tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 29

The Choice Ch. 29


Our trip to New Zealand is busy. I am working from morning to night. Before we leave, we learn that Marlene is pregnant. She moves in with me so that Andrew, Daisy, Rachel and Brian can take care of her while we are gone.

Dominic is over the moon while Skip is also excited and Rachel just a little jealous. Skip is coming with us to New Zealand and so is Anna. Anna will stay for a month then Brian will come and stay for the next month.

Skip has truly grown as a person, a man and a Dom. There is a maturity about him that wasn't there before. He is now my assistant and is learning more and more about being a director. He has ordered Rachel to help with Marlene and given her instructions to treat his soon to be stepmother and mother of his half brother/sister well. He has also decided not to have her come to New Zealand but stay the entire time in New York. He speaks with her every day by SKYPE.

Anna will be busy her entire time. She has a pivotal part as the girlfriend who is killed and her husband is blamed for her murder. She gets into the part, which is based on a true story and by the end of filming you really believe she loved this man and there was no way he would hurt her. It is an unsolved mystery and love story.

Anna is wonderful as an actor. The rest of the cast and crew love her and cries during her the scene where she is murdered. She has been such a great help to me. At the end of the filming day, Anna is worn out and asks me to take her back to our hotel room

I undress my very tired beauty and get between her thighs. "Mistress, please I should be sucking your clit." She says moaning as I lick her pussy lips.

"Shush, Anna. You've had an emotional day. Let me take care of you." I suck her sweet pussy, licking all round the edge of her lips, then thrusting my tongue inside. I open her legs and suck her pussy. I lick up and down. Anna is moving and I slide my hands under her ass and lift her butt up moving my face inside her, licking and sucking. "Mistress, uh, so good. Please more please. I feel so good. Thank you."

I lick her and she is close. Removing my hands, I put one finger inside of her and hook it under her clit, bringing it up. I move back the hood and attack her clit, licking, sucking and gently nibbling. Anna is going insane, "Mistress, How, what are you doing to your Anna."

She is moving, bucking her hips and I am holding on to her and sucking her clit as she explodes. Her orgasm is so violent; she lifts off the bed and holds my head inside her pussy. I don't stop licking and sucking her and she cums again weeping and crying. She screams my name and cums for a third time and this one is huge. Anna releases her death grip on me and relaxes her legs that have tightened around my neck.

She sinks into the bed. I take her into my arms and kiss her. Before too long Anna is asleep. Holding her, I think about our journey and how in four months we will be married. I stroke her arm as she sleeps and her butt is pressing into my crotch. If I had a cock, I would fuck her with it because my dick would be hard.

As she sleeps, I hold her close. I am so happy to be marrying this woman.

After Denise arrives, we both help her get through her ordeal with Minerva and Dr. Heart puts her in touch with a specialist. She will see him when she returns to NY with Anna.

Denise is a mess and she cries everyday, which is not good for her health. A doctor here is treating her. She is a very wealthy woman and her eldest daughter is taking over at the company. Denise has told them she needs a break, but not that she has cancer.

I help her heal from the betrayal of Minerva and she returns to New York with Anna. I have a week before Brian arrives and am working day and night. My two actors are good and I have a feeling that this movie is going to be something special.

One night at the end of an evening, Dominic comes to see me. He knocks on my door and sweeps me into his arms. I have had a really hard week and surrender to his embrace. "Dominic, please stop." I pull away from him. He releases me with a sigh, "You said while we were on location. I figured that since the boy won't be here for a few nights, this would be a good time."

I go to him and stroke his arm as he holds me, "It's different now. Marlene is pregnant and she feels insecure about me already. I am sure it is driving her crazy that I am here with you all those months. You have a baby on the way and you're going to marry her, so no my dear Dominic. We won't be having sex."

Before he can answer, Skip knocks on my door. He wants the script changes for tomorrow. I open it and he sees me with his father. "Did I interrupt anything?" He answers. Dominic shakes his head and leaves. He turns back once and nods at me.

Skip enters the room and I invite him to sit down. He looks up at me with his blue eyes that look like pieces of the ocean. Folding his hands together, he gazes deep into my eyes. "My father loves you. He really is in love with you." He says. I shake my head, "Your father and I are friends." Now it is Skips turn to shake his head, "I shouldn't be telling you this, but I think you should know. After Sir died, my father was waiting for you to heal. He had planned to come and see you. All these years he has talked about you with the same adoration he used for my mother. He loves you, but I think he also knows it would be difficult to rein you in. I think he knows that you are more than he can handle but that does not stop him from loving you.

I also know he came here tonight to have sex with you. Please don't. He should be with Marlene and their baby. If he sleeps with you he won't ever want to be with her, not really." He says looking down at his hands.

I stand and kneel down next to him. "You don't have to worry about that. I love Anna and Brian. I told your father all of this." Helping me up Skip hugs me. "you know I love you like a mother." He says.

Tears spring to my eyes, "I love you too." I hug him close to me and one of the crew knocks on the door. Skip and I break our embrace and I go answer the door. They need him, he kisses my cheek, and he is gone.

I sit on the bed and I am happy with the way things are going. My only problem right now is Minerva. I know she is up to something. I know that in my bones and I have to be ready. I have to be prepared. No harm can come to Brian or Anna. I believe they are her targets and unfortunately,...I am wrong.

When Anna returns home, she takes charge of Denise. She goes to every doctor's appointment and reports to me. Anna makes sure that Denise takes her medicine on time. She goes to chemotherapy with her and keeps Denise engaged in what's going on in the world. She helps her with the communications from her company. When Denise is too sick and too tired to deal with things, Anna makes sure she rests. Anna helps Denise when she is weak and gets her to laugh every day. I am proud of this young woman.

Brian comes to New Zealand and he has taken his time away from me to really grow. He gets off the plane with a confidence he didn't have before. He is put to work and does whatever is asked of him without complaint. Dominic watches him and says to me one day, "I'm jealous. The boy is really growing up. He loves you, but he's keeping it under wraps. He's used his time away from you to become a man. He's going to make a great husband for you."

I agree. Brian even makes love to me differently. He takes his time and he puts my needs first. He doesn't whine or beg me to tell him I love him. The month we have together is one that makes me fall more deeply in love with him. I won't tell him yet, I want to see how he is when we return home, but I have fallen hard for this boy, or should I say my Brian is now becoming a man.

Minerva has made her room of pain and torture into a showplace. It is a dungeon and she is just waiting for her victim to arrive. Daniel is under training that is more strenuous. Sir Richard has repeatedly asked him if he wants to change his mine and Daniel refuses. He feels as if he needs to be punished. The therapist is also worried about him, but he has signed the contract. They only have a little while to change his mind.

After much thought about betraying the confidentiality agreement between Daniel, Minerva and Sir Richard, Mistress Diana speaks to her husband and they agree to contact me. There are certain things that Sir Richard does not allow and Minerva has just gone to the end of the line. Sir Richard is worried she may cross it after he gets with her permanently.

He calls me in New York and learns that I am in New Zealand. It takes him three days to reach me because I am on location where cell phones don't work particularly well. Finally, I'm back at the hotel and he tells me everything. I am furious, I am scared, I am angry, I want to kill, and I do mean kill Minerva.

The same day that I learn about Minerva taking Daniel, is the same day that Denise sees her as she returns from therapy. Denise is upset. Anna calms her and calls me in the middle of the night in New Zealand.

That is the straw and Minerva has broken my back. I need to get home and we have one more week of shooting left. I call Andrew and tell him what Sir Richard has told me. He knows that Minerva is across the street and he's furious as is Daisy, but when he hears about Daniel, he wants to take one of the guns from the playroom and shoot her.

"What can we do? He is a grown man. What is he thinking?" I say to Sir Richard. "I will have him phone you in a day or so." Sir Richard says to me. "He only has three more days and then he must abide by the contract for one year."

"Do you know what that vile bitch could do to him in one year? She's evil. She will destroy him." I say and Sir Richard sighs, "I told him, but there's something in him that feels he needs this. The therapist has told him, but he says he wants to be her slave. You are the only one he might listen to. The only one who could stop this insanity. He's been trained very hard and even Marco doesn't want to discipline him anymore because he always asks for more. Daniel has even refused a safe word. He's asked for harder punishment than I allow." Sir Richard says exasperated.

Minerva, the evil bitch, the Curella De Ville and the Maleficent of doom has found a way to hurt me. Daniel was good and sweet. He was kind and gentle and she is going to hurt him and force me to watch. I have to find a way to talk him out of this. I have to find a way to make sure she doesn't destroy this boy and I vow after hanging up the phone with Andrew, that I will do whatever it takes to destroy this evil black bitch. I will bring her down and I will make her pay.

It is a phone call to Dunge that stops me from going on half-cocked. He reminds me that unless Daniel is in danger, I cannot interfere with a Mistress and her slave. If I cannot persuade Daniel to void the contract in the next two days, then I have to stay out of it for the year. If I interfere, she can fight me for Brian or Anna. This is what she wants. I have to speak rationally to Daniel and plead my case. I have to be calm.

Sir Richard phones me the next day and after we talk, he puts Daniel on the phone. "Daniel how are you?" I say. I am trying to be calm with Brian by my side.

"I'm fine Mistress. Did Sir Richard tell you that I have a new Mistress? Her name is Minerva and I can't wait to serve her." Daniel says excitedly.

"Daniel, what about work? We have a project." I say. He pauses then says to me, "I was going to write you or call you and tell you that my Mistress wants me to quit to be with her 24/7. So I'm leaving you. I am selling my apartment to Dominic if he wants it and all my belongings can be sent to my new home once my Mistress has given me the address. I will come and take what I need which Mistress says won't be much."

I hesitate and squeeze Brian's hand before I say to Daniel. "I know your Mistress. She is only taking you on to get revenge on me." I continue and tell him about her relationship with Sir.

Daniel interrupts me, his voice angry, "She told me all about you and her. She has forgiven you and doesn't wish you any ill will. Mistress told me you would be trying to change my mind and turn me away from her, but I want to be with her. We have known each other a long time Mistress Stephanie and not once have I ever intruded into your life. This is my life and I want to be with Mistress Minerva."

"Daniel, you and I are partners and friends. I am worried about your safety. Minerva is evil and she will use you to get to me." I start to say more, but Daniel yells, "Shut-up! Do not' talk about her like that. If you want to be friends with me then you must accept her."

"Daniel do you know she moved across the street from me? Do you know that she broke up with her last sub and told her on the day she was diagnosed with cancer? Minerva isn't who she appears. I've heard you are not asking for safe words. I heard that she is asking you to be hurt in ways that I would never discipline anyone. Please Daniel; please tell her you changed your mind while you can." I plead as tears stream down my face.

All of this falls on deaf ears as Daniel says to me simply, "She is what I want. Go back to Anna and Brian." He hands the phone to Sir Richard.

"He's gone Stephanie." Sir Richard says. "He's made up his mind. I was hoping..." He sounds defeated. I feel defeated. I don't know what to do and as I hang up from Sir Richard, Brian takes me in his arms and I weep. Round one goes to Minerva.

Brian holds me. "We'll watch out for Daniel when he moves in. If it gets to be too much, we can call the police or we can call Dominic or Dunge. We will work it out Mistress. "He assures me.

That night the boy does me proud and makes love to me the way I like it. I love the way his hips move. I love his dick inside me. He takes his time and when he is done then he goes between my legs and brings me to climax again with his mouth.

He and I finally return home with Skip and Dominic. Dominic has received a phone call from Daniel offering him his apartment. Dominic buys the apartment from Daniel with the condition that in a year if Daniel wants it back he will sell it back to him at the same price.

We arrive home on a Thursday evening. As we walk in the door, we are greeted by Andrew, Daisy, Marlene, Anna, Rachel, Denise and to my surprise Evan.

Marlene is beside herself with joy and five months pregnant. She looks very cute in her maternity dress. She holds Dominic's hand as he feels the baby kick for the first time. With joy and wonder, he picks up Marlene and kisses her. I am so happy for them.

Evan has arrived because he has some papers for me to sign before my wedding in a little over a month. I've redone my will. I have made a few changes and taken care of everyone I love. I know that I will at some point have an altercation with Minerva and if it goes badly then I want the people I love to be taken care of.

Dunge has been calling. He wants me to wait before doing anything. When I ask him why he says that he will tell me when the time comes.

The movie has a few more shoots in the studio in Brooklyn; the real fun begins with the editing. I spend my time with my friends and family. Dominic and Marlene stay with me while Daniel's belongings are packed up and moved to a storage facility until he returns from California and they redecorate. Rachel and Skip are also here. Rachel has become more loving and caring.

Denise is weak from her chemotherapy and from seeing Minerva. Her hair has fallen out, but she wears the most beautiful wigs. She is having fun with those wigs and we never know which one she will wear. One night she looked like Cher, the next, Dolly Parton and still another night like Hedy Lamar. She and I discuss Minerva.

"Stephanie, I'm sorry about Minerva. I'm sorry for ever bringing her back into your life." Denise says staring down at her fingers. I lift her face, "You didn't know and since you found out you've tried to stop her. Daniel is going through something and I feel it's my fault. Sir had started training him to be with me, but Sir died. I had already fallen in love with Anna and then Brian came. I made my choice, but I had no idea that Daniel would fall apart like this. He hurt Rachel, then went away and now he's paying for what? I don't know. I don't know how to reach him." My lips form a thin line.

Denise takes my hands in hers, "All we can do is watch and see what she is doing to him. All we can do is hope that she doesn't damage him any more than he is damaged. Stephanie, after the wedding, I'm going home to Seattle. I need to talk to my children and tell them."

"Are you sure?" I say to her, "You are welcome here as long as you wish."

"Yes, it's nearly time. You saved me. I was a mess. Anna has been terrific and you are so lucky to have her and she you. I will always be grateful for this time and if you ever need anything I will be there for you." She says seriously.

"Have you seen Minerva again?" I say. Denise shakes her head. "I see workmen coming in and out, but not her. I think she's left for a little while. She just wanted us all to know that she had bought the house across the street. What a bitch!" Denise says bitterly. "I loved her and in the end she treated me like nothing."

I stare into her eyes, "God don't like ugly and Minerva will get hers. We are all watching her now."

I hug her and we go for dinner. The welcome back dinner is a triumph. Daisy has made all my favorites including fried pork chops and collard greens. For dessert there is a red velvet cake sent from my favorite bakery.

As I go up to the bedroom after dong a little work, I stare out the window at the house Minerva has bought. I am thinking of all the horrors awaiting Daniel and I shiver. From behind me comes Anna who puts her arms around me. I take her hands, as she kisses my neck. "Please Mistress don't worry. We will all protect Daniel." I turn to her, "You don't know how evil Minerva can be and I'm afraid for you and Brian also. She wants revenge and there is nothing she won't do."

Anna kisses my nose, my eyes and my lips. "I have missed you and we are getting married soon. Tonight is your first night home and I want between your thighs Mistress. Let me serve you as your sub. Tonight it's only you and me."

I smile. "Yes, I'm sorry darling Anna."

"While you were deep in thought I ran you a bath. I want to wash you." She is wearing a blue silk robe that hugs her skin. Taking my hand, I slide it up her leg, but Anna stops me. "Not now. Let me serve you."

Pulling her to me, which makes her gasp, I kiss her, "Have I told you how hot you look in that robe." I bite her ear and she moans, "Mistress. Please, you know how to make Anna weak and tonight I want to please you." She begins undressing me. When I am naked, she takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom. My senses are enjoying the sight of the candles all around the room, my eyes see the rose petals in the water, my nose smells the scent of vanilla and Anna hands me a glass of champagne.

She takes the other flute and clinks my glass, "To my Mistress and soon to be wife, I love you very much and welcome home." Anna kisses my lips and helps me into the bath. The water is warm and inviting and I sink back onto the heart shape bath pillow.

Anna washes my body. She takes off her robe and I see her nakedness. She looks so good. All I want is her. "Mistress, I want to wash and dry your hair. I've missed you so much. I just want to please you."

I'm relaxing as she washes my leg. "Have I thanked you for taking care of Denise and the rest of the house?"

"Denise is our friend. She is going through a horrible ordeal and that bitch across the street is making it worse. Mistress you don't have to thank me for Denise. She is wonderful and I really like her and as far as our home. It is our home and I want you to come home to a happy house. Rachel has also been a big help with Marlene. They are getting along better."

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