tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Christmas Present

The Christmas Present


Paulette walked across the parking lot towards her car, clutching her coat against the biting wind. The temperature had dropped a few degrees and the air had the scent of a snowstorm. This would be her first winter outside Florida and she was apprehensive about the possibility of inclement weather. She had just about reached her car when she heard her name being called from across the parking lot. She turned back to see her co-worker Lela crossing the pavement to join her at her car. Lela was 10 years older than Paulette and manager of a different department, yet Paulette knew that someday they might be working together if she got a much-needed promotion. Right now, she was just a lowly secretary and hardly a blip on the radar screen of the big bosses, but Lela was always nice to her and noticed when Paulette did outstanding work.

"Hey, Paulette," Lela panted against the wind pulling strands of her long black hair out of her mouth. "I was wondering what you were going to do for the holidays. I know your family lives far away and you might be lonely."

"Well, I had just planned on ordering in some Chinese food, watching some movies on cable and catching up on sleep."

"Oh, no you don't. I wont have you spending your first Christmas in the city alone." Lela explained putting a friendly hand on the younger girl's arm. "Look, my husband will be working late, and with this storm coming he might not even make it home tonight. So why don't you come over and share some turkey and wine with me and we can gossip, do each other hair and pretend we are having a sleep over!"

Paulette chuckled at this, she knew that Lela was playing immature to poke fun at their age difference, but Paulette understood the underlying complement. It would be lovely not having to go back to a cold apartment and eating Chinese take out. Besides, she knew that Lela's husband was a cop and kept difficult hours and the weather service had been calling for a lot of snow to fall. A light dusting had started swirling to the ground and that made Paulette a little nervous; she had never driven in the snow.

"Please say you will, in fact, I wont take no for an answer. Follow me in your car to my house and you can sleep in the spare bedroom."

"But I don't have a change of clothes."

Lela looked her over from head to toe, guessing that her svelte frame would probably fit nicely into her own clothes. In fact, she let her eyes linger over various parts of the beautiful blondes body. "I don't think that will be a problem, I have plenty of clothes you can use and have when you are done. I'm a packrat and could use more space. The only thing is that you have bigger tits than I have, what are you a C?"

"Yes I am, but I can't impose on you."

"You can and you will!" Lela laughed. The parking lot was now empty with only their two cars remaining in the lot. She walked towards her own car and called back to Paulette over her shoulder. "Come on, follow me to my house."

"Wait!" Paulette cried before Lela got out of shouting range, "the snow. I don't know how to drive in the snow."

Lela doubled back and wrapped an arm around the younger girl. "All settled then, you will come with me. Oh, your hands are like ice! Where are your gloves? Well never mind, we will get you nice and toasty in moments—my heater kicks ass!"

Without further arguing, Paulette walked away from her car and into Lela's Mercedes.

"I'm sorry if I am dripping snow on your upholstery, this is an awesome car." Paulette said sliding into the passenger seat.

"No worries, I'm dripping just as much, we will be home before too long and until then I will try to defrost you as much as I can."

They sped down the expressway leaving the downtown district behind them. The traffic was miraculously light even though it was snowing and it was Christmas Eve.

They exited the expressway in a northern suburb that was way more posh than Paulette was expecting.

"You live in one of these houses? God these are beautiful." She said looking at the million dollar cape cods. This was a new community and all the houses looked identical, yet they all looked like far more than anything Paulette would ever be able to afford.

"Yeah, too big for my tastes but Joe likes it. And who knows? Maybe someday, we will fill it with kids. I'm only 30 so I have a few more years before I'm a decrepit old woman." Lela winked and downshifted to pull into her driveway.

"Home at last! Now my dear, we will see about getting those wet clothes off and filling you with good food and wine."

Lela opened the door and Paulette followed her into the massive living room. A set of stairs led up to the second floor and Lela walked past them and into the kitchen.

Paulette followed the woman and marveled at the view out the kitchen window. They were on a slight hill and they could see all the Christmas lights twinkling from the houses below them. The snow was accumulating a bit more, but Lela had a wooden deck that was partially covered.

Lela followed Paulette's gaze and opened the sliding door. "I really want you to see this," she said ushering Paulette outside. There was a hot tub already warming up under the awning and a fog bank was growing across the warm wet wood underfoot. "It's on a timer so I know I will have a warm tub waiting for me when I get home."

Lela walked through another door and into the master bedroom. "First things first! I have a bikini you can use and you can see the best way there is to relax after a day of work."

Before Paulette could even respond, Lela handed her a bikini.

"You can change in here, I am going to whip together some cold cuts and cheese to go with our wine. Get in whenever you are changed," and with that Lela walked out and left Paulette to change.

Dumbfounded, Paulette looked around at all the opulence of bedroom and wondered of she could get out of going into the hot tub, but there was a problem. She was cold, wet and shivering and wanted out of her wet woolen clothes and Lela didn't offer anything but a bikini. She didn't want to disappoint her hostess so she pealed off layers of damp cloth and pulled on the offered bikini.

Lela was right; they were almost a perfect match for size. Paulette looked at her athletic body in the full-length mirror and blushed at how much skin she was showing. She was never much for ostentation and while she was fit, she never thought of herself as pretty. This bikini made her ass look flawless, which is tough to do for such a small piece of fabric. Lela was also right about another point, Paulette's breasts were larger; they must have been a full size larger because they were almost spilling out of the top. Paulette was thankful that Joe, Lela's husband wasn't going to be here because there is no way she would wear this in front of a guy.

Paulette stepped outside into the freezing air and it nearly knocked the breath out of her. Lela was exiting the kitchen with a tray in one hand and a bottle in the other. When she saw Paulette standing there gasping, she motioned her to get into the tub.

"Damn, I knew you had big tits, but I didn't think they would have such a tough time being restrained!" Lela teased the younger girl as she got into the tub. Lela had also changed into a bikini and after she set the food and drinks down, she climbed into the steamy water.

The temperature change, going from the freezing ambient air to the steamy tub was a shocking yet soothing feeling. Goosebumps were rippling on Paulette's arms and her nipples were turgid against the bikini fabric, yet Lela seemed perfectly comfortable.

"I realized that we are out of wine, so I warmed up some brandy and a few snifters for us," Lela said pouring a snifter for Paulette and then for herself. She looked Paulette in the eye and smiled as she made a toast. "To good friends and good times for the holidays."

Paulette had never had brandy before, she wasn't much of a drinker, being technically too young to even buy alcohol, but she liked the way it warmed her up as it hit her belly.

The two women sat in the hot tub for a while, snacking on the cheese and deli meats and of course the brandy. Paulette lost count of how much she had; all she knew was that she was feeling no pain and everything seemed right with the world. If she had a slight hangover in the morning, it wouldn't matter because its not like she had to work.

"I want to thank you for inviting me over to your house," Paulette said. The alcohol was making her a little emotional. "Not everyone would have been so kind to me. After all, I just moved here, I don't know anyone and you are my first friend I have made."

Lela could tell that Paulette was getting sappy so she moved closer and gave the girl a hug.

"It's ok honey, you are a great girl and I want you to know that I didn't just invite you over here because I felt sorry for you. There is something about you that is different I can't explain it."

Paulette pulled back, instantly regretting the warmth of Lela's embrace.

"There is?" Paulette wondered if she would be getting promoted faster than she realized. Maybe she had done something to make Lela notice her work performance.

"Yes, actually I have had my eye on you since you first arrived at our firm."

"You have?"

"Yes, you have this magnetism," Lela said, her voice getting softer as she leaned in. Her eyes were staring at Paulette's lush red mouth. "Something that has drawn me to you like heat."

Paulette blushed and Lela laughed at her shyness.

'Look, you are a knock out. You have 'cheerleader blond' hair that goes all the way down to your perfect ass. And your rack can make any guy drool."

"Come on, you are a lot prettier than me," Paulette protested honestly. Lela had porcelain skin and icy blue eyes to complement her raven hair.

"Look, any guy would be falling all over himself for you."

"You really think so?"

"Sure, like if I were a guy I would show you a night of passion that you wouldn't forget!"

Paulette blushed deeper.

"Ya know, I have never...you know...been with a man."


"I mean I have kissed boys and done some petting, but I have never...went all the way." Paulette looked embarrassed as she confessed this.

"Woah, really?"

"Yeah, see, I want to wait 'til marriage before I give myself to a guy but how do I know what to do?"

This was just the opening that Lela was waiting for.

"You practice. As a matter of fact, Joe and I have been happily married for five years and I can show you what I do to make him happy."

"Really?" Paulette looked skeptical, "how?"

"Well first," Lela said leaning closer, "down your drink."

Paulette complied.

"Now just relax and let me do all the work."

Paulette closed her eyes and Lela pressed her lips against the younger girls. Paulette started to protest but Lela slid her tongue past Paulette's lips and into her mouth. When Paulette felt Lela's warm wet skin against her body she paused in her protestations and relaxed. She had made out with a few boys back home, but none of them knew how to kiss compared to Lela. She was surprised to find that a thrill of excitement passed down her body as Lela's fingers found their way inside the too-small bikini top.

Lela wrapped her arm around the younger girl and kissed her gently on the neck. Since Paulette didn't resist, she kissed her more, planting kisses on her neck and mouth.

Not only did Paulette no longer mind she was reacting and kissing Lela back. Lela pulled the younger woman onto her lap having Paulette straddle Lela's legs. Lela unclasped the front hook of Paulette's bikini top and released her firm breasts. She wasted no time covering them with kisses and Paulette rocked against Lela's body. Lela thrust her pelvis up and was acting like she had a cock that she was letting Paulette ride.

Well maybe she didn't have a cock, but in her bedside drawer, she had a brand new strap-on that she bought just for this evening, but in the meantime, she would use her fingers.

Lela snaked her fingers around the crotch of Paulette's bikini bottoms and could feel her bristly pubic hair. She eased one finger into the fabric, but when Paulette felt it, she pulled away.

"What's the matter? Don't you like it?"

"Yeah but...I dunno...It's just that..."

"I think I understand," Lela said, "Come with me for a moment."

Paulette refastened her bikini top, got out of the Jacuzzi, and followed Lela back into her bedroom. There, Lela stripped off her bikini and lay down totally nude on the bed.

"How about this," Loretta purred, "why don't you do whatever you like to me? After all it was a little rude for me to just play with you with no consideration to what you would want to do."

Paulette was about to ask how this would help her get a man, but the sight of Lela's manicured stripe of pubic hair made the words die in her mouth.

Lela knew that all eyes were on her pussy so she opened her legs a little, letting Paulette catch a glimpse of her nether lips. She let one finger slide down, part her puffy lips, and rub gently along her clit. Paulette could see the moisture dripping off her finger and realized how excited Lela was getting.

Paulette looked uneasy but crawled onto the bed.

"First take off your bikini so I could feel your body against mine." Lela requested, and Paulette complied.

Paulette started by kissing Lela's breasts, taking a moment to bury her head in between them. Paulette seemed to take all the time she wanted exploring Lela's nude body and Lela didn't mind. When Paulette's fingers found the dark bush of Lela's pubes she looked up at Lela's face to see if everything was ok.

Lela smiled and spread her legs wider letting her pussy open for the girl. Paulette examined Lela's perfect pink lips and the little nub of her clit nestled between them. Paulette touched it and she felt Lela stiffen under her and felt that her clit was hardening under her touch. Paulette ran her fingers over it a few times watching Lela's reaction and noticed that the flesh of her nether lips was getting very wet. Almost without trying her fingers slid into the source of all that moisture and were suddenly knuckle deep inside Lela. Paulette felt the dampness of Lela's insides and dipped her fingers in further. When Lela's body reacted positively, Paulette tried it repeatedly. Before long, Lela's back was arched and she was moaning as Paulette finger-fucked her.

"Lela? May I, erm...May I eat you out?"

Lela was surprised to say the least. A half an hour ago, she was trying to coax the girl into kissing and now Paulette was taking the initiative.

"Oh God! Please do!"

Paulette kissed gently on Lela's clit and licked it a few times. Lela tasted so good that she couldn't believe it. She buried her face into Lela's crotch and breathed in her awesome womanly aroma. Paulette licked around Lela's clit then started fucking her with her tongue that same way she had earlier with her fingers.

Lela's whole body was concentrating on Paulette's tongue darting in and out of her pussy. For an amateur she sure knew what she was doing. Lela couldn't believe that Paulette had never even kissed a woman, much less eaten one out! Very soon Paulette's kisses and licks turned into nibbles and hard sucking, sending Lela's body over the edge. She came with such force that she didn't even notice her husband walk into the room.

He was a cop, he had pulled out his gun, and had it pointed at Paulette's head.

"Don't you fucking move or I will kill you, I swear to god!" He looked over the two naked women and shook his head.

"Is this what you do when I gone? What are you a dyke?"

He grabbed his handcuffs and slapped side one on Lela's wrist and drew it over the brass railing of the headboard then secured the other side. Joe walked over, opened a bedside drawer, and found the strap-on that Lela had shoved in there. He grabbed it by the shiny black phallus and pointed it at Lela.

"You fucking whore, you were going to put this on that little slut and have her fuck you!" Paulette cowered at the foot of the bed between Lela's spread legs. Joe threw the phallus at her and pointed the gun to her head.

"Put that on," he saw Paulette pause and look at Lela and he pistol-whipped her for balking.

"You better do what he says," Lela told the girl flatly, "My husband can be a real asshole."

"Fuck you!" Joe spat at her, "but she is right, you better do as I say or things wont be pleasant for you or my whore of a wife."

Paulette started to cry and her hands were shaking as she pulled on the garment. The strap-on was attached to what looked like a black thong yet there was a cord draping out from the side of it that didn't escape Joe's notice.

"What the hell is this?" he said following the cord down to where it ended in an oblong box with a set of controls. He flipped a switch and Paulette jumped as a vibrating noise could be heard from her crotch.

"Oh I see what it is that you Lesbos do, you have a vibrator in here so your girlfriend can get off as she is pounding your cunt. Fucking ingenious, now if you dykes could only cure cancer instead of thinking with your cunts."

Joe played with the control and watched, as Paulette's body stiffened with pleasure as her clit was being manipulated into against her will. She found that the fact that her body was betraying her even more humiliating and refused to show any more response to Joe's play. As he flicked the controls into a higher gear, he saw her body only flutter when he knew that she should be writhing at this point.

Lela saw the slight flutter too and guessed how much this was humiliating Paulette so she used one of her feet to try to kick the control out of Joe's hand. He was too quick for her and moved his hand out of the way. Still holding the gun in one hand, he dropped the control and wrenched Lela's leg upward causing her ass to be suspended off the bed.

"Don't worry, you will get your turn for pleasure, don't get jealous now," Joe said with a smirk.

"Quit being a jerk Joe, leave her alone, it's me that you are pissed at."

Still holding her one leg up he turned the gun on his wife.

"Turn around with your ass facing us! If you don't want to see your little friend get pleasure from anyone else, turn away."

With the gun now pointed at Lela, she had no option but to obey. She eased up on her knees as far as the handcuffs would let her turn.

"You do have a nice ass though which gives me an idea," he reached back into the drawer and grabbed a vat of Vaseline and tossed it to Paulette.

"You get the pleasure of doing something to my wife that she never let me do. You get to fuck her up the ass."

"Oh god no...Joe, please its gunna hurt!" Lela pleaded turning back around only to have Joe smack her hard on the ass.

"What will hurt more, you getting a fake cock in your ass or getting a bullet in your head? Now turn the fuck around and I suggest you relax, baby or this little bitch will tear your asshole wide open."

Paulette was shaking and silently sobbing as Joe roughly grabbed her and lubed up the fake cock she was wearing.

"There, I dunno which one of you bitches is the 'guy' and which one is the ' woman' but tonight, you are gunna be the one doing the fucking."

He pulled Paulette by the strap-on and guided it up to his wife's anus rubbing the cock against her pink virgin hole. He tried to guide it in, but Lela screamed and fell against the bed pulling her ass out of reach.

He got behind Paulette and reached around her to grab his wife's hips, forcing Paulette to plunge the phallus into Lela's ass. "Well, wifey, looks like you just had your ass-cherry popped!"

"Fu—uuck—you—you fu—uuckken' bass-ass-tard!" Lela screamed between sobs. Her whole back was now drenched in sweat and her chest was heaving with sobs and cries.

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