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The Chosen Son



Once upon a time isn't that how all stories start. In a far away land of New England there lived a young legal aged very naïve college girl slender with startling green eyes, long brown hair. One day she was hiking with a friend and had a sense of déjà vu looking down at a men's college from the hill. Years later, one night, she went to a nearby mostly men's school for a frat party. She locked eyes with this really hot, handsome, 6 foot, eyes of chocolate, dominant. She knew from first glance that he was the one. Being a strong alpha male he had her call him the next day. This was the start of many a hot adventures.

Chapter 1 the beginning.

Their first date was in the dead of winter. It was her first date. He let her have some control of the location. She chose to negotiate hard and soft limits outside looking at the water front in the biting cold. After diner he walked her up to her room. He never had such a responsive sub on their first date. He would gently command her submission she would immediately obey. He led her through her first kiss. That night they shared a dream of the future three children a small house.

Every day for six months was a new lesson. Boundaries were slowly pushed. The first lessons were of kissing. They swiftly moved on to hot spots, oral, orgasms, and outdoor sex. Trust was established. She met his friends and family. He met her friends and families. As with all great things there was only one problem. He needed a girl of his faith.

The lie

Tonight was the night. He had to break things off. He had to tell the biggest lie of his life convincingly. That he was dating two women. His second lie that they were just friends. They would meet in public. She was so brave. His respect for her goes up immensely. Other than a brief flash of pain to her expression she remained stoic reserved neutral. He had trained her well his perfect submissive. He gave her one last hug to last a life time. He could feel her quiet sobs and shudders. He saw the single tear and knew that more were to follow. She heals slowly quietly using 3.0 silk sutures to sew up the stab wounds to her heart. A single thread still connected them. Two years later she moved on out of state.

10 years later

He went to the concert knowing there was a chance of meeting her. A few rows down sat her family. He was with a gorgeous date. His mind wandered back to those days. He was a well established dominant now. He would train new subs but stay detached. During intermission he made small talk with her family. She was married now. She had kids and a new life. Near his work is the park where they first dated. It was a popular spot in spring and summer for outside weddings. He use to dream of their wedding. When the pressure of life gets over whelming he thinks in the spot where they first met. He would not interfere.

15 years later

Once a year she comes back for weddings, and funerals. She is back in town for another Salem wedding. The urge to call him is great. She wants to dance and have a drink. She wants to walk in the moon light along the beach. It is the perfect weather 75 warm a perfect night. Instead her mind wanders to the past. The wedding is a block from their last date. She is alone in the crowd. She surrounded by family yet alone. It had been over thirty years since she had an orgasm, sub spaced had a drink. She still prays for him. She uses her healing powers honed by generations for good.

Present day.

Every once in a while, in a college building, he can still see her sitting on the stairs. She is waiting for him. He still gets feelings every once in a while. She has stage 4 damage a lethal diagnosis. She uses what he taught her years ago. Gate Control Theory pleasure blocks pain. They ease each other's pain when life gets too hard. They sense each other's presence. They are sole mates. His parents are dead now. He never did produce heirs. He teaches by day at night he reads erotic bdsm stories by night. He recognizes the story of a new writer. Her profile is that of a submissive. Her online score submissive/slave score 51.5. He knows how she established the score. Her on line resume states restraints trainer. She is safe in a vanilla marriage now. He waits for her to be free. Eventually they will be together at the end. They both dream it.

60 years future

The men's college reports a girl sitting on the stairs waiting for a professor yet no one is there.

The girl's school has reports of the ghost of a young couple making out in a room yet no one is there. It is a lucky room couples living in that room has great sex, orgasms into sub space and lasting relationships.

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