where Anna is, we are gone. Brian comes to me, "I want to go with you." I shake my head. "You are to stay here with Marlene and Daisy."

He starts to get upset. "I need you to keep the FBI busy. I also don't want to have to worry about you. Dunge, Randolph and Sir Richard are on their way. They will be here in about three hours.

Dominic says to him, "They will be brought through the back way and will be in the safe room until we are ready. Brian, you need to make sure that Daisy, Marlene and Skip are safe."

Everyone except Andrew comes out the safe room and the door is closed. Skip has just returned and brings with him a heavy bag. Inside the bag are seven bulletproof vests. I look at Dominic, "Why seven? There is only you and I, Randolph, Sir Richard, Andrew and Dunge."

Dominic says to me, "Finch Reese is coming."

"Why?" I say annoyed, "One of his men is here and he may know where Anna is."

Skip interjects, "I thought the other one was for me." I look at Skip, "you are not going; no way, no how. I'm sorry, I know that Rachel is your sub, but I would die if you were hurt. You are like a son to me."

"But..." He starts to say. Dominic interjects, "No way son." He puts his hand on Skip's shoulder. "Stephanie's right. You cannot go. We will have enough to worry about. So the answer is no.

In Brooklyn Anna has awakened. She is lying naked on the bed with a thin sheet covering her. Anna is chained to the metal headboard of the bed. She looks across and sees Rachel also naked and chained, a man's head is between her legs. Rachel is still unconscious. Anna recognizes that head. "Mikel, Vy syn suka which means you son of a bitch."

Mikel gets from between Rachel's legs, "She tastes sweeter than you. Zdravstvuy, moy dorogoy kuzen which translates to Hello my dear cousin. You are going to make me a very rich man and then my father is taking you back to Russia. He's going to fuck you and make you carry his babies. He loves you. I wanted my own slave, so we are taking your blonde friend here."

"You will not get away with this. My Mistress will kill you." Anna says her voice confident and fearless."

Mikel laughs heartily, "Your black bitch, she will pay and then be left with nothing. She doesn't care about you."

"Ha!" Anna laughs, "You have no idea who you are dealing with. She will kill you."

Rachel is just starting to wake up. Mikel leaves to tell his father that Anna is awake. "Rachel, Rachel, "Anna whispers. Rachel opens her eyes, "What's happening?"

Anna whispers "Keep your voice down, listen to me. My crazy uncle is holding us. Mistress will come and get us. Just do what they ask and don't worry. Please keep calm."

Rachel nods, "Anna, I'm scared."

"Think about your Master Skip no matter what they do to you. Don't worry about anything. Mistress will find us. Now quiet." Anna says as Vladimir comes into the room. "Hello my dearest. It's been a very long time. Are you happy to see me?" he says and pulls down the sheet. "Your body is still beautiful, even more so."

In Russian Anna says to him, "Otoydi ot menya vy otvratitelʹny svinʹi. Ty ne moy dyadya , tynasilʹnik." Which means, Get away from me you disgusting pig. You are not my uncle, you are a rapist." Vladimir laughs, "Soon I will be your master and I will breed you with my children. Are you hungry my sweet?"

"I wouldn't eat anything you gave me." She spits at him. "Naughty, naughty, I will punish you for this, but first I have to call your former Mistress and get my pay day." He takes out a cell phone and calls Stephanie.

My cell phone rings and I answer it and put it on speakerphone, "I have your two slaves. They will be returned to you unharmed for ten million dollars. You will have the money ready by Monday evening and then you will receive further instructions." The male voice says.

"I want to speak to Anna or no deal." I say more confidently than I am. Anna's voice comes on the line, "Mistress."

I say, "Anna are you all right."

"Rachel and I are fine. Remember when I told you what happened to me when I was eight. It's happening again." She says her voice surprisingly calm and the phone is taken from her.

"No cops, no FBI or they both will be killed." The voice hangs up.

Skip and Brian gape at me, waiting for my response. I say to everyone, "Anna has just told us there are eight men and her uncle and his nephew are a part of this.

Brian says, "How in the hell do you know that?"

I smile, "I know that because of what she said. What happened to her happened to her at age 12 and it involved her uncle and his nephew."

Andrew says, "I'll call Michael and let him know."

I go downstairs and tell the FBI agent that I got the call. The kidnappers want ten million dollars. It's Saturday night. I want Anna back tomorrow and I know just how to get her.

The plane lands at ten and by 11:30 through the secret door out in the street, Sir Richard, Dunge, Randolph and Finch Reese are in the safe room.

The FBI are downstairs. Daisy and Brian have prepared food for everyone and bring in the food for the new arrivals. Finch looks much better than the last time I saw him. He's lost weight, is clean shaven and really looks good.

Dunge greets me and says, "I really love your set up here. You have to tell me who did this. It's incredible."

"Thanks Dunge. I have a feeling that Anna is in either Queens or Brooklyn. I had her cell phone tracked and the last location was near the BQE, the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Ok Finch, why are you here," I say.

"First, let me apologize to you. I was a real ass the last time we met. I'm also sorry about your husband." He looks sad as he says this, "Sir was a stand-up guy. I have this guy who worked for me, names Misha. He's Russian. He phoned me at Dunge's place and told me that Mikel was planning to kidnap two women and take them back to Russia; to some remote village. He said that Mikel was going to live like a king with the money he would get for these two women and he was still going to keep them both."

Randolph speaks, "I think they are in Brooklyn. " I look at him, "How do you know that?"

"There is a Russian freighter company that has ships coming in every Sunday and leaving Monday night. I bet Vladimir bought passage for him, his son, Anna and Rachel." Randolph says and I believe him.

"This means that we have to find them by tomorrow. How do you think we should proceed?" Dominic asks the group.

Dunge answers, "Why don't we just drive over the BQE and see if we can pick up the tracking device?"

Finch interrupts, "I know exactly where they are or rather if we talk to Misha he will tell me."

"So let's talk to him." Skip says.

Finch glares at him, "Misha won't talk unless he's paid."

I look at him, "How much Finch? What do you want and what does he want. I want this over with."

Finch smiles, "I want my freedom. I also want to get out of the servitude for the fifteen thousand dollars I still owe and Misha asks for two hundred thousand dollars cash."

I look at Dunge who nods, 'Deal and done.'

"When can we give him the money?" Finch asks, "As soon as he gives you the information, I will give you the money. Dunge told me you want to come along." I say.

"Yes, I owe Mikel. He's scum. He owes me money that he stiffed me on." Finch smirks.

"You can only come if you follow orders." Randolph says. "How much does Mikel owe you?" I ask.

"Fifty thousand." Finch says.

"I'll pay it and give you another fifty because he will belong to me." I tell Finch who grins broadly.

Daisy comes into my bedroom and knocks on the safe room door, "The FBI wants to see you and the press is outside."

"Shit! Get everything ready. Finch, you call Misha and tell him it's a deal. I will get the money and have it ready when he tells you, then give it to you after this is all over. Do we have a deal Finch?" I say to him and hold out my hand. He takes my hand, "yes it's a deal, I owe you for being such an ass."

I walk out followed by Dominic, Skip and Brian. "Brian, you and Skip stay here. Dominic you come with me."

We go downstairs and Agent Evans wants my cell phone so they can track the number from the kidnapper. I give it to him and learn the call was from a burner phone and they can't track it.

Returning upstairs, Andrew tells me they are ready. Misha has called and told them the address of a warehouse in Brooklyn. "We will leave in an hour." I say and tell Daisy, "let the FBI know that I am lying down and cannot be disturbed."

I go into the safe room and call Michael Worthington. I give him the address and tell him we will be leaving soon. I have five burner phones in the safe room and hand them out to Dominic, Dunge, Randolph and Sir Richard who all this time has been very quiet which is unlike him. Michael tells me to call the wet work team when I'm ready.

Sir Richard finally speaks, "I'm ready. I've been thinking, what do we want to do with these guys once we get them?"

I answer him, "I don't care what you do to Mikel, but Vladimir should be taken somewhere, castrated and sent back to Russia. He's a rapist."

Sir Richard smiles, "I know just what to do." And he gives a look to Finch who also grins. It's chilling and I don't want to know more.

Anna and Rachel are given soup and water. Anna just drinks the water, while Rachel eats the soup that Mikel feeds to her while stroking her breasts.

Three men come in and unchain Anna. They flip her over to her stomach and chain her wrists again and then her feet. Vladimir comes into the room with a belt. "Do you remember how much fun we used to have? Do you remember when you misbehaved I would hit you with the belt then fuck you? Well I am going to hit you and fuck you. You will learn respect and be obedient. When we get home to Russia, I will fuck your ass. I am saving that because I want to take my time. Right now, I've missed that pussy. So my dear girl, I'm going to warm your ass, fuck you and then you will suck my dick and eat your food like you were told to do." He says and strokes his dick through his pants.

"Never! You can kill me, but I will never do as you wish." Anna spits out.

"Bitch, you will do it and like it!" says Mikel who looks at Rachel and says, "You had better suck my dick nicely or you will get the same as her.

He unzips his pants and drops his pants. Getting over Rachel's face, he slaps her several times with his dick. She is terrified. "Open your mouth my slave." She doesn't move fast enough and he slaps her hard across the face. As she cries out, Mikel shoves his dick in her mouth and starts fucking her face.

Vladimir chuckles, "Just like his father." He says and he picks up the belt and begins. He comes down hard on Anna's ass. She does not cry out. She is imagining it is me who is spanking her with love. Anna's mind goes to another place as her uncle whips her ass.

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