tagBDSMThe Christmas Job

The Christmas Job


She was the last one left amidst the overly decorated trees, large plastic elves, and brightly wrapped empty packages that surrounded the plush red and gold throne. The last child had passed through for the night and thankfully tomorrow was Christmas Eve, the last day of the season. She had taken the job as a Santa's helper as a last resort. Her uniform consisted of green heels with red bows on top, red sparkly tights, a green velvet A-line dress with a fur hem that fell to her mid thighs and a matching green velvet Santa hat. She hated her costume and could not wait to finish her work and change into her regular clothes - black jeans, black t-shirt, black hoodie sweater...invisible. She was single and alone in a new city.

As soon as the last customer was locked out of the mall, she removed her shoes and tights, slipped on a pair of black flats and took a moment to look around her. The mall was empty, shops dark with barred gates pulled closed. She was alone. Her responsibility was cleaning the Santa set and preparing it for the next day. She pulled out her cleaning bucket preparing to set to work. Putting in her headphones, she allowed the music to drown out all around her, including the approaching steps and watchful eyes.

After she finished vacuuming the carpet, she turned her attention to the throne. Taking the rag and spray cleaner in hand, she lowered herself to her knees before the throne. A kid had spilled a soda that had made a sticky mess of the feet of the throne. As she scrubbed the first leg, her dress rose up from her thighs to her ass with each stroke. Since she was alone, she didn't worry about adjusting herself, exposing her ass cheeks that peeked out below the hem of her black shorties.

She saw His shadow descend across the throne and she gasped. Glancing over to her right she saw the familiar black boots. "Hey Andrew," she greeted Him as she pulled the earplugs from her ears and sat back on her feet, hoping He had not noticed her exposed ass. "You startled me." Glancing up at Him she took in the sight of Him still in His Santa uniform. Without saying a word He knelt down on one knee before her and caressed her cheek. She was not used to such attention and felt herself start to melt.

"Have you been a good girl?"

"What?" Why was He asking her this?

"Have you been nice...or naughty?" He said, a bit more sternly.

"Come on, Drew. I have work to do." As she turned from Him to return to her task He grabbed a handful of her hair at the base of her head. Turning her back to face Him, this time she saw a dangerous heat in His eyes behind the white mustache and beard and felt an electrical current zap through her to her core. How did He know she liked her hair pulled?

"I asked you a question. I will not ask again."

"Um..." She barely moaned.

With that He stood, keeping a firm hold on her hair and pulling her to her feet. He crossed in front of her and sat on the throne, releasing His grip on her, "On my lap. Now." She immediately sat, only to find Him shaking His head. He grabbed her hair again and spoke one word. "Across." She stood and He directed her by her hair to lay across His lap. Lifting her dress to around her waist, He began to gently stroke her ass, pleased with the round shape and soft skin.

"Drew, I..."

"You have been pretty naughty this year." He interrupted her. "I think it is time for Santa to discipline His little elf," He cooed as He continued to caress her ass, moving down the back of her thighs.

"But I thought Santa brings coal for..." SLAP! Her words were cut off by His strike. "ANDREW!" and He struck again followed by two more quick strikes.

"Call me Santa."

She chuckled silently, "Yes, Santa."

Since starting her job she was immediately attracted to Andrew. He was tall, fit, with blue-green eyes that reminded her of tropical waters, and long red hair that He kept in a ponytail down His back. Several times over the last few weeks she would steal a glance at the bulge of His relaxed cock beneath His tight jeans, and often wondered what it would be like to be with Him in bed. He had even given her a ride home from time to time but she never had the courage to invite Him in. How did He know she wanted Him?

Santa continued to spank her, each strike increasing in force and after every three or four strikes He would stop and caress her reddening flesh. As He continued, she felt her arousal rising as her pussy began to moisten. Once He had His fill of spanking her, He grasped her by the shoulders, guiding her off His lap and onto her knees in front of Him. Reaching down He opened pants, releasing His fully erect dick. With one look in His eyes, she knew His next order. Obediently she wrapped her lips around His cock and began to suck. She loved sucking cock and it had been such a long time since her last opportunity, that she became quite excited. She gnawed the shaft, nibbled the head, and sucked Him deep into her throat sending her throat into a fit of spasms. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she fought off the urge to gag and swallowed Him deeper. As His pleasure heightened, Santa grabbed a handful of her hair, pushing her head further down into His crotch, forcing His dick deep down her throat until her bottom lip reached His balls. With that touch, His cock swelled and pulsed, shooting His semen down her throat in short bursts. She swallowed, savoring every drop.

He stood and began preparing for the next phase in His plan for His naughty little elf. Leaving her kneeling to catch her breath and brush the tears from her cheeks, He stepped over to the camera stand and grabbed the Santa sack. Reaching in, He pulled out four cuffs and returned to her. "Stand." She obeyed. He placed the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and turned her to face the throne. Reaching behind the throne, He pulled out a restraint and clicked the clasp to the metal ring on her cuffed wrist. He did the same for her other wrist, forcing her into a bent-over position, and secured her feet to the legs of the throne. "Be a good little elf and stay." He ordered.

"Yes, Santa." She was overwhelmed. She had fantasies of being dominated but was too shy to ever share those fantasies with any of her previous partners. Heck, she had been too shy to tell Drew that she liked Him. But here He was, fulfilling her fantasy!

Santa returned and pulled her panties down to around her knees. She felt a pressure at her ass, a penetration beginning as He pushed a plug into her hole. Grasping the remote in His hand, He set the plug to a low hum that sent tingles through her and she gasped. Next, she felt a delicious sting across the back of her legs and her knees nearly buckled. "Do not fall, little elf." He ordered as He continued to swat at her thighs and calves, sending the riding crop dancing across her flesh up and down her legs. Finally, He brought the crop down on her ass with such a swift swing that it felt as though it might slice right through her and she cried out. He let out a growly purr and spoke. "What a good little elf. Now for a little present." With that He rammed His stiff cock into her dripping cunt. His strong hands grabbed her hips and held her firm as He continued to pound deeper and deeper into her. He could feel her pussy tightening around His cock and He knew she was close to release.

As He pulled out, she moaned. "Please, Andrew." With that He struck her ass hard with His bare hand, displeased with her slip-up. "Santa! I mean Santa!" It was time to punish her again. Removing the still buzzing plug, He cast it aside and rammed His dick into her asshole, not giving her even a moment to prepare herself for His assault to come. Clutching her at the waist, He fucked her ass rapidly, pressing deeper with each thrust. She cried out in pain as He stretched her hole wide and fast. With the last three thrusts He let out a hearty "Ho...Ho...HOOOO!!" and released His cum deep within her. His grip tightened and she felt His juices coursing within her. He pulled Himself out of her and released her as she crumbled into a heap on the throne.

After fastening His pants, He pulled her panties back up for her and released the restraints holding her down. His gentle hands lifted her and rolled her over so that she was sitting in the throne. He handed her a bottle of water to relieve her dry throat and turned to gather His belongings. Reaching down, He caressed her face and gently brushed her ebony hair from her eyes. Bending down, He kissed her forehead. "Merry Christmas, my good little elf." Too breathless to respond, she watched as He swung the sack over His shoulder and walked away.

"Ann. Wake up, Ann," a gentle voice called to her. Opening her eyes, she saw Andrew gently gazing down on her. "Boy, you weren't kidding when you said you were tired! Ready to go?" Confused, she looked around. She must have been dreaming. Andrew stretched out His hand to help her from Santa's throne and she put on her jacket and gathered up her tights and heels. In a daze, she followed Him out of the mall into the gently falling snow. Andrew placed His hand at the small of her back and looked at her gently, "Ready?"

In the distant night she heard the distinct sound of sleigh bells accompanied by a devious sounding laughter that drew both their eyes toward the heavens.

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