tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 27

The Choice Ch. 27


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always --

©angelface195 -- all rights reserved.


A week can seem like a long time or it can feel like a blink of an eye. For me, my time at The Door passes by as if I have awakened from a long dream and am finally realizing that I have been awake all along.

I have taken long hikes in the California mountains, eaten fresh food grown on the property, meditated in the Japanese garden outside my room, did yoga, had a class in kickboxing and I was feeling as if I had finally found some balance.

I meet a woman on my second night, her name is Denise Finklestein and she is in her regular life the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a mother of two daughters and ex-wife of a billionaire. She and I become fast friends and on a hike, I decided to confide in her about my dilemma concerning Brian and my love for Anna.

Denise says to me, "You love them both and you have this plan for him to be included in the ceremony. Everyone is right, he just needs to grow up and you need to have a bit more patience. He is 26, 27? He is so young and you are his world. Give him room to grow. Give him some responsibilities. Let him grow up.

I smiled at her, "Yes, but my problem is he pressures me all the time. He wants everything at once." Denise laughs, "Again, he's young and he wants it all right now, just like an adolescent. Humor him, but make him work for it." She hugs me, "You both will be fine and I wish I were you. You are having so much sex it must be really fun. I'm lucky if my lover and I get one night a week."

"You're gay?" I ask a little surprised, "and you're bi, so let's be friends and you can come visit me in Seattle bring Anna and Brian with you."

"Thank you and Denise, you have to come to New York and to the wedding." I say hugging her again. I realize this is what I've been missing girlfriends, someone to just shoot the breeze with. I was so busy telling Anna and Brian to have friends that I hadn't had time for my own friends. When I get home, I have to change this.

The rest of my time at The Door, I spend with Denise. She gave me her cell and I gave her mine. We swore we would maintain a friendly relationship no matter how busy we both are, and to call or email at least once a week.

At the end of my time in all this breathtaking beauty, I know what I want to do with my relationships. I am at peace and sure of how to proceed.

In New York, Anna has been busy helping Dominic. He has asked her to read for the part of Beatrice. Anna thinking that she was helping did the reading. Grace looks at Dominic and they both know I was right, Anna is perfect for the part.

At night after dinner, Anna helps Brian. She talks to him about what I like, what I need and how he should be when I return. He listens and he began to understand that he has really been making demands of me. Anna shares with him something that I said. Actually, it is something that Oprah Winfrey says, "when you say no and someone continually says yes, they are trying to control you."

"You cannot control Mistress. She is in control of us. She is our Dom, we are her subs. She has chosen to make her commitment to us permanent. Don't fuck it up!" She begs him. "Please give Mistress time. Don't be in such a rush. She's not going to die and leave you. She shows you how much she loves you. We have a beautiful home, money and clothes. We are treated with love. You just need to calm down and give her space."

Anna takes his face in her hands, "She loves you. I believe she is in love with you, but you must wait until she tells you in her own way in her own time. She's been through a lot." Anna hangs her head, "First what happened with Finch, then Sir dying in the plane crash and Rachel being hurt, and my uncle taking me and Rachel. She's a person. Give her a chance to love you her way. I love you very much Bry, don't give her a reason to send you away. It would break both our hearts."

Brian nods. "I will do my best." Tears stream down his face, "I don't want to lose her. I just love her so much."

"Be good when she returns. Show her, don't tell her. Whatever she asks you to do, do it without complaining. Do not put any more pressure on her for her to tell you how she feels. She wouldn't have brought you here if she didn't want you." Anna kisses his lips gently. "Let's make everything special for when she comes home." Brian nods and agrees.

When Denise arrives in the penthouse apartment she shares with her lover, she gets down on her knees and crawls into the bedroom where her lover waits lying on the bed holding a riding crop in her hand; slapping it in her palm.

Her lover is black; dark as night, Amazonian and beautiful with striking brown eyes and long braids down her back. Her name is Minerva Veronica Peltson known to the world by her clothing line, MVP. She is stunning, her skin looks like velvet and feels like silk. She is beautiful and deadly.

"So," She purrs. "Did you have a good time without me?"

"Mistress I just went to get some rest. You know we've been busy with the merger and you've been busy working on your spring collection, we haven't had any time together." Denise lowers her eyes.

Minerva sticks out her red shoe, "You may come and kiss my shoe." She says as Denise tentatively crawls closer. As she begins to lick, Minerva slaps her with the crop. Denise moans. "So tell me about your trip and lick a little higher."

Denise licks and talks and licks some more and talks and finally she tells her that she met a director. Minerva lifts Denise's face, "What director?"

"Mrs. Stephanie Stone." Denise says as Minerva comes closer to her. "Ah Stephanie. How is the old girl since her Sir died?" Minerva says. "Do you know her Mistress?" Denise says.

Minerva slaps her, "yes I know the bitch!" She kisses Denise hard on the lips. "Tell me everything she told you." Denise does, tears pricking her eyes.

"You may eat my cunt now and prove to me that you missed me. So you say you invited her here and she is getting married again. I think I read that somewhere, this may work out in my favor. Get your tongue busy and you'll be between my thighs all night making up for the week you've been away." She pulls hard on Denise's hair, making her wince as she fucks her mouth. All the while Minerva is thinking about how to make me pay for taking Sir away from her. Aloud she says, "You took away something important to me, now I will take away something important to you. Eat me bitch!" She says and a smile plays on her lips.

Simon is the only one to greet me at the airport. Anna and Brian asked if they could come, but I want a few more moments of peace. "Mrs. Stone, they are all anxious for you to come home." He chuckles, "I took Brian shopping the other day and he bought enough flowers to fill a florist's shop.

Simon is very discreet about everything, but I have a question to ask him. "What do you think about Brian and Anna?" I ask.

Simon thinks for a moment and says, "I like them both. They are both polite and if I may say so, they both love you. I never have a problem with them. They don't get drunk. They went out to a club a few nights ago and both of them were completely sober when I picked them up later. They were home by 1:30. I heard them say they were only allowed two drinks."

I smile-they are listening. "How has Anna been?"

Simon grins, "I really love her. She always asks me how is my day and she brings me coffee. Anna has learned from you and when I took them out to dinner, she made a reservation for me. A very considerate girl."

"Good. We are going to have a busy week beginning tomorrow, so I will need you in the afternoons not in the morning, but I will check with the two of them just to make sure." I say.

"Thank you Madam. Welcome home." Simon says as he pulls up in front of my house.

When I walk inside there is a huge banner saying, "Welcome home" and balloons. It all looks so festive. Dominic comes out to greet me, it is Sunday evening and I am surprised to see him. "Marlene went to visit her sister in Philadelphia. She'll be back tomorrow, so I thought I'd do some work."

"I hope nothing's wrong." I ask.

"No she hasn't seen her sister for some time." He says and hugs me, "How was The Door?"

"Relaxing and informative as always. I made a new friend; Denise Finklestein." I say raising an eyebrow.

He grins, "The Denise Finklestein?" He asks. I nod. "Wow she's worth as much as you are." He says and I punch him in the arm.

I hear squeals of joy and laughter coming down the stairs and I step out of my offices to see Anna running downstairs to greet me. She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me with such passion that I am breathless. I have missed her and I plunge my tongue into her mouth and squeeze her lovely behind.

Dominic laughs. I release her, "Happy to see me?" I say. "Horny to see you and yes, happy too." She says with a devilish twinkle in her eye. She looks so hot this evening. She has dressed for dinner wearing a black and grey flame print dress. Anna looks luscious and I can't wait to peal her out of this dress.

"Where's Brian?" I ask. "He's making dinner." Anna says and takes my bag and my hand upstairs. I turn back to Dominic, "Coming?" He is laughing, "I'll be up in a minute. Later I need to speak to you about something."

I nod and go upstairs. Brian is trying to be cool, but I know he wants to come to me. I hold out my arms and he comes into my embrace. I kiss him passionately and stroke his prick in his pants. He moans into my mouth and his dick starts to rise. "Miss me my pet?" I say and he groans, "Yes, very much."

"Tonight I want both of you in my bed. I'm very horny, no sex for an entire seven days." I grin and Daisy laughs. "Welcome home madam. Dinner will be ready in half an hour."

"Where's Andrew?" I ask. Daisy smiles and says, "He's cleaning guns today."

"Ah, in the safe room. I'll say hello." I say and Daisy says, "I don't know what you said to my husband before you left, but thank you because he's been very attentive." I try very hard not to laugh because I all I said was 'drop', but I don't tell her that.

I go into the bedroom where Anna is busy unpacking my suitcase. Brian has remained in the kitchen helping Daisy ready for dinner. The house is quieter, three members have left. I miss Skip; he's always listening to music.

I wrap my arms around Anna and feel her breasts through the dress; kissing her neck I say, "I missed you. You smell so good." She turns to me. "Mistress you will talk to me tonight. I know that Brian wants to fuck you, but we can take turns and you can talk to us both."

I kiss her again and whisper in her ear, "We'll play it by ear. That dress looks sexy on you."

"Thank you Mistress, I hoped you would like it." She says and goes back to unpacking. I go into the safe room and manage to startle Andrew who is listening to music on his iPod with earphones on. "Madam you have returned." He says and he blushes. He takes the earphones off and asks, "May I give you a hug?" I hug him and say, "Cleaning day in here Daisy tells me."

"Yes, I like to keep the guns maintained. You never know when we will need them again." He grins. "Well go to it and I will see you at dinner which your wife says is in a half an hour. By the way" I say, "I'm curious, what are you listening to."

Andrew's ears turn a very bright shade of pink as he says, "I'm listening to Pink singing 'Private Show'. I fancy her."

I laugh thinking of Andrew with Pink and wave as I return into the bedroom. My bag has been unpacked and put away, clothes sent to be washed and I am going to change from the pants suit I wear into a short grey dress with scooped neckline and heels.

I let out my hair and I look hot. All during dinner, Anna and Brian keep looking at each other and chuckling. I know they've done something and are quite pleased about it.

"What are you two looking so conspiratorially about? What did you do?" I ask looking more sternly than I feel.

Anna looks up at me through her lashes, while Brian looks down at his feet. I have drawn the conclusion that whatever is going on is Anna's idea. Anna gazes up at me looking very guilty, "We bought you a surprise and I'm not telling you, no matter what you do. I'll show you later. I hope you like it." She smiles timidly and I cannot be angry, I laugh. Daisy starts to laugh too and so do Dominic and Andrew. We are all cracking up for quite some time. I am truly home.

After dinner, I am asked to come into the playroom in Dom clothes in half an hour. Curiosity is getting the better of me and I know this is going to be something special these two have cooked up.

I wait a little over an hour and then dress in black leather shorts with a flap that opens, a black leather vest and my hair is a high pony. I put on dramatic makeup and walk into the playroom.

I get the surprise of my life. Anna has bought a punishment bench, not just any punishment bench, but a $4,000.00 contraption that Anna is confined. Anna is bent over a waist bar. Her forearms and knees are on the comfortable leather padding. Steel cuffs that have been wrapped in soft padding secure Anna's wrists and ankles. Anna cannot move because leather straps hold her legs.

It doesn't end there; under the table is a long bench that a person can lay on. It has a removable circle where you may eat your sub's pussy or suck their dick. Anna's head is held firmly in place with a neck collar and there is an automatic fucking rod where the dildo has been inserted into Anna's pussy just waiting to be turned on. To complete this contraption is a folding bench in the front that adjusts up and down where I can lie and put my pussy in her face. She has no choice but to eat or suck dick.

She is helpless and Brian, who is trying not to laugh, is kneeling waiting for my reaction. I manage not to laugh, but inside I am falling on the floor, holding my side and cackling like a witch. I intend to make them pay for this. It is so crazy, but if that is what they want, who am I to refuse them.

"So my pets, you decided to spend how much on this contraption?" I ask Brian who is kneeling and getting uncomfortable. "Mistress we paid for it with our own money."

"Did I ask you that slave? I say and they both look at me. I never call them slaves. I wink at them and they both smile briefly. They are ready to play.

"No Mistress." Brian says while Anna remains silent. I walk over to him and lift his head. I bend down, "how much?" I squeeze his cheeks. Brian gulps, "with shipping about $4,300.00. Mistress it's a gift for you."

I'm still trying not to laugh, but I manage it and say, "Then I shall use it." I go over to the wall and take down a paddle with hearts all over it. "Brian get under and start eating my dear sweet Anna's pussy. It's such a nice pussy. It's going to get fucked and sucked really well tonight."

Anna can't look at me because she's secured in the collar, but I can see her mouth twitch. I plan to wipe that smile away. Brian does as I ask and he starts eating Anna's pussy. I go over to the back of this contraption and look at the fucking machine. There are 10 levels. I start at one. The dildo starts moving slowly in and out of Anna's pussy. I move it up to three and it's moving a lot faster. Anna is moaning, "Oh Mistress, Brian, that feels so good."

"So you gave me this little gift and spent a lot of money on it. I should be happy. I'm really thrilled, but I think your ass needs to be a little pink for giving me this gift. "I draw back my hand and hit Anna on her right cheek. She pushes forward as the dildo goes inside her, in and out, in and out, with a rhythm of its own. Brian is licking her clit and she's moaning and groaning.

"Mistress I'm going to cum any moment." She says. I say, "Oh no, it's too soon. You better not cum because I want to enjoy my present more." Anna is so close, so ready to come and the dildo is going in and out and in and out while Brian is licking her clit, sucking on it and watching the dildo.

"Please, please Mistress, please, I can't hold it. I'm, I'm, I'm oh god, I'm cumming." She says and then screams out her orgasm as Brian sucks her clit. I stop the machine and walk around to her face, "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, I told you not to cum." Anna glares at me. She is spent, but I've only begun. I kiss her lips, taking her tongue in my mouth. "I will have to punish you for that." I smile.

"Brian, come here." I say and he comes out from underneath Anna. "Anna has cum without permission. I am going to paddle her and you will put your dick in her mouth, but you will not cum understand?"

"Yes Mistress." He says and he sets up the table and brings himself up to Anna's mouth. She immediately starts to suck him as I go around to the back, pull out the dildo and begin paddling her. "I think twenty." I say and start, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Anna is squirming and trying to move but she's all locked in. Her ass is turning from pink to red. I put the dildo back inside her pussy and before she has time to think about it I turn it up to five and it starts fucking her faster and faster.

I go around to the front. Tears are streaming down her face and she is licking and sucking Brian. Opening my vest, I dangle my breasts over Brian's face and he licks and sucks my nipple. Anna is moaning and groaning around Brian's cock as the dildo is fucking her. I reach under her and she is soaking. I grab her head from his dick and she groans, "Mistress, I can't take much more. Ah."

"You will take what I give you and when I am done, you will clean up that mess you made. You came without permission so now my dear I will let you come again and again." I say and push her head back to Brian's cock.

It doesn't take long before Anna screams out her orgasm and I turn the machine off. I know she is tired, but I will make her come one more time.

Brian is close and I free him from the sucking and licking mouth of Anna. Grabbing his head, I tell him, "She may cum but you will not. If it weren't for the fact that I said I would take your ass later, then it would be you being fucked in the ass by this machine. Your punishment will be that you will be denied and..." I walk over and pick up the cock cage, which I know he hates. He hangs his head, "Mistress please, don't"

I slap his face, "Please don't what?" He is silenced. "Nothing Mistress."

"That's better." I say and close his penis in the cage and lock it. "Get down. I am going to have Miss Anna's mouth on my pussy until I cum." I say and he lowers the table. I get on and lift it up until Anna's mouth is on the leather pants. Opening my crotch I put my knees up and her mouth is at my pussy.

"Brian, turn on the machine to six." I say with a pleased look in my eye while Anna looks up with me, pleading in hers. The machine begins fucking her, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Anna is licking me. "You may cum my slave after I do." I take my time and Anna is moaning, she wants to cum and she's exhausted. I free her neck from the steel collar and hold her head in my pussy.

"Come my little slut Brian and suck on my tits." I say and I am nearly ready myself. The machine moves in and out and Anna is barely holding on. I lift her head, "You may lick my clit and after I come in your mouth and you soothe me you may cum but not until. If you do, you will be flogged on the cross. Understand?"

"Mistress," she begs, "I understand, please, please, I can't stand it."

"You bought me my toy and I am enjoying it, now eat cunt!" I say and stuff her head back inside of me. Brian is sucking my nipples. "Yes my pet, eat my pussy. It's so good. You are my good slut, my beautiful slut. " I say and I cum in her mouth. Anna keeps licking. I kiss Brian and send him back to turn off the machine.

He does. Anna is frustrated. I have Brian uncuff and untie her and take her over to the bed laying her on her stomach. I swat her behind. "Get on your knees." Wearily she does. I strap on, grab her hips and shove into her. Anna gasps as I start fucking her. "Brian lick my ass." He goes to it and I fuck into Anna. I squeeze her nipples. She is groaning. "So who would you rather fuck you, me or that damn machine." I say and squeeze her breasts hard.

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