tagErotic CouplingsThe Christmas Dinner Ch. 3

The Christmas Dinner Ch. 3


He entered the room before her, switching on the light just inside the door. The room was small but nicely furnished and cosy, a double bed, dressing table and tea/coffee making facilities on a side table, a bathroom off to the right 'Excuse me' she smiled as she made her way towards it. Once inside she let out a deep breath , and leaned on the sink looking at herself in the mirror, 'it will be fine', she told herself, 'he wouldn't be here if he didn't like you, he's not that shallow'. She used the toilet, wiped herself carefully, washed her hands, tidied her hair, then taking a deep breath went out into the room.

He was standing by the window watching the world go by through a gap he had made in the curtains. He looked up and smiled at her, 'come here' he said with a small laugh. She walked towards him, removing her jacket and dropping it along with her bag on a chair. He put his arms around her, 'Look we don't have to do anything you don't want to, it doesn't matter I've had a great evening'. He obviously sensed her nervousness. 'Well the same applies to you ' she laughed. She bent and took off her boots then stood before him feeling like a small child. He held out his arms and once more she went into them willingly. They stood there for some moments just hugging, enjoying the closeness, there was no rush they had a few hours left to be with one another.

She broke away and went to switch off the light, leaving the bathroom door open so there was enough light to see each other by, she knew he knew she was a little shy and wouldn't be surprised by this. She went back to him , put her arms around his neck and kissed him, stroking the back of his neck she felt a small shiver run through him. With one hand he held her between her shoulder blades, pressing her hard against his body, the other ran up and down her arm before coming up and cupping the side of her face in his palm. Her stomach lurched, not unpleasantly. 'Yes' she thought, this is how it should be.

She broke off the kiss and stepped back a little..... she wanted to feel his skin. Looking into his eyes she began to slowly unbutton his shirt, her fingers brushing against his chest , down down, until she reached his firm stomach. His hands came under the back of her shirt and he began to caress the bare skin of her waist and back, his thumbs trailed down her sides brushing the edges of her breasts encased in lace. The last button undone she pulled his shirt aside and out of his trousers, a hand of her own went round him to feel the smoothness of his back the other feeling the hair and muscles of his chest, her thumbs brushing his nipples as she went. He took the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, in reply she removed his shirt and dropped it next to his on the floor.

She undid her belt then unfastened her trouser button and lowered the zip, then reached out and did the same to his before placing her hands on his hips, he mirrored her actions and as she slipped his trousers over his hips he did the same with hers. She stepped out of them and stood before him trembling slightly. He looked at her for a few long moments, eyes roaming up and down her body before they rose up to meet her eyes, he stepped out of his own trousers before once again pulling her towards him. He kissed her fiercely, his hands running down her body from shoulders to buttocks, she felt him in the same way he was feeling her, she could feel his hardness against her stomach which was fluttering madly with excitement and anticipation. His hands paused to undo the clasp of her bra, she stiffened slightly, she was conscious of her breasts left soft and drooping by years of pregnancy and breast feeding, but he knew all of this so she determined to stand before him proudly.

Her bra fell away exposing her already stiffening nipples, she pressed her self against him again enjoying the nakedness of their flesh, so warm. He brought his hand round and began to stroke her breast, she shivered as his thumb brushed against her nipple and breathed deeply as he took it between his finger and thumb and began to roll it , she kissed his shoulder as she felt sensations rise from the pit of her stomach.

He led her to the bed. Pulling back the covers he lay on the crisp white sheets and held out his hand to her, she climbed in beside him, side by side they wrapped their arms around one another, kissing and caressing each other, shoulders, backs, thighs, both their breathing becoming heavier and heavier. He pushed her onto her back, leant over her and took a nipple in his mouth, his hand playing with the other, she sighed deeply a moan escaping from her lips, she relaxed and simply enjoyed the feeling of this mans lips and fingers teasing and pleasing her, while she stroked his hair. His lips left her nipple to be replaced with his other hand, he began to move slowly down the bed kissing her flesh as he moved downwards towards her stomach. Then his hands trailed down her sides, reaching her hips he placed his hands under them and stroked and kneaded gently whilst kissing her pubis over her lace thong, her hips moved upwards involuntarily as his thumbs caught in the sides of the thong. He pulled it slowly over her hips, leaving her naked before him for the first time.

He gently put his hand between her thighs , she parted them willingly for him, shy, but longing for the touch of his lips and tongue. He kissed her inner thigh as a finger traced up and down her lips, so softly and gently her excitement increasing with every stroke. She knew she was wet, his finger gently parting her entrance confirming this as she felt him draw the wetness from her, using it to moisten her lips and then..... 'Oh God!' she thought as his moist finger at last found her swollen clitoris. He placed his finger on the swollen bud and pressed gently, her hips began to squirm as he rubbed round and round first in one direction then the other. Her legs parted wider as his tongue followed where his fingers had been, licking up and down each lip in turn, higher her hips rose as at last his tongue touched her most sensitive spot. He moved and lay between her parted legs, took her buttocks in his hands as she wrapped her legs around his neck, her hands on his head urging him on. She began to move against his expert tongue as he took her clitoris between his lips and began to suck, softly and first, then harder, varying the suction until he began to feel her quiver. She grasped his head , close to orgasm now, moaning and panting she gave into the glorious sensations as the waves of her orgasm rose from the pit of her womb.

When at last her orgasm finally subsided, she pulled him up towards her, he lay between her legs and kissed her tenderly, she could feel him, so hard against her, his obvious excitement thrilling her all over again. Taking his shoulder she gently pushed him onto his back and wriggled out from beneath him, kneeling between his legs it was now her turn to see him in all his naked glory. She pulled down his boxer shorts lifting the front to free his erection, then lay full length upon him enjoying the feeling of him on her stomach. She kissed him, his hands roaming up and down her back, over her buttocks and thighs, she scooted back until she knelt before him again, her hands tracing the lines of his body, his chest, his arms, her fingers teasing his nipples as he had teased hers as she bent to kiss his bare chest, his hands playing in her hair. She moved further down until she reached his stomach, his breath rising faster now, she could feel him, so hard under her chin...... she guessed he would not be able to hold back his orgasm for very long.

She lifted her head and moved further back down the bed, placed her hands on his thighs her thumbs massaging his groin, she bent her head and began to lick at his scrotum. His hips strained upwards as she gently placed a hand under his balls, so tight now, she lifted them and sucked them into her mouth in turn. She moved a hand and firmly enclosed his hardness, feeling it throb beneath her hand, her mouth leaving his balls she began to lick along it's length. Up and down she licked, flicking the head teasingly with her tongue until she felt it would be cruel to leave him wanting the feel of her lips any longer. She ran her tongue around his swollen head, tasting the saltiness of his pre cum glistening in the half light. Taking his head between her lips she began to suck, her tongue darting in and out of and then lingering in his urethra, his hands now pushing her head onto him his hips rising, moans of pleasure now escaping his lips. She ran her hands up and down his shaft, pulling faster now as she sucked and licked ..... 'Helen'.......he said.............obviously wanting to warn her he was about to come......in reply she gently placed a hand on his chest pushing him back down onto the bed. She put a hand underneath his buttocks and kneaded while stroking and sucking and licking faster and faster until, with a guttural moan, he thrust his hips upwards several times until she tasted the sticky sweetness of him in her mouth. She sucked and licked him tenderly feeling him die within her mouth , when he was finally spent they lay in each others arms kissed and held one another, feeling sated and happy

To be continued...

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