tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 25

The Choice Ch. 25


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always – The Kidnapping part 2

©angelface195 – all rights reserved.

Vladimir beats Anna until she passes out, whelps all over her ass. He undresses and gets on top of her as she is just opening her eyes. "Rapist!" She spits out as he slams his dick into her. Anna screams into the mattress. Vladimir relishes her fear.

Rachel is crying and still sucking Mikel's dick. She knows he is going to fuck her and she thinks of Skip as Mikel comes in her mouth. "That's right my little blonde slave, drink it down." Mikel says stroking her hair as he holds his cock for her to lick it.

Everything is ready and packed. I take a set of keys from the safe room and hand them to Andrew. We are ready to leave. I kiss Brian passionately on the lips. I also kiss Skip and Marlene. Dominic kisses his son's cheek and then kisses Marlene who whispers to him, "Be careful my love."

Sir Richard smiles and says to Skip, "You and I have to talk when we return. I think that Rachel belongs with you." Skip grins and says nothing.

"Please Mistress be careful." Brian says. "I will." I answer him. "Daisy, lock up and no one comes in my bedroom until I return." I say and Daisy nods.

I close the doors to the safe room and we leave down the hallway to the steps. It is three in the morning.

"I need your help." Daisy says to Skip, Brian and Marlene. She goes into a closet and takes out a dummy that looks like me. Sir had this made a long time ago, as a joke and then we realize that it might be useful.

Undoing the bed, Daisy puts the dummy inside and covers it. She puts a bottle of sleeping pills by the bed with a glass of water. Anyone who comes in will think I took a few pills and am out cold. "Just in case." Daisy says.

"Skip, see if those nice gentlemen downstairs want something to eat or drink. It is going to be a long night. Drop a hint or two that Mrs. Stone is exhausted and took a pill to sleep, that way they won't bother her." Daisy orders.

Brian is amazed. "Mistress knows how to do everything doesn't she?" He says.

Daisy smiles and raises her eyebrow, "Yes, she does. I want you young man to go up to your room and go to bed."

He frowns, "I can't sleep."

"You need to rest." Daisy says motherly, " When they get back, I'm sure Mistress and Anna will be in a state. They will need you to be strong." She takes his arm, "So please, you too Marlene, try to rest until they return."

Andrew gets the car that we have hidden in another garage. It is an eight passenger SUV, black with plates registered to a shell company. We all pile in. I sit in the front with Andrew. We are all wearing our vests and carrying backpacks with all that we need. Mine also holds two blankets. The wet work team is on standby, waiting at the location for us to arrive. Dr. Heart has returned from Washington and he is waiting with instructions.

Anna is bleeding from her pussy and the sores on her ass. She was dry when her uncle slammed into her. She is in pain, but she knows that I am coming. In her heart, she knows that and in her mind, she is praying. Dear God, please let my Mistress get here soon.

Mikel has Rachel turned over on her stomach. "You may be willing to wait to take that whore's ass but I'm not." He says to his father.

Rachel is afraid. She has had anal sex before but Mikel's dick was larger than any she had before. "Please sir, I will do what you wish but don't fuck me there, please, I'm begging you." She cries. Rachel knew he would hurt her and Mikel thought she was an anal virgin.

Mikel slaps her ass and laughs, "An anal virgin. I get to be the first. Don't worry baby, I'll be slow." He says evilly.

To one of the men he says, "Fuck her mouth while I get the lube. She's going to be my slave so she needs to know what I expect." He chuckles and leaves her. Vladimir is still fucking Anna. "Oh baby, I've missed this pussy. I am going to come soon. I hope I get you pregnant tonight. Wait until we get home." He says, "uh, oh yes, such a tight pussy, still." He slams back into her. She groans from the pain, there is no pleasure in this.

"Anna." Rachel cries, "Please, don't let them do this."

"I'm sorry Rachel, but she's coming. She will save us. Hold on." Anna cries her tears staining the mattress as Vladimir comes inside her.

He slaps her already sore ass and she grimaces. "No one is coming for you. You are mine."

The man that was told to fuck Rachel's mouth grabs her hair, "Beautiful blonde suck my cock." He shoves it into her mouth and she starts sucking as Mikel comes back in the room with some oil. He rubs his dick with the oil, then slides a finger into Rachel's ass. He lubricates her hole and slides a second finger. He fucks back and forth with his finger. "Oh, this should be so good. Your ass is so tight. You will be my little slave girl. I will fuck you until you can't stand up."

Mikel feels Rachel's pussy. "You are not wet." He says and starts to spank her butt. "You will be after I start fucking you."

Mikel slides his dick into her pussy. He is large and he starts fucking her faster and faster. Rachel is crying and sucking the other man's cock. Mikel is slapping her ass and she is in pain. She is so scared he will put his dick in her ass.

We arrive at the warehouse. I am ready. Randolph takes the back with Dominic. Dunge has the lead and I am with Finch, Sir Richard and Andrew.

One man appears and Dunge shoots him with a sleep dart. He's out, one down and seven to go. Another man comes out and Dunge does the same, two down and six to go. I hear a yell and know that Randolph and Dominic have removed another man. We look through the window and see Vladimir taking his dick out of Anna. Mikel is fucking Rachel while another man is watching and laughing and still another has his dick in Rachel's mouth.

Suddenly Vladimir's head snaps up and he tells his son to stop laughing. Mikel stops and pulls his dick out of Rachel. He pulls on his pants and grabs his gun. They both wait and listen.

There is still another man, he comes up behind Andrew, and Sir Richard shoots him with the dart. We have real bullets, but I'm trying very hard not to kill anyone, except the two in there.

Bursting through the door, one of the men draws his gun and Sir Richard shoots killing him with a real gun. He was the one laughing; I bet he won't be laughing anymore.

Vladimir is laughing as he sees me. "So you have come to rescue my little Anna. You are the rich black whore not bad looking. Why don't you come and suck my dick."

I don't answer but cock my head to one side. Mikel starts to walk towards us with the gun in his hand. Dominic says, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The man whose dick is in Rachel's mouth removes his dick and surrenders with his hands up. I hit him with a sleep dart and he goes down. We are just left with the two Russians. One with a gun and the other naked watching me.

"Anna, Mistress is here." She has been weeping quietly, but saying nothing. I can see she is bleeding. "Unchain her." I order.

Vladimir condescendingly says, "As you wish Mistress." Anna curses at him in Russian and as she gets up on the bed on her knees, he grabs her around the neck. "I will snap her neck if you come any closer."

I smile and look at Anna. She has taken self-defense classes and knows what to do. Through her pain, she smiles at me. Anna elbows him in the balls and he lets her go. She falls down flat on the bed. I have my whip out, Sir Richard has his, and we both swing. The whips wrap around both his arms.

"Let my father go or I will kill her." He says and I see he has a gun at Rachel's head. Mikel doesn't see Finch step up behind him.

Finch shoots Mikel in the back of the head. Mikel goes down spraying Rachel with his blood, Finch grins and says nonchalantly, "He owed me money."

Vladimir screams, "You killed my son you son of a bitch." He starts to weep and fights us as we hold his arms in the whips. Anna gets off the bed and slaps Vladimir across the face. She picks up the knife that is on the table, her face a mask of hatred. I go to her, "Don't Anna. Let us take care of this." Anna blinks at me once, twice. "Mistress I want to kill him. He raped me again! He's nothing."

"Yes," I say, "He is nothing." I hold out my hand and Anna gives me the knife and smiles. I place the knife on the table.

I hand the handle of the whip to Finch, "Do what you will, but he should live. The wet work team will take care of everyone else."

Taking the backpack off I get out the blankets, wrapping one around her. Anna turns to me and embraces me sobbing, "I knew you would come to save Anna."

Sir Richard looks at me and says, "Call the wet work guys and leave. We'll talk to them. I'll see you in a few hours."

I kiss his cheek. Dominic wraps the other blanket around Rachel while I hold onto Anna who is crying softly. Dominic and I walk the two women to the bathroom. We clean them up as best as we can. I give each of them the morning after pill. They will be checked out by Dr. Heart later at home, but now we have to hurry.

I take out sweat pants, shirts and sneakers for both of them and they get dressed. I have sanitary pads because they both are bleeding.

Dominic and I walk them to the car. When she and Rachel are seated, I phone the team, "Sir Richard and Finch Reese are in there, they have a plan, follow it. Thanks."

The rest of us get back into the car. I turn to Anna and Rachel and tell them, "No one can know that Dunge, Randolph, Finch or Sir Richard are here. I'll explain tomorrow. There are FBI guys at our house. I am going back by a special way." I say this for Rachel's benefit, "with Andrew and Dominic. We are going to let you off a little bit away from here. I want you to call my cell phone and I will pretend that I am surprised, the FBI will then ask where you are, but you cannot call before we get home. You are to tell them that you escaped. Everything else will be taken care of by the team that is already there."

Anna nods while Rachel just looks confused. Anna says to Rachel, "Just be quiet and agree with what I say." Rachel nods. "If anyone asks you anything just say that you were drugged and don't remember anything."

I kiss Anna and Rachel, give them sandwiches and bottles of water, as we drop them off. I hand Anna a burner phone, "say that you found this in the house and took it with you. Call in one hour." Anna nods. I hate to leave her, but I know that the FBI will get credit and Worthington will be grateful.

We arrive home in forty-five minutes. Dominic, Dunge and I go up through the secret way. Dominic sneaks out my bedroom, Dunge stays in the safe room while I get undressed and into bed. Andrew stays in the safe room with Dunge after parking the car.

Twenty minutes later, my cell phone rings and I answer it, "Mistress." Anna says sounding hysterical, "My dearest one, are you all right." I say.

She continues with her act, "Rachel and I escaped. We are somewhere in Brooklyn."

"Hold on, let me get the FBI." I put on my robe, go out the bedroom, and yell for Agent Jackson. He races up the stairs, and I hand him the phone. He is gleeful, "They escaped, agents are going to pick them up now. We will track them with the bracelet. They are in Brooklyn. Incredibly, a team has already arrived at the warehouse where they were kept. They are taking care of it."

I look at him with relief, "Thank you so much." I say and in an academy award winning performance, I hug him. He is surprised and I think I can feel his FBI dick give a twitch.

Once he is gone, I dress. Brian, Daisy, Dominic and Marlene come into the bedroom. Andrew comes out of the safe room. "Anna and Rachel are going to be here soon. They are in bad shape. Dr. Heart should be here with a nurse. I didn't want them to go to the hospital unless necessary. I think they need to be with us. The Press will be around, but ignore them. I will give a statement tomorrow and hopefully all will die down soon." I say. Brian comes and hugs me. "I was worried about you."

"I told you, I can take care of myself. I had lots of help." I take Andrew's hand. "Get their rooms ready," I order. I turn to Brian and say, "Please you and Daisy make them something to eat, I'm sure they are hungry."

It is six am and the sun is just starting to rise as the unmarked car with lights going pulls up to the house. The FBI wanted to take them to the hospital, but Anna insisted on coming home. The Press is out in force, snapping pictures, but the Feds keep everyone away. I open the door and hug Anna and Rachel. This is the photo that appears on the cover of the New York Times, Daily News and the Post.

Agent Jackson wants to talk to them, but I tell him later and reluctantly he agrees. They have already given information to the agents on the scene.

Dr. Heart shows up soon after and does a rape kit for each of them. He checks them both and tells myself and Agent Jackson they have been raped and have vaginal bruising. They need to rest. Dr. Heart and his nurse treat their wounds.

Dr. Heart takes me aside. "Rachel is in shock and she really needs to rest." Skip comes into the room. "I'll be with her all night. I'll take care of Rachel please tell me what to do." I kiss Skip on the cheek and leave him with the doctor.

The FBI pack up their gear and an hour later they are gone. Sir Richard and Finch arrive after they leave. They ring the front door bell and Dominic lets them in. Andrew returns to the safe room to put all the gear away.

Daisy hands me a bag. She has gone into the vault in the basement and taken out the money to give Finch for himself and Misha. I will give it to him later; right now, I have to take care of my Anna.

I take Anna into my bathroom and wash her in the tub. She leans back, but says nothing. "How are you my love?" I say and take the sponge washing her back.

She looks up at me through her lashes and says, "I am so much better. I was just thinking about all of this. I know I'm going to have nightmares. May I sleep with you Mistress?"

"Of course you can. I want you to." I kiss her lips. "Do you feel like talking?" I ask.

She shakes her head, "Not tonight, but tomorrow. I do want to tell you what happened after you left us."

"All right." I say. "Rachel and I sat and waited. We were both sore and it was the longest hour, but I knew you needed to get home. Rachel was shivering even though it was hot. I was worried about her. I made her eat the sandwich and drink the water. When the agents arrived, Rachel was very quiet. I hid the water bottles. They gave us some more and put us in the car. They wanted to take us to the hospital, but I told them I wanted to go home.

I told them that my uncle and his nephew had untied us to eat and we escaped. They told me to tell the press it was the Russian mob. I agreed and Rachel just said nothing. All the way home, I held on to Rachel's hand. I am still worried about her."

"She's with the doctor and Skip." I smile, "he's taking good care of her."

"When we were being held, she only talked about Skip. She's in love with him and not just as his submissive." Anna says sadly, I lift her chin and kiss her, "He's in love with her too and not just as her Master."

Anna smiles. After I get her out of the tub and dry her. I put a pair of pajamas on her. She frowns. "No sex for you young lady at least until Dr. Heart says so. You may sleep with me and I mean sleep." I tuck her into my bed and kiss her forehead.

"I have something's to do before I come to bed, so sleep." I give her some pills the doctor has left for her and Anna lies down, "Mistress I am so glad you love Anna, I am so glad that you found me."

"Me too and I love you very much. Sleep my dearest, sleep." I kiss her again and leave with the bag of money into the safe room. I call Michael Worthington who answers on the first ring. This is a secure line and he speaks freely to me, "The captain of the team told me they took all the men who were alive and Vladimir to a prison where they will remain incognito until their flight to Russia and Siberia. The rest of what was asked will be taken care of before they leave."

"What rest?" I ask. "Instructions that were given by Sir Richard." He says, then adds, "How are you? How are Rachel and Anna?"

I sigh, "I'm fine. It's been a crazy time. Rachel needs a little tlc, but I am concerned about Anna. She's keeping it all internal. I need to tell you something even more disgusting then Vladimir being her uncle."

Michael says, "I'm listening."

"Anna doesn't know this but he is her father. He raped her mother." I say with a tear in my voice.

"Dear God, what a fuck!" Michael says, "She doesn't ever need to know this. Don't worry I won't ever reveal it. She was raped have you taken care of it."

"yes, I had Dr. Heart give me a prescription for the morning after pill and I kept a few in the house. So hopefully we don't have anything else to worry about. Dr. Heart will keep check. Will you make sure the team does a check to make sure they don't have any diseases?" I ask Michael.

"Absolutely, I told them that already. If there is a problem, I'll let you know. Mikel's body will be checked. Look, you've been through an ordeal Stephanie, why don't you relax. I'll let the President know that you are all okay. Have a good night or should I say morning." Michael says and we say goodbye and I hang up. I leave out the safe room with the bag of money.

Finch, Dominic, Dunge, Sir Richard, Randolph, Skip, Andrew, and I are at the conference table downstairs in my office. Daisy has gone home and Brian is in bed in his apartment upstairs.

"All right, so Finch and Sir Richard, tell me what happened after we left."

Sir Richard speaks and says, "The wet work team arrived. They took Vladimir who was weeping like a baby. We just told them what we wanted done and they took him. I gave the whips back to Andrew." Andrew nods.

Skip asks, "What did you tell them to do?"

Finch answers, "We told them to castrate him, tattoo the word rapist on his chest and send him to hard labor in Siberia for the rest of his life."

Skip looks as if he will be sick, "I'm sorry I asked."

"I will call Michael later. It's 9:30 in the morning and we've all been up. Finch, here is your money. There is half a million. Give Misha two hundred thousand and the rest is yours. Are you going back to LA on the plane?" I ask.

"Yea, when are we leaving?" He asks Dominic. "Tomorrow." Dominic answers.

I say to Finch, "You may sleep in the extra bedroom."

"Can I Misha come here and get his money?" Finch asks. "I'd rather you meet him down the street. He doesn't need to know where I live, well after today everyone will figure it out, but tell him I said thank you."

He gets up, takes the bag and leaves. Skip also gets up, "I'll be in the room with Rachel. Someone can sleep in my room."

Dominic and Marlene still have their room. Dominic leaves to join her. Finch returns in an hour and Skip shows him where he will sleep.

Andrew, Randolph, Sir Richard, Dunge, and I are sitting. I take out a bottle of really good scotch and we all have a drink. We remember Sir and how he would have enjoyed all this intrigue.

Andrew invites Randolph and Dunge to sleep in his room, but Dunge asks if they can stay in the safe room.

"Of course. I'll give you the name of the guy who built it. I need to know what I can do for you. You came all this way and you risked your lives for me, Anna and Rachel.

Sir Richard, with his British accent says, "It was fun. I haven't been back in the game for a long time. The blood is pumping again. If you are back in LA, you can come stay with us again and give me a chance to make amends. Also I think you should know this, I spoke with Daniel. He gives Rachel and Skip his blessing. He wants to stay for three more months and...He's really not a Dom, he's a switch."

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