tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 30

The Choice Ch. 30


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always --

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David Tutera has done me proud. He has prepared everything for my wedding to Anna and Brian. I am thrilled with all the preparation. I am looking forward to our wedding and honeymoon.

We leave in a week for Florida and Disney World. Anna is a bundle of excitement while Brian seems very calm. He doesn't know the big surprise I have for him. Across the street, everything is quiet, but Minerva has her workers spying on our comings and goings. Andrew notices this and tells me. He has gotten a friend of his to put clear coverings on our windows so that no one can see in but we can see out.

Andrew also seems to be very agitated. Daisy tells me that he has cleaned the equipment in the safe room again. He wants to ensure that everything is in order just in case.

The town car arrives at JFK to pick up Daniel. He is nervous, but excited about being with his new Mistress. Daniel hands his bag to the chauffeur and gets inside the car. All during the ride, he is nervous. Was it possible that I was right? Should he just turn around and return to Sir Richard? He argues with himself and decides he has made the right decision.

Simon is putting our bags in the trunk of the Bentley when Anna comes out and sees the black town car pull up. Daniel gets out and Anna calls after him. He ignores her. I come out and see him. I yell to him and cross the street. He doesn't acknowledge me. Quickly he walks up the steps. Minerva opens the door and Daniel drops to his knees, eyes lowered. She sees me and grins broadly. "Did you speak to her?

Daniel shakes his head. Minerva lifts up his head and slaps him hard across the face. I gasp as she then kisses him, "My slave, you may crawl inside and meet me in the living room. Maurice will show you where. "A large dark skinned black man dressed in black leather pants and suspenders with no shirt on grabs Daniel by the collar of his coat and drags him in.

Minerva grins evilly at me. "He's mine." She closes the door and I am left standing there. What horrors await Daniel I don't know, but she is going to hurt him badly. She has chosen this day on purpose to unnerve me before I depart for my wedding.

Simon comes up behind me. "Mrs. Stone, we need to leave for the airport." I just stand there not moving. Brian gets out of the car, crosses the street and puts his arms around me. "We must go. Andrew will make sure that nothing happens to him. There is nothing we can do right now."

"But I saw her strike him. I could tell the police." I say tears falling. Brian shakes her head, "And Daniel would deny it. Mistress let's go." I know he is right

Reluctantly I go with them back to the car. I get in and lay my head on Anna's shoulder as Brian holds my hand and we leave for the airport.

Andrew has watched all this unfold from the house and the telescope he has. He knows that the workers who have been working on the house have been spying on us. He also knows that he has sent his own spy into the house. His name is Philip and he will be working for Minerva as her houseman. He is a friend of Randolph's and will protect Daniel only if it becomes necessary, if his life is in danger.

He has been sent here by Dunge and instructed not to interfere. There is a code and he must stick to it. Sir Richard has sent Dunge a copy of the agreement and Dunge knows what to do if Minerva crosses the line. She will pay dearly. Philip also knows what to watch for. He will be living there and he will report to Andrew.

Andrew has kept this from me. Dunge has kept this from me because they don't want me to interfere. They want to protect me from Minerva and from myself. Good thing because as I'm going to the airport all I can think about is how I'm going to kill her.

Once on the airplane I manage to put all thoughts of Minerva and Daniel out of my head. This is time for my wedding and I want to make this special. Soon all of our family and friends will be joining us.

Anna has chosen Rebecca to be her maid of honor and Rachel and Marlene to be her bridesmaids. They will join us in two days with Dominic, Skip, who is my best man and Daisy. Andrew has decided to stay at home to keep an eye on things. Peter and Adam are coming as are Dunge and Sheila, Max with his lover and the star of my movie Adrian are coming. The President's wife, Katherine Adams will be attending, but The President has sent his regrets. I am surprised to learn that Randolph will not be attending. He has sent me his love and a beautiful Waterford crystal vase.

Randolph arrives in New York and immediately goes to my house. Andrew greets him and together they form a plan. With Philips help, they will put cameras in the house and record everything. Randolph is prepared to do whatever is necessary to save Daniel's life. He is hoping that Minerva will do something before I return from my honeymoon. He is hoping to stop her from maiming or hurting Daniel. They can protect him but only if she goes past the guidelines of the contract or she does something illegal or Daniel comes for help and says he has been abused. Those are the only way they can interfere.

In Minerva's house of pain, Daniel is on his knees, head bowed, arms outstretched still with his coat on. The chauffeur has brought in his bag and has left. Minerva stands looking at her prize. She is thinking how much she would like to skin him and wear him as a coat so that I can see. She loathes Daniel. She loathes his weakness. She loathes his desire to feel pain and be at her feet. She loathes that he is willing to obey her every wish. She only wants to punish him and make him pay for my taking Sir away from her. She would never, ever admit it but when Sir died, Minerva fell apart. She locked herself in her house and wept. She still loved him and she still after all this time blames me. "Welcome to your new home." She says.

Daniel does not move. "Maurice will show you to your accommodations. I will see you at dinner. Everything you need is in your room." Minerva turns and leaves.

Maurice attaches a metal collar to Daniel's neck and attaches a leash. He yanks the leash, "Mistress wants you on your knees and crawling unless given other orders. You are her pet dog. I want to hear you bark all the way to your room." Maurice says grinning.

Daniel starts to bark and barks all the way to the room where he is to change. The room is small about the size of a jail cell. There is a twin bed and a dresser. Daniel's suitcase is on the bed. He opens it and puts his things away. He doesn't have much some toiletries, underwear, pants and a few shirts. He also has a picture of me, which he has hidden. He stares at the picture and puts it in the dresser under his clothes. A tear falls from his eyes, down his face. Daniel wipes his eyes with his shirt. He undresses and puts on the black open crotch pants. He has been ordered not to wear anything else and leave his cock hanging out. He has been ordered to rest until called, so he lies down on the bed and falls asleep.

Once we arrive in Orlando, we are swept up into the wedding world of David Tutera who is a master of weddings. By donating to charity, I have managed to secure the Cinderella Suite in the Cinderella Castle for us to stay in for the next three days; two days before the wedding and then our wedding night. Then we will leave for our Disney cruise for four days of rest and relaxation. Normally, this would be a relaxing thing, but I am still worked up about Daniel.

Anna comes and kisses my lips. "I know you're worried, but Andrew will make sure that Daniel is all right." She gazes up at me and I sweep her into my arms and hold her tight. "I know he will do everything he can to protect Daniel, but I am still worried about him." I kiss her passionately, "But I'm going to put that all aside. We are getting married tomorrow and I want everything to be perfect."

The suite that we are going into originally built for Walt Disney and his family. It is truly spectacular and I want Anna to feel like a fairytale Princess. She and Brian are open mouthed in awe as none other than Cinderella herself leads us up a private elevator to the suite.

I am pretty impressed myself. The entire place looks medieval from the small marble-floored foyer area to the fairytale pumpkin coach in the center of the floor. Brian is staying in one of the bedrooms that have a queen size bed. There are stained glass windows everywhere.

My bedroom with Anna is a princess dream come true with a king size canopy bed. However, the place we find really exquisite is the bathroom. The ceiling is covered with stars and the walls are covered in mosaics. In the dark, the stars illuminate the room and the toilet is shaped like a throne. It is truly a magical place to be.

Cinderella blows us kisses and says she will see us later as she leaves.

David arrives and takes me aside, "Everything is ready for tonight." He says and I nod. Brian appears at my side, "What have you got planned now Mistress?"

"It's a surprise for both of you." I say and we settle in. Cast members bring up clothes for tonight. A make up team do our hair and makeup for tonight. An hour and a half later, a cast member comes to get us. We are lead to a beautiful ballroom with a stunning chandelier.

Waiting for us for dinner are all of the Disney Princess and Princes. There is Cinderella and Prince Charming, Princess Snow White and Prince Ferdinand, Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, Princess Ariel and Prince Eric, Belle and the Beast also known as Prince Adam, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin and Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Brian is dressed as a Prince in black and gold. Anna looks spectacular in a ball gown designed by a costume designer from Disney. The dress is gold and white. She has a diamond and gold tiara on her head and gold slippers. She and Brian fit in with all the other Disney Prince and Princess. I decided not to quite go with all this and am dressed in a silver gown -- this night is for both of them.

After a delicious dinner, there is dancing and I chat with David. Anna and Brian dance the first dance together, then the other Disney characters join in. I dance with each of them. Finally, David and I go for a spin surrounded by all those dancing Prince and Princesses. Photographers are snapping pictures while a videographer is recording everything.

When the dancing is done, it is time to go outside where we sit and watch the fireworks while being served champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

Anna and Brian are like children with wide eyes and stunned expressions. They clap, ooh, and aah at everything. I watch them with a bemused expression on my face. David looks at me, "She is going to look spectacular tomorrow and Brian is going to be very surprised. He's going to be very handsome."

I hug David, "Thank you so much for doing all of this." He smiles and says, "I was glad to do it. It's going to be a beautiful wedding." David kisses my cheek.

Anna has forbidden me to sleep with her the night before our wedding, so I sleep in the other bedroom with Brian. Brian holds out his arms and I can see the mischievous twinkle in his eye and the rise of his cock in his pajama pants. I admonish him and tell him there will be no sex tonight. My lovely boy pouts, but asks if he can hold me in his arms tonight. We kiss and stop before it gets out of hand.

"Mistress, I know that tomorrow there will be a great deal going on but I wanted to tell you that I love you more and more every day. I am so very happy and honored that you have chosen me to be with you and Anna." Brian squeezes me.

I kiss his chin. "You and Anna are my life and my dear one I love you." He kisses my nose and laughs, "I know you do and I know that I need to grow up before you tell me you are in love with me, but I can wait for that. I'm very happy now."

I fall asleep safe in his arms, but my nightmares are of a grave that has Daniel's name and date of birth and a question mark for date of death.

A whip hitting his chest roughly awakens Daniel. He screams in pain. Marcus stands over Daniel looking at the mark across his chest. He laughs, "Time for dinner little pet." Marcus looks at Daniel's cock. He chuckles, "Mistress will eat that little thing for dinner. You are nothing but a snack to her. Come on let me attach your leash."

Daniel gets down on his knees and Marcus attaches the leash to his collar and leads him down to the dining room. Minerva is seated at the table. Joining her is a recent friend who she met at a BDSM club in New York. She is a professional Domme who works for a select group of private clients. Minerva has invited her to play with Daniel all night long. Her name is Jacqueline.

Philip is serving dinner and sees Daniel. He is managed to place a small camera, which can be seen, from my house in the playroom and another in Minerva's bedroom.

Daniel is brought to Minerva who takes his leash. By her side is a doggie dish with water and another dish that is empty. Dinner is served. There is steak and potatoes with broccoli and peppers. Minerva chats to her guest and eats her dinner. Occasionally she hands a piece of steak to Daniel who eats from her hand. When dinner is done, all the leftovers are put into Daniel's doggie dish. "Finish up my pet and clean your dishes." Minerva turns to Marcus who has returned to the dining room. "When the dog is done, bring him into the playroom."

When Daniel is done, he is led into the playroom. His eyes widen as he sees all the devices in the room and for the first time, he feels as if I might have been right. "Mistress?" He starts to ask something when Minerva and Jacqueline turn and look down at him. Jacqueline smirks, "The little dog speaks."

Minerva very swiftly slaps him hard in the face and Marcus follows by kicking Daniel in his balls. "You are never to speak to the Mistress unless she asks you to."

Daniel grabs his balls and groans. He says nothing, but a tear falls from his eye. Minerva goes back to speaking with Jacqueline. She turns to Marcus. "Put the slave on the rack." She says without looking at Daniel.

Marcus picks Daniel up as one might pick up a small dog and deposits him on a long wooden table. He strips him of his pants and puts restraints on his ankles and wrists. Minerva takes a remote control and presses a button. The table rises and moves Daniel to an upright position. He is still in pain from the kicking. Minerva hands a small box to Marcus. Inside are clothespins, lots and lots of clothespins. "Use them all." She says still not looking at Daniel.

Marcus grins and starting at Daniel's feet, he attaches clothespin after clothes pin to nearly every part of Daniel's body up to his nipples. It is painful and cutting off the flow of blood to his penis, balls, nipples and other parts of his body.

Jacqueline looks at the work that Marcus has done and applies one more clothespin to the top of his dick. She picks up a flogger and begins to whip.

Philip can hear the screams from every part of the house. Andrew and Randolph see what she is doing from across the street, but they cannot interfere. Daniel asked for this.

After the whipping, Minerva presses another button and the table goes back into position and Daniel lies flat. She presses a third button and the table slides pulling Daniel's arms and legs stretching him. He feels as if he is being torn apart. "Please." He begs in a whisper. He is nearly bleeding from the whipping; there are red stripes all over his body from the shoulders down. However, no blood has spilled.

"Did you hear? The little bitch dog is asking for mercy. Shall we give him some?" Minerva says and pushes the button again. "Please Mistress, please." He says tears now streaming down his face."

Even Jacqueline is getting uncomfortable, "I think he's had enough. He needs to pleasure us now." Minerva shrugs, but agrees and Marcus takes him out of the restraints. Marcus takes him off the table and pushes him to his knees with the clothespins still on his body.

Minerva, who is wearing a black leather skirt with a slit up the side, grabs Daniel's head and shoves it into her crotch. Daniel eats her as Marcus begins removing the clothespins. All the pins are removed except the ones on his balls and nipples. Jacqueline gets behind him and begins to whip his back and buttocks as Daniel eats out Minerva.

He is between her legs and then Jacqueline's for what feels like hours. Finally, the remaining pins are removed. His cock is put in a cage. He cannot get up. Daniel is weak. Marcus lifts him up and takes him to his room where Philip is waiting.

Philip cleans him and checks him to make sure there is no permanent damage. There is no blood. He wants to tell him that help is near if he wants it, but he can do nothing, but report back to Dunge and Andrew.

He gives Daniel some medicine and Daniel falls into a deep sleep. Philip covers him and shakes his head. He hopes that Daniel will come to his senses and ask for help. Right now, he wants to try to be his friend. Philip wants to gain his trust then maybe he could help him.

Across the street, Andrew wants to throw up. He has seen it all. His hands turn into fists, but Randolph stills him. "It won't take long. She is close to crossing the line. We will watch."

David sweeps Anna away the morning of the wedding to an undisclosed location where his team is meeting with other members of the wedding party to prepare them. Skip arrives and we are now in wedding mode.

I make a quick call home and Andrew informs me that everything is fine. I have heard that Daisy has arrived safely and I let him know that she is fine.

Andrew and Randolph take shifts watching and videotaping the camera feed from across the street. Randolph has called Dunge who tells them to keep watching. They recount everything that they have seen from the night before. Dunge has told Randolph of the loophole in the contract and Randolph is watching to see if Minerva will violate the contract then they can move in.

I find that I am nervous, really nervous; my stomach in knots. Skip looks at me, "Mrs. S. are you okay, you look pale." I steady myself. "I'm fine my best man. I'm looking forward to seeing my bride and groom."

Brian comes out from getting dressed. He looks so very handsome in his tuxedo with his hair styled. He wears a cocky grin, "Mistress am I presentable?" he isn't really asking. He knows he looks sexy.

I go over to him and kiss his cheek. "You are hot my pet. You look good enough to eat."

"As do you Mistress." He says his eyes smiling. Skip jumps in with, "you look so sexy Mrs. S I'm sure Anna will be very happy. I stare into the full-length mirror and I must say I look good in my Pnina Tornai v-neck sheath gown in beaded embroidery that has been dyed black. This gown hugs my body. Why black you ask. I wanted my beautiful Anna to have the spotlight this day.

It is time to leave to go to the venue -- we are getting married at the Disney Wedding Pavilion with 100 of our closest friends. Our list grew and I am happy with everyone who is attending. Skip and I are arriving at the pavilion in a horse drawn carriage while David has taken Brian to the hidden location where Anna is waiting to go to the pavilion.

As Skip and I walk into the Pavilion that is on its own private island. I see my friends. Adam and Peter are smiling at me. I stop to kiss The President's wife, Katherine Adams. Dunge looks handsome in a tuxedo and Sheila looks radiant in blue. I greet a few celebrity friends and work colleagues. Max twinkles as he stands with Adrian. Evan is there with his wife. Denise is also there with her daughter Debra. She is in remission and her hair has grown back.

Daisy whispers, "you look radiant" as Dominic winks at me. I am calm now and anxiously looking forward to seeing Anna.

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