tagGroup SexThe Christmas Party

The Christmas Party


Kyle looked at the reflection of his light blue eyes in the mirror as his fingers deftly worked the electric blue silk tie around his neck. He adjusted the knot and collar and took a deep breath. Exhaling, he ran his fingers through thick brown hair. Reaching for his black Armani suit jacket, he put it on over his broad shoulders and stared at himself for a minute, making one last check. "Can't expect miracles," he thought to himself.

Standing almost 6'-4", his 220 pounds were well proportioned over his athletic frame. At 27 years old, this should be the best time of his life. He was relatively young, good looking, intelligent with a good sense of humor, and a few good friends. He had a good job working for an investment firm in the western suburbs of Chicago and he was making great money. The world should've been his oyster.

Only his personal life needed some help. Kyle had broken up with Jenny a year and a half ago, and he was stuck in a rut. Well, he hadn't broken up with her. It was more like she dumped him. Well, not really dumped. Ok, dumped! It turns out that Jenny was dating another guy when she and Kyle were together. Jenny ended up marrying Bob and will probably live happily ever after. Kyle on the other hand, well, ever after can be a really long time.

He had dated a few women in the time since he split up with Jenny, but no one really special. A few girlfriends but they only lasted a couple of months. He just couldn't find the right one. Not like Jenny. Of course he cared about these other women but really, it was just sex. He dated them because they were hot, nothing more. So, every now and then, he'd hook up with a girl for a few months, and screw his brains out. Then, once the newness of the relationship wore off and the sex lost its excitement, they'd break up.

Now, Kyle found himself at another Christmas. He was beginning to dread the holiday season. It doesn't seem quite so merry when you're single, with no one special in your life. He especially dreaded Christmas parties. Ones like tonight. The office Christmas party. He could barely stand working with most of these people and now he had to socialize and schmooze with the company bigwigs.

Maybe tonight would be different. The office shut down early so that everyone could go home and change clothes. Tonight's party was at the Drake. Very nice place. So, all the employee's would be dressed their best. And so would all of the significant others.

Kyle figured he'd make the rounds and cut out early. The weather reports were predicting heavy snow tonight and he didn't want to get stuck somewhere, so, a few drinks and some idle chit chat and he'd be out of there before it got too messy on the roads. Besides, his little car wasn't that great in bad weather anyway.

Kyle pulled into the parking lot and made his way inside. The place was packed. He saw his buddy Niko standing by the bar and made his way over. They had some drinks, then some more, and then a few more. At one point in the evening, Trish made her way up to him and asked Kyle to dance. Now, Trish had been dating Kyle's friend Paul but she dumped him. Paul was taking it kind of hard and Kyle was a little apprehensive about dancing with Trish.

To be honest, Kyle had always been attracted to Trish. God, she was fucking hot! She had the biggest brown eyes he'd ever seen, but that's not the only thing big about Trish. Her breasts were huge, at least 40DD. All on that 24year old, 5-2 frame. She had all the right curves in all the right places and her dark green dress tonight confirmed that. Low cut in the front showing her incredible cleavage, tight at the hips and snug around her sexy bottom. She oozed sexuality. Niko was right -- Trish the dish, every man's wish!

Well, one dance led to another, then another, ending with a slow dance. God, Trish was heaven to hold and Kyle was hard through the whole dance. There was no way she couldn't have noticed. Kyle never wore underwear. Not since high school. And his big cock responded to Trish. After that dance, Kyle needed another drink, so they made their way to the bar.

Trish's friend Robin was there with a group of guys all around her. Now, that's not really much of a surprise. Robin was the receptionist at the office and she was absolutely beautiful. She had done some modeling and had a nice little secondary income from photo shoots. Long brown hair framed her perfect face, highlighted by the most incredible green eyes you've ever seen. Robin's nose looked like it could have been chiseled by a Renaissance sculptor. Her smile was always big and her white teeth sparkled.

Robin was probably the same age as Trish but definitely taller, maybe 5-8 or 5-9. It was hard to tell for sure because she always wore high heels that made her calf's pop. She had the most incredible legs. Long with just the right amount of muscle tone. Just perfect. Plus, they led up to her pert, tight little ass. My God, she was incredible! Her breasts weren't big, but they weren't small either. Kyle guessed 34B. Perfect for her! Anything bigger and her breasts would have drawn attention away from her beauty. She was stunning. Not the brightest bulb in the box mind you, but who cared?

Trish and Robin talked a while and the gaggle of guys around Robin seemed to take the hint. How her boyfriend could let her go to a party like this, alone, was beyond Kyle. Soon, it was just the three of them there. Kyle looked at his watch. Damn, 12:30! The night had just flown by. Soon, word got around the party that it was snowing pretty heavy outside. Kyle told the girls that it was time for him to get home. Trish asked if he would drive both Robin and her home. They had come together and didn't really want to chance it in this weather.

Kelly overheard the conversation and asked Kyle if he wouldn't mind dropping her off as well. Kelly was a bit older than Kyle. He figured 31, 32, somewhere around there. She was married but her husband had to work that night and couldn't make it to the party so she came alone. She had sandy brown/blonde hair, mid shoulder, with big brown eyes like Trish. Big breasts too, just not as big as Trish's. She stood there in a long, low cut, cream colored gown. All three women at the bar with Kyle were gorgeous, all wearing beautiful evening dresses. At least the office would have something to talk about after he left with these three lookers tonight.

They all piled into Kyle's car, Trish and Robin in the back, Kelly riding shot gun next to him. Her house was the first stop and she gave him directions. The roads were terrible. There was at least 8"of snow on the ground already and was still coming down heavy. It was near impossible to see the roads as Kyle drove. He sobered up really quick. Both hands on the wheel, white knuckling it all the way. He made it through the intersection at Main and Roosevelt when the car began to skid, sliding to the right. Kyle quickly tried to regain control as the car kept spinning, sliding off the road and down an adjacent driveway. It jumped the curb and got the wheels buried in the landscaping.

After making sure the girls were alright, Kyle tried getting unstuck, but after 10 or 15 minutes, he realized it was no use. Fortunately, the driveway he slid down led to a Holiday Inn. So, he did the next best thing and suggested they all check in until the car could be pulled out and the roads cleared. Robin and Trish, both still a bit drunk from the party, were all for it. Kelly was apprehensive at best. But, seeing not much of an alternative, reluctantly agreed. They all trudged through the snow and in through the front door.

Kyle walked to the front desk and asked for some rooms for him and the girls. However, there was only one room available but it had two double beds, so Kyle took out his credit card and got the key. The group made their way down the hall and found room 117. Opening the door, they all piled inside. Robin made a dash for the bathroom and the girls each called out their place in line. Kyle took of his coat and undid his tie as he sat down on the bed closest to the window.

Soon, Robin emerged from the bathroom and said "I wish we had something to drink." Well, as luck would have it, Trish remembered seeing a liquor store on the other side of the driveway where the car had gotten stuck. Both Robin and Trish pleaded with Kyle and, of course, he went out and bought some beer. Returning to the room, Kyle found Robin crying in the bathroom and Trish trying to console her. Kelly told him that Robin had a fight with her boyfriend on the phone while he was gone. "Great" he thought. "She'll be crying all night."

Kelly had been on the phone too, trying to reach her husband, but to no avail. So, Kyle did the next best thing and popped open a beer for everyone. One beer led to another, then another. They all sat on the beds, Trish next to Kyle on the bed closest to the window, and Robin and Kelly on the one closest to the bathroom. Finally, Kelly said, "I need to get some sleep."

Trish immediately said, "I'm in this bed with Kyle." Stunned, Kyle could only smile as his cock began to stiffen.

"Dammit Trish," Kyle thought as his cock hardened. "Why do you have to be so fucking hot?"

Kelly said, "Ok. It's me and you then Robin."

"I need something to sleep in," said Robin.

Trish looked at Kyle and said, "Me too. Kyle, I get your shirt."

Quickly sobering up, Kyle smiled and said, "I guess." He started to unbutton his shirt. His broad chest stretched as he took off his shirt and handed it to Trish.

She smiled a wicked grin at him and said, "Thanks." She jumped up off of the bed and made her way to the bathroom. Kelly and Robin sat there, a bit confused and slightly more intoxicated.

Robin said, "I still need something to sleep in. This dress won't make it." She looked absolutely spectacular in that black spaghetti strapped number.

Kyle said, "Sorry. I'm all out of options. You can have my coat if you like."

With that, Trish emerged from the bathroom in just Kyle's shirt. The top two buttons undone with the sleeves hanging low on her arms, she was a sight to behold. As Trish walked towards the bed, her large breasts swayed beneath Kyle's oversized dress shirt. When she sat down on the bed, Kyle could see her bare, round ass peeking out from under his shirt. His cock throbbed in his dress pants.

Robin said, "That won't work at all." Looking at Kyle and in all seriousness, she said, "Promise you won't tell anyone about this?"

Kyle was still a bit drunk and didn't really understand her meaning. Still, he grinned from ear to ear and said, "Of course."

"Promise?" Robin looked absently at Kyle. He nodded his head as she stood up from the bed and her hands moved behind her back toward the zipper.

Finally catching her drift, Kyle hoarsely responded, "I promise." He watched as Robin quickly unzipped her dress and slipped it off her shoulders and down her long legs. She stood there for a moment, in her black strapless bra and French cut panties. My God, she was breathtaking! Kyle's cock began to ache as he stared at Robin. Trish pulled back the covers and slipped beneath them.

Kyle watched as Robin lay down on the bed on her stomach. Her ass looked incredible as her panties hugged every dangerous curve. Kyle looked over at Kelly. She lay there in bed, still in her low cut evening dress, with the sheets pulled up around her panic stricken face. Kyle looked back at Robin, drinking her in one more time, smiled, turned off the lights and said "Good night."

He slipped into bed next to Trish. At first they both just laid there next to each other, neither one moving. Trish's perfume was exhilarating. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. Here was his buddy's girlfriend in bed with him. Ok, ex-girlfriend. But Kyle knew he was still crazy about her. She was so fucking hot, wearing only his shirt. His cock throbbed in his pants as the angel on his left shoulder battled with the devil sitting on his right. He agonized for what seemed like an eternity. God, he wanted her!

The devil won. Kyle slowly, very slowly, moved his left arm towards Trish as she lay next to him. The back of his hand brushed the side her bare thigh beneath the bed sheets. He looked over at the other bed and saw Kelly with her eyes closed and Robin facing away. Kyle's hand moved over Trish's thigh. Slowly, his fingertips glided across her soft, silky skin. He could feel the heat radiating from her.

Becoming bolder, Kyle moved his hand up her thigh. Higher his fingers moved, tracing the delicious curve of her thigh, until he touched the bottom of his shirt. He heard Trish moan and move a bit. Higher still, Kyle pulled the fabric of his shirt aside until his hand rested on her naked hip.

Slowly, soooooo slowly, Kyle moved his hand from her hip toward her pussy. His fingers brushed her soft pubic hair and Trish inhaled sharply. Kyle left his hand still for a moment. Holding his breath, Kyle waited motionless. Trish moaned very softly and he could feel her spreading her legs slightly next to him.

Kyle's fingers slowly moved between her legs. Down he moved to her pouting pussy lips. Trish gasped as Kyle's finger slowly moved up and down her slit. Her moisture lubricating his finger as it slid along her wet lips. She rolled her hips and groaned as Kyle continued to tease her beneath the blankets. Looking over, Kelly still with her eyes closed and Robin facing away, Kyle slipped his finger inside Trish's pussy. God, her pussy was hot and wet. Trish felt like heaven!

He pushed his long finger deep inside her as she moaned louder. Slowly, he began to move his finger in and out as Trish rolled her hips to his rhythm. She spread her legs wider as her right hand moved to Kyle's thigh. He pushed his finger in and out as she reached for his hard cock. Kyle slipped another finger inside her as she grabbed his cock through the fabric of his pants. In and out, his fingers curled up against the soft, wet inside of her pussy. Her juices flowed as she breathed heavier, Trish's right hand firmly around Kyle's big hard cock.

Kyle looked over and saw Kelly staring at them. He smiled and winked at her as he quickened the pace of his hand. Trish moaned louder and Kelly quickly shut her eyes again, pretending to be asleep. Kyle smiled as he leaned toward Trish and kissed her cheek. She leaned toward him and they kissed. Her tongue found his as he continued to finger fuck her wet pussy. Kyle's thumb brushed Trish's clit and she moaned louder into his mouth. She squeezed her legs on his hand as her pussy exploded. He sucked hard on her tongue as she rocked back and forth with her orgasm.

Relaxing her grip on his hand, Kyle slowly pulled his fingers away from Trish. He leaned forward again, kissing her hard on the lips as she regained her breath. All the while, her right hand firmly held onto Kyle's big hard cock. He reached up and began to unbutton Trish's shirt. One, two, three buttons and he slipped the material away from her chest.

His hand glided up across her flat stomach to her breasts. God, they were huge! Kyle's big hand barely could hold her glorious tit. He lowered his head under the blankets. Searching, his mouth found her nipple. Kyle licked and sucked her big tit, feeling the nipple stiffening in his mouth.

Trish's hand reached for the button of his pants and began to undo it. She slowly eased the zipper down as he kissed, licked and sucked on her tits. She could feel her pussy getting wet again. Suddenly, Trish opened her eyes as Robin moved onto the bed. Kneeling at the foot, she pulled back the covers, startling Kyle away from Trish's big right breast. They both stared up at her for a moment.

"I can't let you two have all the fun," is all Robin said as she reached for the waist of Kyle's pants and began to pull them down. His big cock sprang free as Robin pulled his pants down and off of his legs. She knelt there, staring down at it.

Smiling at Kyle, "I always thought you'd have a big dick." She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Robin's nipples were hard on her perfect, tea cup breasts. Kyle and Trish stared as Robin slipped her panties down her legs and off. My God, she was a vision! You could not improve on Robin's body and the thinly manicured landing strip just above her pussy made her complete. Perfect!

Kyle stared as Robin moved on the bed, on all fours, between his spread legs. She reached her right hand and grabbed his aching cock. Staring at Kyle with those incredible green eyes, she lowered her head and began to lick him.

Kyle groaned as Robin licked his cock up and down. She slowly took his cock into her mouth, sucking the head softly. Her hand moved up and down the shaft as she sucked him. She looked even more beautiful with his cock in her mouth, her lips stretched around his thick shaft and her cheeks hollowed when she inhaled. A Goddess.

Kyle groaned as he returned his attention to Trish's tits. One, then the other, he licked and sucked on her big tits as Robin sucked on his cock. She flicked her tongue cross the head of his cock, licked and sucked on his balls and he did the same to Trish's nipples. One, then the other. Trish moaning louder, her thighs rubbing together. Kyle moaning into the soft, abundant flesh of Trish's tits and Robin moaning onto Kyle's big cock.

All at once, Robin pulled off of Kyle and looked at Trish. "You first."

Trish moved onto all fours and straddled Kyle facing him. Robin knelt next to her as Trish lowered herself on Kyle's cock. He could feel her wetness as the big head stretched her pussy lips wide. She closed her eyes and groaned loudly as his cock pushed deeper, stretching her pussy lips around his shaft. God, she was wet! The heat from her pussy almost melting his cock.

Trish leaned forward and Kyle stared at her big tits as they hung down from her body. Slowly, Trish began to rock back and forth, riding Kyle's cock. "Ooooooooh. Mmmmmmmm," was all she could say as she bit her bottom lip.

Up and down, Trish's big tits rocked back and forth as she fucked herself on Kyle's cock. Her juices ran down his shaft and onto his balls, still moist with Robin's saliva. Robin moved up on the bed, still on her knees and turned to face Trish. She watched as Trish continued fucking herself on Kyle's cock.

Kyle's right hand reached and stroked Robin's perfect ass. Looking back down at Kyle, Robin smiled as she lifted her leg and straddled his face. Her soft pussy, lips swollen in her excitement, soooo close to his face. Kyle put his hands on Robin's hips and pulled her down to his mouth. He licked up and down Robin's beautiful pussy as Trish rode his cock.

He slowly pulled on her pussy lips with his mouth. First one, then the other. Robin's juices flowing onto his lips. Trish rode his cock harder, slamming back down on him again and again. Kyle slipped his tongue inside Robin. In and out, he fucked her with his tongue as Trish fucked herself on his cock. Robin reached out and pulled on Trish's nipples. Her eyes shot open wide as she stared at Robin and moaned loudly.

"Oooooooooooooooooooo. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Humping harder, she screamed, "Shit!" Kyle could feel Trish's pussy squeezing his cock as her orgasm hit.


Robin began grinding her pussy on Kyle's mouth and with that, Kyle could feel his balls swelling. His cock exploded, filling Trish with his cum. Spurt after spurt, he filled her pussy. They rocked and moaned, Trish out loud and Kyle into Robin's pussy.

Trish regained her composure and pulled off of Kyle. His cock slipped from her wet pussy, glistening with a mixture of their cum. He slowly kept licking Robin's pussy as she reached down and began stroking his messy cock. In no time, she had him hard again.

Pulling off of Kyle's mouth, she looked back at him and said, "My turn."

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