tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 28

The Choice Ch. 28


Wedding preparations, planning for a trip to New Zealand in November, getting the planning done for the film, and hiring a crew take precedent in my life. I am very busy from morning until night. After all the sex, I've had in the last few years I am having a very busy time now without sex and so have my two subs. My day is now starting at eight and ending at one or two in the morning.

Dominic and I are having a party for some investors. I've invited Denise Finklestein and her lover to NY to the party; not just to invest, but I have missed Denise and would like her company. They will be spending two nights in our home.

The house has been cleaned and the caterers have arrived. Brian is doing part of the cooking and supervising the caterers. We have celebrity chef, Cat Cora. Maroon 5 is providing entertainment.

Denise and her lover are arriving in the morning so they may relax before the evening events. I do not know who her lover is and am anxiously awaiting to meet her and welcome her into my home. I have dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white shirt. Anna is working with Dominic this morning and has made sure that the office and everything else is ready for this evening's event. She has done an excellent job and is really becoming quite the wife. I watch her in wonder. My life has never been so organized. I have come to depend on Anna.

Brian has shown me that he is responsible in the kitchen. He has taken charge and is working with chef Cora. I am hoping the evening is a triumph or I will be putting up most of the money for this film.

I have finally told Anna that she is to play a part in the movie. She is nervous more about disappointing me than about the role. I've been reassuring her that she is perfect for the part. She's still nervous and worried.

Our leading man, Adrian Close and our leading lady, Jennifer Lavere will be here as well as quite a few members of the cast and a few celebrities. Overall, we will have about 50 people and 25 cast and crew here, a total of 75. Dinner will be in a tent out in the garden.

It is October and the decorations are orange, rust and brown. The house looks autumnal. I am up early, the bedroom where Denise will be staying has been cleaned and sheets changed. In the sitting room there is a mini-fridge with water, juice and soda. I have had two welcome baskets prepared with the finest bath salts and oils from the dead sea, two bathrobes, slippers and hair products.

The limousine arrives at 11:30 a.m. Andrew opens the door and greets our guests as I come down the stairs. I see Denise and smile. A black woman wearing an enormous hat follows her. The woman looks up and my heart stops. Andrew's eyes narrow.

I manage to paste a smile on my face as I see her, Minerva, the bitch is her lover and she's staying in my home. Minerva and I go way back. We were friends, but now I can't stand her and I know she hates me.

Walking down the stairs, I hug Denise. "I'm so happy to see you." I say and then turn to Minerva, "Hey Min, long time no see."

"Not long enough." She says and Denise frowns. "Mistress you promised." Denise says and Minerva smiles, but the smile does not reach her eyes, "Yes, my pet I did promise."

"I apologize Steph. I think we should put all of this behind us. I am sorry about Sir. I wept when I learned about his death." She says and hugs me. My skin crawls from her embrace.

Anna comes into the foyer looking scrumptious in a black A-line skirt, a white tank and a sweater that has red lips and eyes on it. I see Minerva's eyes scanning her body and I know that I am going to have to watch her. Minerva has an agenda. She always has an agenda.

She smiles broadly at Anna. "You are wearing one of mine." She says eyeing the sweater. "You're MVP." Anna says excitedly. "Yes," Minerva says and I introduce them. "Ah, so you're the blushing bride, my friend Steph is marrying."

"Yes." And she whispers to me, "Is she your friend?"

Minerva hears her, "Stephanie and I go way back. Come my dear, show me my room and I will show you my new line." She hooks her arm in Anna's and they start up the stairs. I am not happy.

Denise grabs my arm and pulls me back, "I'm so sorry Stephanie. I think you need to watch her with Anna."

I hug Denise, "Anna can take care of herself. I didn't know that you were a sub."

Denise lowers her eyes, "Yes and she is my Mistress. I love her, but right now, I don't like her. You and she have history. She hasn't told me all of it, but she said that it involved your late husband."

We walk up the stairs staying a distance away and I tell Denise, "Don't worry about it. It's all in the past." I say reassuringly but I have this nagging feeling that I'm going to have to deal with Minerva eventually.

Denise loves the accommodations while Minerva complains, but she is delighted when she spies the restraints that I had hidden. Sauntering over to Denise, she kisses her, "tonight, I will use these. Do you have a playroom?"

Anna starts to speak. I stop her by pinching her butt. "I do, but it's not to be used for the next two nights. It's being redecorated."

Minerva frowns, "Too bad. I'm sure we could find some use for it."

"Yes." I say, "I'm sure that I could find some way for the room to be of use, but alas it is out of commission. Please rest and relax. If you need anything, ask Daisy or Andrew. There is an intercom."

"Oh they are still with you. I thought you would have gotten rid of them and found some younger people to wait on you." Says Minerva, "I'm hoping to spend time with Anna and I haven't met your lovely Brian yet."

"Anna has work to do and Brian is busy with the kitchen staff. You will meet him at lunch, which will be in an hour. Rest and relax. I'll send Andrew to help you if you'd like." I say and Denise shakes her head. "We'll be fine. Thank you Stephanie for your gracious hospitality."

Taking Anna's hand, I leave. When we are out of earshot, Minerva turns around and slaps Denise hard on the face. "Get your damn clothes off and lie down onto that bed so that I may whip you. How dare you apologize for me? How dare you."

"Mistress, please, I want this to be a fun time. I like Mistress Stephanie. We are in her home and you were being rude." Denise says holding her hand to her face.

Minerva raises her hand again, Denise flinches, but she drops it. She puts her arm around Denise comfortingly, "I'm sorry honey. I just get so angry about that woman and what she did to me." Minerva kisses her and rubs her red cheek. "Unpack the bags and then come between my legs where you will spend the time before lunch."

Denise does as she asks, but inside she has a feeling that Minerva is about to do something they will both regret.

I grab Anna's hand and pull her into the bedroom. I push her up against the door and whisper in her ear, "Don't trust that woman. She's a snake. Warn Brian and tonight stay away from her." Anna nods as I slide my hand under her skirt, where she is wearing garter belt, hose and nothing else. "Mistress." She moans. "We've been very busy and right now I want to fuck you with my fingers until you come." I kiss her lips before she can reply and start fucking her. "Ah, Ah, oh, Mistress."

"Yes my hot little bitch. Don't' forget you are mine." I bite her neck.

"Mistress I love you and only you. Anna is yours." She kisses my lips and I fuck into her.

"Cum for me Anna." I whisper as I use my thumb and flick her clit. Anna cums screaming, "Mistresssss."

I take my hand from her and we both lick my fingers and share tongues. "Go see Dominic and remember what I told you to tell Brian." I say. Weakly she does as I ask.

Lunch is served. Andrew and Daisy know Minerva and they are eyeing her suspiciously. Andrew especially knows the hell she put Sir through and he is curt with her. Daisy ignores her except when she is asked to do something directly.

Minerva eyes Andrew. She knows how much he hates her and she him. Always spying she thinks, even now. It was Andrew that told Sir she was cheating and Minerva has always wanted to get back at him. Slowly she was formulating a plan, but she wanted to wait until after the wedding when it would hurt the most.

Minerva smiles at Andrew who does not smile back. Andrew is thinking of how much he loathes her. She almost cost him his job. He vows that she will do nothing to hurt Brian or Anna. He knows Minerva is up to something and will want revenge for imagined wrongs. She will be coming after me. Andrew and I exchange a look. We will talk.

After lunch, I check to make sure everything is done, but I feel I am in the way because my dear Anna has it all under control. My chest is bursting with pride. Marlene is helping. Dominic and I watch them. "They make a good team." He says, "How is Marlene?" I ask.

"She was ill this morning, but she's learned her lesson." Dominic says. I look at Dominic and laugh, "When was the last time Marlene had her shot."

Dominic looks at me, blinks, then looks at me again, "Oh Shit!"

"I think you're sub is pregnant which is why she's been in this mood. Have Dr. Heart check her out on Monday. If she is then you owe her an apology." I say and Dominic looks pale, "I don't know if I'm ready for this."

"No one is. You love her don't you?" I say taking his arm. He grins, "I do. She has really touched my heart. I never thought I would find someone after Lucia died and now she is wonderful." He says and walks over to her. I watch them. Dominic goes behind Marlene, turns her around and kisses her hard on the mouth. She is startled. He says to her, "My pet, when was your last period?"

She stops, thinks for a moment and then bursts into tears, "Oh sir, I don't know. I might be..." She can't say it.

He kisses her lips softly, "If you are, then I am happy, so no tears." He says and takes his thumb wiping her tears. Shyly Marlene gazes into his eyes as I watch, "You wouldn't be angry?" She asks. He says, "No, in fact tonight after all this is over, I'm going to fuck you just to make sure you are."

She laughs and kisses him again, "Master, I love you. I want you to be happy if we are having a baby."

Dominic kisses her one more time and says, "I am. Now finish helping Anna."

He returns to my side, "You dun good." I say and Dominic hugs me. "Let's get ready for tonight."

As I go upstairs, Andrew follows me. We go into the safe room where we can talk in private. "Madam, I can't believe she's so bold to show her face here."

"I know Andrew. I didn't know that she would be here. I didn't know that Denise was her sub. We have to keep any eye on Anna and Brian because you and I both know she's going to try something. I think she will go for Brian, but I'm not sure."

"Have you warned him Madam?" Andrew asks. "I had Anna warn him, but I will talk to him tonight. I think I'll sleep in his bed." I say.

"Shall I call Dunge to see if he will help?" Andrew asks. I nod. Dunge knows Minerva better than anyone.

We finish our conversation and then leave the safe room where Anna is putting out my clothes for the evening and Brian is helping her get a pair of shoes that is high up on the shelf.

Andrew closes the door as I come out and he leaves. "Anna, Brian, strip." I say.

They turn to me and start undressing. Anna moves my dress from the bed. "Get into bed. I want to talk to both of you and I want to be fucked. Brian come here and undress me." I say.

Brian immediately comes and unbuttons my blouse as Anna pulls back the covers and gets into bed. Brian unbuttons my pants and I lift up his face and kiss him. He takes my pants down and I step out. I am in bra and panties. He pulls down my panties and puts a light kiss on my pubic area. Brian stands and unhooks my bra. I grab his head and bring him to my nipple which he sucks with enthusiasm.

There is a knock at the door. "Come in." I say as Brian continues to suck my nipple. It is Denise. "Uhm, I'm sorry Steph." I look at her, "Come in. Brian get my robe and get into bed. I'll speak to Denise in the sitting room."

Brian does as I ask and I lead Denise into the sitting room. She sits on the chair. She looks very hesitant at me. "What's the matter dear?"

She sighs, "My Mistress would not be happy I'm here. She's taking a nap. I'm worried about her. She's very angry with you still after all these years and I'm afraid she's going to do something she and I will regret. She scares me."

"You should leave her." I say seriously. "Stephanie, if she does anything I will. Please try to keep your subs away from her. After tonight, if I want to see you I will come here alone."

"thank you Denise." I say and we hug. "Have fun with your subs." She says. "they are so lucky to have you."

We hug and she leaves. I return to the bedroom, the bathrobe falling off my body. Anna has been stroking Brian's cock and he has stayed hard. I climb on his penis and drop my sex down onto him. "Anna, sit on Brian's face." I order and she does. I kiss her and stroke her nipples. "Brian I don't want you to go near Minerva ever!" I say bouncing up and down on his cock. "I think she will come after you." I move my hips. Brian groans. "I don't know when it will happen, but I know it will happen and I want you to be ready."

"Anna lick my clit." Anna bends down and sucks my clit. She also sucks Brian's cock and he groans. "Anna, I want you to stay away from Minerva, but make friends with Denise. She may be able to help should Minerva make trouble. I want you to know why she's angry. A very long time ago, she was in love with Sir. He with her and he proposed marriage. She was his submissive. She introduced me to Sir and he took a liking to me, but he was faithful to Minerva. He taught me things and gave me to Dunge to be trained.

Minerva was jealous and thought that I wanted Sir. At the time, I did not. He was like a mentor to me. I was young and inexperienced and was lucky to have met Sir. Minerva thought that Sir wanted me so to make him jealous she slept with Evan and Sir found out from Andrew. At first he did not believe Andrew and almost fired him, but Andrew followed Minerva and took some photos of her with Evan. Sir was heartbroken. He broke off the engagement. Minerva was hurt and upset. She begged and pleaded for Sir to take her back. Minerva got on her knees and told him she was jealous of me. She handed Sir a whip to beat her, but he told her no. She was no longer his sub. He made her leave.

Hysterically she called me. I went to comfort her. Minerva beat me with a whip leaving me bloody. Sir found me and took me to the hospital. He took care of me after and we fell in love. She blames me when it was her fault. I am telling you both to stay away from her. She's evil."

I told them this but I left out certain things. When I went to Minerva's house, I held her as she cried; I told her that I loved her. We had been lovers. She had dominated me, but Sir did not know this. He thought we were just friends. At that point, I was still trying to figure out if I was Dom or sub. I told her I would be her sub.

When I got to her house she glared at me and ordered me to my knees. I did thinking that this was what she needed. Minerva blindfolded me, stripped me of my clothes and took me into her bedroom where she restrained me.

Minerva kissed me hard on the lips. She whispered in my ear, "All of this is your fault and you'll learn not to betray me. She then proceeded to whip the shit out of me. Minerva beat me so bad that I passed out. I still have light scars from that beating. Sir came to find me and he did, all bloody in the bed. He called Dr. Roberts, Dr. Heart's predecessor, who came and drove us to the hospital. I was checked in under an assume name.

I refused to talk for a very long time, but Sir took me to his home and was patient with me. Finally, I started to talk and I told him everything. He was angry and went to see Minerva. He would never tell me what transpired between them and I never asked, but I saw her one more time and she swore to me she would make me pay.

I have not seen her since. Sir taught me that I was no sub. He taught me that I was a Dom and I have relished that role. Seeing Minerva today did not unnerve that. I hate her not for whipping me, but for breaking Sir's heart. I hate her for not loving him enough or loving me enough because at that time I truly loved her and would have done anything to make her happy.

But what I now hate her for is putting me in the position that I will have to hurt her very badly if she hurts Brian or Anna, but I will do it. No one messes with my loves.

Anna sucks my pussy and Brian's cock and soon I am ready to cum, but Anna cums first as Brian licks her clit. She nibbles my breasts as she finds her release. "Mistress, ah, oh, yesss Bry, that's so damn good."

It's been a while since the three of us have been together. She climbs off Brian and I kiss him. Waving my breast in front of his face, he captures my nipple. He looks so happy with me riding his cock. "Mistress, I love when you take me like this." He says and lifts up his hips. His hands are on my hips and he lifts me up and down. I allow him this and throw back my head as I cum all over his dick. "Cum baby, cum inside Mistress." His eyes roll back in his head and he cums biting his lip.

As I lie on him, Brian strokes my hair and Anna kisses his lips and mine. Easing myself off his body, I lie next to him as Anna gets between my legs and cleans me. Brian sucks my nipple too tired to move. I cum again and hold Anna inside of me. "Thank you baby. Your tongue is so good."

We lie there after and I take their hands. "Both of you are my life and I want us to be safe. We have been through a lot and soon we will be married and our life will bring with it many changes. Let's sleep for a while and then get ready for tonight."

I sleep for an hour and a half and dream of Minerva whipping me, Anna and Brian. When Brian awakens me between my thighs I am more tired than when I went to sleep.

Whispering in Anna's ear, I tell her that I am going to give Brian some extra attention and will take a shower with him. She understands and whispers back, "I won't let that Min person get to him. I'll protect Bry." She kisses my lips as I cum into his mouth.

Anna gets up to get herself showered and ready while I take Brian's hand and lead him into my bathroom. He adjusts the water and hands me my pink cap so my hair will stay dry. Getting in the shower, he washes my body, making sure that every nook and cranny is cleaned. At my sex, he washes then tongues my pussy. His dick is hard and I stroke him. Brian stands kissing me as I take his dick into my wet hands and stroke up and down. I move faster and faster and he moans into my mouth, "Mistress I'm close."

"Cum baby, cum." I order him and he does violently, his cum spurting all over me. Brian immediately cleans my body again. I kiss his lips and he holds me. "I love you so much Mistress. Don't worry. I will not do anything with that woman. She isn't you. I love you, don't worry please." He begs.

I am trying not to, but I do.

I dress in an Oscar de la Renta Capri colored floral embroidered tulle cocktail dress with a straight strapless neckline, fitted bust, full a-line skirt. On my feet are a pair of Stuart Weitzman silver sandals.

My hair is swept up on top of my head and my makeup is subtle with silver accents. As I come out of my room, Brian who is dressed in a black Armani Collezioni suit with a broken stripe silk tie and a blue checked shirt. His hair is slicked back and he looks breathtakingly handsome. I could just eat him up.

I take his hand and we walk downstairs to see Anna dressed in an Aiden Mattox black beaded mesh dress. She looks sexy. Marlene and Dominic are also ready and Marlene with her red hair out and a diamond broach in her hair is striking in a black sequined dress with red underlay. I join them, "Are we ready for this?" I ask. Dominic cocks his head to one side. "We better be because if we are not, then we spent a fortune for nothing." He says.

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