The Christmas Present


Of course they'd had sex in the car before but it had been years and she frankly didn't know if she could still bend that way. But it did feel far away from the bedroom and right now, that's really all she needed. He pushed the button to close the door he'd left open, opened the truck door and motioned for her to get in. She crawled in, turning on the CD player for at least a little ambiance. Of course. Christmas music.

He reached over, sliding his arm around her shoulders and pulling her across the bench seat toward him. He reached down and kissed her, sliding his tongue slowly around her lips, pausing to share a breath with her. She loved feeling his warm breath on her mouth, longed for his tongue to break past her lips, to taste the tobacco from the cigar he'd not had time to finish.

"You go first. What exactly did that woman do to you, or make you do to her?"

She told him everything, surprising herself with the passion with which she retold the adventure. As she spoke, he recreated the scene with her, replacing his hands where Muriel's had been, his mouth where Acha had licked her, sucking her where they had both brought her to the edge. But when she was ready to come, he stopped abruptly, pushing her back against the seat, his hands on her shoulders. The plastic of the seat was cold against her naked back and she struggled against his hands, begging him to touch her again. "I'm so close, you have to, I have to finish." He held her down until the moment passed, leaving her frustrated but anxious. "Why won't you let me come?"

He continued holding her shoulders against the seat and grinned as he stared her deeply in the eye.

"Oh, I'll let you come. Just not yet. It's not Christmas yet."

"Yeah okay. Well then, I think it's your turn. Let's see if you can make it until Christmas."

She pushed her off him, tugging at his belt and helping him wriggle out of his pants. He put his hand on the back of her head expectantly but she shook him off and moved back to the passenger side of the truck. She sat up, crossing her hands across her chest. "Go ahead. Your turn. Exactly how did you decide which present to get me?"

He flushed and she realized she would have to help. They were both shy in bed but stories had always been harder for him. Her stories routinely involved other people, both men and women. He had never been able to talk about sex, not even in the privacy of their own bedroom.

"You said it was more directive. Who were you directing?"

"The man, that one, in the tux. And a woman. They called her an actress and told me to direct the scene, to have him do whatever I wanted him to do to you. It was so hard to talk like that, so embarrassing."

She moved back to his side, placing her arm around him and whispering into his ear. "But so exciting too, right?" She sucked his earlobe in and breathed heavily into his ear as she slid her hand down his chest, resting on his thigh. She pulled him to the center of the seat, away from the steering wheel, and swung one leg over his thighs, straddling him carefully to avoid touching his cock. She leaned over letting her breasts sway lightly against his chest. Whispering again into his ear, "So tell me. What did you have him do to her first?"

"Exactly what I just did to you. Suck her until she was ready to come and then hold her down, making her wait." He leaned forward, pushing her back into the dashboard and covering her breasts with his hand and mouth. He pushed her off him and moved for the door, dragging her by the hand. He swung her around as they exited the truck, dropping her down to her knees. "And then I made her suck his cock."

He held himself in one hand as he pulled her head back by her hair, forcing himself into her mouth. She was swallowing him before she fully realized what had happened but she welcomed him as he swelled in her mouth. He leaned back against the truck as she reached around to squeeze his ass. She alternated between rubbing his balls and kneading his ass until his cock was rock solid and she struggled to breathe as she went down fully on him, choked as she pulled him back out. He grasped her head in both hands and began to pump into her mouth, choking her with each stroke.

His stroke quickened until he grabbed her arm and threw her into face first into the open truck doorway, her legs dangling out the driver's door. He pushed himself between her legs, pulled her hips back into his cock, penetrating her deeply as he reached around and massaged her where he and Asha had sucked so hard before. She felt both sore and exhilarated, imagining herself with the women, and her husband in charge of the action. As they pounded into each other, coming and collapsing together, she saw the truck clock. It was Christmas. Best present ever.

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