tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 34

The Choice Ch. 34


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

2013©angelface195 -- all rights reserved

Anna and Brian are fast asleep when everyone comes out of the playroom looking happy and satisfied. I have gotten out of bed feeling restless and go into the living room to find them all getting ready to either go to bed or go home.

Rachel is glowing and she looks very happy. Skip is smiling and I kiss his cheek. He whispers, "Thanks for doing this. She needed it."

Mistress Diana and Sir Richard are staying with me and Mistress Diana kisses my cheek. "Will we get to play while we are here?"

"I really have to speak with Anna and Brian. We are newlyweds and decided not to play unless everyone wants to and with Anna being pregnant..." I let the thought hang.

"I understand." Her eyes were sad, "They are lucky to have you."

"No, Diana, I'm the lucky one. I love them both and we are really looking forward to having a baby." I say and give her arm a squeeze.

Dominic and Marlene come and kiss me goodnight. Skip also kisses my cheek while Rachel kisses my lips gently. "Thank you for all that you do. I am so honored you are allowing me to get married in this house." She hesitated before saying, "I still at times miss Sir."

Sir Richard comes over and kisses her cheek, "Sir would be very happy for you." He says to her. She smiles a sad smile, 'I know he would be. He really always made me feel special.

I lean into her, "I miss him too."

Rachel gives me a squeeze and leaves as Sir Richard continues our conversation and says, "He wouldn't' want you to. He would want you to do just what you are doing...Moving on with your life. His child will be born and you will honor him by raising the child. How is Anna feeling?"

"She's better. She had a rough time of it, but now she is glowing." I say with a smile.

"I can see that. And Brian, I was surprised you included him in the marriage. He gave you quite a time of it." Sir Richard raises an eyebrow.

"Yes, our Brian just needed to grow up. He takes his role of man of the house very seriously, but he also knows that he will always be my submissive." I grin at Richard, "It was a hard lesson for him to learn.

Sir Richard blushes, "I knew that you would put him in his place. He just fell in love with you. I warned him that he would have to learn to submit to you. He has learned a great deal and I am pretty proud of him. I see how protective he is of you Stephanie."

Diana broke in, "But it is Anna that we are really proud of. She has shown herself to be even more than what we started with."

I smile broadly, "I love Anna more than I ever thought possible. I had fallen in love with her before Sir died and he knew it. She is my world. I awaken every morning thinking about how lucky I am that she is with me."

"She was your choice and Sir gave her to you and only to you. Has she and Brian had sex?" Diana asked.

"No, but I think after the baby she will. They are also very close. She thinks of him as her husband and I have told her that she has to be his wife in every way. She's in therapy and working through her fear. I curse her uncle every day."

Sir Richard and Diana nod in agreement. "I think it's time we all went to bed. Tomorrow I plan to show you around." I say.

After an early breakfast, I take Sir Richard and Diana around the city. Every time they have been here, something has been going on; this time I want them to be relaxed. We do some shopping and have lunch.

Sir Richard has a few friends here and leaves us to visit with them while Anna joins Diana and me for a spa day at the Red Door Salon.

The three of us are refreshed and feeling very pampered as we leave the spa to head for home where we change and go out to see Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway with Sir Richard and Brian. I love this musical and know all the songs, as does Diana. Sir Richard watches us amused.

Anna looks exhausted as we return home and falls asleep in the car. Brian lifts her up and takes her into the house. He gently undresses her and puts her into bed. She murmurs, "Thank you my Bry." Then she falls back into a deep sleep.

I kiss her stomach and go into the kitchen where we all drink wine and talk about the old days. Brian laughs at the stories we tell and Sir Richard tells an especially funny one about a sub of his who would not stop talking back and how he fixed the problem.

They will be leaving the next afternoon so we stay up late. Finally, its bedtime and I am going upstairs to sleep with Brian. Taking my hand, we take the elevator upstairs. I am tired and Brian senses this. He undresses me, kissing my shoulder and my neck, he whispers, "I just want to hold you in my arms until you fall asleep."

Turning around, I kiss his lips. I sleep that night, safe and protected by my husband's strong arms cradling me.

I spend the next few weeks at the hospital with Rachel and Skip. Everyone takes turns with her.

I also go to OB/GYN appointments with Anna. Anna is doing well and the baby is thriving. She is also eating us out of house and home. She seems to be not eating for two but five. Daisy is happy to be cooking most of the day. Anna craves chocolate sundaes with lots of whipped cream. We indulge her. "You're going to get fat and it won't be the baby." I chide.

She nudges me and looks crestfallen, "You won't love me when I'm fat."

I nuzzle her neck, "I will love you even if you're 400 lbs."

She smiles and kisses me, "That's why I love you." Brian looks at her, "I might have to invest in a crane to carry you around."

Anna sticks out her tongue at him and gives him a raspberry. The baby starts kicking and I marvel at the life inside of her. We have a child that seems to sleep all day and then at night keeps Anna awake so she takes naps every afternoon now.

Rachel has lost all her hair and I have had some beautiful wigs made for her by a company that did wigs for the movies. When she comes over, we never know which Rachel will come. One afternoon she showed up looking like a punk Barbie doll with pink hair and the next evening when she came over for dinner she looked like Cher with a long black wig down past her buttocks.

She is putting on a good face, but Skip and the nurse Dominic hired to help her let me know that she is very weak. Abigail has been a great help to her sister, but I watch Rachel growing thinner and thinner.

Two months after she has begun treatment, Skip, Dominic and I get a call to come to the doctor's office. Dr. Durante informs us there is nothing left to be done. She gives our Rachel eighteen months of life.

Skip asks the Dr. not to tell her. He wants her to feel normal, but Dr. Durante informs him that she already knows and she is dealing with it.

Skip crumbles and his father holds him tightly as he sobs. I leave father and son alone to grieve. I tell Anna and Brian the news, but swore them to secrecy. I also tell Andrew and Daisy who are the secret keepers of my life.

It is up to Rachel to share this with whomever she wished. We cannot invade her privacy.

We plan the wedding for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Rachel has asked that Marlene and I do all the wedding planning. She doesn't want anyone else involved. Rachel hands me, what she calls her 'dream book'. It has a detail planning of her wedding. Marlene and I promise to follow it to the letter.

Thanksgiving is a family affair as Ilich and Marion join us. Abigail is hovering over her sister and caters to Rachel's every need. Brian cooks the entire Thanksgiving dinner from the delicious appetizers, to the Turkey with all the fixings including sweet potatoes with marshmallows and a cranberry walnut relish to desert which is four different pies; sweet potato, pumpkin, apple and cherry.

We feast. There is laughter at the table. I look to see Rachel laying her head on Skip's shoulder, Dominic kissing the back of Marlene's hand as she feeds baby Lucia, Daisy and Andrew still together after all these years. Andrew kisses her lips and says quietly, "you are what I'm most thankful for."

I am touched watching Abigail thank Rebecca for helping her sister and I watch Ilich and Marion accept the lifestyle their daughters have decided.

Finally, I take Anna's hand and Brian's and I say a prayer of gratitude. Everyone at this table is my family. We have a new life coming in and one leaving us, but I am grateful for every minute. I also thank Sir -- I would not be who I am without Sir.

The men go watch sports while us ladies help with clean up. In the kitchen we sit, laugh, and talk. It is a day I will not forget soon. Rachel laughing with her sister, her head thrown back looking healthy, but it is all an illusion. I see Anna, her body big with baby bliss. She is my treasure. Rebecca has been a godsend and I realize we need to find her a Master. She has been so busy that she has not taken care of her needs.

I watch everyone with the baby who laughs and coos and giggles. She has just started walking. It is indeed a thankful day.

Marion comes and hugs me. We walk out to the garden. Even though it is November, the temperature is 58 degrees. "I never thought my husband and I would ever accept this lifestyle, but I see how happy she is, how much she loves Skip, how Marlene and Dominic are, how you all make this work."

I hug her back. She lowers her voice and looks at me mischievously, "I'm trying to spice up my marriage. Can you show me your playroom and maybe give me some pointers?" As she says this, Marion turns a very bright shade somewhere between scarlet and maroon.

I manage to suppress my surprise and laughter. "Come with me." Surreptitiously, I take her to the playroom. I take the key from my pocket and open the room. I turn on the lights and she gasps.

"I thought it would look like a dungeon." She says and I let out a hearty laugh.

Marion looks at me, "it's beautiful."

For the next half an hour I explain the different items in the room. Anna and Abigail find us. Abigail looks shocked. "Mother, what are you doing in here?"

Marion blushes, "Mistress Stephanie is just showing me where you play my dear."

Anna raises an eyebrow. I know what she is thinking. Rachel's mother just called me Mistress. I wink at Anna who hides her amusement.

Abigail looks from me to her mother, "Too much information. I think I'll go back to the kitchen." She turns and leaves. Anna, Marion and I burst out laughing.

I explain a few things to Marion as Anna looks on. Marion looks at Anna and asks, "What do you enjoy the most my dear?" She looks at me and lowers her eyes, "If you don't mind my asking um, Mistress."

Anna looks at me. This is getting a little weird for me, but I tell Anna she may answer. "I enjoy when Mistress fucks me with her strap on and when she takes me on the punishment bench, which Brian and I gave to her as a gift. But what I most enjoy is when Mistress and I have our little 'talks'. She talks and I eat her pussy. That is my favorite!"

Marion goes over to the punishment bench and strokes the leather. I watch her.

"Marion, would you and your husband like to use it tonight? Who would you like to be here?" I ask and pull Anna close to me. I kiss her lips and watch Marion's eyes grow wide. Marion licks her lips.

Her voice is barely audible as she asks, "Would it be all right if Rebecca and..." She hesitates before asking the next part, "Does Andrew come in and play here?"

"Yes, he does and I'll ask them for you. I think Andrew would like that." I say.

"Mistress, would you supervise?" She asks. I go up to her and I know she wants me to kiss her. I look at Anna who nods and I take Rachel's mother in my arms. I kiss her lips and she sighs. She opens her mouth and I snake my tongue inside. She is breathless as our tongues dance. She drops to her knees.

I help her up. "I am not your Mistress. Andrew and Rebecca know what to do. Tell your husband and enjoy. You may sleep in Rachel's old bedroom tonight because you will be exhausted. Let Ilich know there are restraints on the bed he may use. We will see you at breakfast. Be there by 10:30. Anna will get you some appropriate clothing. I'll see to Rebecca and Andrew."

All talking stops as I enter the kitchen where Dominic, Andrew, Ilich and Skip have joined the ladies.

"Ilich, I think you need to speak with your wife." I say as he looks at me with a puzzled expression on his face. "Rebecca take him to Marion."

Rebecca grins and leads Ilich to the playroom. Rachel looks at me horrified while Abigail is very pale. "Mistress," Rachel says, "Do you think this is a good idea? My parents are new to all this."

I smirk, "I think your mother is up to the challenge. Rebecca and Andrew, "I say looking at him "will make sure they 'play' safe."

Andrew smiles and leaves. Abigail looks as if she is about to faint, "I think I'm about to get sick."

Brian laughs, "How do you think you got here?"

She turns to him, "I know they had sex, that's not the problem. The problem is who is the submissive and who is the Dom? The thought ..." Abigail turns beet red and starts to laugh.

We all laugh. "On that night, I think I should take Rachel home." Skip says and I can see the fatigue on Rachel's face. She nods at him.

"Rest up. We have a wedding in two days." I kiss her.

Rachel hugs me and I can feel how frail she is. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome." I say.

"Not just for the wedding." She says, "But for getting my parents to accept this and God help us, to even try it." She is smiling, but I can see the pain behind the smile.

Dominic and Marlene also take their leave. Lucia holds out her arms to me to take her and I do. I love her smell. She's just walking now, but still wants to be held. I kiss her plump cheeks. She looks at Daisy, "Cookie lady." She coos and Daisy laughs. She goes to the cookie jar, looks at Marlene who nods and hands her one.

Lucia crumbles it up and shoves it in her mouth the crumbs falling to the floor. "More cookie lady."

Marlene takes her from me. "No more cookies and that's Miss Daisy like the flower."

Lucia frowns and says" D'isy, cookie lady." We are all laughing at her. I take a cookie out of the jar and hold it in front of her. She gives me a look and says clear as a bell, "Mistress."

We all look at her in surprise. I hand her the cookie. Skip blurts out, "Damn, we need to watch what we say around her."

Dominic takes Lucia and says to her, "That's Auntie Stephanie."

Lucia shakes her head, "No Mistress."

I begin to realize that life around here has to change a bit, because soon we will have a little one and we need to be more aware.

Marlene apologizes. I shake my head. I say, "Please. We just have to direct her attention so everyone can now start calling me Auntie when Lucia is here."

Anna waddles into the room. She has a shy smile on her face. Brian knows she has something to say and she looks at me and says, "Mistress, everything is going along in the playroom. Rebecca is surprised. Marion looks fantastic and she is definitely a Dom!"

I take Anna's arm. "We have to have a talk about children. Lucia just called me Mistress, so I think we will have to amend our conversation. When she is here you can call me wife, or Stephanie."

Dominic, Lucia, Skip, Rachel and Marlene all embrace me and leave for home.

Daisy leaves soon after, "Tell my husband that I want to hear every detail when he arrives home."

"Are you sure you don't want to join them?" Brian asks.

"They didn't ask for me and besides, Andrew will take care of me when he gets home." She grins devilishly.

Abigail covers her ears. I put my arm around her shoulder. "Sorry."

She grins at me. "Who would have thought that my parents would be having bdsm sex with other people? My mind is going to explode."

Daisy licks her lips and I know what she is thinking. I whisper in Abigail's ear, "Go home with Daisy and take care of her. She'll also take care of you."

Abigail nods. She takes Daisy's hand and without another word, they leave.

It is just the three of us and we sit at the kitchen table. Brian pulls out two wine glasses and one regular glass. He pours a glass of red wine for himself and me and a glass of grape juice for Anna. Raising his glass he says, "A toast -- to Ilich and Marion who have got their groove back."

We clink glasses and drink. Anna has been uncomfortable, so she is sleeping with me even though it is my night to sleep alone. We both kiss Brian goodnight and I take her into the bedroom.

Undressing her, I kneel and kiss her pregnant belly. My baby is inside. I am so looking forward to seeing the creation of my egg and Sir's sperm.

"I look so horrid." Anna says, "I feel so tired."

Standing, I kiss her. "You look beautiful and you've had a busy day. Let's go to bed."

"What about Ilich and Marion?" She asks.

"They will sleep in Rachel's old room tonight. We'll see them at breakfast in the morning." I answer her as I help Anna into bed. Quickly I undress and get in beside her. I cradle her in my arms. "I love you. I'm looking forward to seeing our little boy or girl."

She hesitates for a moment then says, "I promise you I'll be a good mother."

Kissing her shoulder I say, "of course you will. I don't doubt that."

"Mistress, I love you so very much. I also love Brian and he is our husband..." With a great deal of effort, she turns her body toward me, "After the baby, I will try to have sex with him."

"You don't have to until you're ready." I say kissing her lips.

She returns my kiss and lays her head on my shoulder, "he is my husband and I want him to be pleased. I also think I should. In therapy, I've been talking about this. We will take it slow and one day I want to give him a child of his own."

Lifting her face, I kiss her deeply. I hold Anna in my arms and feel the baby stirring as we both sleep.

Morning brings new discoveries. Ilich and Marion sleep in the playroom. They come to the table holding hands and looking like newlyweds. Andrew, however, looks exhausted. Daisy looks pleased and Rebecca comes to the table grinning from ear to ear. She winks at Ilich and kneels at Marion's feet.

Marion bends down and kisses her deeply. Anna and I raise our eyebrows as Rebecca takes her seat next to Marion and I see Marion slide her hand up Rebecca's dress. I refuse to ask what happened in the playroom. None of my business.

Brian sets down a glass of orange juice for Rebecca and whispers in her ear, "You seem to have had a good time."

Rebecca blushes, "I slept well, Brian."

We change the subject before anyone gets embarrassed and discuss the wedding. Ilich and Marion dress. Marion comes to see me before they return to their hotel, "Thank you. My husband and I haven't had this much fun...ever!" she is beaming. "Now I understand what the excitement is all about and that Andrew." She lets the thought hang. I know Andrew and his magic tongue so I just smile.

As soon as Marion has left, I throw back my head and burst out laughing. Andrew comes into the room. "Mrs. Stone?" He asks.

"Yes Andrew did you have a good night?" I grin at him.

He yawns, "Rachel's mother is insatiable and when I went home...Well, let's just say Daisy and Abigail kept me awake. I didn't get much sleep."

I hug him. He adds, "Life in this house is always interesting."

We both laugh.

It is Saturday and my house has been taken over by florists, caters and wedding decorators. Marlene and I are busy with last minute details.

Rachel has three friends who arrived on Friday. They are Sabrina, Melanie and Stacy. They are her bridesmaids along with Rebecca and Abigail who is her maid of honor. They have all gotten dressed in their sapphire blue bridesmaid's dresses at the Plaza.

Rachel arrives early. The hairdresser and the makeup person take over my bedroom to prepare the bride.

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