tagLesbian SexThe Christmas Gift Ch. 02

The Christmas Gift Ch. 02


Kat knocks at the door and both Sandra and Rebecca yell for her to come in. When the door opens, Kat is dresses in a simple short shirt and pink panties. "Oh, I didn't expect you to have company" she says not really all too surprised.

"Can you come here honey," Sandra says panting the bed. "We have something to tell you."

Kat walks over and laughs. "I already know about you two."

"You do?" her mother asks.

"Yeah, it's pretty obvious."

"Well that's good then," Rebecca says.

Sandra elbows her and smiles. "Well do you have a problem with Rebecca moving in here with us?"

"No,"Kat replies. "Not at all."

"Good," her mother says.

"Actually I think it kind of hot."

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asks.

"Well, my mom doing another hot woman."

"Have you ever been interested in other women?" Rebecca asks.

"Sure, but I haven't found the right one to try it with," she answers.

"Well then honey, we have a gift for you this Christmas," Sandra says. "You can have both of us."

A large smile forms on Kat's face and she says, "Right now?"

"Well it is Christmas isn't it?" Rebecca says.

Quickly Sandra and Rebecca work to remove Kat's shirt and panties to reveal a nice, tight set of breasts and very smooth pussy. They lie in the center of the bed and Sandra pulls her daughter in pressing her breasts against her daughter and in immediately turned on as she feels her daughter's smooth, silky skin. As Sandra then looks into Kat's eyes, she leans in and kisses her. Sandra's hand automatically begins caressing her soft skin on her back and then explorers lower to her sexy ass. Kat's hands mirror her mother's in their caressing, even as Sandra's hand moves round to touch her smaller breasts. With their hands busy on their fronts, neither of them notices Rebecca moving in closer and adding her hands to the mix. Kat jumps a little but then she relaxes fully as four eager, delicate hands caress her fantastic curves. They roll Kat onto her back and lean in to have a three way French kiss. Rebecca and Sandra look into each other's eyes, both knowing that they are going to take Kat to a lesbian high she will never forget. As Sandra looks at her daughter lying naked on the bed, she is overtaken with lust and her tongue is demanding to be allowed to explore. She gives way to her tongue's desires and as Rebecca moves in to kiss Kat more passionately, Sandra's tongue snakes a fluttering path across Kat's nipples, down her toned belly and rather than teasing around she plunges it deep into her already wet pussy.

Kat jumped and yelps as her mother's tongue invades her most private place, although the yelp is muffled by Rebecca's kisses the shock is soon replaced with much moaning and purring. Sandra soon applies two fingers to her pussy as well to add to her pleasure and this is met with more squeals of delight. As Kat's excitement grows, Rebecca breaks from the kiss and lifts Kat's head.

"Watch as your mom picking the hell out of your sweet pussy," Rebecca purrs.

Sandra looks up into her wide, excited eyes and increases her tongue flicking until Kat collapses back to take in the tormenting pleasure. Rebecca moves close to Kat's ear and Sandra hears her whisper, "So do you want to try everything?"

In her building pleasure, Kat nods wildly and Rebecca needs no further invite and she sits up, throws one leg over Kat and lowers her shaven mound over her mouth. From Sandra's position she watches her girlfriend's delicious body move closer to her daughter's mouth and sees a nervous tongue slowly extend from her mouth. Sandra smiles as it makes contact and Rebecca gasps as their new toy licks her first pussy.

Rebecca is soon giving soft instruction to Kat as well as moving her pussy against Kat's tongue to maximize her pleasure. Sandra recognizes Rebecca's different squeaks as Kat hit the sweet spot. The excitement of the situation soon starts to bring Rebecca to her climax and Sandra's work on Kat has her in the palm of her hand and as she hears her lover approaching her orgasm, Sandra steps up her tongue work and brings Kat to an amazing high. The two women are screaming out together and Sandra physically has to hold Kat down as her convulsions are in danger of throwing all three of them off the bed.

As they cuddle back together in their sandwich position, Rebecca is in no mood to let things calm down and she pulls her strap-on from up off the floor. Kat looks at with wide eyes as Rebecca passes it to her. She looks speechless but Rebecca soon puts her right. Pointing at Sandra, she says, "Well your mother has just been licking your pussy, surely she deserves a good fucking."

Kat looks a little shocked as she examines the life like cock and exactly as Sandra did the night before, she instinctively caresses and strokes it, as much as she stares.

Rebecca takes control and gets Sandra on all fours and begins licking furiously at her exposed holes. Her expert tongue dashes between holes, probing, teasing and making her aching pussy drip with excitement. Unseen to both of them, Kat has donned the strap-on cock and watches Rebecca with wide eyes while rubbing her own pussy as she takes in the scene.

Rebecca turns to her and says, "Wow, your mom's pussy and ass taste so good. I'm not sure I want to share them with you now." Then she plunges deeper into Sandra. Sandra squeaks with the joy she is feeling and she see saw Rebecca's free hand reach for Kat's pussy. She fires three fingers deep into her and pulls her closer to Sandra's ass. Rebecca has them both where she wants, with Sandra on the edge of cumming from her expert tongue and Kat real horny. Rebecca moves herself away from Sandra and lines up the rubber cock to Sandra's wet pussy and says to Kat, "Fuck your mother good"

Sandra expects Kat to still slide into her gently but no. Instead she feels the cock ram fully into her in a split second. Sandra yelps with the pain and tears come to her eyes but Rebecca is slapping Kat's ass. "Do it harder!"

Kat takes a firm hold of her mother's hips, withdraws herself and then rams back in to the hilt again. The pain is bad but the excitement of it and the swearing from Rebecca sets a whole different scene and Sandra begins to scream and pull away like a rape victim and everyone is really getting their pleasure from it.

As Rebecca sees that Kat is now in the zone, she moves around and puts her delicious smooth pussy right in Sandra's face and by grabbing her hair, she pulls her hard into place. Sandra laps at her wet mound and really starts to relish her new role as a perfect slave to these delicious women. Kat is ramming her new cock into her mother's pussy and her hands have moved forward to aggressively squeeze Sandra's breasts and pinch her nipples. Rebecca has Sandra's head pushed hard into her pussy while her free hand has roamed all the way down her back and she is pushing at least one finger into Sandra's ass. There is so much going on and so many sensations of pain and pleasure, Sandra is lucky to be still conscious from the feeling overload.

It isn't too long before Sandra's orgasm comes in a flood of juices and shaking from her. Kat doesn't slow down too much as she is loving her new role and the sensations her clit is getting from the ramming has already taken her to multiple climaxes and she has no intentions of stopping. Similarly, Rebecca will not let Sandra stop until she had reached her own orgasm which is thankfully only seconds away too.

As Rebecca's shaking passes, they have to beg Kat to ease off and stop and then they all collapse in a sweating, breathless pile on the bed. As they looked around at each other, they start to laugh as they look at the complete bombsite they have created. The bedding and sheets are quite damp and sticky from the excessive amounts of cum from three very horny girls. Still chuckling, Rebecca kisses them both.

As they all lay on the bed, they huddle together, kissing and gently stroking each other. Rebecca says, "Merry Christmas to both of you."

Kat smiles and asks, "Does Christmas come only once a year?"

Rebecca and Sandra look at each other and smile before Rebecca says, "Christmas can come as often as you want."

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