tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Choice - Returning Home

The Choice - Returning Home


I deserve this. I've made my bed and now I have to lie in it and do whatever I'm asked.

Sam sits quietly in the passenger seat of the car, dressed in the erotic lingerie she chose instead of her old drab clothes. Her husband, Luke, had given her an ultimatum. Wear her old clothes, return home and be divorced or choose the lingerie and agree to do all he asked. This is her punishment for sleeping with her pig of a boss, a man who only hours ago fucked her roughly as her husband watched in the closet. How had she let a foul man like him get her into this position?

However, she could not risk losing Luke, she loves him and he provides her with a nice home and financial security. She regrets deeply how she treated him in the past, being a bitch not only to him but also his friends and family. Well, he certainly turned the tables on her. Bitch, being his new pet name for her as he gave her 'The Choice', do everything he asks or lose everything in a divorce due to an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement.

After the weekend in the cottage, being used for his pleasure, Sam opens her eyes to her formally dull husband and wonders about the new character that had emerged. Luke seems more passionate, confident and dominant. Was this what she craved all along? Could she really live with a man who planned to use her like a whore?

"Take the wrap off Bitch, show the drivers what you have to offer."

Luke's harsh words interrupt Sam's thoughts. Beneath the wrap she only wears a cup-less bra and see-through thong, by removing the wrap she will be exposing herself completely. They are near their home town so it is likely that someone they know may be driving this way. It's night outside, so hopefully no-one would see too much, unlike their drive the previous night where she was completely naked, but that was the countryside this is civilisation.

Sam nervously slips the wrap off her shoulders, glancing at Luke to gauge his reaction. It hurt slightly to see that he never removes his eyes from the road, this is about control and not enjoyment. He doesn't need to see her, he just wants her to feel vulnerable, exposed and used. Just how he felt when he caught her fucking her pathetic boss in a luxury hotel room.

The final leg of the journey seemed to take a life time for Sam, when in reality it is only a few minutes. Luke purposefully puts on the air conditioning in order to drop the temperature inside the car. Whilst he is wrapped up in his jacket, he observes Sam in the windscreen without her being aware. He watches as the cool blast of air hardens her nipples into bullet like points, how it causes her skin to goose pimple and her body to shiver. The latter causes her pert tits to shake which she desperately tries to stop so the other drivers would not be aware.

He is aware that the high dashboard will protect her modesty but also realises this will give her no comfort. He enjoys watching her try not to cross her arms to warm herself. It pleases him deeply that she is suffering because she knows it would displease him if she covered herself up.

As they pull up into their drive, Luke uses the remote to open the garage door and drives straight into his space. Their house is a small mansion and the garage contains four cars, two are his and two are Sam's. His small fortune allowing them to live comfortably and Luke knows it was partly this that had causes Sam to make the choice she has. This angers him. He wants her to love him not his money. He opens his car door and exits the car, slamming the door closed behind him. Walking quickly over to Sam's side, he reaches inside and half drags her out by her hair.

"Bend over your fucking car and spread you legs wide Bitch".

Sam is shocked by the anger in his voice, she's done everything he wants and thought that by choosing the lingerie it was the start of the healing process, but now he sounds even angrier than ever. She has little time to consider this as Luke slams her against the hood of her work's BMW, crushing her tits into its shiny black paintwork.

Within seconds, he drops his trousers, shredding her thong and pushing his cock deep into her ass. He used her this way over the weekend, but now his strength and speed seem to be fuelled by anger and he pummels into her. Sam feels herself being stretched dangerously wide as he fucks her with abandonment, striking her ass with his hand along with his thrusts and gripping her waist with stiff clawed fingers for leverage.

After he unleashes his load deep inside her, he quickly pulls out, pulls up his trousers and walks to the internal door to the house. Sam's left dangling on the car, cum dripping out of her anus, butt cheeks flamed red with handprints and bruises where his fingers bored into her.

"Last chance Bitch, either get in your car and drive away and expect to hear from my lawyers or strip off and follow me through this door. Once inside you'll no longer be my wife but my whore. You'll do what I say, when I say it, however I want it. Is that clear? If you don't like it then fuck off back to your prick of a boss and suck his cock instead."

With this Luke leaves through the door. Sam picks herself off the hood of the car and looks at the wall where the car keys hang. It would be so easy to walk over there, grab the keys get in and drive to her folk's house. She could start her life over again as she realises she will never return to work for her ex-lover boss. Money isn't everything, is it?

However, Sam knows, she needs to stay with Luke. She doesn't really know why (money, love?) or what will happen but she can't change things now, too much has happened and changed. Slowly, Sam strips off her tattered thong and slutty bra and walks slowly towards the door. It takes her a moment to build up her courage to turn the handle, but she does and steps through to her new life.

Sam finds Luke in his study. Sitting casually behind his large oak desk, Luke checks his messages from his business whilst he'd been away. Sam stands stunned as one message echoes across the air.

"Hey Luke, did you sort out that bitch of a wife? Call me when you return and tell me all about it. Bet her face was a picture when you told her! Later Dude!"

Sam recognises the voice at once. It's Parker, Luke's best friend and the best man from their wedding. How much does he know about what's happening? Who else has Luke discussed this with?

"So you've made your choice Bitch. I'm pleased you came through that door. I wasn't joking though. I am now in charge of this house. I own your body and plan to take full advantage of it when and where I can. However, I am worried that it is my money you chose and not me. So here are a few rules, prior to us going away I cancelled all your credit cards and accounts, as I was set up jointly on them all. You no longer have any money except that you earn from me. I've posted a letter to your company with your resignation inside and I have offered to reimburse them for your immediate leaving date. You are broke and jobless. However, if it is me you want then that won't matter anymore anyway. I will still provide for you, you will still be able to shop and attend functions and luncheons but only with my approval. Is that clear?"

Sam slowly nods her head, afraid to speak in case she starts to cry. Financial security is important to her and she'd squirreled away a tidy nest egg to live on and looking at the bank cards on his desk she knows he's got it all.

"Bend over the desk Bitch."

In their familiar surroundings, Luke's request seems more degrading and real. At the cottage it seemed like a dream she would wake up from or escape. Here it is going to become everyday life. Sam bends over the desk and scatters her useless cards onto the floor. Face and hands flat on its surface and her ass raised high in the air. The first strike causes a shock wave all over her body as the belt cut into her skin. She prepares for the second but Luke waits until he sees her shoulders slightly relax and lashes out again. He takes care to make sure he creates a crisscross of vicious lines across her back, butt and thighs.

Occasionally, he angles it just right to catch her semi exposed cunt. Being located in a few acres of land gives him the confidence that no one will hear her shrieks as he catches her off guard over and over again. Finally, he becomes tired of listening to her and yanks her off the desk by the hair and drops her to her knees, pushing his newly released cock straight into the back of her mouth. Over the last few days she's become very good at taking his full length down her throat without gagging which allows him to face fuck her with ease.

Today he decides to take his time, holding himself to the hilt for extending periods of time, enjoying the feel of her filled throat convulsing for air around his throbbing cock. He watches her closely and senses when to pull out so she won't suffocate, but pushing back in as soon as possible. Luke loves the feel of her hair wrapped in his fingers as he holds her fast to his groin and the feel of her naked tits crushing up against his knees. After the car hood encounter and this morning, it takes a while for him to cum down the back of Sam's throat and he shudders as his slow release seems to ease the tension in his shoulders and ebbs away his anger.

Once finished, he slips out of her mouth and leaves her gasping to get oxygen back into her system whilst he returns to his desk.

"I've got work to do, go and get some rest. I'll be up later to use you again. Make sure you sleep naked on top of the covers with your arms and legs spread so I get a nice view as I enter the room."

Sam does exactly as he asks, relived to go and get some rest and a chance for some privacy. She quickly goes to sleep as he requests and falls blissfully into a dreamless sleep on their white Egyptian cotton sheets.

Smack. The stinging slap to her tits rouses her. The second brings her fully awake. The third blow causing her to try and move away. By the fifth or sixth she realises she's been tied to their grand four poster bed spread eagled. Luke's managed to straddle her whilst she slept and is now slapping at her tits like a kitten with a new ball. She raises her voice to ask for mercy and looks confused as her words are muffled. Using her tongue, she can feel the ball gag he's pushed between her slumbering lips.

"Couldn't you just do one thing right Bitch? I came up and expect to see you nicely presented for me and I find you all wrapped up in the sheets. This cannot go unpunished. You disobeyed a direct order from your husband, a serious offence!"

Sam realises that she must have moved in her sleep and covered herself up in the cool room. Now, she is immobilised as her husband takes his punishment out on her tits. After slapping them he begins to twist, pinch and flick her nipples harshly. Pain and pleasure alternate within her. She is wet from their attention but cannot close her legs to satisfy her own burning needs. His cock unbelievably hard again rests on her stomach, pre-cum oozing onto her skin as he slips it between and over her tits. Finally, he grabs a handful of each and presses them together over his cock and uses her breasts like a hot cunt, thrusting his hips and pinching her nipples at the tip.

Sam's sensitive tits sting from the friction but is soon greeted with a spurt of cum that shoots up and lands on her neck and face. Moving to the side, Luke keeps her tenderised tits together as he reaches for some rope and ties them tightly together which makes them swell and bulge out. Onto each aching nipple, he attaches a peg which bites into her skin and pinches them with a feeling between pleasure and pain.

Next, Luke moves up the bed and fixes a blindfold over Sam's pleading eyes. He hates to cover them up because they are one of her best features, aside from her ass, tits and cunt. However, he wants to surprise his wife as every good husband should! When he then sticks the large cold butt plug up her ass and seemingly super sized dildo into her tight wet cunt, Sam knows it's going to be a rocky road to get their relationship back on track. Her thoughts linger back to what she was thinking in the car, she'd made her bed and now she is lying in it. Trussed up, filled up, desperate to cum and ready to be served up for whatever Luke wanted to do with her willing body.

It takes Sam along time to ignore the sexual tension in her body caused by the various objects inserted in her orifices and to settle to sleep. When she finally drifts off, she dreams of her former life and notices how dull and boring it was. Her disgusting boss was merely a distraction from the monotony and predicable routine of her life. The dream twisting to show her newly inspired husband and the excitement he causes her. He is unpredictable, dangerous and makes life interesting.

Sam is not sure if she is still dreaming or if she is awake when she opens her eyes to see a cock just inches from her lips. However a few seconds later, she is left in no doubt as Luke removes the pegs from her tits and the blood flow returns. Each nipple feels like it is on fire and she opens her mouth to gasp but it is quickly filled with the looming cock.

With a hand at the back of her head, Luke slides himself in and starts to thrust his hips to drive himself in and out at a hastened pace. He chuckles to himself as he watches her wake and try to cope with the oral assault. It does not take long for him to cum in the back of her slender throat. He holds himself in and enjoys watching her swallow his load. As he pulls out he smears the rest across her face and smiles as he sees it glisten in the morning sunlight.

"Time to get up Bitch, you're going to have a very busy day. That was your breakfast and it's time you made me mine. Then, I've got to get to work and earn some money to keep you with."

Luke releases Sam's restraints and slaps her ass to make her hurry downstairs to the large, well equipped kitchen. Sitting at the breakfast table he bellows commands and degrading comments as she cooks. Calling her a pathetic whore, a slut with a slit, useless cunt and anything else his imagination can come up with. Sam blushes with each remark, her eyes stinging with unshed tears as each one cuts as deep as the belt lashes she received last night. It does not help that in her head she agrees with each of them, she was a whore, a bitch and he has every right to say these things to her.

When Luke has received and eaten his breakfast he goes to get dressed whilst Sam cleans up. When he returns downstairs he gets her to bend over the table and slides his cock into her cunt. Buried deep inside he grabs a handful of tit and pinches and twists. Then he whispers into her ear.

"I'm going to work Bitch, but I've arranged a little surprise for you to keep you entertained. It should arrive soon and I want you to make me proud. Is that clear? If not the deal is off and I'll kick your well fucked ass out the door."

Sam nods her head as Luke pulls back and starts to fuck her against the table, the oak bashing into her stomach. His fingers rake over the marks on her back and knead into the bruises from the fucking against the car yesterday. Every bit of her skin seems to be alert and it only takes a few more strokes before she is cumming so loudly it creates an echo in the tiled room.

The orgasm spasms around Luke's cock bring him close and he swiftly pulls out and wanks his deposit all over Sam's belt patterned back. Instructing her to not move until his present arrives. He fastens his trousers and leaves the house. In the distance she can hear the garage door, the car start and it pull away from the drive. She is left alone, bent over the table, cum dripping down her back, ass in the air and her wetness streaking her thighs. How long should she stay here? Minutes? Hours?

"Well fuck me what a beautiful sight that is! Nothing like walking into a kitchen to find a well used whore ready for more action. Well I'd hate to abuse my mate's hospitality so I'd better get to work!"

Sam turns quickly and tries to use her arms to cover as much as she can. She heard that voice last night on the phone, Parker! What the heck was he doing here? How did he get in, he didn't have a key did he? She sees he is holding up his phone, when he hits a button she hears Luke's voice as clear as anything.

"Hope you like your present Parker. I know the Bitch has treated you nearly as badly as me, so today she is going to make up for it however you please. No holes barred, haha. Enjoy yourself mate, she's a good fuck and a pleasure to abuse. If she gives you any trouble tie her up, phone me and I'll start the divorce proceedings."

Sam's jaw drops as she realises she has been given over to this guy by her husband. She has not really seen him since the wedding. She had even tried to stop Luke from seeing him as much as possible. Why? He'd turned her down.

A few weeks before her wedding she'd met him by accident in a hotel bar, they'd enjoyed a drink and she'd angled for it to go further, for example, upstairs into her hotel room. He'd slapped her, said he'd tell her husband there and then. She'd pleaded with him that she was just drunk, that she loved Luke and she was just having pre-wedding jitters. She wouldn't have really slept with a guy like him, who knows where he'd been. Parker, was a player. He was a bachelor with direct access to his daddy's extensive bank account. A very intriguing prospect for Sam, however his rejection left her feeling humiliated.

From that day onwards, she discouraged Luke from having contact with him. Now here he was, looking at her naked body with permission to use and abuse her by her husband. More surprising is the tingling of excitement between her thighs. Friends, who Parker has bedded, all came out of the experience very satisfied. They'd gossiped generously about his stamina, endowments and imagination!

Dropping her arms to her side, Sam turns and bends back over the table. Resuming the position her husband had earlier demanded. She hears Parker's laugh, the sound of his zipper slide and his trousers drop. Then she feels his tip stroking her buttocks. She waits for the impending push into her wet cunt but is shocked when instead he pushes against her anus. Even without looking she can tell he is certainly larger in the cock department than Luke. This is going to hurt.

Just his head pushing through causes her to scream, it is not unbearable but the discomfort is extreme. As he continues to slide in, she gasps for breath and is ashamed to hear him still laughing at her predicament. Tears start to roll down her face as she hears the familiar sound of a camera click. Knowing that he has taken a picture on his phone of his cock buried deep within her reddened ass.

More shots are taken as he slides out and pushes violently back inside. Her body slams against the table and it knocks the air out of her lungs. She just refills her lungs when he repeats the process and knocks it out again. Now he informs her he is filming the occasion and she needs to be nice and vocal so he can get a good soundtrack. To enhance this he spanks he ass as he thrusts himself in and out. Managing to catch every tender spot Luke has created over the last few days.

Sam also realises her friends were correct, he is well endowed but to her detriment he also has vigorous stamina. Where Luke would have been cumming within moments, Parker is able to go on and on at the same brutal pace. The depth and breadth of his enlarged cock stretching her dangerously as he uses her ass whilst filming the event for prosperity.

Just like Luke, at the last moment he pulls out and unleashes his load all over her back, it hits with such force it stings her raw skin.

With a firm slap on the ass, he hurries her off to find a cloth to wash him up with. Tears still rolling down her face she does as he commands. Quickly returning and washing him thoroughly before he slides his cock roughly into her mouth. So 'no holes barred' was not just a joke but the reality of the situation. How could he be ready so soon? However the throbbing cock pulsating between her lips is not her imagination. He is ready and after the battering of her ass she knows this is going to be a struggle.

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