tagBDSMThe Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift

byA Chrustmas Angel©

Christmas was only 9 days away. Master had been wearing a satisfied smirk for a month now. I was listening carefully, hoping to get some inkling of what he had up his sleeve.

Master's name is Robert Jennings but I am only to call him Master. He is the sole parent to his now, 18 year old son, Brad.

I am Master's slave girl and Brad has been told all along that he is not to take any liberties or make any demands of me. Out of respect for his son, I am to wear a thin cotton tank dress around the house but nothing under it so Master has total access when he desires.

Now Master had said in the midst of some of my punishments that he ought to give Brad total access to me on his 18th birthday and make me slave to both of them. Brad's birthday had come and gone and still things remained the same and, for that, I was thankful.

Now, 9 days before Christmas, as Master had me present myself to him, he stroked my hair and smiled that strange smile I had been noticing and said "The perfect gift...."


"Not to worry Little One. I have decided on the perfect gift for Brad this Christmas."

Wondering still, but knowing better than to ask, I kept my questions to myself. Master loved Brad so much.

Brad was the spitting image of his dad. Dark good looks, intelligent, fun loving and athletic. He had been the star quarterback of the high school football team two years running. Brad had opted to stay in town and play for the Jr College this year and then he would pick a University. The house was always full of teens, fellow teammates and cheerleaders among others! I tried to stay out of sight as I knew my dress did not cover very much. My nipples pressed through the thin material most of the time and it was obvious as it hung close to my body that I had nothing on underneath it. Brad and his friends had become very interested since they were about 15 or 16 and by now, if I walked through the room and they were all there, it was a symphony of snickers and hoots-lots of elbowing and leering!

Master got a bigger kick out of the boys antics than I did. I love being his slave. I have given myself totally to him. I have no limits, no safe words--simply to serve him. I had no desire for Master to ever share me and he had never taken any of the other Doms up on their requests to use me or to trade for me. I am or should say at that time I was, very certain that sharing me was not something Master would ever consider.

Well, I have been wrong before....

Christmas Eve, Brad was to go to a Christmas Ball and then to Midnight Mass with some friends. We always spend a quiet Christmas Eve and do as we want, either separately or as a family. After Brad left, Master told me to present myself to him. I turned on the lights on the Christmas tree and lit the candles around the room and then turned off the lights. This left us in the warm flickering light of the candles and the tiny twinkling white lights on the tree. I disrobed and was naked except for the collar which was never removed. I moved before him and kneeled, legs spread, hands held behind my back and my head up with my eyes lowered. He got up and walked around me, running his fingers through my hair. He sat down again and gave me his hand to help me up.

"Come closer my dear Slave."

I moved up directly in front of him. He reached out and ran circles around my nipples with his fingertips and then they trailed down my stomach to my shaved mound. He gently cupped my mound and slid a finger along my labia and then dipped into my wet entrance.

I had to bite my lip to keep myself from making any noise. I am not allowed to make a sound or cum until I am given permission. He felt how wet I was and could see my legs begin to tremble and a smile played on his lips.

"You are very wet for me Pet. Do you desire to feel my cock inside of you tonight?"

I knew I was not to answer and even though I bit hard enough on my lip to bring tears to my eyes, I let out a long low groan. .

"Pet, you know you are not to make a noise without permission. Do you not?"

Whimpering I answered, "Yes Master. Please forgive me! I have no desires. Your desires are my own Master."

"Pet, dear, dear Pet. You know that your apologies are too late. Now, on Christmas Eve, I must punish you."

"Yes Master."

He hooked the leash to my collar and took me roughly to the basement. I was lead to the spanking bench he had just had built for him. He laid me on top of the bench which supported my body from just under my breasts to just above my pelvic bone. From there, my arms were pulled out onto pieces that supported them and spread them wide and fastened with a cuff and my forehead was laid on a padded crossbar that laid perfectly under my forehead as my head was lowered enough to be sort of comfortable. Then he moved to my legs and they were brought up, knees bent and stretched out and slightly up, leaving my pussy and ass totally exposed.

"Master is displeased that you would make me do this on a special night when I would rather have you curled at my feet and enjoying the evening. I am going to show my displeasure with this punishment and there will be a few surprises!"

With that I heard him putting on a latex glove and then something in paper that he tore open. My mind was spinning wondering what the surprises would be! Just then I felt the cold lube being shot up into my ass. I gasped and clenched up. I felt his finger force its way into my tight rosebud and then another as he stretched and opened me up.

"Now my Pet, here is your first surprise." He started pushing something small up into my rectum. "You will not soon forget this punishment I am advised Pet! Maybe I will train you yet!"

He was taking no chances that I could push the invader out. He pushed and pushed and he placed the object so far up inside my rectum, I was beginning to worry that it might not come out!

"Well now Pet we wait about 15 minutes for that to take effect and then the punishment can begin. I will return, you don't go anywhere ok Pet?" And with a laugh he went up the steps.

I laid there wondering what was in store for me. Angry with myself that I could not control myself better than that and ruin our evening. In a few minutes my rectum started to burn. From the entrance all the way up inside where that object was placed. My head came up and tears were streaming down my face. What was going on? Maybe something was wrong!

"MASTER!!! MASTER!!!" I yelled loud over and over.

Moments later, he appeared on the stairway and in an amused voice asked, "Something wrong Pet?"

"Yes Master help me! Something is burning! Please help me!"

He stood by my head and whispered in my ear as he stroked my hair, "Pet, it is a ginger suppository and it is supposed to burn. Now, you know you are not to whine or question me in anything I do. You have just bought yourself more punishment."

My head sagged and I sobbed silently as he walked around me and blew on my open rectum and caused the fire to rekindle. Rubbing his hand up and down my pussy and laughing. Now the suppository was obviously melting and because of the way I was tilted forward, it was running up into my intestines and I could feel the burn in my stomach. God I was miserable.

"OK my dear slave girl, time for your enema. I want to see you suffer for me Pet!"

With that he started snaking the long enema tube with the head like a medium sized dildo on it, into my rectum. Further and further into me. It hurt and it was in further than he had ever inserted it before, even to punish me. But I knew better than to complain or even whine about it. When he had inserted at least half of the 6' tube into me, he released the clip and the hot soapy water ran quickly out of the bucket, up inside of me. As this was going on, Master slid underneath the table and began to lick and suck my nipples and when I was on the edge of an orgasm, pain exploded my left nipple! Then in the next second my right nipple! He had clamped my nipples with clamps attached to recoiling lines coming from the floor! The clamps were stretching my nipples down to the floor and pulling and biting into my nipples, while I was trying to focus on something other than the pain in my nipples, he shoved a large dildo into my pussy and turned it on high.

My stomach was totally distended and I thought I would explode. Master removed the tube threatening me not to lose any of the water and then plugged my ass with a huge butt plug. Coming to my head again he leaned down and whispered, "You might want to pray that Brad gets home early. You are his Christmas gift and he will decide when and how to finish your punishment!"

I laid there for hours. With all of my erogenous zones stimulated, stretched and abused, my body was wracked with mind shattering orgasm after orgasm. Finally I would slump unconscious, only to be brought to by another orgasm assaulting my body. By now I was mindless and could not control my reactions any longer. Besides the flood of juices running onto the floor beneath me, from deep within me came a constant primal howling and grunting. My 36D tits stretched and throbbing, my long auburn hair tumbling in all directions, my emerald green eyes fixed and staring wildly.

This is how Brad and his father found me when he got home at 5 AM Christmas morning.

"Son, you are a man now. This is your Christmas present. She is yours until New Year's Day exclusively. You control her and use her as you desire. After New Year's Day she will be my slave primarily but when I am not here she is to do as you command and you are free to use her as you desire."

"Dad! Awesome! I can share her with my buddies?"

"Yes Son...if that is what you really want to do. But now your responsibility is to finish her punishment. I see she did not learn her lesson. She is being punished for making a noise when she had not been given permission and listen to her grunting and howling!"

"What should I do Dad?"

"Well Son, I would flog her quickly and then let her release the enema she has held in all night. She will be weak and you should carry her to your room and let her clean up and then rest awhile. You don't want to tear her down much more or she will be lost to us."

"Ok Dad." With that he grabbed the flogger and gave me five strikes and then let me loose, helped me to the toilet and removed the plug. He had to hold me on the toilet as I slumped forward with the release and cried openly. He carried me upstairs to his bathroom and held me in his arm as he ran me a hot, fragrant bubble bath and lifted me in.

I laid back in the bath and raised grateful eyes to Brad. He leaned down and kissed my forehead and began to fill the big sponge and squeeze it out and let the water run over me. I thanked my lucky stars that he had also inherited his dad's kindness. He helped me out of the tub and wrapped me in a fluffy white towel and dried my hair and body and laid me down in his clean sheets, then stripping himself, he climbed in beside me and cuddled me to him saying "Thanks, you are the best Christmas present I could ever get! I have loved you all my life it seems!"

The End

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