tagLoving WivesThe Christmas Bonus

The Christmas Bonus

byparts guy©

Note to readers: I sometimes get requests for names, locations, and even scenarios to be used in my writing. I am happy to do this whenever I can. The following is based on an idea sent to me by an anonymous reader.

"Sorry honey, but I have to go up there." My husband dreaded these kinds of trips, but sometimes in life, they are necessary. You see, we own our own business, manufacturing accessories for computers. When we first started out, we were the only ones in our field. Now there are hundreds, and competition is fierce. We moved our operations to Alabama for several reasons. First, the raw materials are cheaper, second, the cost of living is lower, and finally, labor is dirt cheap.

At first I was uneasy, being the only "white couple" in the company. Our work force is entirely black, partially because there are so many in the area, but mostly because they are the hardest workers. We have a mutual respect for each other, and so far have gotten along wonderfully.

But now there was a problem. The competition, along with a tight economy, has put a strain in our already over stretched budget. My husband is leaving for a few days to combine loan shopping with some hard core sales stops. Getting a loan would help in the short term, but added sales would help in the long run.

"Be careful, and call me as soon as you stop tonight!" I said as I kissed him good-bye.

"Try to be back for Christmas!" I worry whenever he has to drive in the winter. It's not too bad down here, but it could get worse as he heads further north. I walked back into my office to go over the books. Our work force started out with 100 employees, but now we are down to 30. Our layoffs weren't random, as we painfully chose who to keep, and who to let go. It was tough, but we started by laying off the women. They all had spouses who worked already, and we could have the men do double duty, as they could handle the manual labor, as well as the assembly work. We then laid off the men with families. I know, that sounds cold, but, the married ones had more motivation to find work, and besides, they were the ones who qualified for public assistance. From our end, it saved us a small fortune in benefits. Now we had 30 single black men, who worked hard just to keep their jobs.

Up until recently, we were able to at least break even each month, but as they say, when it rains, it pours. In one month, we had a shrink wrap machine break down, and due to flawed software, we had a full run of boxes printed with incorrect information. Oh yeah, and a company we did business with overseas went belly up, after we paid for several thousand dollars worth of product. All in all, we lost over six thousand dollars. Six thousand dollars we couldn't afford to lose. The men were forced to take pay cuts, after which we promised would be reversed as soon as possible. Now even payroll is in jeopardy.

Some of these guys were hoping for Christmas bonuses, but they'll be lucky to get a paycheck. As I sat in my office, I watched the men work. The production crew had already finished for the day, and the only ones left were in shipping and receiving. I pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels from my desk and took a hit. I don't usually drink, and when I did, it was almost never at work. But the stress was getting to me and I needed to calm my nerves as I would be in charge for the next few days.

I noticed that half the bottle was now gone as I watched the evening crew work. I felt sorry for the ten men out there, knowing there will be no bonuses this year. Even with the knowledge that each day could be their last, they were out there giving it their all.

In my twenty three years on earth, I never even fantasized about being with a black man, but there I was, watching those young hunks work through the mirrored glass.

The booze must have went to my head, as I ran my hands up my nylon clad legs. I spread my thighs apart as far as my short skirt would allow, as my hands reached that sacred place that only my husband knows. We hadn't made love in several weeks, mostly due to the stress of this place, and I needed some release. As I slipped a couple of fingers under the elastic of my panties, I watched the men scurry back and forth only a few feet from my window. I slipped my panties down past my knees so they wouldn't get soaked with my juices. At times they looked right at me, sending chills up my spine, but I knew they couldn't see past the mirrored glass. The mere thought of any one of these men naked sent me over the top as I shuddered to a quiet climax.

"Ma'am? We need...er excuse me!" I wheeled around in my chair to see Jim standing there. Jim is the foreman for the night crew. I was behind my desk, so I don't think he could see anything, but the smell of my dripping pussy filled the office. It was unmistakable.

"Yes Jim, what is it?" I asked nonchalantly. He was still standing in the door looking at the ground.

"Uh, sorry ma'am, but we are almost out of boxes."

"Aren't there any in the storage shed?"

"I'm not sure ma'am, it's locked up." This would mean I have to stand up and walk across the warehouse. I couldn't very well pull my panties up with Jim standing there, so I let them fall down around my ankles, and kicked them off under the desk before I stood up.

"Well, let's go open it up and see." I said as I grabbed my keys and brushed past him. My elbow rubbed across his stomach, and I was amazed at how hard he was. His stomach, that is.

I felt very self conscious as my heels clicked across the concrete, knowing all eyes were probably on me. I could hear the familiar sounds of wrapping and boxing, so I know they hadn't actually stopped working, but I knew they were looking my way. Could they smell me as I walked by? Could they see the thin trail of pussy juice that I could feel running down my thighs? Just the thought was making me hotter with each step. I unlocked the door and stepped inside, fumbling around for the light switch.

"Here, let me." Jim said as his hand brushed over mine. He knew right where the switch was, and we were suddenly bathed in florescent light. I worked my way through the maze of boxes to the back of the room where we kept all the supplies, finally finding a meager pile of boxes. I turned around to yell for Jim, but he was right there, and I nearly knocked him over.

"I'm glad I could get you alone for a moment." Jim said, which frightened me a bit. I took a step back, causing me to sit abruptly on a crate of plastic boxes.

"I didn't want the other guys to see me with you, but this is kinda important to me." My eyes were the size of saucers, and I was too scared to speak. He continued, "I know how tight things are right now, and bonuses are probably out of the question." He took one step towards me as he spoke softly. "So I have a solution." Part of me was scared to death, knowing I was about to be raped, but part of me was on fire, namely my pussy. I was ready to lie, and tell him they were going to get bonuses, but the words wouldn't come out.

"Here's my idea." He looked right into my watery eyes, "I've put in a lot of overtime, and I was thinking you could take that money and split it up between my crew. They deserve something, and I don't need that much right now." He looked nervously over his shoulder, making sure no one was listening. A feeling of relief flowed over me as I realized how dedicated this man was to me, and his coworkers.

"Here, take these boxes out there while I ponder your idea." I told him. As he walked away with an arm load of cardboard, a million emotions went through my head. I was scared, nervous, relieved, overjoyed, impressed, and horny. Yes, very horny. I could hear the men working, as Jim returned to the storage room. I heard the door softly close, muting the outside noise as he made his way back to me.

"Well, what do you think?" Jim asked. My brain and my mouth were on different tracks as the words started coming out.

"I think you are a very noble man for wanting to be so generous. I also feel you deserve something special." I couldn't help staring at the bulge in the front of his jeans.

"Come a little closer, Jim." I beckoned as I realized from where I was sitting, my face was in line with his zipper. As he got within a foot of me, I reached out and rubbed his cock.

"Uh, ma'am, I don't want to jeopardize my job here."

"Then you better do what I ask then, huh?", I said slyly as I unzipped his pants. I gasped as I pulled it from it's confines. It was the biggest and blackest cock I have ever seen. It grew quickly in my hand, until my fingers barely touched each other. I would say it was about eight or nine inches long and at least an inch and a half in diameter. Both my mouth and pussy were watering at this point, but my mouth won out - for now. I ran my tongue over each vein as I worked my way from the plum sized head to the plum sized balls.

"Ohh...ma'am, you'd better stop now!" Jim moaned as I sucked frantically on his cock.

"I thought you guys could last a long time!" I said between slurps, "And quit calling me 'ma'am'. You can call me Jan."

"OK, but you have to remember, first off, I haven't had a girlfriend in over a year, and second, you are absolutely gorgeous, and finally, you got some skills goin' on wit dat mouth!"

I was flattered, and as much as I wanted his cock in me, it would have to wait. I wrapped both hands around his shaft, and pumped as hard as I could. My mouth held the tip of his member tightly as my tongue swirled all over the head. I felt him jerking as his balls gave up their precious cargo. It filled my mouth to capacity with warm bittersweet cum. As I milked the last drops from his softening cock, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up just in time to see one of the other workers dart back out the door. Jim saw him also, and smiled.

"You think your friend would like his Christmas bonus early too?" I smirked.

"Are you serious?" Jim whispered in amazement. His cock only whetted my appetite for cum.

"If you think he wouldn't mind doing his boss!", I laughed.

"What do you mean, 'wouldn't mind'? All these guys talk about, is your hot little body. We thought..."

"You thought what? That I was a stuck up little white girl?"

"No, we thought it was too bad you were married, not that we don't like your husband. Give me a minute and we'll be right back!" Jim scurried for the door, zipping up his pants on the way. God, what have I got myself into? An hour ago I was worried about payroll, but an hour from now I will have had two black hunks! I hope his friend is as well hung as he is, as I wanted to get fucked tonight. I unbuttoned my blouse as I heard the door open. It was slow in closing, and something didn't sound right. What was it? I saw Jim's smiling face, as I realized what was different. It was quiet. There were no machines going, just a radio far off in the distance playing blues. Then reality set in. The entire crew was now standing here. I looked at them, then at Jim.

I figured if you were givin' out bonuses, might as well give 'em to everybody!" Jim said with a laugh." But since your the boss, you're in charge here!" An hour ago I would have been so frightened I would have peed myself, but now I was so horny, I couldn't decide where to start.

"Just take me!" I shouted. They moved in and quickly stripped me naked. Someone had placed a thick piece of foam padding on the work bench, and they laid me on top of it. They were careful with my clothes, and careful not to hurt me. They were so polite and well behaved, I couldn't believe it. I felt tongues, and big soft lips covering my body, as well as gentle caresses from dozens of hands. I couldn't see who had their tongue up my pussy, but if I ever find out, that man is getting a raise. I went into a series of orgasms that were incredible. I opened my eyes to see cocks of many different shapes and sizes. Motioning one of them over, I began sucking on his cock. It wasn't as long as Jim's, but it sure was fat. I felt my legs being pushed apart as someone climbed up onto the table. It was huge, as it's owner slowly pushed it through my pussy canal. I was so hot and wet, that it hardly hurt going in, but once it was in...I never came so hard in all my life. He slowly pumped in and out, as I thrashed about, bouncing from one orgasm to the next. He took his time, but soon I felt him pull out.

"No!" I screamed, but the words barely left my lips when another cock replaced the first. Soon I had fucked and sucked every cock there, many cumming in my mouth, and a few filling my pussy.

Before I knew it, it was going on ten o'clock at night. Damn, My hubby will be worried or pissed that I wasn't home when he called. I said goodnight to the guys, as I ran to my car. They normally kept to themselves, but tonight they smiled and waved as I drove past.

I flew in the house, and looked at the answering machine. The light wasn't blinking, so now I was the one who was worried. I wanted to take a bath, but didn't want miss him if he called, so I just laid back on our bed and waited. Soon I found myself playing with the cum that was gushing out of my well used pussy, rubbing it between my fingers, and licking it off.

I jumped when the phone rang, as it scared the crap out of me.

"Hello?" I said meekly.

"Hi honey, sorry I called so late, but I just got into my motel room."

"So how did it go today?" I asked as I quietly licked my fingers.

"There are some possibilities, but nothing definite yet. Try to keep the guys happy until I come up with something."

"I think I can do that." I said as I scooped out more sticky cum.

"Well, gotta go get some sleep, love ya!"

"Love you too!" I said. I hung up the phone and headed for the bathroom. I soaked for hours in the hot bath, and finally curled up in bed and fell asleep.

I slept in, not arriving at work until two in the afternoon. The day went slowly as I waited for Jim and his crew to show up. Soon the shift changed, and I could see Jim and the guys working. They gave no indication of what transpired the night before as they hustled around the floor, working their butts off. I had decided I would have the first guy to walk in my office, so I stripped all my clothes off, and sat back in my chair.

Of course it would be Jim who knocked first.

"Excuse me ma'am, have you got a minute?" Still Mr. Polite.

"Damn it, Jim!" I laughed, "Don't call me ma'am!"

"Sorry ma...er, Jan. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated what you did for us last night. It really raised our spirits!" His eyes slowly left the floor as I swiveled around in my chair. He was caught off guard when he saw me sitting there naked.

"So do you mean that was it? Just once? Was I that bad?" I asked teasingly.

"Ma..Jan, in all due respect, we would fuck you every night if we could, we just thought..."

"There you go thinking again! Just get in here and fuck me!" I had propped one foot up on my desk, effectively spreading my charms for Jim.

"Wow, you shaved!" He couldn't take his eyes off my clean shaven pussy.

"You like?" I asked as I cocked my head to one side.

"No, I love!" he said as he knelt down in front of me and began kissing his way up my leg. I shivered as he reached my pussy, darting his long tongue in and out of my soft folds. As I neared my climax, he gently sucked my clit in between his big soft lips, and jabbed it with the tip of his tongue. That was all it took as I struggled to stay in the chair. I bounced around like I was having a seizure, unable to pull away from his mouth. After satisfying me orally, he stood up and dropped his pants. He lifted me up and sat me on the edge of my desk, and placed my ankles on his shoulders as he guided that dark missile towards my undulating flower. His cock filled me so perfectly, as if it were made just for me. He stroked in and out, and played with my breasts, occasionally bending over to suck on a nipple. Soon my tightness got to him as I could feel each spurt of cum as it coated the insides of my pussy. As he pulled out, he helped me up from the desk.

"Uh...the others will be wondering if..." Jim was having a difficult time with words, but I knew what he was thinking.

"Of course! As soon as the work is done." He understood immediately.

"Great! I'll tell the others!" He practically ran out the door. I watched as he approached several men and spoke to them. Smiles appeared on their faces, as they spread the word around.

Shortly thereafter, the warehouse was filled with silence as each machine was retired for the night. Now the floor was empty of workers, and Jim was the only one in my office. "Where is everybody?" I asked, somewhat confused.

"Oh, they went to clean up first. Guess They don't want to leave fingerprints!" Jim laughed as he moved some of the furniture around. One by one, they reappeared in my office, but stood around as if they were the first ones at the high school dance.

"If you guys want me, then you'll have to come get me!" I said with a wink, as I spun in my chair. Naturally, it took no time at all before they attached themselves to me. Foam "mattresses" lined the floor as we rolled around, grabbing, squeezing, sucking, and fucking.

The pace slowed down when I straddled one of the guys and rocked back and forth on his massive cock. I noticed the others just standing, sitting, or laying around waiting for their turn.

I was so turned on by the fact that all these men wanted me, and I hated to make them wait.

"OK guys, I have an idea. If your careful and take your time, I can try taking you on two at a time, one in each hole." My husband and I tried anal once, he loved it, I was OK with it, but this was different. OK, maybe it's not, but I'm so horny, I'll try anything. One of the guys ran back out on the floor and returned with a small plastic squirt bottle. These guys are brilliant. The bottles contain a vegetable based lubricant for the printing machine. It is so slippery, that one drop on the floor would send you flying. Tyrone was the first to get behind me. He squirted a small amount down my crack, and slowly worked a finger into my sphincter. I slowed my pace down as I felt him closing in on my butt. The tip of his cock was now pushing firmly at my chocolate starfish as I tried to relax.He gripped my hips and pushed about an inch inside of me. It felt like a big turd trying to escape my ass. I was breathing through my mouth, and I was starting to sweat, as he pushed another inch into my bowels. Someone reached under me and began playing with my clit. What a nice gesture, as it made me instantly hot again. I was soon rocking slowly on both cocks, as another orgasm quickly approached. I had to have that cock buried deep in my pussy, so I pushed back hard, forgetting momentarily about the second cock back there. As the cock beneath me suddenly filled my pussy, I found myself impaled up the ass by Tyrone. What an incredible feeling to be so full! My body grew accustom to both cocks rather quickly, but all too soon, my vise like butt took it's toll on Tyrone, as he let out a grunt. And about a gallon of cum deep inside my rectum. By night's end, all the men were sated, and I had cum dripping out of everywhere.

This ritual went on for several days, and by the fourth day I was so sore, I could hardly walk.

That night my hubby called.

"Hey honey, how are you doing?" he asked.

"Pretty beat, how about you?" I asked as I lay in my bed relaxing, with a couple of fingers in my pussy.

"Not bad. I got us a few good sales, and I got more financing too!" He sounded happy, but tired. "I should be back in a couple of days. You can tell the guys that they will get their bonuses after all!" I didn't have the heart to tell him they already got their bonus.

"And think of something special to give Jim, he deserves it! I'll call you again tomorrow."

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